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  1. I confirm that I am planning to make it even on a 1/35 scale
  2. In this forum I will keep the discussion only on modeling.
  3. Thank you for your words -Simone
  4. Hi everyone. With the installation of the rotor system, I finished the assembly of the model. During the editing I noticed some improvements to be made for the decomposition of the main pieces, for which I am already working on the 3D model. Overall I am very happy to have completed the model after about 4 years of work.
  5. I added the air probe, the pilot doors due to the internal and external handles and the main rotor hub.
  6. This is just a test model. Only gray primer. -Simon
  7. Hello everybody. In addition to the tail rotor, I mounted the Spike launcher "on the left wing" and two missiles (external) and the 19x70 rocket launcher (inside). On the right wing I mounted the additional fuel tank (external) and left the inner mast without loading. I have also glued the handles that facilitate the entry and exit of the pilots in the cockpit, the Footrest bracket and some antennas -Simon
  8. I do not feel completely offended. Because of the use of the translator on my part, sometimes misunderstandings can occur . the sense of my answer was just that for fairness to all users and administrators, I will publish here only the progress of the assembly (even the final model that I hope to have time to paint)
  9. Hi sukoi In this forum I show and write only the progress of editing the test model in 3D printing . Later, after some changes in the decomposition of the pieces, I will build a finished model (with parts in resin and parts in 3D printing) and probably painted. At that point I hope to have the pleasure of receiving criticism and suggestions on the model. I will only write about modeling. If someone likes to ask me for other information, I kindly ask you to do it in private. -Simon
  10. Hi everyone. Wip AH-129D Mangusta 1/48. Installed 2 pitot tubes, nose with sensors Toplite 3 and HIRNS plus, TM-197B cannon.
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