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  1. Only if you want an extra set of weapons. This kit comes WITH ALL the weapons!
  2. Members...can we please keep the discussion to the kit? Hashing out shipping problems is not something we at ARC want to have on ARC. If you have a problem with shipping please take it up with the company. Thanks guys.
  3. Yeah well.... I have a life outside of the forum and Facebook! I spend a lot of time keeping my son's memories alive....
  4. If you see junk like that....report it! I've deleted a lot of that stuff already but I don't have the time to go back through the first couple of hundred pages to ferret out that stuff. I only started following this thread back at around page185 or so when some things did get reported.
  5. No. Like I said, any discussion that devolves into company bashing of ANY company by anyone, will not be tolerated. This thread is supposed to be about the KIT, not the company AMK or Kinetic or Tamiya or Joe The Rag Man's Plastic Junk! Modeling discussion = Good. Company bashing = Not Good
  6. This thread is to talk about the KIT....not to argue about one manufacturer against another. Any such postings will be removed immediately.
  7. Okay Steve thinks he found the problem with the moderator thing. Anyone still got them as of now?
  8. LMAO...be careful what you wish for... It's a heat-seeking, thankless job .... And I don't post much like I used to before I became a moderator back in 2009!
  9. You guys who had the moderator powers can you check and see if you still have them? Steve and I talked and he made some kind of mistake setting up a group build. But he says he fixed it now...
  10. Welll...anyone who actually does do something won't be here long! 🙂
  11. I've done all I can... I've sent an email to Steve and posted this problem on the Moderators sub-forum. But Steve is working a lot and may not see my messages right away. I don't have access to forum tools even as a Super Mod.
  12. Interesting. Because I signed out and when I was signed out I could only see the "Quote" item at the bottom of messages.
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