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  1. Thanks Philippe for your enthusiasm and your many years of interest and loyalty. Stay tuned and keep having fun.
  2. Hi Joe, Good things come to those who wait. This is definitely 3D modeling de luxe again by a master!!!
  3. Thank you for your honest appreciation of my work, you can judge it best because you are also such an excellent space model maker with love of details. BTW, I also noticed in my search for STS-6 that there are fewer images for older time slots that may further help.
  4. Hello everybody, then let's go to the prototype of the small Vertical Transportation Tie-down Lug Plates. If you look closely, you can see on this photo from the STS-130 that the Hold-down plates consist of three parts (have a look at the zoom on the right edge of the photo), a middle part with a narrow lower extension and two slightly smaller welded-on side parts to stabilize the opening without this extension. Source: NASA (STS-130) While I used Styrene (0,2 mm) for the side parts, the middle part seemed a little narrower to me at first,
  5. Hello my friends, but that's only half the battle firstly since the depths or widths of the Support plates and Hold-down Clevises are still missing, which is why I still have to look for and find other detail photos, which is still a tedious work, but unfortunately not to be avoided if one takes it as seriously as I do. And that's why I was glad that I came across this photo from the STS-126 on the new NASA website, which presents a pretty direct side view of the canister, without major perspective distortion, from which, in addition to the details, one can also det
  6. Hello everybody, since the matter has not left me in peace, I have researched intensively again and now I know the innovations and connections around the former NASA media archive, which no longer exists as such. There was a similar confusion years ago after a change in NASA photo archiving along the lines of: Now and then some quite a novelty ... when the old URLs (www-pao.ksc.nasa.gov) were no longer found, but what I managed to figure it out. Instead, one now has to search the NASA Image and Video Library website, e.g. after the year abbreviation of t
  7. Big compliments, Pete! As not otherwise used to from you, a wonderful and, above all, clean work, to which I take my hat off! Your BURAN model is ready for the next scale modeling fair and worthy of an award.
  8. Thanks Pete for your nice compliment, but you can count on it, that I'm going to find a solution for this problem too, because I also need these sources like my daily bread. In such and similar cases, I like to quote the Bible saying: Seek and you will find. And therefore Never let go! It's only a good thing that I copied the URLs and the photos in the zoom resolutions in Word documents, which I can enlarge at will to see and measure the details that interest me.
  9. Hello everybody, life goes on! And so now back to the Vertical Transportation Support Plates & Clevises on top of the Transporter, their scratch building turns out to be quite a tough nut to crack, since these multi-part brackets are in fact more difficult and are a lot more complicated than those support plates for the horizontal transport. Source: NASA Since the four Transportation Tie-down Lug Plates on the Aft Bulkhead of the canister Source: NASA (STS-132) must fit into the screwed-on Hold-down Clevises on these tra
  10. Hello everybody, as I have now discovered with horror, my NASA photos, which I've mostly linked to the Hi-Res. photos, are unfortunately no longer accessible, as the extremely helpful NASA Media archive is no longer updated and maintained by NASA, as one could read there until recently. Source: NASA The first part of the reference to flickr.com is correct indeed, but the search options there are quite spartan and a search for special content is like looking for a needle in a haystack, which one can forget. The second part of the reference is
  11. Take comfort, Pete, no kit or decal sheet is perfect ... neither are we. Your commitment and ambition is nevertheless commendable!
  12. Thanks Kirk for looking in on me again, well, the handling of these tiny parts is already quite stressful, but I'll keep hanging in there and biting me through, even if it is sometimes difficult.
  13. Hello everybody, since any measuring and marking of the positions of the small Transportation Plates (2 mm x 2 mm) on the Bottom of the Canister would be far too imprecise and, on top of that, too uncertain I've come up with a solution that may seem a bit cumbersome, but it should work. A prerequisite for the success of this delicate action is a stable holding of the transporter, which should not move, as it is about minimal distances. To do this, I supported the transporter in a special holder jig with Balsa blocks in such a way that the wheels hung in t
  14. Hi Ron, a walk through the An-225, what a dream ... unfortunately the dream is over now ... That's why at some point I'll build the Mrija in the Ukrainian national colors as a tribute to this unique queen of the skies. She was indeed a dream ... I once saw her landing at Leipzig/Halle Airport and drove for it 470 km from Stuttgart by car, what the rendezvous with the great Lady was worth to me! A spectacular photo from a spotter forum, that illustrates the dimensions of this giant plane, taxiing over the
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