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  1. Hello everybody, Shapeways has delivered the day before yesterday, so here are a few images of the new MotorGearboxCombo-Pair (XSFDP). Here at first the new pair, on which one can already see with a little good will that the grooves are still there, but seem to be a little less distinct. And here once again the complained previous pair with the clearly distinct grooves. In order to be able to recognize differences, one has to look carefully and also pay attention to a favorable incidence of light. On th
  2. Wow, what a great idea for a Shuttle display, congrats!
  3. Hello everybody, in response to my complaint about the grooves, Shapeways has sent the following statement: Hey Manfred, Let's start off by saying sorry! We work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately sometimes we mess up. To make sure you are completely satisfied we just placed a new order for you at no charge. Your new order will ship by: 2021-10-25 Well then, let's wait and see the new MotorGearboxCombo-Pair in Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic (XSFDP), I'm curious.
  4. Dear friends, in weeks of painful grief I want to try to slowly come to my senses and bring myself to continue working on my project ... For this purpose I took the last printed Gearbox-Pair (XSFDP) from Shapeways and examined it once again more closely, because in retrospect I noticed some things that are not entirely plausible to me and do not really want to please. In order to minimize the wax residues remaining despite Shapeways' cleaning after printing, we had let print this pair in the best possible print orientation (standing upright), which we had
  5. Hi Mike, thanks for your experience with such kind of spray cans, but I would like to save myself the effort of removing the current primer, especially since I don't want to take the risk of breaking off any small parts of the filigreed combos while cleaning. As I said before, I can use the Resin combos for my Crawler and will install them, when I'm going to build the Crawler. And for priming I will use the Surface Primer by Vallejo, with which I'm currently experimenting, in order to dilute it ready for Airbrushing, because otherwise it is still a bit t
  6. Hello everybody, today in a follow-up I would like to take another look at the Priming of the Resin combos, because on closer inspection I noticed certain differences in quality. In the unprimed state immediately after printing, the details of the combos were still clearly pronounced, as one can see here. Source: arcforums.com (bubble) Then my friend Pascal (bubble) allegedly gave them a thin layer of a gray primer with MoTip Primer (04054) from a spray can. The following comparison makes it easy to see the different layer thickn
  7. I had already seen the same idea somewhere a long time ago, which I liked immediately and had tried it out, as described here by bubble. Bristles removed, double-sided tape stuck on and fine sandpaper (500), done! Very suitable for larger and accessible parts, but SW's filigree Gearbox Combos would be too delicate for this method. But for your struts, Joe, it should work if you're careful enough.
  8. Hi Joe, as one can see, with Shapeways' 3D prints one has the unsightly problem with removing the residual support wax, and now you have a similar tricky problem with removing the support struts. But you will find a solution, hang in my friend, you will solve the problem, I'm sure!
  9. Hey Joe, wow, that's what I call a milestone, you have successfully printed your first 3D prints, congratulations! Now you will see that it gets easier step-by-step and that it will become more and more fun. I am happy for you that your courage has overcome respect. How thick are the thick and thin struts? Keep on printing!
  10. Hello everybody, the parcel from Holland got there faster than I thought, and of course it was opened immediately. And already the first glance through the two bags onto the Combos looked very promising and pleasantly surprised me. And even after unpacking I was very impressed by the sight, whereupon I took a closer look, here first a Combo-R, as well as here a Pair (R/L) lying next to each other, and here in the installation position in the Truck. Now
  11. Hello everybody, after we have clarified all formalities including expenses, my Dutch friend Pascal (bubble) has packed all of his 3D prints, Source: arcforums.com (bubble) and sent it to me in this chic box. http://www.die-kartonmodellbauer.de/wcf/images/smilies/smiley250.gif Source: arcforums.com (bubble) Now I'm curious to see what his Resin 3D prints look like in real life, and I hope that they will arrive safely.
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