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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your help! I will consider your information while equiping my DustOff. All the best Wiggi
  2. Dear all, please excuse my late reply. Thanks a lot for your valued information! I haven't been aware that the Blackhawks and Crusaders have been the same unit just using different names. The pictures are highly appreciated and some things have become much clearer now! Any further pictures would also be highly appreciated. Unfortunately pictures of Blackhawk UH-1 are very rare. Many thanks in advance and all the best Wiggi
  3. Dear all, together with my Slick Huey build, I'm working on a Dust Off / MedEvac Huey. It will be a UH-1H with markings of the 237th MD, "Curious Yellow". As there are almost no pictures of MedEvac Hueys available I would like to ask what equipment was carried in addition to the rescue hoist and stretchers? Any information would be highly appreciated! Many thanks in advance and best regards Sven
  4. Dear all, thanks a lot for your comments! I'm quite sure, that the helicopter belongs to the 187th AHC. The nose art shows a stylized black eagle on a blue background. Some pictures can be found here: http://www.187thahc.net/aircraft/photos/hilltopper2.jpg http://www.187thahc.net/scrapbook/pict_67/jq_s3_bird.JPG Some more pictures can be found in: “Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art” from John Brennan I'm aware that due to operational requirements and the personal preferences of the crew the appearance of unit helicopters often differed,
  5. Dear all. my current project is to build a UH-1D from the 187th AHC, Blackhawks, Tay Ninh 1967. PrintScale offers a fine decal sheet but the overall painting instructions are insufficient. I already carried out quite a lot of research but would like to ask if someone else could contribute to this topic. Here’s what I could find out / assume so far: - Main rotor blades: A short clip on Youtube suggests that one upper blade was painted white while the other was painted OD. The clip shows helicopter of the Crusaders but I assume that this
  6. Dear all, just have seen a video clip showing the activities of the Scale Navy Team which will show up during Euro Model Expo (EME) modelshow in Lingen/ Germany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQniZaiSKpk Absolutely outstanding models. I'm looking forward to visit their display. Further information regrding the EME can be found here: https://euromodelexpo.jimdo.com/ The show will be held March, 26th/ 27th 2022 Best regards Sven
  7. Hi Napalmakita, thanks a lot for the information and please excuse my query being a bit slow on the uptake. Also dual GBU-38 on TER in slant configuration? MTHX in advance! Sven
  8. Dear all, with great interest I followed this threat as I'm about to build an AV-8B II +. I will use the 1/72 Hasegawa kit. I want to put some ordnance under the wings and found a picture of an AV-8 with two iters and a total of 4 GBU-38. Would it be an option to have two GBU-38 on one side while two GBU-12 on the other side? Or another asymmetrical weapons load? Would be happy about any information! Thanks a lot and best regards Sven
  9. Hi guys, thanks alot for your help and please excuse my late reply! Finally I decided to use the head up display even it is doubtful that it was still in use around the time frame. The reason was because it looks quite nice and the etched would have needed some rework to be correct. You can find some more information in this thread: Very best regards, Sven
  10. Dear all, finally my Vigilante made it across the finish line and I want to thank all those who contributed to my project. Here you can find some pictures of the completed modell as well as some pictures from the construction phase: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uhuty6796i180jk/AABD9eDwRcoLalpao_Vc3A-ra?dl=0 Some Details to the accesoires used: Vigilante:
  11. Dear all, I‘m about to complete my Trumpeters 1/72 Vigilante. It will represent an RVAH-11 bird during their 1972 cruise with Constellation. I checked a my references (Ginter, Warpaint, Aerofax, Osprey) as well as a lot pictures I found in the internet. But for me it appears that the available stencils are either incomplete or incorrect. I’m aware about the fact that some stencils might have been omitted during a planes service live. Does someone has further information about stencils carried by Vigilantes? I’m also unsure abou
  12. Dear all, I always wanted to build a Vietnam ear RC-135M So it is no surprise that I have the AMT RC-135 kit in my stash. Unfortunately the Vietnam specific “M” version has some fairings at the rear sides. After a lot of time I found some on Shapeways and ordered them. In my eyes thze shape matches the picture available and the fit is probably much better than some of the kit parts. Here you can find two picture of a test fit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2luxs7s477jmh3/IMG_0610_s.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkavvo821ejuial/IMG_0612_s.jpg?dl=0
  13. Dear all, thanks a lot for your compliments! As promised some more pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8u553hjk7fhzy78/IMG_0571.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cimkw0ipaeei73l/IMG_0569.JPG?dl=0 Cheers Wiggi
  14. Dear all, actually I'm building a RA-5C Vigilante. My project will resemble a RVAH-11 aircraft, Vietnam War, between October 1971 and June 1972. When the RA-5C entered service it was equipped with an head up display called Projected Display Indicator (PDI). During her career this PDI has been removed by AFC 233. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out in which time frame these removal has been carried out. Pictures I found were not conclusive. Maybe some has more detailed information and might share them.
  15. Dear All, thanks a lot for your positive feedback. as requested, I added some pictures in better resolution: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovc5w3yixc6aee2/IMG_0550.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5v92t5kd8tfpvgs/IMG_0552.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7i8q6s3mjlfk4s1/IMG_0554.JPG?dl=0 I will add some more pics later. Cheers Sven
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