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  1. slightly OT, but Armamodels also made a Su-25 update set, the current Zveda isnt accurate for recent Middle East and current ops. Can't get that either now
  2. thats hardcore! any pictures of other side, I hope Bergamot comes out with some decals when we can get this someday
  3. I wonder if people who work in the embassy can mail these home to us?
  4. If it flew over my house I wouldve taken a few shots! what round for chinese balloon?
  5. Balloon described as maneuverable, more than just weather balloon, our government probably never tell us the truth about it
  6. 1/48 Airfix and Tamiya Harrier FRS.1 is crap, the Kinetic looks like a real kit, but I haven't built it, read Sharkey Wards book, its good
  7. Its amazing how what's old is new again, I thought balloons went away in WW1, didnt we just buy some prop planes for ground support?
  8. maybe the satellite was in space and the balloon still in our atmosphere so 2 different kinds of kills, does pilot get a medal for this?
  9. Recon balloon, terrain mapping ballon for missile guidance, weather pattern balloon for weather manipulation weaponization program, may reasons, think about it, you want to spend 20 billion on a high altitude strategic bomber, how do you answer the question, can the Americans shoot it down? They manipulated weather for their olympics, why wouldn't they use it on us if they could? hell even make a virus that spreads wildly and crushes your economy, nothing is off limits, detonate an underground nuke on a fault line and across the world a major city collapses, they are working on all of it whi
  10. shoot it first with a sidewinder that has no warhead, watch it deflate and then capture
  11. dunno, gonna be awhile through normal channels, is this out now?
  12. anyone find drones boring, but it looks like all over the world drones in Ukraine and Iran war now making the news, UAVs and drones for some reason dont excite me as a modeler
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