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  1. can it carry all that ordnance at once? I presume in service fewer weapons are carried, but it does look very cool
  2. Forgive me if six generation fighter jet has been defined already however if you ask me the next generation of fighter aircraft will go from just supersonic to hypersonic and beyond the realm of invisibility to radar but also to infrared and the human eye and possibly even having energy weapons. I know this sounds far-fetched but didn’t the one of the aircraft manufacturers publish an artist conception number of years ago showing a new fighter jet shooting laser beams. Did the British think manned jet fighters were dying out Way back in the 1960s and 70s? I also you think we want to consider that future wars are also going to be fighting in space. a number of countries already have a space force component to their military and with the use of satellite warfare the next conflicts will likely spread up out of our atmosphere
  3. i wonder if the Serbian AF painted over the old Yugoslav AF markings or sanded them off.
  4. I thought GB wa group buy, then I thought, so we prepay for a new kit as a group for discount in a group buy
  5. when they damage item they should pick up from you, I dropped package at Kohl's, no refund for a month now, but I did get Kohls coupon at time of drop of for 20% off
  6. got his books on the F-16, F-15, modeling the Hornet and F-16, they are great photographic references, yefim gordons books are in depth history and technical, great for foreign equipment, but we have nothing similar
  7. I just got the Yefim Gordon MiG 29 book and its awesome, I also have the Flanker book, thick tons of pictures, details, why isn't there anything similar for US aircraft?
  8. can this be sanded or do I need to wait for an aftermarket pod
  9. can someone explain what is wrong with the tarps pod, Im buying one of these and I plan on using the pod
  10. ooh wouldn't want to hurt anyones feelings with comments about the mental illness we all have in this hobby, the world is so offending
  11. Mangas, I'd love to see your completed work
  12. I got one very nice with the photoetch, I hope to build a Croatian bis and a Yugoslav/Serbia version, resin wheels, antenna and great markings, very nice. I haven't decided to go with the special Croatian anniversary markings or with camo They sold out of Mustangs on Thursday, on Friday they only had a few Mig-21 left, it was a great show. I have one nose coming to me from Cold War Studios, I already had one with my other kit. I have the G-factor brass gear and the Master Model air sensor, so I have alll my upgrades now I have to find the time to build something
  13. ^^awesome news, thanks for the info. hopefully both groups keep the contest room open late at night, so I can go to dinner come back look at models and then go to bed. If the contest room closes to0 early that leave me with less time to look
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