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  1. Regards, I am planning to build Bilek model MiG-21PF in Egypt "Nile Valley" paint scheme. Please be so kind to share your recommendations and suggestions regarding colors for this particular model. Thank You
  2. Hi, I'm planing to build MiG-21PFM in 1/72 scale using Zvezda model. My plan is to build MiG with Romanian markings from socialist period (with stars, not roundels). I have some photos from that period,but they are all black/white so i can't see cockpit color. Can anyone tell me what was cockpit color on Romanian PFMs in that period, tirquise or grey? Also, I would appreciate any help about ejection seat color and wheel bay color.
  3. Hi, first of all, sorry for my English 🙂 I'm currently building Fujimi A-7E Corsair in 1/72. My plan is to build VA-46 AC307 bird from Desert Storm using CamPro decals. But, while I was researching I found differnt sources claiming that correct color would be overall FS 36375 and on other sources it's FS 36320... For me, it seems its 36320 but surely would like to know which color is correct. Thank You 🙂
  4. Hi, first of all I would like to make an apoligoze for my English, it's bit rusty... As the topic title says I have two questions regarding Flankers. First, I'm planning to build Su-30SM and Su-35, both from Syrian campaign, and while I was searching for colors, I've found out that AKAN produces two sets for Su-30/35. One set included colors 73160,73161 and 73162 while other includes 73190, 73191 and 73192, so I wonder which one of these two sets is correct for Syrian campaign Su-30/35. Second question is about Su-27UB. I've bought Linden Hill set "Flankers on patrol" 72010. The aitcraft
  5. Of course I have, just give me an e mail and I'll send You pics today afternoon
  6. MiG-29 18113 had 2 x R27 and 4 x R73... Also, note that picture above isn't quite good since it was taken when 18113 had Socialist Yugoslavia markings. During 1999 war MiGs had so called "pepsi" markings, and flag on the tail was smaller without stars, and position of flag was lower while old flags were painted over. Also, numbers on the wings were also painted over just like numbers on the nose. Numbers on the tails were kept but with little bigger font. Hope I've helped You. Sorry for my English. Regards
  7. I'm thinking about building Mi-24 from Soviet war in Afghanistan, so I'm wondering which AKAN paints to use, since there are 6 bottles in their set, which two colors would be appropriate for upper colors for Mi-24 from that period?
  8. Speaking for myself, I would like to see decals for F-14A VF-1 that shot down Iraqi Mi-8 in Desert Storm and Michael Estocin A-4 VA-192 from Vietnam
  9. Oh, I realy like that Vietnam war A-4, I hope You will print some more A-4s from Vietnam! Only, I wonder is that number 22 on the nose kind of mistake? I mean, shouldn't it be a three digit number?
  10. I know, acording to Bu. No.it' s A version, but I just want to be abdslutely sure
  11. Hi, first of all, forgive me for my English, it isn't that good as it used to be... Now, about my problem... I've decided to finish one Hasegawa F/A-18 in 1/72 which was started by my brother and then left partialy assembled. Also, I've found in my stash decal sheet for F/A-18 VFA-132, AE 300, USS Forrestal early 90s with very interesting black anti glare. Now, since decal sheet suggests that it was A version and instructions suggests that it was C, I'm not sure which information is correct. After searching on internet, I haven't found answer because just like with decals somewhere I found tha
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