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  1. Hello everyone, next victim is the gun bay door. This is the basic shape. I will continue with boxes and wires here. QUESTION: exactly what is that fabric-looking "box" under the gun (between the meshes)? Is it a big bag, is there some electronics in it (on some pictures it looks like cables are attached to it)? WARNING: if you try to copy this mesh creation method, do not use the actual curtain in your home, it could be harmful... 😉 I hope you like this.
  2. Hi Aigore! Thank you! Yes, adding details / scratch building is one of the best parts in modeling, I agree. You start it by adding small details (on the landing gears, ejection seats, ...). And next time being overconfident you want more - cutting the whole model into pieces (exactly what is happening to me here 😄 ). Only to realize later how big and time consuming even a small detailing task could be... I can just hope I can finish this bird one day. To me it is still almost unbelievable that there are people on this forum who work on - or even fly - these incredible
  3. Hello everyone! Thanks, Aigore! 🙂 I continued the build with the gun/radar bay. As I mentioned in the first image, there was virtually no reference material for this part. I googled for "super hornet gun", "super hornet radar", "gun bay", "radar bay", "nose compartment", "gun maintenance", many other combinations - no real success. Got a lot of pictures but the real thing was hidden on most of them. Searched videos on youtube - found some legacy Hornet related material about
  4. ...more pictures... I hope you like it. Cheers, Zoli
  5. Hello everyone, it is time for an update after another long scratchbuilding session. I can just hope you will like the end result. Aigore, thanks for the kind words! I am regularly checking your Viggen build, those 3D printed parts look amazing. Probably my other hobby (computer game development) can be connected to plastic modeling, printing the virtual 3D models as real ones... tomfomes, thank you! So, as I mentioned in my last last post, let's play with plastic again: front wheel well...
  6. Hi all, again, a little avionics bay scratchbuilt content. 😉 Thadeus, thank you! I hope I can finish this bird one day. 🙂 Flight Line Media, thanks for the kind words! I managed to finish avionics bays on both side. I am sure these boxes and details are not accurate but it captures the look of the bays full of tiny details. (here you can see that the other side is also finished, the "hedgehog" like boxes from my previous post got their wires bent to shape) I hope y
  7. Thanks, Janne! That is exactly what my father used to say when he sees my display case! 🙂 Thank you, Night Owl Models! Patience: I realized that if I put only one (or just a half) hour a day into the build, it will be ok... 😉 Hi Thadeus, thank you! No, I did not know most of these problems. And now I am hesitating tossing this model into the trashcan - just kidding! 😄 We can find similar problems on most of the models we build - some of them are corrected, some of them we live with - modeler's life. Anyway, I cannot explain why, but I
  8. Hi everyone! I can't really believe that the last time I added something to this topic was 7 years ago. Life, other hobbies, other modeling projects, etc... Anyway, after finishing some Lamborghinis, an Academy 1/48 F-14A (sooner or later I will create an "in-progress" topic for it) and a Hobby Boss 1/48 Hellcat I wanted to resurrect this bird from the shelf of doom... 🙂 In my last post seven years ago (OMG) I mentioned the avionics bays - let it be then. As I created these boxes many years ago, the sides of them are already yellowed - I can just hope they will not br
  9. Hello Slartibartfast, I guess by aero boy racer stuff you mean the LP5000 version. TBH I got a diecast model of an LP5000 as a child, and my love to Lambos is based on that one... Anyway, nothing is better/faster than than Starship Bistromath, isn't it? 😉 Cheers, Zoli
  10. Hello everyone, the images of the finished model. I hope you like the final result. Cheers, Zoli
  11. So I continue with the images here (comments are added to the images)... In the next post I will add the photos of the finished model. Cheers, Zoli
  12. Hello everyone, in the past years I slowly built my Lamborghini collection. A Murcielago was done first (I was not really satisfied with the painting on it TBH) and this Tamiya Countach (LP400) was my second attempt in car modeling. So this is not really an in-progress topic, the car was finished years ago, but I try to post the photos I shot during the build - and of course the photos of the finished model. This was the first model I tried the usual polishing techniques, 3000 grit sandpaper followed by the Tamiya polishing compound set. The result was quite satisfying compar
  13. Hi Jan! Thank you! TBH viewing similar builds ten years ago here on ARC I thought the same - I won't be able to do it ever. Practicing helps - and finally you find out that it is simpler than it looks. Try it! :) The references: photos from the net, primeportal and of course ARC's walkaround gallery. One more source: youtube. e.g. I have just found a nice walkaround of the Hornet on youtube where all the wheel wells were filmed in great details. One note about accuracy: if I had only a blurry photo of the given part of the Super Hornet, I used photos of the same detail of the B or D variant
  14. Hi everyone! Sorry for the late reaction, I built papercraft models with my sons all weekend. My eight years old son has designed and built a papercraft truck with full interior all himself without any help from his proud daddy... Thanks Janne! Thank you, christosxt! Thank you, Pappy! Yes, I know this flaw of the Italeri Super Hornet - the nonexisting airbrake is not yet glued and filled. Currently I am working on the details in the nose (cockpit, avionics, front wheel well, gun bay). I already built the 1/72 version (see it here). To me the 1/48 version seems to be just a magnifie
  15. Thank you, dryguy! To me this is the fun part in modeling. I enjoy scratchbuilding as much details with my own hands as I can - create something using only those simple materials (even if the quality is far from the pro resin parts). Once someone has successfully finished the first scratchbuilt part there's no turning back... ;) I guess there are a lot of modelers on this forum who agree with me... And a sidenote: TBH, much more can be achieved this way, I am not a skilled one, just an amateur. I do it (somehow) in 1/48 - talented people do it far better even in 1/72 scale... Thank y
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