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  1. Hi Pete, Perhaps this old reference picture of OV-099 should help you out.... You gave me inspiration to make a OV-099 with several Tamiya kit that I have... Can't wait to see you continue and finish this Tamiya model. Cheers, Jetplane
  2. Decals from Flightpath available in 1/144 and 1/200 scale. Regards, JP
  3. Thanks TT, The upper deck was made from a leftover Revell B747-400 kit..i just cut off and grafted the section onto the -300..pretty simple job. landing lights are decals. cheers, JP
  4. Revell 1/144 scale B747-300 Base model Revell B747-100 Rear View The actual aircraft...... same view
  5. Finally Hotdog's awesome HD tile decals arrives... its incredible well detailed and finely printed! :jaw-dropping:/> Highly recommend for anyone doing accurate detailing on their shuttle model. Next progress update should have the Shuttle upper fuselage painted & decaled! Jetplane
  6. Just a small progress.... coated the bottom with primer...hmm..I am still waiting HD Shuttle tile decal set. The OMS Pods are reworked to bring the Shuttle as updated. Until then..bye for now!
  7. Hotdog, Is it possible for you to scale up your nice HD tile and Shuttle stencil markings decal set to 1/72? I think Monogram Shuttle is very similar profile to the Airfix Shuttle..it should be no problem to apply the bottom tile decals. Maybe you can design the tile areas covering the cockpit cap, OMS pods section plus the Triangular piece aft of the OMS Pod's bottom. These white tiles are still use on the latter shuttle right down to retirement. Generally speaking all Shuttle kit should have the same outline shape and maybe a little trimmings for some existing decals to fit. Most aftermarket decals are designed for Revell Shuttle. Cheers, Jetplane
  8. Its the 1/72 Monogram Kit. I corrected the Pod black tiles..it can be removed. Cheers..
  9. OV-099 Early version and maiden Flight. OOB built and very old kit with tiles decals MISSION PATCH First mission to deploy TDRS-1 Early wing tile pattern and Name of OV-099 Rear SSME. Cheers.... :D/>
  10. Hotdog, Can you send me a set of the Tamiya 1/100 scale tile decals you created? I'm wiiling to place an order for it plus your cost & shipping. Regards, Jetplane
  11. Finally got most modifications done on the Shuttle. I gave the part a few coats of primer to check things out. The Cockpit windows are adjusted and it took me quite a while to align them properly with photos as references. Main Landing Gears and Nose Gear painted and assemble. Its funny the way the parts are put together..you have to assemble the whole landing gears and attached onto the wings before joining to the fuselage. except for nose gear assembly which can be install later. The main landing gear are nicely detailed, but it had to be assemble into the wheel gear bay first. The main wings are attached after the landing gears are finished. The Tail rudder is moveable...it allows several positions on the Shuttle during landing...acting as a air-brake when split in half. Its time to fill and fix the wing joints getting it for painting...so it continues.. Discovery has more weathering patterns, so its a bit more challenging to duplicate, hopefully it can be pull off..
  12. Ok..here's the recent works on the wing tips and Tail chute.. The gap between the elevons needs to be widen a bit too...hmmm :unsure: A little more finishing & refining the tail drag chute before the model goes to primer. More to process....until then.!
  13. Ok..further updates.. Reworking the SRBs adding strips of extra circular band and details of the ET-support brace-ring. (whatever it is called) Until then take care...more to come as progressing further... Jetplane
  14. Nice works on the SRBs..didn't know decals can do more -details on the fustrums.. :D Cheers, Jetplane
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