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  1. Any thoughts on doing these Kursad?
  2. I'd like to give a warm welcome to the various intelligence agencies who are monitoring this thread.
  3. Superscale or possibly Microscale did a sheet for the Libyan deployment of the USS Coral Sea squadrons.
  4. New Tool 1/48 RF-8A/G Crusader 1/48 Hawker Hunter 1/48 Bristol Beaufort
  5. Well, here's a Turkey for Christmas! Built OOB with the exception of Master Model probe. The decals are from Fightertown Decals 48-012 "Test Cats" for an aircraft used during the AIMVAl/ACEVAL trials , the windscreen tint is from Furball decals. One or two self induced hiccups but this is a superb kit
  6. Well, mine arrived today. A nice tribute to Rick Chin on the instruction sheet and a credit to Colin K on the decal instructions.
  7. To you too! Stephen
  8. I had one on pre-order and it was shipped a week ago according to the e-mail . Stephen
  9. The Italeri 1/48 kit came with VF-213 decals Someone might have them spare.
  10. Those weapons look as if they've been miniaturised from the real thing.
  11. RIP Sir.
  12. Thanks for the kind words.