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  1. Finally!!!, hopefully they include the Air Force wing tip underwing lights too.
  2. The reason I have my stash, is if the world really does become back to the stone age, I have something to build and remember the former world by. But really, because I wanted the kit
  3. Need help for my 1/200 KC-10 "nose art" as I have managed to misplace my instructions. Thanks a million, Gilbert
  4. I have the kit, that I can scan the sheet, but I wouldn't be able to do it until Saturday.
  5. Man some great laughs, Merry Christmas to all and a safe trip to those who are traveling.
  6. It's a blessing, just like those Catalonian caganer.
  7. Wow, thems a lotta kids, all waiting for Santa, well good job nerdling, and AZ's turn for snow is predicted for thurs thru Sun. Model building time
  8. Well up in Alaska the Natives picked the very new tips of the trees to make tea.
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