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  1. http://www.advmodprds.com/am48-308.html
  2. You don't build the box art.
  3. "Tanks" for that. (I can hear the groans all the way across the Atlantic)
  4. Are these the later tanks? https://reskit-models.com/scale-plastic-model-kits?product_id=2785
  5. On the subject of the MH-53J Pave Low, I have a memory of an article in FSM where the conversion was scratchbuilt.
  6. I second the above, if you like to nitpick stuff then avoid it but otherwise just go and enjoy it on the biggest screen possible.
  7. http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/48/wp48130/wp48130-1.jpg
  8. How about the new colour scheme on the USN TPS T-38? http://www.sbap.be/events/2021/030usntps2021/030usntps2021.htm
  9. What about V-22 Osprey- The Early Years with decals for some of the test and development aircraft or Super Hornet - Early years again for FSD and test?
  10. Great to see the LN option there.
  11. Superb pictures as always. Thanks for sharing them.
  12. A superb A-10, a credit to all your hard work.
  13. Leaving aside the politics of import taxes I'd like to float a couple of suggestions in 1/48 EA-3B Skywarrior decals for VQ-1 &2 as there aren't any aftermarket for the Trumpeter kit. E-2C Hawkeye decals for VAW-127 Seabats and VAW-110 for the Kinetic kit. A-7E Corsair II decals for VA-22 & 94 on the 1972 USS Coral Sea cruise during which they participated in the mining of Haiphong harbour.
  14. Fantastic work.
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