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  1. Hello LEGO friends, on Rebrickable the Designer FreakCube shows his spectacular Apollo Spacecraft MOC-26457 made of 7.349 parts, that is almost priceless due to the use of some rare bricks (approx. € 1.809,88). Source: rebrickable.com (FreakCube) But now that other manufacturers are increasingly bringing clampable bricks of acceptable quality onto the market, the price can be reduced significantly. The designer offers the assembly instructions via Rebrickable for € 30,00. There one can also have a look at the Parts list.
  2. Hello everybody, now that the 8 Crawler chains are finished, I stowed them safely in a box so that they don't get dusty and nothing happens to them. And now to a sad story, which is connected with the generous offer from Sascha1990 to share the 3D STL files of his Monster-Crawler in his much noticed thread NASA Crawler + LUT und Saturn V als 3D Druck as well as with the following radio silence of the master since then. About the connections I have now received more information in the NSF forum (forum.nasaspaceflight.com).
  3. Hello everybody, it's managed! In the meantime, the 8th Crawler chain is finished and the Crawler is already almost Ready for Rollout! So here is the short farewell to a certainly stressful and monotonous for everyone, but necessary chapter ... With the pinned couples the final countdown was ushered in, and then the time had finally come, and the 456 Track Shoes have become now to the 8 Crawler chains. And the 8 Pins for closing the chains are also left over. Since the 16 Drive Sprockets are already fin
  4. And I'm as crazy as a virgin is nit-picking, I'm told ... Nothing is impossible, but in this case I'm drawing a blank on that one, but the idea would have something, as one can see at this LEGO Crawler here.
  5. Hello everybody, today I'll report with a quickie regarding the 7th Chain. - Deburring of the Track shoes - Pinning the pairs And so also the 7th Chain is already done, so that the last Pin-storeroom can be looted next. In order that the finale of this fiddling chapter is finally around the corner.
  6. Thanks Mike, my faithful friend, for your appreciative words. That's right, let's keeping the legacy alive! Source: NASA, John W. Young (left, † 2018) & Robert Crippen (83) These guys made history!
  7. Hello everybody, before I get to my day-to-day business, I would like to remind the beginning of the Shuttle missions and Columbia's launch to her maiden flight STS-1 with which NASA's legendary Shuttle program began today 40 years ago. Source: NASA And thus back to the present. Today was the turn of the 6th Crawler chain, of course (almost) again in the familiar and proven sequence of steps. - Deburring of the Track shoes - Pair formation and pre-drilling of the Pin Lugs - Pinni
  8. Hello everybody, now I only have to bite my teeth four times then the 8 Crawler chains would be done, so let's get to work! So keep the scissors coming, and get rid of the annoying set-bars. After that, the laborious deburring of the chain links was the next step again. After the pair formation, the pre-drilling of the Pin Lugs followed, as usual, and then the pinning the chain, alternating with pre-drilling the Pin lugs and occasionally deburring of bulky pins. A
  9. Thanks Jesper for your nice words. Always one chain after the other, the journey is its own reward.
  10. Hello everybody, so then again I've cleaned the Headset glasses, looked at the clock (12:30 pm), and got started the assembly of the 4th Crawler chain. 12:30 pm: Separation of the 57 Track shoes 12:45 pm: Deburring the Track shoes & pair formation 1:05 pm: Pre-drilling of the Pin lugs & Pinning of the pairs (deburring of the pins) 1:35 pm: Pinning the chain & deburring of the pins For the pinning these two tweezers were used, whereby the pins were inserted
  11. Hello everybody, and that's why I wanted to take advantage of the momentum and have tackled the 3rd Chain on. Already the separation of the Track shoes and the fettling of the separation points is a rather time-consuming business, in which greatest caution is required because Shapeways' 3D plastic Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD ) is relatively brittle and therefore easily fragile. Thereby now 3 Chains are already pre-assembled and waiting for the next chain, where, just for fun, I'll stop the time, because I'm curious.
  12. OMG, Kirk, are you completely nuts? Joking aside, I would be satisfied if I can prime and paint the chains by airbrush thin enough so that all details do not disappear.
  13. Hello everybody, with the 2nd Crawler chain I can make it briefly. After the Track Shoes were put together again in pairs and the Pin Lugs were slightly pre-drilled, the couples could be pinned together. Each time further chain links were added, the middle openings were first pre-drilled again and then these groups were pinned together, etc. ... until finally the 2nd Chain was done too. Meanwhile the tedious handling is already easier for me.
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