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  1. Dear all, thanks a lot for your compliments! As promised some more pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8u553hjk7fhzy78/IMG_0571.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cimkw0ipaeei73l/IMG_0569.JPG?dl=0 Cheers Wiggi
  2. Dear all, actually I'm building a RA-5C Vigilante. My project will resemble a RVAH-11 aircraft, Vietnam War, between October 1971 and June 1972. When the RA-5C entered service it was equipped with an head up display called Projected Display Indicator (PDI). During her career this PDI has been removed by AFC 233. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out in which time frame these removal has been carried out. Pictures I found were not conclusive. Maybe some has more detailed information and might share them. Many thanks in advance! Look after yourself and all the best Wiggi
  3. Dear All, thanks a lot for your positive feedback. as requested, I added some pictures in better resolution: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovc5w3yixc6aee2/IMG_0550.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5v92t5kd8tfpvgs/IMG_0552.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7i8q6s3mjlfk4s1/IMG_0554.JPG?dl=0 I will add some more pics later. Cheers Sven
  4. Dear all, after a long time, I was able to complete my Arizona Chicken Phantom finally. Before I resume with some explanations I want thank some people for their much appreciated help. These people are: Archangelo D., AFHRA/RSR Chandler W., USAF, Lt Colonel, Ret. Richard W. And especially Brett S. , National Museum of the U.S. Air Force The project started about 2005 with some research after I saw a picture of that aircraft in a magazine. Since then I carried out a lot of research. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out the GIB’s name. But name name I finally decided to use is appropriate for the time. Unfortunately Gordon C. Hill crashed shortly after the incident with 371 and is MIA since. Construction started several years ago and had to be postponed due to issues with the decals. The basic kit is a F-4E from Hasegawa. The following aftermarket products have been used: Master: Pitot and AOA XMM: Seamless intakes Aires: Nozzles Cockpit IsraDecals: Stencils Eduard: AGM-12 Ladder Arctic Decals: Custom made decals NorthStar: Wheels For the camouflage I used Mr. Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color. The camo scheme has been painted without masks. The metal finish has been painted with Alclad II colors.
  5. Dear All, thanks a lot for your much appreciated help! It is correct that 66-0371 was shot down with Dobson and Murphy in 1972. This was the Arizona Chicken. But it is quite unlikely that the aircraft had that artwork at that time, as aircrews preferred their own artwork and regularly overpainted the old ones. A good example was the F-4E, Arkansas Traveler, which was overpainted after the crew changed. The USAF museum gave me the information that 67-0371 was never serving in SEA. It is sure that around May 1970 the aircraft wore the crew names and the Arizona Chicken art work. I found two pictures to confirm that fact. I also checked several hundred pages of the 388TFW from that period, which I received from the USAF archive. I found a report regarding a battle damage but to my disappointment at that day another crew was assigned that aircraft. Unfortunately I don't have a FB account so that option is ruled out. I think that the backseaters name will be a mystery for the future. Because of that, I think I will use the backseaters name from that above called battle damage incident. If the true name enters the light of knowledge it would be quite easy to change the name on the canopy rail. Best regards Sven
  6. Dear all, An old project ressurected and I would like to ask if you could help me with some research. I need to know the name of the Backseater of an Vietnam era Phantom: The particular aircraft was a F-4E Phantom II, 66-0371, tailcode was JJ. It served in Korat with the 388th TFW, 34th TFS from May 1969 to Feb. 1972. In May 1970 the aircraft was named Arizona Chicken with the appropriate artwork on the intake. The crew names were painted on the canopy rails. The pilot's name was Maj. Roger Long. I already contacted the USAF museum and the USAF archive, I got a lot of help and good information but unfortunately I was unable to find out the correct name. BTW: The Zotz decal sheet as some mistakes and is no appropiate refference. I hope that anyone has further information about the backseaters name. I'm gratefull for any help! Many thanks in advance and best regards Sven
  7. Hello Ray, thanks a lot for your reply, I assumed that there are no alternatives around. Maybe one day a major manufacturer will offer an appropriate set. Cheers Sven
  8. Hello Chris, thanks a lot for the information! I checked a lot of pictures and it seems that this practice with white rotor blades was less common. I also recognized that there were Snakes with orange elevators and that they had white rotor blades too. I guess that it is up to everyone’s taste to paint the blades white as long as there is no picture of the particular aircraft available? Cheers Sven
  9. Dear all, I'm looking out for a proper 1/72 M23 armament system for the UH-1H I know about the SHQ white metal set, while the figures are looking quite appealing, the armament system itself is not really convincing. Does anybody know if there are other options around? MTHX Wiggi
  10. Dear all, I already built at least two Vietnam Cobra and I want to build another pair of Vietnam era Cobras. While studying my references I discovered that some AC might have had one main rotor blade painted white. Was there a practice on which Cobras a blade was painted white? I'm asking because Floyds picture clerly shows that both blades are painted black. Thanks a lot and best regards Wiggi
  11. Dear all, regarding the load out for a Vietnam Counter Invader, has anyone information about the 280gl. external fuel tanks (mounted on the inboard wing pylons) if they were used operationally? Many thanks in advance Best regards Wiggi
  12. After a long time of absence from this project I was able to solve some problems regarding the detailing of the engines. After all I went back to the workbench an continued the construction as you can see. Cheers Wiggi
  13. Dear all, finally I made it to complete my Cobras. Many thanks to all who helped me to get my Cobra more authentic. Best regards Sven
  14. Hello Derek, I'm still quite busy and had to pause this project. Nevertheless I had a fine discussion with Whirleybird about a correct Invader. They found my parts good enough to be produced and they decided to produce and sell them: If you're still interested you might contact them. Unfortunately the cowlings haven't been produced yet. Best regards Sven
  15. Hello Ray, Thank you very much for this picture! This was excactly what I was looking for. This really helps me. I thought that the particular part represents something like a "recessed" dust cap. I had no idea that the dog house was completely open in this area. The build of my Cobras is almost complete so I will do like suggested earlier (painting). I agree with you that the dust cap was rarely used in Vietnam. I can not remember a picture where it would be recognizable. Very best regards Sven
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