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  1. https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/v3MVLXcbbQoOMhc7K6EQf04r6mGnCp3M2cEDY6a6.pdf
  2. This Britmodeller review of the latest CH-53G reissue shows all the sprues https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235087840-sikorsky-ch-53-gsg-03856-148 revell/
  3. The CH-53E is in the 2022 catalogue https://www.italeri.com/en/article/793
  4. I second the request for this scheme as decals.
  5. I thought that picture had been taken when the USS Enterprise was taking part in supporting Operations Earnest Will and Praying Mantis in April 1988.
  6. https://uk.airfix.com/products/blackburn-buccaneer-s2-a12012?
  7. Fantastic! Thanks for including the Suez '84 badges.
  8. Taken by me at the Cosford Museum 2019.
  9. Just speculation but they've brought out 3D printed decal RBF tags so maybe replacing the fabric ones with these.
  10. The Block 50 has bulged main gear doors which the Block 30 does not. The best kit would be the F-16C/N .
  11. I'd love to see this marking included
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