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  1. To Kittyhawk Please get rid of the open gunbays as no one wants them.
  2. Passed away in his sleep yesterday.
  3. Don't you mean Ordnance sets?
  4. No idea, it's listed as forthcoming on Hannants but it could be any time.
  5. Including complete jet engines that cannot be seen unless you display them separately eg GWH F-15 The Revell 1/48 Tornado which still includes the options to have the wings pivot like it was a toy.
  6. The Italeri 1/48 CH-47D is being re-released this year. I do agree about an MH-47 In this scale.
  7. Thanks Kursad.
  8. With Kursad's excellent decal sheet I was wondering if anyone had back dated the U-2C to an A . I ask as the Hawk U-2C is difficult to find in the UK/ Europe but I managed to find one on eBay the U-2A however is next to impossible. I gather that the spine fairing and intakes have to be changed.
  9. Superb, the graffiti on the bombs gives it a very realistic look.
  10. It's the Kinetic kit with the KASL nose correction set, Royale Resin wheels , Master Models probes, Wolfpack Design seats and scratch built FOD covers. Paint was Hataka and Mr Paint for the first time(Wow, what amazing stuff) apologies for the pic as it was taken by my phone.
  11. It might just be marked up for publicity/PR purposes at a show.
  12. Great pics as always Gary, thanks for sharing them.
  13. Six of eight aircraft from Hill AFB have arrived.
  14. You should watch "Rogue One" , it's more like a war film than a Star Wars film.
  15. PM sent.