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  1. bubble

    1/48 LM Cutaway

    Pete i will open this week a topic :)
  2. bubble

    1/48 LM Cutaway

    Great work Pete I love it , i do now with 3d printing parts a 1/24 with help also from vincent meens and styreen work
  3. bubble

    1/32 Apollo CSM

    Me to :) i do a K2pete 1/24 LM version with also parts from vincent
  4. i think they have blew up the version of the 1/700 launchpad version , only pitty there is not a train for it
  5. it,s more the range of the model trains O serie , there was a few years a a train 1/50 US version shuttle SRB transport train
  6. preorder now , release march 2018 http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/6786/1+150+Plastic+Model+Soyuz+Rocket+Transport+Train.html
  7. bubble

    1:144 Apollo 7 Saturn IB

    stil wait on a blew up of part S-IVB Thrust Structure to 1/20
  8. yep http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10300892
  9. I have them also , the soyuz and shuttle version , i want do in april 2017 one of them , but i,m practice with my new mirco welder . the soyus pad is also nice with train :)
  10. bubble

    Lunar Module “Orion” 1/48

    Vincent meens has almost complete designs the 3d printing version of the LRV apollo 15 / 16 and 17 and differnt scale,s , i do a apollo 15 , 1/6 50 % scratch 50 3D parts
  11. bubble

    1/144 Saturn V x 2

    John ,, please look in your shapeways message box :)