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  1. big smile , thumbs up!, thanks you for the patch and emblem, I have moved to Texas, soon I hope to work on models
  2. thanks so much for this, I pre ordered the print version
  3. I too am interested in building aircraft act have been used operationally, any know if both 509 and 511 are currently involved in the present situation that might allow you to build as 511? can we email Yefim Gordon?
  4. impressive work, enjoyed to Yugoslav Migs
  5. I got one from the Airplane Shop, I have another on order from HLJ that I dont think is coming
  6. dont know if we need Han Solo to smuggle some kits into America yet, anyone know if Zveda has more variants on the way or released already?
  7. sorry all Im sure this is an old question, but I presume the new E models and Gs dont suffer from the same misshapen rear fuselage problem the Js had
  8. Pilot figures, seated with visors down and masks on would be awesome, as would a pre-order bonus and another book I'd love to see weasel builds I am most interested the kit bashed accurate, that would be very interesting
  9. Najk, thank you so much for the info, here's my Questions, 1.I have always wondered if the red numbers on the wings would be removed, painted over or left on the Viggens in wartime. 2. What would be your Typical JA load out for A to A combat patrol ? thanks
  10. It looks like ya-gabors concerns about cost were right. To build a proper Hind, you'll need the Eduard rivets, and a cockpit set. These items should have come with it. I rarely complete a model, so time saving is worth the money, but in this case, if it had come with rivets I wouldn't have to buy them and put them on now. There seems to be no advantage to this, at least the Zvezda is better than the monogram kit! Unless youre willing to go to Russia, it seems like the Eduard is the only choice now.
  11. so do I try and source the Arma or wait for the Eduard
  12. ^^yes, I agree! Gabor please give us your analysis!
  13. Im hoping for eventually metal landing gear, Quinta cockpit, SM version, decal to build Blue 06 of course, I'm also looking at getting brass sensors and cannon from the aftermarket. This on I'll build as Afghan war, next on for Syrian campaign Off topic-why do some pictures I see of Su-34 pilots make them look fat?
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