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  1. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/kjjzneocvwgnfpo13ig1.html
  2. On the helicopter front, how about decals for the S-70 Blackhawk? For example Turkey and Australia have camouflaged examples and decals are thin on the ground for them.
  3. If we're talking Tornados then I vote for the early/mid Italian Air Force in grey/green . Marineflieger IDS in the three tone grey scheme too.
  4. On the Eurofighter front, Qatar has just started to take delivery of their aircraft. They would be a nice option.
  5. Not cheap but amazing quality http://reedoak.com/#!/1-48/c/14086007 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234637794738?hash=item36a1809db2:g:-oEAAOSwS0Ni4Oio&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoKdykkW%2F9GFjg6%2FCNBknmLgVzwNOteo8r2fbMcCdmdFzPTrOK3mQnakIW54aDxgZ0uwyNO28CIHC%2FcjYmKrUUqo6grDsmT6shrcySIJHVJHMLhvPQxfz27h%2B9FlfQPit0iQjwdrEmCcPR%2F14x98CumQvOtd%2Boms6hf5fC4N4ublroTYg2O217gWafQ8rRWMcWHDLxayxAeuOByCS8JF2AR4%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5jFud7YYA
  6. I have a sheet on the way, looking forward to it.
  7. There's a new heritage desert scheme for F-16D MiG killer 90-778 https://scramble.nl/military-news/f-16-mig-killer-gets-desert-camouflage-colours
  8. http://www.advmodprds.com/am48-308.html
  9. You don't build the box art.
  10. "Tanks" for that. (I can hear the groans all the way across the Atlantic)
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