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  1. was it KH or GWH that had problems with closing canopy or was it fake news? I can't remember
  2. arrrghhm that means I have to buy more than one kit, so hard to find a seated Flanker pilot, I like to build my aircraft with pilot in cockpit ready for takeoff, the sculpt of the standing figure is impressive, you've gotten the facial features right, ta si hen shung zhoung guo ren also a very interesting pistol he is carrying , Makarov?
  3. can you do seated pilots for inside the cockpit with both helmet types, visors down with oxygen masks on I will buy 5
  4. DarkKnight

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    use the Tamiya crew?
  5. DarkKnight

    F-4E IAF Phantom question

    I think the Kurnass 2000 is one of the hardest builds as it seems to me the remanufactured planes have non consistency in camouflage pattern
  6. DarkKnight

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    so the kit needs wing fences to be accurate to current aircraft?
  7. DarkKnight

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Sprue Bros have with or without pods?
  8. DarkKnight

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    are these fixable what are the flaws?
  9. did they make most of the corrections?
  10. DarkKnight

    Italeri 1/48 JA-37 Viggen

    I bought the Tarangus got replacement fin and canards and bought a generator , it seems less work than the esci
  11. DarkKnight

    Italeri 1/48 JA-37 Viggen

    am I wrong, but you cant build a JA or AJ both unless you have 2 different length fuselages and 2 different tail fins
  12. DarkKnight

    F-15E upgrades

    wow, big difference, wonder if any plans to update the SJ birds
  13. DarkKnight

    F-15E upgrades

    ahh i see it, so I presume pilots like the 229s better?
  14. DarkKnight

    Tweaklist to convert F-4E to F-4F Phantom

    thanks for the help guys, I get it now, Luftwaffe Phantoms always looked cool to me, always wondered why they bought such a "downgraded" version at first
  15. DarkKnight

    F-15E upgrades

    are there external differences between 220 and 229 equipped jets?