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  1. Hello everybody, today, Shapeways' big Track Shoe delivery arrived with the seven Sets of 52, which of course were immediately unpacked. And these are the total of 456 shoes for the Crawler. The new sets look well, though there are small differences in quality between the sets, as one can see on the two encircled sets, which should be due to different thorough after-treatment/cleaning. But that is no problem, because I will try anyway, to let the sets being cleaned professionally again in the Dental laboratory, as usual. And the replacement delivery with the Set of 20 (FXD), which had been interconverted, is already on the way. For the connecting bolts, I've also still found a suitable solution, for which I would use instead of the insect needles (Ø 0,3 mm) now Nickel silver rods (Ø 0,4 mm), which fit closely through the Pin lug holes. And with a length of 7 mm per bolt comes together a total length of more than 3 m , which would correspond to 11 rods à 30 cm, which I will still reorder soon.
  2. Stay tuned, my friend, and you will see it ...
  3. Hello friends, although I have already experienced some things, Shapeways still has some surprises in store. Today came the already announced Set of 20 Flat Ori (FXD). But after I unpacked it, I could not believe my eyes. Because that was not the Track Shoe-Set I ordered, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) but any other one with little mini parts, what of course I've immediately complained. Mitchell Jetten (SW) but immediately apologized in return: Oh no, I'm sorry to hear we shipped the wrong model to you. I have raised a complaint (CT-48214) ticket right away and asked our production team to reprint the correct model as soon as possible. There are also less beautiful wonders by SW ...
  4. Hello everybody, the Set of 20 is already on the way, and of the remaining seven Sets of 52 six are already printed, only the last one is missing, which is why the shipment will hopefully follow soon. And thus the Crawler would be almost finished already ... P.S.: Your Shapeways shipment is on its way!
  5. Thanks Pete, well, that was a great coup, with which I surprised SW. Hopefully the odyssey with the Intertank will also end well, so keep your fingers crossed.
  6. Hi Joe, and thanks once more for your fantastic 3D modeling job. As you see, nothing is impossible, sometimes one has to take full risks and to play vabanque, according to the motto: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This was an inner inspiration, what should already happen? In the worst case it could be rejected, so what? And luckily it worked, in the meantime the remaining seven Sets of 52-Flat Ori are In Production.
  7. Hello everybody, today, the 52 Set-Flat Ori (FUD) came as if there had never been any problems with printability. Unbelievable, but SW is really unpredictable ... And I must say, the set not only looks good, but even better than the previous two sets with the upright standing shoes. Here is the top side of the set, right next to it, the three connected shoes from the previous 20 FUD set. And here the bottom side with a view of the treads, which feel a bit rougher, but which is explainable, since they were touched by the support wax, but which is not a problem. But the top and side surfaces are smoother because they were not in contact with the wax. And if one looks carefully, one can even see the small holes (Ø 0,2 mm), although not on all shoes, but one could even drill out them, if it should be, although they later are hardly visible anyway. Here's a little closer view. And so I will seize the moment and order a further seven sets, wherewith I would then come on the required 456 Track shoes, but I will still order additionally a further Set of 20 to be on the safe side.
  8. I can also only pull off my hat to these 3D artists here. If I could program 3D models, I would also buy me a printer and print some parts. But it also works differently, only for special things, I would not want going without it, especially since Joe is such a gifted 3D modeler.
  9. Thanks Bill for your comment. For about four weeks, I'm already haggling with them back and forth, whereby one can lose enthusiasm for this 3D matter. But that shows once again that they still consider themselves the greatest. That's why I can understand well when you print your stuff yourself. BTW, I think the roughness of the treads is not a problem, because the treads on the original crawler are also roughened by the gravel on the Crawler way and look slightly grainy. But let's see what the 52 Set-Flat Ori looks like, if it's okay, I can order the remaining seven sets. SW said: Only when a model was printed before, they skip the checking process.
  10. Hello everybody, but now hold your hat! Hard to believe but wonders will never cease! Somehow, this idiotic rejection of the upright standing set with flat-lying shoes did not convince me and therefore did bother me. And as befits a real Challenger, I went on the offensive and ordered the 52 Flat Ori-Set - Come hell or high water, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) and chased then curious the course of the order. And even though I had already expected the same rejection, my order at SW went against expectation through their process chain Processing, Pre-Production and was then actually In Production, I thought, I do not see right. And today I got the mail Shipped!, which has blown me away. I have actually outsmarted them, unbelievable ... Now I'm curious what the set looks like, at which the shoes with the treads did lay on the support wax. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz)
