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  1. thanks, that makes me feel better, how about resin? boxes are in the plastic storage bins, divided by subjects, 10 27 gal done think there will be 30-40 total
  2. If I move myself, they'll be in a u-haul 2 days and safe, Im worried if movers take days in hot weather
  3. ^^^escaping to TX or FL, tired of living under communism
  4. might be moving to the deep south this summer, have a large hoard of models, dont really want to move them myself but am worried about heat if movers move them, anyone ever have problems?
  5. especially since most model kits never get completed, someone from one of the US companies told me they released a kit with missing parts, hardly anyone ever wrote them asking for the parts
  6. looks amazing, gonna get em for 1:48 GWH MiG-29
  7. holy cow! thats a lot of rivets, is lack of rivets a plus so you can dd your own or laziness? I hope for the KH Hind so we can have a discussion which is best, like the KH vs. GWH Su-35, the more kits the better
  8. I read on Britmodeler I think, that Zvezda claims no rivets and minimal interior detail to keep price down and produce more variants, I have have to monogram/revell. I presume the Kitty Hawk might be better if we ever get it. I would like to hear from the experts, will this be worth being or not?
  9. so happy for pilots, I will buy 2 and all the detail sets for this, awesome kit!
  10. beautiful work, not to nitpick but did Barber 51 have the exhaust diffuser?
  11. ^^^ beautiful work, exact aircraft I wish to build! down to the tail code
  12. thanks for the info, its an awesome picture, I wish there was a high rez version
  13. I have seen some awesome IAF F-16 art in Code One, but lost my back issues in a move
  14. Real or photoshop? its carrying drop tanks, an awesome picture if real, has anyone seen higher rez version of this?
  15. saw a recent Aerobonus pilot release, modern MiG-31 pilots and ejection seat, 2 pilots, both with no mask on or visors down, has it occurred top anyone that some of us build aircraft because Armor may require the painting of faces? Is there anyway to get the modern manufacturers or aftermarket to understand that if the pilot is in there its likely the wearing a mask and often with visor down, unless its Tom Cruise in the movies.life would be so much easier if they would sculpt a head with mask on and visor down
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