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  1. For my models, I also made the Norwegian AW101 SAR version in 1/72 scale. The video is 2 years old and some parts I added are missing, which would be the secondary winch and the tail sensor. You can see them in the video of the 1/48 scale version.
  2. Yes, but I entered the photo to show the area with two different heights. The fact that it is a static model is not relevant as that part corresponds to series specimens. If the front wasn't deeper, the trolley wheel couldn't stand on it.
  3. The front carriage compartment of the F-35A/B has greater depth in the front. There is an inclined plane that connects the front with the back. The Italeri Kit does not have this feature, the Meng kit yes.
  4. First of all it is an F-35C. I consider (owning it) the F-35C Kitty Hawk in 1/48 scale "insufficient" and I will wait for new kits. second thing it is a unique specimen of the experimental VX-9 squadron. Third, that coating has no thickness on a 1/48 scale model, so it can only be reproduced with a decal or masking. If I had to make it (I really like it) I would do a 3d scan of the kit and then I would design the shapes to be used as templates for masking at CAD. It’s not something I’ll consider before I see a new F-35C kit. My hope is that Meng will do it whose F-35A is really very accurate a
  5. Once realized, if someone wants information they can contact me in private.
  6. I recommend gluing the two upper parts of the wings and fuselage. The wing dihedral will be 0. Then the lower part of the fuselage will beglued and only at the end the lower part of the wings. For any model that has this piece breakdown I use this method. It will be necessary to intervene with file or other roughing tools to force the wings into the right position.
  7. I find it a decent kit, much better than the Kitty Hawk, both in general appearance and details. It also has a good breakdown. RAM coating in my opinion is not a big deal. You will notice much less in a painted model, keep in mind that the photo is taken wide angle so the defects are accentuated. It's a kit I would recommend if you want an F-35B. I expect a big improvement in appearance with the 3D parts I will design.
  8. Yes... RAM coating is too thick. Keep in mind that I assembled the model with vinyl glue so that I can check the parts and be able to "disassemble" it when I proceed with the construction.
  9. I received my F-35B and analyzed it with the photogrammetry and other instruments I have. I will also need to intervene on horizontal stabilizers. Their correct inclination is about 5°, while on the Italeri model it is 8°. You can "force" the inclination and glue them in the right inclination, but then they don't connect well with the fuselage and I don't like the result. The Kitty Hawk kit also had this problem. My solution will be the 3D design of new horizontal stabilizers, where it will also be possible to adopt the "lowered" position they assume in vertical landing and takeoff. The video
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