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  1. beautiful work, not to nitpick but did Barber 51 have the exhaust diffuser?
  2. ^^^ beautiful work, exact aircraft I wish to build! down to the tail code
  3. thanks for the info, its an awesome picture, I wish there was a high rez version
  4. I have seen some awesome IAF F-16 art in Code One, but lost my back issues in a move
  5. Real or photoshop? its carrying drop tanks, an awesome picture if real, has anyone seen higher rez version of this?
  6. saw a recent Aerobonus pilot release, modern MiG-31 pilots and ejection seat, 2 pilots, both with no mask on or visors down, has it occurred top anyone that some of us build aircraft because Armor may require the painting of faces? Is there anyway to get the modern manufacturers or aftermarket to understand that if the pilot is in there its likely the wearing a mask and often with visor down, unless its Tom Cruise in the movies.life would be so much easier if they would sculpt a head with mask on and visor down
  7. ^^^ beautiful result, Ive got the Isracal decals, did you build a full conversion on a F-16D or did you use the F-16i kit they used to make?
  8. ^^ it sounds scary to try, no HAS because that one is a Barak I believe, not a Sufa or am I wrong? is it any good?
  9. Im not insulting anyone or getting into the middle of this, but the comment made me chuckle because I once heard that the Tamiya Me262 rides too high on its LG because they used a museum bird that wasn't carrying weight on the landing gear so the struts were uncompressed, so which is it? we need to make sure museums set the height properly!
  10. so in 1:48 , the Kinetic has nose issues, Tamiya is the best F-16, but theres no D model, should I build the Kinetic, or build a Tamiya conversion and risk Tamiya coming out with a D right after I start? or any other ideas?
  11. Id like a Tamiya 1:48 A-10, not a rebox, or a new me-262 variant
  12. Remember Iron Eagle? maybe after Top Gun, Maverick, its time for a new Iron Eagle and in the sprit of the Terminator Franchise, lets ignore Iron Eagle 4, heres my Idea for IE5, Iron Eagle 5, the return of Doug Masters. The Russians are holding doug masters prisoner. they are using his expertise to help them build the Mig 32 which is a radar absorbing invisible jet fighter. With the help of Jewish dissident scientists that are being forced to work at a military base in Russia that looks a lot like Israel, (plus the plane is an israeli F-15i with russian stars on it) Doug steals this piece of technology from Russia to fly it home to America in his escape. He’s pursued by a Russian colonel who is flying The second prototype. Doug is the only American who could fly this plane because it requires you to think in Russian to make it work. Since he was held prisoner for so many years by the Russians, Doug has learned Russian that’s why he can do it- a Golan Globus Production I think this would be a great movie or some people probably would claim the plot is stolen from some Clint Eastwood movie of some kind
  13. is it chemically different, Ive alway heard spray primcer on so paint sticks to the primer, but is it chemically different from any flat color? if so why do most aircraft builders and amrmor builders not use it?
  14. I forgot about the reboxes, Ive got their Mig-21 and P-51, and Bf-109, there was a time when I bet nobody could beat/match Tamiya/Hasegawa and Eduard were the people that made the little parts I could never get to fit into overly complicated projects
  15. how is it that Eduard who used to only make photoetch and resin upgrades now makes competitive kits, and in some cases the best kits of 1:48 aircraft? computer technology? advances in #D modeling, passion? motivation?
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