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  1. perhaps a Quinta interior would solve that?
  2. cant wait for it to be dissected bit by bit, good or bad!
  3. I'd like to see desert storm Weasels in Lizard colors
  4. Revell C and M versions have same parts or different?
  5. all new or a rebox? is the C essentially same as M kit?
  6. it seems to me there was more available during the fight against Daesh in Syria, pics from airbases with ordnance etc. so far I haven't seen any good stills, maybe Im looking in all the wrong places
  7. wondering where to find good reference pics, had decent coverage from Syria, wondering if any aircrew/modelers on both sides take pics, I'm sure some wont like this, but I think every squadron should have an imbedded modeler to take pics, paint samples and maintain a history of markings
  8. slightly OT, but I'd love a SU-25 SM or a conversion kit
  9. what's the difference for these cockpit panels? which is best?
  10. can you be a little more specific? are these short nose ZM F4 flaws or all versions?
  11. big smile , thumbs up!, thanks you for the patch and emblem, I have moved to Texas, soon I hope to work on models
  12. thanks so much for this, I pre ordered the print version
  13. I too am interested in building aircraft act have been used operationally, any know if both 509 and 511 are currently involved in the present situation that might allow you to build as 511? can we email Yefim Gordon?
  14. impressive work, enjoyed to Yugoslav Migs
  15. I got one from the Airplane Shop, I have another on order from HLJ that I dont think is coming
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