  11. Too bad that Bill does not have time to answer, but apparently he's busy with other stuff ...
  12. Thanks Bill for your stepping in at this point, whereupon I had been waiting for it by now a longer time, if you'll have a look at my post from August 14, because you are for me the ARC expert in 3D printing, like my friend Half-Dead (Halbtoter) in our German Raumcon forum, which gave the impetus to this discussion with this modified SW (Mitchell Jetten) picture, posted August 25. Rose = set with upright standing shoesGreen = flat set arrangement (the entire smooth underside is touched by the wax)Orange = is touched by the wax in both arrangements I suppose you can agree with Half-Dead's reasoning when he says: In the arrangement with upright standing Track shoes, one has indeed less support wax, but in places which are difficult to clean, such as e.g. the grooves on the surface and between the joint parts. In addition, the lower side is touched by the support wax and has a rough surface, while the upper side is not touched by the wax, and therefore is smooth. Therefore, I would take the flat set arrangement, because here the support wax touches almost exclusively the tread, which is smooth and therefore easy to clean. By using Fine Detail Plastic no overhangs can be printed, so everything has to be supported from below with supporting wax. At the flat arrangement of the set, the track shoes lay on their treads, everything above it has no overhang, so it does not need support wax. But if one puts the shoes on their side (upright standing shoes), one needs a support wax on the side that matches the shape of the shoes. That was also the ulterior motive of my considerations with regard to the necessary ultrasonic cleaning. But there is still another possibility that you have already referred in 2014 in your thread Parts for 1/144 Scale Space Shuttles. That's the SW feature Print It Anyway, which the designer can use to see how it will come out. Maybe we still should try this ... What experience did you get with it?
  13. Hi Joe, maybe you're right, but whether SW will see it that way, is uncertain, they say it today this way, and tomorrow that way ... It's almost like gamble, or trial and error ...
  14. Hello friends, but now the confusion gets totally crazy, because I just received the message from SW that the Set of 52 - Flat Ori would not be printable. I want to spare you the bla-bla-bla explanation because it is bland and trivial. Unfortunately, we are unable to manufacture Crawler Track-1-160-scale-Set of 20-Flat Ori. I should contact the designer and discuss with him what to do next. While the previous Set of 20 has disappeared from the online store, there is now a Set of 20-Flat Ori but only in FXD for 6,39 €, whereas the previous set with upright shoes did cost 6,02 €. In this offer, both the set and the shoes are lying flat. Strange in this context is that SW had pointed out in the meantime that the Set of 52 - Flat Ori would be printable only in FUD, but not in FXD, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) what I did not care, because I wanted everything in FUD anyway. Now Joe has just told me that SW has informed him that the set would not be printable because the walls would be less than 0.3mm, but what should not be true, which proves his inspection once again. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) This can not be the true reason, because SW has printed the previous two sets with 0,3 mm wall thickness, after it had been changed in advance from 0,2 to 0,3 mm. One could almost think, as if they want to sell us for stupid, so that is slowly becoming a nightmare ...
  15. Hello everybody, in the meantime, we had a difficult and sometimes controversial dialogue with SW regarding the setting of the 3D Printing Orientation, which determines the arrangement of the support material. But because there was going on here something strange, I wanted to get to the bottom of things and wanted to know from Joe, if he has selected a different Print orientation for the last Set of 20 (Flat Ori) than at the first set. Because there must be a reason why my first two Sets of 20 so far are displayed like all other offers in a flat set arrangement and the last set since then in an upright aarrangement, what I have also asked SW. Then SW's Mitchell Jetten suggested that I could order the last Set of 20 (Flat Ori), then he could see if this orientation was saved, if not, he would cancel the order, which I then have done and told him the order number. And so it came about that he had canceled the order because the designer had allegedly not determined orientation, which is why SW could not guarantee the printing orientation. Strange, right? Therefore, I should make sure that the designer sets this orientation step by step and saves it. Of course, Joe was very surprised about that and said that he did that several times, what he could show with several screenshots, so that the confusion was perfect. That's what he did. Open in 3D Tools: Selection of the material Smooth Fine Detail Plastic (FUD): Set 3D Printing Orientation: Save Orientation: Source: arcforums.com (crackerjazz) After Joe had informed SW about it, Mitchell Jetten then backed down and said that I could now order the Set of 20 (Flat Ori). The fact, that in contrast to the offer still the flat lying set is displayed, would be apparently a system bug, as SW had to admit. And this awkward revelation after three weeks controversial discussion, unbelievable ... Since Joe had convinced me , I finally ordered this set, even though its upright position made me doubt. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) Since I still had lack of clarity about the expected wax residuals of the set, I asked Joe to send me a Screenshot of the location of the Support Material color], which can be displayed in the 3D Tool, as indicated by our expert Half-Dead. Joe did that as well, and this screenshot provided the final clarity and at the same time proof that he had actually saved the flat orientation before the upload. And that is exactly the desired support wax arrangement, which facilitates the final ultrasonic cleaning. Then I asked Joe to upload the Set of 52 also with the flat orientation, what he has done in the meantime, as these pictures show. Surprisingly, this 52 Flat Ori-Set in the SW shop is also displayed in an upright position, as the Set of 20, which does not bother me anymore. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) It would be interesting now to see the support structure of the first two Sets of 20 with the upright standing shoes, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) whereby I suspected that this should look something like this. Source: shapeways.com (Mitchell Jetten) And as this picture shows, I once again had the right nose. Thereby the annoying problem with the supporting wax would be now also clarified, and if the ordered 20 Flat Ori-Set looks good, then I can order eight of these 52 Flat Ori-Sets, and with a total of 476 Track Shoes then I would have more than enough for the Crawler.