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  1. Hello everybody, in order to get as close as possible to the dimensions of these Mini crawler lamps, I've then experimented with the small Ferrules 0,25 mm2 x 5 that I had gotten myself in the meantime. After I had cut off the small screen (Ø 1,5 mm) with the micro saw, I've threaded a Pure White LED (0401) and initially fixed its wires from above with a drop of UV glue. Then in the lamp shade across the LED a small drop of glue was then UV-cured, but that was still slightly sp
  2. Hello everybody, so, now I have to slowly pull myself out of my holiday hole by force to get going again. At that I first had to think myself about wherewith to start or what I had been doing on the side in the meantime and had not yet shown it. And that concerned once again the production of the little lamps for the Crawler-Lighting, for which we had thought of a suitable thin transparent Shrinking tube as a lamp body in a small ferrule in the old year. And with the three patterns (Ø 2 mm) that my friend Arno (McPhönix) had sent
  3. Thanks Jesper for your nice words, yep, most of it is steel and it can be melted down again.
  4. Hello friends, on this memorable day, I too want to start into the year 2021 with fresh energy and finally overcome my holiday fatigue. Unfortunately, the latest reports from the KSC say that the demolition and scrapping of the MLP-2 has been started there, as one can see in these photos, supposedly because the parking spaces are running out there. That hurts me somehow, because this gigantic Shuttle vehicle has grown dear to my heart over the years of my project work. Source: collectspace.com (NASA/Kim Shiftlett) Source: col
  5. Thanks Pete and also to you Stay healty my friend. I'l try to keep you entertain again this year too.
  6. Thanks Jesper and Mike for your good wishes, the new year can only get better.
  7. Thanks Kirk for looking in on me again. The Box beams were welded together on site, as I've learned from LUT Guru Mischa Klement, who knows the Crawler inside out like no other and has also studied this monster on site, as one can see here, Source: microartwork.com Source: microartwork.com before he literally dissected it in his CAD program for his ingenious Paper kit (1:96) and dismantled it into approx. 11.000 individual parts. Although my crawler has significantly fewer parts, but is nevertheless a real challenge.
  8. Pete for your nice words and for your loyal company, which always again gives me strength to persevere and go on ... Indeed it is, everything looks so big during the analysis of the photos and drawings, but when I then start to rescale the details to 1:160, they shrink to a formidable "size" ... Yep, one lockdown is chasing the other, it's a sad year that hopefully soon gives way to a better 2021, Healthiness F I R S T!!! With this in mind I wish you Peaceful and and a Happy New Year.
  9. Thanks Mike, my faithful friend, for staying tuned all over the years!
  10. Hello everyone after the 4th Advent, it goes on, and with that I come back to the Crawler drawings (John Cato) to determine the missing dimensions of the profiles that are required for the Scratch-build of the Crawler chassis. However, these drawings are not understandable straight away, what i.a. is due to the ambiguity of the English technical terms used for the different profiles as Trusses and Pipe Girders, which are by no means self-explanatory. So one can find terms such as Longitudinal Truss, Lateral Truss, Diagonal Truss and Diagonal Box, and the
  11. Thanks Underdog for your great compliments, and I'm happy that you also can get a little profit from my experience for yourself. You just have to hold on to your dreams and not be discouraged.
  12. Hello everybody on the 2nd evening of Advent, before I take off my Crawler glasses again, I took care of the dimensions of further components that I don't want to use from the Paper kit, but will scratch from Plastic profiles. For this purpose I've found a number of NASA drawings in the Yahoo-LUT-Group, from which I could take important dimensions, such as these here with the frame structure (Chassis Structure Lower Level) for the construction of the Underbody (Sheet 4): Source: savethelut.org (John Cato) This initially concerns the dimensio
  13. Thanks Kirk for your nice comment. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ... As good as I can make it, that's my aspiration, whereby my effort for perfection and attention to detail have constantly evolved over the years, especially when I think about how I started ... Meanwhile I'm thinking, Nothing is impossible! That is certainly closely related to my constellation Virgo too, which is said to be very fussy and picky ... And in contrast to management in business, time is not a limiting factor for me as a pensioner.
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