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  1. LOL. i was thinking of bidding on that airbrush on ebay. its $22 (free shipping). So what do you think of the airbrush? Have you even got to use it? or was it a lemon. Do you recommend me buying one? I have a Plastic Testors dual action but I think it has a small leak somewhere because some paint are over my hand. So, I'm shopping for a cheap but good airbrush.
  2. the chipping that you made with the pencils are on the top right of the fans right? because that does look amazing. im hoping im understanding what and how you are using these pencils. do you kinda draw it on or just rub the side of the "pointy" part of the pencil? wouldn't a normal pencil for school work? they are dark silver.
  3. You Sir, is AWESOME. That was exactly what I was looking for. But can you send me the link to where you found that info? Hyperscale doesn't have search feature. I'm gonna give this a try when it get down to painting. But do you know any other links/sources on mixing any other paints to make any other colors? Thanks ToadWBg.
  4. Julien did you model that Su-85? That's pretty nice. Is it Tamiya? And are those out of the box rubber tracks? See most of the paints you guys have listed is unavailable in my area. I can probably order them and Xtracrylic is reasonably priced. But since that so-called "9-11" happened ordering paint is soo restricted. So Model Master, Testors, Humbrol and White Ensigna is all I can get hold of.
  5. Well that sucks because then I just wasted $8 CAN on 2 paints LOL. I will still try out the Russian Armour Green but the Topside Green will kind of go to waste. I'm sorry I'm the type of guy who wants authenticity even though I'm a noobie. What model subject can I build using the Topside Green? VVS is the Soviet Air Force but most of their cool aircrafts are camo painted, which I don't think I'm ready for. So any ideas on what tank/plane I can build using Topside Green (flat)?
  6. Thanks to everyone who has put in their 2 cents. After researching a little more this topic has been debated and asked before. My conclusion is they are DIFFERENT but to the eyes they are almost the same. So yes you can use one or the other. But if you want authenticity then get both of them and since I'm POOR I'm gonna use Gunship Gray. I love you all (as friends).
  7. I am so sorry you guys. Did you guys know the Model Master line Russian Armour Green is SEMI GLOSS and the Russian Topside Green is FLAT. Now I am even more confused on why a tank wold be painted Semi-Gloss on the battlefield. So did you guys know if the JS-2 was painted in Semi-Gloss? and would you still recommend Russian Armour Green? Would I use the same color for a T-34/85? All things aside, what Green paint would you use if you was to paint a T-64 or T-72, basically the more modern Russian Tanks. Thanks again.
  8. Hey peoples. I am planning on building a Iosef/Josef Stalin Tank. Not sure which one but I want the JS-3 Tank if I can find it at good price. My question is what colour would I paint a JS2 and a JS3 tank? When did the Soviets change from Russian Green (WW2 Green) to Topside Green (Modern Green)? I am guessing when WW2 was over LOL. I have both paint in the Model Master brand. But the JS tanks was built during WW2 and some say it was on the battlefield but no action. So please if you know or have the source, point me to the right direction.
  9. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I have Gunship Gray in my paint bin. But I thought Dark Sea Gray has a bluish-gray color. I hope you are right because that will save me a few bucks but where did you know ro find out that it is the same color? And any idea why they would have TWO names for this ONE color? Thanks again.
  10. Hey you guys, do you have any more mixtures I can do to create a different type of "metal"? Right now I have Exhaust (got it for $1.50), Aluminum and Burnt Metal. Debating on buying Burnt Iron. I have only brushed on Burnt Metal and have not even opened the others yet. I'm wondering is there a BIG difference on brushing on metalizers and airbrushing it? Because on the jar it says airbrushing only, but I've read a few people who brushed them on. And I'm guessing it is okay to mix the metalizers with other enamel paint right? I do not have the metalizer sealer yet, cant I just use Future to sea
  11. Hi im building a harrier but it looks like I need Extra Dark Sea Gray for the paint. My hobby store has Medium and Dark Sea Gray only. does anyone have any tips on how I can mix paint to make Extra Dark Sea Gray? or because I'm building a Harrier FRS1 any other paint combo you guys can recommend? Thanks.
  12. Agree with strikeeagle. just order a bunch of stuff you need or see if anyone in your town needs any modelling stuff so they can chip in for the shipping. there has to be a few other people who needs stuff too. post a cassified or on kijii or something. i totally understand about that shipping prices but all you can blame is G.W. Bush.
  13. Hey if I painted a model in semi-gloss or gloss paint then I put a Flat Clear Coat at the end. Will the model be flat or semi-glossy?
  14. Worst come to worst, order online from my favorite provider. New Frontier Hobbies. Just google them. Their website is basic but service is morethan great. I live in Canada and got the paint in 1 week. I am suck at mixing paint but just try white first then if you have any gray or black mix into it. What you building by the ways?
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