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  1. Terry who is the moderator for the aircraft diorama section of the forum? Cheers! John.


  2. terrysumner

    what do people use to post pictures on the forum

    Fotki.com is good too....been using them since...well...since the beginning!
  3. terrysumner

    Question for ADMIN

    Okay...I pinned a post in the General subforum with the link to click on to go directly to ARC Air.... Can't pin any posts to the main forum page...has to be in one of the subforums...
  4. terrysumner

    Link to ARC Air main site

  5. terrysumner


    Test of sig photo
  6. terrysumner

    Question for ADMIN

    Well apparently this new version of the forum lost that ability..like we lost the Rules of the Road....
  7. terrysumner

    Question for ADMIN

    I put this question to Steve on the Mods section. In fact, I was wondering the same thing.... Terry
  8. terrysumner

    Nice to be back

    "Sandra" had been flagged as a Spammer and restricted from posting. Thank you AX 365 for reporting the post!
  9. terrysumner

    MiG-29 Yugoslav Serbia research thread

    All the political stuff has been deleted. Stick to the actual topic or I will delete this entire thread and ban the ones who insist on getting political. Terry Sumner Moderator
  10. terrysumner

    Happy Birthday Steve Bamford!

    Happy Birthday today to our intrepid leader...and many more my friend!!!!
  11. terrysumner

    Image Hosting

    For those who would rather just see the message instead of clicking...this is basically the message! Photobucket victims wanted! If you are a victim of the recent price change at Photobucket and if you are affected with their new hotlinking policy, we welcome you to Fotki! We have been supporting hotlinking and taggers for about 20 years. At Fotki you will have the ability to hotlink your media, organize your collections with albums, folders and subfolders and keep full control of your privacy settings. Fotki also: - do not have any ads - do not sell your information to 3rd party services - have much friendly and competitive membership prices - have very friendly and helpful human tech support If you wish to import your media from Photobucket at once, please contact Fotki Customer Support. Sign Up for 30-Days Free Trial Learn more about pricing and plans Not A Member Yet? Use free unlimited photo hosting for blogs Enjoy the best prices: 15 cent pro quality prints! Participate in photo contests Find new friends by interests Host albums of photos, oodles of videos See what our users say about Fotki! Join Fotki for FREE
  12. terrysumner

    Image Hosting

    I've been using Fotki for 15 years or more. Been very happy with them. Here's a message on their Login page! https://secure.fotki.com/login?finish=https%3A%2F%2Fpublic.fotki.com%2F&login=
  13. Am still looking for Aeromaster decals sheet 48-080, P-38 Lightnings in Drab Battle Dress, Part 1 if anyone has one they would part with. Thanks in advance Terry
  14. terrysumner

    Print Scale Decals

    Maybe better to brush on actual decal film vs Future? Future won't then let the solvents soften the decal to suck it down????
  15. terrysumner

    Hal Marshman, Sr

    Ok...what group?