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  1. so after all these years the solution is to buy the monogram again
  2. I believe the issue was foreign press represented it as he wanted to kill them and was blood thirsty, rather than he had no issues with them dying as its part of warfare. I believe the language differences and using the term "morted" caused confusion, most fighter pilots I've met would prefer to shoot their opponent down and hope they eject safely, (unlike the guys who shot at Boyington when he was floating down in his chute, but thats another story) There were other issues/claims I think a F-15E strike hit a passenger train or almost did which riled up a lot of people. Lots of Americans don't know we fought a 3rd world war in Europe and created hard feelings over it, NATO struck without any UN approval, there was ethnic cleansing on both sides and it was part of a centuries old conflict. We also "accidentally" bombed the Chinese Embassy, I am pretty sure we would not get mixed up in this if it happened today. I have travelled there and my best friend grew up there. I have the Fairy Hobby Conversion set, it was easier in the olden days when your only choice was Tamiya or Hasegawa. I believe the current F-15C of choice is the GWH, but I heard the seats were a little big, and the current best E model is the Revell or GWH. The war is fascinating from a modeling standpoint, we've got numerous types of NATO aircraft up against a few Mig-29s with the "pepsi" markings, at least 2 USAF aircraft shot down, and facing a european style opponent
  3. I want to build Old 666, Id love to see an E model and conversion kit
  4. no the Hwang kit is a special boxing, remember he is the guy who's email came out after shooting down the Serbian Mig-29s, who said he didnt care if the pilots "morted" or something like that. you dont hear much about him
  5. I agree on the F-111, Id also like the spark vark, If I had the time Id like to build F-111F El Dorado Canyon and Desert Storm Bunker Buster mission (those were F-111Fs right? not Strike Eagles)
  6. still need these, Id like a B-52 too but figure its a bit too big in 1/48, but Balls 8 with X-15 would be cool
  7. can it carry all that ordnance at once? I presume in service fewer weapons are carried, but it does look very cool
  8. Forgive me if six generation fighter jet has been defined already however if you ask me the next generation of fighter aircraft will go from just supersonic to hypersonic and beyond the realm of invisibility to radar but also to infrared and the human eye and possibly even having energy weapons. I know this sounds far-fetched but didn’t the one of the aircraft manufacturers publish an artist conception number of years ago showing a new fighter jet shooting laser beams. Did the British think manned jet fighters were dying out Way back in the 1960s and 70s? I also you think we want to consider that future wars are also going to be fighting in space. a number of countries already have a space force component to their military and with the use of satellite warfare the next conflicts will likely spread up out of our atmosphere
  9. i wonder if the Serbian AF painted over the old Yugoslav AF markings or sanded them off.
  10. I thought GB wa group buy, then I thought, so we prepay for a new kit as a group for discount in a group buy
  11. when they damage item they should pick up from you, I dropped package at Kohl's, no refund for a month now, but I did get Kohls coupon at time of drop of for 20% off
  12. got his books on the F-16, F-15, modeling the Hornet and F-16, they are great photographic references, yefim gordons books are in depth history and technical, great for foreign equipment, but we have nothing similar
  13. I just got the Yefim Gordon MiG 29 book and its awesome, I also have the Flanker book, thick tons of pictures, details, why isn't there anything similar for US aircraft?
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