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  1. Hello everybody, today came the Main Sprocket Set of 16-Flat Ori, which I have checked out closer, to see possibly, which side did lay below and therefore on the support wax. Well, what do you think? I suspect that in the first picture one looks onto the bottom, which was lying on the wax and seems to be a little bit rougher than the top in the second picture. Under my LED lamp, the difference comes out a little better, therefore the same order of images, here is the view onto the bottom, and here onto the smoother top. So well, I'll have to clean everything anyway in the ultrasonic bath, both the Track Shoes and the Sprockets. That's it now with the 3D printing but first, and I'm very satisfied with the result. And my special thanks to my friend Joe (crackerjazz), who did an amazing 3D job.
  2. Good morning, friends, the Main Sprockets are rolling now - Shipped!!!
  3. Hello everybody, my expectations of SW have been met, the Main Sprocket Set of 16-Flat Ori (FXD) was already let pass without hesitation and is In Production, wherewith also my 3D print projects would have been finished for now. Why not immediately so!
  4. Hello everyone, my friend Joe has uploaded the two Sprocket Sets of 16 faster than expected and also sent me the screenshots of the related Support Material. Here is the support wax arrangement at the Flat set variant, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) and here at the Upright variant. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) And here one can find both sets at Shapeways. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) I have now ordered the Set of 16-Flat Ori (FXD), and I'm curious if SW will print it without any trouble, what I expect, or if they will pull themself up again at the wall thicknesses (< 0,3 mm).
  5. Hello everybody, and now back to the Main Sprockets, for which my friend Joe (crackerjazz) has meanwhile also modeled two variants of a Set of 16. Here is the set with the flat arrangement of the wheels, although the set is upright standing in the picture, Source: arcforums.com (crackerjazz) and here the set with upright standing wheels. I mean, he should upload the Flat arrangement, but whereby Joe has to be careful to select and save also the Flat print orientation! Hopefully there is no Déjà vu experience with Shapeways ...
  6. Hello friends, in the forum NASASpaceflight.com a friend has remarked critically that the chains have to go around the sprocket about 110°, which one would not be judged by the sprocket I've shown so far with only four shoes, wherewith he is certainly right first. At first, my only concern was to check that the Sprocket wreath (1,75 mm) would fit into the Pin Lug gap (W1 > W2). Here's an original photo, where one can see that the Pin Lugs of six Track shoes are in direct both-sided contact with the Sprocket, which corresponds to an angle of about 150°. Source: NASA I checked it out and connected eight shoes and put them around the drive wheel. And as one can see, these eight shoes are in direct contact with the sprocket, which normally does not happen, as the first photo shows. Therefore, this criterion of the accuracy of fit of the chain is also fulfilled. Anything else would have surprised me too, considering the great Hi-Res drawings and Joe's fantastic 3D skills.
  7. Hello everybody today, the Main Sprockets have arrived, which should not be printable at first and were rejected by Shapeways because of too small wall thicknesses (< 0,3 mm) were. When looking at the photos, one has to take into account that FUD/FXD prints do not provide much contrast when unpainted, which makes it difficult to see details. In the following pictures I have to differentiate between the upright and the flat print orientation, which I wanted to test with regard to the supporting wax problem. Here one can see the sprockets in FUD (left) and FXD (right), printed in upright standing orientation, whereby one can see the clearer details of the FXD Sprocket. And now still the FXD Sprocket (left) in flat print orientation comes in addition, in the middle the FUD Sprocket (upright print orientation). In this picture below the two FXD Sprockets lay side by side, on the left the flat and on the right the upright print orientation. But I have to say, I can not see any differences in the surface roughness between the two variants, which could have been due to the different support wax arrangement. And here once again the FXD Sprocket (upright orientation) in mounting position, as well as on four Track shoes that go well together, which I had hoped for. As matters stand I will probably decide for a Set of 16 (FXD) with flat print orientation, which my friend Joe could have to model now. From close up, it looks pretty big and clear on those macro shots. But with a little more distance (about 30 cm), the chain is clearly shrinking already, so that I could probably live well with FUD Sprockets. Therefore, we first wait for the Set of 16 model and then continue. Maybe in the end SW will throw again their arms in the air ...
  8. spaceman

    ? FALCON 9 models out there ?

    Probably you mean 1.300 mm, right?
  9. Hello everybody, today came the happy message from Shapeways that both ordered Sprocket variants are shipped. Now I'm curious how they will look!
  10. Hello friends, here is the answer of "my" SW-Service Team employee Mitchell Jetten: It looks like these 2 orders are checked by 2 different people. One of them didn't mind the 0,21 mm thickness while the other engineer did catch it and rejected the model for this reason: Source: shapeways.com (Mitchell Jetten) So right now the order 2672981 is being produced! These are the two standing variants (FUD & FXD). As all models are subject by manual checking, if a part does't meet the minimum required the 0,3 mm thickness, there are chances it gets rejected 😞 Would you be able to ask the designer to increase the thickness to 0,3 mm to make sure these are not being rejected again? There you look!!! This is the same nonsense as at the Track shoes dispute. I just wanted to answer him that this change would mean quite an effort for the designer, and that it would be easier if SW internally would enforce that this flat variant is to be printed since it is based on the same 3D model as the current upright standing variant which is just in production. Only well, that for the umpteenth time I've checked the processing status of the newly ordered (previously rejected) flat version, because lo and behold, suddenly this sprocket is now also In Production ... Source: shapeways.com What does that tell us? One has to go only long enough on the SW-species' nerves to the motto Steady drops hollow the stone, then it works already ... Now I can sit back and wait until both variants are there to inspect the wax residuals ... And then we can decide from which variant my friend Joe should upload a Set of 16.
  11. Hello everybody, this is the reason for SW's rejection what my friend Joe will check now. Source: shapeways.com (Mitchell Jetten) That's strange, because that is the same model as used for the upright standing sprocket, which is in production. Why can this be produced and the flat lying sprocket not? That is a contradiction, which SW should explain, whereupon I am curious.
  12. Hello everyone, but I have at least achieved a partial success, because the upright standing Sprocket variant, which I ordered in FUD and FXD, went through Processing and is meanwhile In Production. Source: shapeways.com The again ordered flat lying variant, however, is still under review (Processing), but still not rejected at least. No matter how, at least that would prove that the Sprocket is printable, and so I have an argument in hand to demand the printing of the flat version as well. So far there is also still no explanation why this variant could not be printed at the first attempt. So SW is somehow in a tight spot, let's see how it goes out ...
  13. Thanks Joe for uploading the upright-standing Sprocket, which I have just ordered in FUD and FXD. And this is the distribution of the Support Material which looks a bit bizarre. And then I tried the same trick from the Track shoe story again and bravely ordered once again the sprocket in flat printing orientation, which now, strangely enough, is only offered in FXD. Now I'm curious how this story will continue ...
  14. Hi friends, after I was first informed on my astonished enquiry that my already well-known SW friend Mitchell Jetten from the Track shoes story would answer me, now came this joke message ... Awesome!!! This reinforces my impression of SW, that's an case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand's doing ...
  15. Hello everyone, we were just getting happy together and then Shapeways comes with the next unwelcome surprise and has stated that they can not print the Main Sprocket. Supposedly they have informed the designer about the problems with the part, but which is a smooth Fake News. So slowly I start to doubt this club, I can't think of anything more ... The strange thing is that the shape of the Sprocket is less complex than that of the Track shoes, and the wall thicknesses are all according to specs, as Joe says.