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  1. Great to see you back on track, Mike. Hang in there!
  2. Hello friends, and sorry guys, I'm still too busy with my travel report at the moment, which is quite time-consuming. To bridge the gap, I can offer the Raumcon link for anyone interested, but unfortunately only in German. But maybe you can have it translated or just look at the images and videos, that will be enough entertainment, I think, until I'll continue with the Payload Canister. http://www.raumfahrer.net/forum/yabbfiles/Attachments/up050224.gif Trip to Florida and visit to the KSC 2023 Enjoy all and have a little bit fun.
  3. Hello my friends, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are doing well. I have just started my German travel report, so my construction report with the Payload Canister will continue soon too. Best wishes and a Happy New Year.
  4. Thanks Mike, indeed, it was a fantastic vacation and the discovering of the KSC Visitor Complex step by step during my Mission STS-2023 was a complete success, more than I ever expected or dreamed of. The support from my friends Mike Robel and his family, Pad 39B old hand James MacLaren and Richard Chamberlain was great, I couldn't have asked for better tour guides. Mike Robel and his wife, visiting the Canaveral National Seashore with me. James MacLaren and Mike Robel, on the way back after the awesome
  5. Hello everybody, for the sake of completeness, I would like to briefly state my two questions and Wendy's answers. 1st Question: "What were your feelings when you had been selected as a crew member for the Return to Flight Mission STS-114, given the tragic Columbia disaster two years earlier? She analogously replied that on the one hand she was fully aware of the importance of this test mission after the Columbia disaster, but on the other hand she felt very honored to have been selected for this very important mission. My second que
  6. Thanks Al, the trip was a great experience with many interesting new impressions that I first have to process in order to be able to document them in a suitable form.
  7. Thanks Mike, I fulfilled a long-held dream and lived it to the fullest. There is a lot to report, but I have to sort it all out first. BTW, every day in the KSC Visitor Complex, astronauts report on their shuttle missions in the Astronaut Encounter and answer questions from visitors. So also did Wendy Lawrence Monday last week, who flew four missions from 1995 to 2005, STS-67, STS-87, STS-91 and STS-114, the so-called Return To Flight Mission, the first mission two years after the Columbia disaster STS-107 (2003). Source: K
  8. Hello my friends, first just a short message. After three and a half weeks I'm back from an extraordinary and highly impressive vacation in Florida and several visits to the Kennedy Space Center, which I even flew over in a Helicopter Ride (doors off!) together with Mike Robels daughter, whereby the gigantic ET/Booster Stack in front of the Atlantis hall looked so small like my model Shuttle stack (1:144). BTW, the launch of NASA's Psyche Mission has been postponed once more, to Friday October 13th, which is my lucky day. And therefor it wa
  9. Thanks Al, hold on tight to your dreams like me! Breaking News: The launch of the NASA Psyche mission has been postponed until October 12th. Source: NASA Hopefully all will work then better. It's time to say Good bye for three weeks. See you later.
  10. Hello friends, in the meantime I have dismantled the fragile Dio assemblies and stowed them in a cupboard, better safe than sorry. I showed this image years ago when I presented Thomas' model building estate. He had made a small scaffolding platform especially for his Hammerhead Crane, on which the crane equipped with LED lamps with the red warning beacon on the top of the lightning protection mast could stand reasonably safely. Such a beacon never existed there at any time during the Shuttle program, which he initially had vehemently denied and then fi
  11. Thanks Mike for your best wishes and your compliment for the planned Pad 39A Diorama. I hope I still can do it in this life.
  12. Hello everybody, my Florida trip is getting closer and closer and time is running out, so I have to rush with an update. In 14 days (October 2nd) at this time I will be on board a Boeing 767-300 towards Atlanta, from where it will continue at 6.35 p.m. in a Boeing 757 to Orlando. http://www.raumfahrer.net/forum/yabbfiles/Attachments/up035091.gif From there I drive the next day with the rental car to Cocoa Beach, where I'll stay at the Best Western Cocoa Beach Hotel for a week and will visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The highligh
  13. Thanks Pascal for your nice compliment, I'm happy if you like my project and can learn from it, because learning by doing is the best way to further develop your skills. So it was at least for me. And still another principle, don't let failure discourage you and never give up!
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