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  1. You can have a look at this project by my friend RichO in Britmodeller.com. Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket Source: NASA Source: NASA
  2. Hello everybody, and so now to the result of the analysis and the final inventory control of the Crawler lighting, which is now fixed and can be seen in the following image, which however does not show the STS-6 Crawler, but the Crawler CT-2 that was upgraded for the SLS Program. [/img] Source: NASA The total 29 Lamps of the former STS-6 Crawler are distributed as follows: Driver's cabs: 2 JEL-Hydraulics: 8 Trucks (out-/inside): 8 Sidewalls: 2/2 Beacons Front side (Side 3): 3 Back side: (Side 1): 4 And this re
  3. Thanks Pete for your nice words and for your compliments for my Diorama plan presentation. I missed you already my friend, and the other guys too ... Yep, it has become really quiet here, but everyone has enough to do with themselves in these difficult times, what feels somehow like an unreal time ... I'm trying to distract myself from that by going on, that's why my first steps into the Diorama chapter were a welcome occasion too. Staying healthy all together.
  4. Hi Ernie, you're a lucky guy, because last year just before Christmas Posted December 23, 2019 I was looking for the ET Aft Support Transportation Fitting on this ET Assembly Transporter, but first I had to scroll back a few pages in my own STS-6-Thread. Source: System Definition Handbook SLWT, Vol. II (Lockheed Martin) This is a nice drawing of the ET Transporter, Source: System Definition Handbook SLWT, Vol. II (Lockheed Martin) but unfortunately there are no dimensions of the transporter in this Handbook, but you can determin
  5. Then I can help you, only a short break, okay? 😎
  6. What are you looking for exactly? Not after the transport barge, right?
  7. Thanks Mike and Kirk for your sound inspiration again, but that's all still up in the air and would be the very last chapter for me I could deal with when I will have finished my project ... But in the moment I have my hands full with the tricky Lighting chapter, which is a rather great challenge.
  8. Hello everybody, after we have meanwhile decided a separate power supply for the Crawler lighting by means of three built-in 9V Batteries, the analysis and inventory of the lamps located on the crawler is now the next step for the definition of the corresponding LED switching circuits, which, however, should become a bit difficult, since there are almost no photos from the STS-6 in which one can see the illuminated crawler. Only on this photo during Challenger's rollout (11/30/1982) from the VAB one can see the crawler, on the front of which (Side 1) one can see 8 lam
  9. Hello everybody, since I now know which point on the pad to pay attention to, I've first viewed my STS-6 photos, and already on this photo from the Rollout, on which one can see the back of the pad behind the RSS, one can actually see the contours of a further Mast (6) at this point, albeit blurred, next to the building in question. Source: NASA More accurate information about this 6th Floodlight mast then again gave photos of the STS-1 like this one, on which in the zoom one can clearly see the illuminated mast behind the building, Sourc
  10. Hello friends, since my Multi-power bank still has a floodlight LED circuit in reserve, I've swarmed out again and actually still have found a 6th Mast on the pad, at this already known location next to the building, about its purpose I had reported September 17, about which, according to James MacLaren, one could get by elevator or stairwell to the Pad Terminal Connection Room on the ground floor. Source: Google Maps - Street View And next to the building there is actually a Floodlight mast (6), which illuminates the FSS/RSS rear, wherewith the 6t
  11. Hello everybody, is there anybody in there? I want to come back briefly to the Launch pad lighting once more, which I have assumed so far to consist of four Floodlight masts at the corners of the pad, but unfortunately the following photo does not show enough details. Source: spacefacts.de The foundations of the masts I had already glued into my Diorama plan. To scratch these masts one needs more detailed photos, which one can also find indeed, such like these ones here, whereby I always have to consider their histor
  12. Thanks Kirk for your suggestions, but I haven't thought about sound effects yet, but from today's perspective none are planned.
  13. Hello everybody, to err is human, said the hedgehog, getting off the brush ... If in doubt, I always ask James MacLaren, and so this time too, whether he also had been once at the Water tank tower and has seen a Ladder with protective cage as I has suspected it. And lo and behold, he was actually there once and says, that the ladder there probably had no protective cage according to his memory. Accordingly, there were ladders with protective cages on the Launch pad, such as also at both corners of the MLP (Side 1), as well as without, wherefore there were apparently no
  14. Thanks Mike for your nice compliments. Time is a relative term, and I just keep surprising how quickly another year has passed, but what doesn't count for me, it's simply a joy ride ... Therefore, you will have to wait a few more years for completion, and therefore stay tuned!
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