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  1. I want a SU-25SM, it is of course impossible to get the Arma Models conversion kit, I wish to build the Syrian campaign Roman Filipov Blue 06
  2. why not go with the P-40B after the E, as it and the P-40E are the most famous for the Flying Tigers and would sell the most kits wouldn't they?
  3. aren't there metal aftermarket parts for this?
  4. Beautiful, can you tell us more, how is the fit and build process, what extras did you add?
  5. I doubt those who produce the model are actively engaged in warfare, they're likely modellers just like the rest of us. Hopefully we'll get a chance to buy this product in the future, capitalisms always finds a way!, perhaps in the future Arma would be willing to sell or license production to a more accessible producer. Mig 21 25 and 29 have all been used against my country, but I still enjoy reading about them and modelling
  6. It’s supposed to be a free country dude, build or dont whatever you want. You could build this as a Ukrainian helicopter I suppose. Cant we at least have peace amongst international modelers? Lets stay on topic so we dont lose the thread
  7. Its sold by Arma model in moscow, dont confuse it with arma hobbies in poland. Moscow as in the country of Russia, It isn’t that easy they don’t mail out of Russia sometimes, I also heard they would when asked. so you’ve got to contact them and ask them. Then you have a problem with payment, you can’t just give them your credit card because there are sanctions against Russia. So you’re stuck there, but you could send them money through somewhere like Iran cuba or Kazakhstan or someplace like that. However some countries stopped using the russian mir credit card because of Ukrainian hacke
  8. that looks awesome, did they mail to you or did you have to go to moscow?
  9. slightly OT, but Armamodels also made a Su-25 update set, the current Zveda isnt accurate for recent Middle East and current ops. Can't get that either now
  10. thats hardcore! any pictures of other side, I hope Bergamot comes out with some decals when we can get this someday
  11. I wonder if people who work in the embassy can mail these home to us?
  12. If it flew over my house I wouldve taken a few shots! what round for chinese balloon?
  13. Balloon described as maneuverable, more than just weather balloon, our government probably never tell us the truth about it
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