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  1. I'm sorry but I didn't use drawings to make it . Photos and photogrammetry. Simon.
  2. The model of these photos is in scale 1/48 ( that I will probably use with the F-35B Italeri as soon as it comes out). I’ve already printed the 1/35 version and I’m assembling it and I’d like to use it with KH’s AH-1Z Academy and Seahawk. For other information you can contact me in private.
  3. Hello to you all. My latest project, aircraft towing tractor and helicopters SST A/S32A-49 with MSU ( aircraft universal starting unit) and ALBAR trailer in scale 1/ 48. I can use it for US NAVY and MARINES aircraft such as F/A-18 Super Hornet, E-2 Hawkeye, all S-70 Hawk models on board, the recent MV-22 Osprey HB, AH-1Z Zulu Cobra, UH-1Y Venom etc. I will also make it on a 1/35 scale for my recent AH-1Z Academy and future S-70 Hawk purchases.
  4. The different thickness of the rivets depends on the use of cnc machines with 3 axes (rivets with different thicknesses as the engraver can be tilted) or 4-5 axes (rivets with the same thickness as the engraver can be tilted and remain parallel to the surface to be engraved)).
  5. I am making several parts for my Merlin Airfix.
  6. I have already printed the system in 1/48 and 1/72 scale for the Apache. Then I will also do it for the Venezuelan Black Hawks Arpia 4 (which have the data link antenna on the left pylon with a specific adapter). The APKWS system is simply a laser kit which is applied on 2.75 "rockets, costs approximately $ 22,000 and has a range of approximately 8000m. The Spike system that is being tested on the US Apache is in the long range NLOS version. It has a port of approximately 25 km and costs over $ 300,000. This missile is used in a very specific way. It is generally launched from behind a hill o
  7. I designed this in 3D and I printed my UH-1Y and AH-1Z. Hope you like it. The antenna on the right in the 3d image is for Apache, Black Hawk etc. The one for UH-1Y and AH-1Z is shorter, as well as having support for the rotor hub.
  8. I installed the Spike system on the wing of the Apache HAS in 1/48. How do you like it? https://flic.kr/s/aHsmM6vQ6p
  9. This is the system used on the Israeli Apache Saraf and is the same system used as the US Army Apache test. This launcher can carry 4 spike missiles of three different types (Spike NLOS Non Line Of Sight, Spike-ER Extended Range and Spike-LR Long Range) I made the Spike NLOS launcher for the 1/48 and 1/72 Apache and ER plus the antenna (will be printed in 3d). At the moment I understand that the US Army is testing only the long-range NLOS Spike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPvchdf3s0w -Simon
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