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  1. I’m just looking for the VF-101 and VF-142 markings from that sheet.
  2. I’m looking for specific markings. Mostly VF-101 and VF-142, but a few others as well. Partial sheets are ok.
  3. I know it’s a long shot, but I am looking for a 1/48 Hasegawa SP8 F-14A Plus (VF-74, VF-101, VX-4) or Afterburner decals VF-103 Sluggers sheet. Please PM me.
  4. I am looking to buy 1/48 Furball decals F-14 Tomcat sheets. Colors and Markings of US Navy tomcats pt. 2,8,9 specifically. please PM me if you are willing to part with any of these sheets.
  5. The following are for sale plus shipping cost. Please email me at grantgarmon@gmail.com with your zip code if interested. Payment through PayPal Friends and Family. Please be patient on response, I will get back to you. *** MAKE ME AN OFFER *** 1/32 Decals: AOA Decals 32-003 USN/USMC A-6E “The Intruders’ Sandbox” Libyan Strike / Desert Storm ---$10.00 32-024 USN A-6E “VA-65 Tigers (2)” Cold War / Desert Storm ---$10.00 32-028 USN A-6E “VA-75 Sunday Punchers” Cold War / Desert Storm ---$10.00 Afterb
  6. Any chance for a 1/32 Advanced crew station for the trumpeter F/A-18F?
  7. 03205 F/A-18F Super Hornet_________________________________________ $130.00 ea. (2 available) Hasegawa 08182 F-5N Tiger II "VFC-111 Sundowners"__________________________ $60.00 08066 F-5E Tiger II "With Shark Nose"_______________________________ $60.00 Tamiya 60303 F-14A Tomcat Version 1994 (Sealed)_________________________ $150.00 60303 F-14A Tomcat Version 1994 (Open Box)______________________ $150.00 60313 F-14A Tomcat "Black Knights"________________________________ $150.00 ea. (3 available)
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