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  1. I spoke to one of the Airfix guys on the stand at Telford, he thought that a Blue Steel release would be first followed by Black Buck.
  2. I order from HM Hobbies, while they do show out of stock I've found that they get re-stocked quite quickly and their service is very good.
  3. Mine arrived today along with the weapons set. Preorder from Hobbyeasy.
  4. The kit does come with ordnance.
  5. I got the same thing, I had to change my credit card # as it had been so long since the order that it had expired, if I had known what the shipping cost was I might have re considered the order.
  6. Stephen

    1/48 C-130J to H

    Doesn't the C-130H have external fuel tanks?
  7. Are both early and late canopies included or is it just an open and closed (early option) ?
  8. I spoke to the owner of a hobby shop in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago and he said AMK were waiting for instruction sheets .
  9. They are coming in 1/48 From Furball .
  10. I think Furball Designs are working on it in 1/48 scale, Great Wall have a ltd edition of their 1/72 F-15E with decals for it out just now. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/b4snpquoyumrdcg747wc.html
  11. Can I suggest some early Panavia Tornado decals especially for the Italian Air Force in the grey / green / aluminium scheme . These haven't been well covered. Some of the prototype schemes are quite interesting too, https://www.flickriver.com/photos/classic_aviation/8310773280/ https://www.flickriver.com/photos/classic_aviation/8262769168/ https://www.flickriver.com/photos/classic_aviation/8178277847/
  12. It's shown on the side of the kit and it was announced way back when, the other weapon sets is basically the weapon sprues which are going to be sold as a separate kit. For people who pre ordered before a specified date from some outlets they're getting the weapon set as a bonus (you can dig through 200 pages to find out the date and outlets mentioned if you're so inclined. )
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