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  1. After I've applied my primer to my model surface and allowed it to dry, do I: 1) Sand off the primer surface before applying my first coat of paint? OR 2) Sand off the primer surface, reapply it and spray the paint? OR 3) I keep it on before spraying on the paint?
  2. AHHHH!!!! MY EYES!!!!!! SO BRIGHT!!!!! That is just 'plane' old beautiful!
  3. The shuttle will always be an amazing airplane. No matter Russian or American.
  4. So Purty! Loving this repair work you are doing!
  5. Oops! Once again I live up to my name! Haha!
  6. If I were to make an airliner model with a white fuselage, would it be a good idea to spray white primer instead of white paint (eg Tamiya XF-2) as the base coat? Also, is white primer available for spray gun use?
  7. Can any of you recommend any good spray gun painting tutorial out there? An lmgtfy link will be fine since whatever search I try, I always end up with spray painting automobile tutorials. Thanks
  8. What type of knife is good for cutting relatively thick plastic (ie a fuselage part, not something from the sprues)?
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering if there are any good French speaking modeling/plane spotting boards I can use to practice my French. Thanks Talentless Noob
  10. As an expat in China, obtaining Future Floor Wax can prove to be challenging. Are there any other alternatives I can use to create a glossy/reflective finish? I don't own a spray gun so any other alternative (preferably in spray can form) would be appreciated!
  11. Something tells me Future will be really hard to find or is really expensive in China. Are there any other alternatives? Preferably in spray can form.
  12. 多谢KursadA. What's funny is I have full Chinese ancestry. When I get stumped with not being able to say something in Mandarin, I start muttering things in English and I get looks as if I'm mentally challenged! One more thing though, what's Future Floor Wax in Chinese?
  13. I managed to figure out what happened. I didn't brush the decal properly and missed out a few points of interest. Breaking the bubble and reapplying the decal setting solution seems to have settled the problem..... ish, just not very noticeable. There's a reason I'm a talentless noob haha!
  14. Hi, are there any Mandarin speakers on the forum? I am an expat living in China and gaining modelling material can prove to be frustrating if you are clueless in Chinese modelling vocabulary. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what is Putty and Clear/White laser jet waterslide decal paper in Mandarin. Just leave me the Chinese character and I'll get one of my friends to Romanise it. Cheers Talentless Noob
  15. After applying the decals and sealing it with Mr. Mark Setter and Mr. Super Clear, Bubbles began to form on the decal. After the solution dried they didn't disappear so I applied another brush of Mr. Mark Setter. It didn't seem to take any effect either. How can I get rid of this mess? If it helps, I'm building a Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 737-400, in the livery of a JTA Papas Island scheme (everything is build to the box).
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