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  1. Put me down for pre order for 1 of each! lol the suspense is killing me!
  2. I have an Aires F-100c/d nozzle for Trumpeter kit and an Aires cockpit for the same that you can have if you cover shipping.
  3. Got one from squadron during super special last week. Who makes aftermarket decals in 48 scale?
  4. Just finishing a Revell Mig-29, lots of filler needed. looking for opinions on Academy's 1/48 Mig29? I have completed their T-33 and the new F-4B and am happy with those. Really enjoying the new airbrush and want to tackle some more colorful camo! All opinions welcome.
  5. That would be super! I have some resin stuff in 1:48 if your interested in a trade? F-100 Trump and HB F-105 lmk Thanks!
  6. Looking for Kentucky Air Guard decals for RF-4C. Wanting to do Euro1 wrap around.
  7. I have the Encore kit and was not planning on using the resin stuff. You cover the postage and I will send it to you end of the week. just lmk.
  8. Anybody have any experience with AM's 1/72 F-4J kit? I mainly build 1:48 but Spru Bros has these kits on super special.
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