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  1. Thanks Ken, great images there! Appreciate the offer Ken, very kind, but looks like we will be going on the Friday as the other half wants to relax on Saturday before our flight home on Sunday. Silly question, but since I'm a fan of the movie, is the 'Fightertown USA' hanger still there or is it long gone after the move to Fallon?
  2. Thanks Ken. I've signed up for notifications from the show's website so will keep an eye on it for seating and dates. So from looking, an uber to the front gate then a shuttle to the flight line, does that sound about right? Looks like I need my passport to enter so hopefully plain sailing there! Any photos you have would be great to see!
  3. Thanks fellas! We're staying in Downtown San Diego so I'm thinking of getting an Uber from the hotel to the show on the Friday morning. I had a look on Google maps and there appears to be a few good looking breweries not far from the base, so we'd probably end up walking to a few of these after the show then Uber back downtown unless there's a show shuttle from downtown?
  4. Hello all, The good lady would like to visit San Diego later in the year. Having been twice before (she has never been) I happened to mention that the MCAS Miramar airshow is on at the end of September... a seed has been planted 🤣 Anyway, has anyone on here been to the airshow? Looking for any tips on travel to and from given crowds etc. Cheers Dave
  5. Hello, Would anyone who has built a ZM F-4E/EJ (or any ZM F-4 kit, I think they're all parts F3 & F4) and didn't use the wing tanks have one to spare? I just found that one of my kits is missing a tank! Any help appreciated. Thanks Dave
  6. That's great, thanks chaps. Certainly looks good so I'll be sure to visit!
  7. Hello all, My girlfriend and I are due to visit Seattle at the end of this month, she doesn't know it yet but I'd like to try and visit any good hobby stores in the city. We are renting a car for a couple of days so can travel if needs be! Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks Dave
  8. Hello all, Long (ok, really long) shot here, but would anyone have a copy of Two Bobs decals 48056 - 1/48 F-14B 'Gypsy Swordsmen' going spare? https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev1/301-400/Rev304-TwoBobs48056/00.shtm Thanks Dave
  9. Hi guys, Hope you all are well. As per the title I’m looking for a set of 1/48 TwoBobs decals 48-180 Perfect Storm Tiffies for the Revell Eurofighter kit. If anyone has a set to sell, please drop me a pm. Take care Dave
  10. That's great, thanks for the information, greatly appreciated. Dave
  11. Thanks, just did, there's a McDonalds not too far away, that should work just fine to get a few pictures! For limited time, would you recommend the Cradle of Aviation or American Airpower museums?
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'll be sure to check out the memorial park, Cradle of Aviation and American Airpower Museum. Is there parking anywhere near the F-14 in Bethpage that is within walking distance? I'm really keen to see this jet as it's my favourite F-14 scheme, which I am currently modelling. I've been trying to see as many preserved F-14s as I can - currently I've only seen 11 across the United States. Thanks again Dave
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