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  1. Hello everybody meanwhile I have decided not to flour the two ET Tanks separately, but to glue them together with the Intertank beforehand, which should make handling easier. And for the Flour application I have in mind a horizontal mount similar to the Test rotisserie, for this I'm going to insert the aluminum rod that was already in use through the front Nose Cone opening, which reaches to the Aft Dome. This rod then is clamped in a side holder so that I can turn the tank around its axis during spray gluing and flouring, whereby I will first flour the LH2 Tank, and then the LO2 Tank. Before gluing of the three ET parts, I had to mark the exact position of the 12 Ice Ramps (R20) on the LO2 Tank in order to be able to cut out and mask their contact sites, taking the exact alignment of the GO2 Press. Line up to the Nose Cone had to pay attention, which was not so easy to do. Afterwards I've marked the position of the Ice Ramps with the help of the Newware template, and then were cut them out. Then I had noticed for a longer time that the Newware Ice Ramps are rectangular (3 mm x 3,7 mm), and not square like the original Ramps. These have the dimensions 1,5' x 1,5', which corresponds to 3 mm x 3 mm in 1/144 scale, which is why I will adjust the ramps accordingly, what has already happened with the front ramp. Then I've yet masked the contact areas and the front part of the LO2 PAL Ramp. Thereby however, I had not considered that the PAL Ramp is right next to the Cable Tray (0,5 mm x 0,75 mm) and therefore has to be a little wider, which I've corrected after I had put on the channel for better orientation. That's it again for the moment. Thanks for watching and have a great Sunday.
  2. Thanks Bruce for your tip, I'll come up with a similar solution.
  3. Hi Pete, filling small gaps with thin styrene sheets seems to be a specialty of yours, an interesting approach.
  4. Thanks Underdog, now nothing must not go wrong with the Flour Applicaion, so keep your fingers crossed! I just have still to think about how best to do this, whether I spray the two tank parts individually with spray adhesive and then powder them with flour, or whether I completely glue the tank together and mask the Intertank ... Somehow I have to hold the part/parts, both while the spray adhesive is being applied and during the subsequent flouring. What do the experts think about it?
  5. Hello everybody, starting point of my doubts about the correctness of some details of the otherwise very good kit was the diameter of the GH2/GO2Press. Lines, for which the enclosed Evergreen rods (Ø 0,5 mm) should be used. In reality both Press. Lines, however, have a diameter of 2'' (50,8 mm), whence in 1/144 scale a diameter of 0,35 mm results. Now one could be generous and do without the few tenths of a millimeter, but if, like me, you scale other parts on the basis of this reference dimension, this makes it noticeable already, especially since the proportions of such small parts should be consistent. That was also the reason why the enclosed Rectangular strip (0,75 mm x 1 mm) for the LH2/LO2 Cable Trays seemed a bit too big for me at first. Then I've remembered (ICD Drawings) on the website of George Gassaway, which includes also drawings of various Ice/Frost Ramps from the early LWT Era both on the LH2 Tank and on the LO2 Tank included. On this drawing of an Ice ramp on the LH2 Tank I determined the Cable Tray dimensions based on the existing dimensions, which with 0,7 mm x 0,9 mm actually correspond to those of the Newware Kit's Cable Tray. Source: georgesrockets.com (George Gassaway) So far so good! According to this drawing of an Ice ramp on the LO2 Tank the local Cable Tray should be a bit smaller, namely 0,5 mm x 0,75 mm, which initially surprised me. Source: georgesrockets.com (George Gassaway) That's why I wanted to know whether the Cable Trays on the ET-8 actually have different dimensions and check them. To do this, I first determined the width of the LH2 Cable Tray on my ET-8 reference photo at high magnification, for which I used as reference measure the diameter of the GH2 Press. Line (Ø 0,35 mm), which is 1,0 mm. Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (woods170) From the same photo I've determined the width of the LO2 Cable Tray, which is actually smaller and with 0,7 mm corresponds to the width from the drawing. Accordingly, I will use an Evergreen strip (0,5 mm x 0,75 mm) for the local Cable Tray. Afterwards I've turned to the Tape spiral on the LO2 Tank. First I've marked the end point of the spiral with the help of this drawing from the Newware Kit, which, as already said, should lay near by the front 12th Ice Ramp (R20), where the spiral should end. At this marking I've glued an end ring, so to speak as a finish line!!! And then I've put on my headset magnifier and have flung myself with desperate courage into the Barber Pole Action again. Here is the spiral after 10 rings, after 20 rings, after 40 rings, as well as after 50 rings. And here the goal is reached and I could finally stop. Here I have threaded the first of the 12 Ice Ramps (R20), whose position I will mark next and then mask them.
  6. Sorry Joe, but it was only a joke. I can only take off my hat as always!
  7. Thanks Kirk for your compassion, but I have to fight with the Tile Monster, which has special pitfalls. While the tiny parts may stay lying down on the carpet, on the tile floor they jump anywhere, which makes me crazy because finding them again is rather difficult, sometimes even impossible ... Before I started with the LO2Tape spirale, I've once again checked the dimensions of the LH2/LO2 Cable Trays by using some photos and drawings, which are the same in the Newware Kit (0,75 mm x 1 mm), but in reality obviously not, but on this tomorrow more.
  8. Hi Pete, ... Styrene tubing in a drill running against a coarse file ... One never stops learning!
  9. Hello everybody, today also the contact areas for the two R24 Ramps have been cut out and masked. There they are laying now and waiting for the jump - Woe !!! And since the additional delivery of the 0,75 mm Tape has arrived, I can now turn to the Barber Pole Spiral on the LO2 Tank, whose rings I counted some time ago whereby I came up to 66 Rings. And that's roughly the area in which the 12th Ice Ramp (R20) is located. The subsequent lighter area appears to be a specially applied Closeout which has no Pattern Texture. Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester) Since everything has been clarified so far as, I can start gluing the Tape spiral tomorrow.
  10. Thanks Joe, your feeling is unfortunately right, my back and eyes are starting to worry me slowly ... BTW, fortunately, Gino is not interested in my models.
  11. Then Joe's following post should be a warning for you!
  12. Thanks Mike, I fully agree with you, he's giving us great pleasure. You can tell that you are very fond of animals.
  13. Thanks Underdog, you are right, Gino is smart and also cool without end, and maybe he only wants to comfort me if he hears his master swearing with frustration, what he's feeling then ...
  14. Thanks Mike, I also like the ET more and more. Yeah, so are these damn tiny parts ... Forget it! And when I then crawl on the floor like this, my poodle Gino stands next to me and looks at me incredulously, as if he was waiting for me to bark too. Fortunately, the Newware kit includes some spare parts for emergencies.
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