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  1. I had mentioned the PA-1 test article earlier ... found a really nice picture of it displayed at the X-prize Cup back in 2006. See here and here.
  2. Here's an update. Very slow progress ... plus, research takes a while. Wrapping up SLA exterior. I'll make these drawing available when I've worked out all the details. Anyone have any idea as to the purpose of these little guys. Here's the back-side. They have some kind of protruding bracket with a pin. Each seems to have a location marking as well. Perhaps for attaching service platforms?
  3. Looking great. I'm glad to see it coming back together.
  4. Porch re-work Wasn't really liking the Newware porch replacement for the kit, so I took a stab at it myself. The hand rails are from the kit, and are a little thick for the scale. I may make another and use wire instead.
  5. It came with the some decals ... but maybe something a little more accurate?
  6. I'm currently in the beginning stages of constructing a 1/72 Saturn V ... but I've already been thinking ahead to other 1/72 launch vehicles. After some searching I found and ordered this. I don't know much about it other than I think that it's originally from a Topping mold that's likely over 40 years old. Shape and scale wise it's pretty close, as far as I can tell, and has very few molding flaws that I can see. So here's the conundrum ... does this "kit" have any historic value? Should I consider just building it like a contractors model, and not "bastardize" it with details and such?
  7. Finally, after a long few weeks, I've had the chance to do a little work. (Life does get in the way sometimes.) Here's the leg parts compared to the drawing. The footpads for both the Dragon and Airfix kits seem pretty close to scale ... the Airfix legs are closer to scale that the Dragon's, which are a few mm too short. Also worked to correct the shape of the bottom of the Dragon ascent stage. Not perfect by any means ... but it's going to be tucked away, partially out-of-site ... and there are bigger fish to fry.
  8. To satiate my curiosity ... I searched and found this: Integrated RCSlAPS PA-1 Test Program The PA-1 test rig was a flight-weight ascent-stage structure with only the RCS and APS installed. It was built principally for development testing of the APS, and the RCS was included primarily for evaluating the interconnect-propellant-feed mode. The configuration of the PA-1 RCS was similar to that of test rig HR-3P and flight vehicle LM-1 except that solenoid valves were installed between the propellant tanks and the helium module to prevent migration of propellant vapors into the regulators a
  9. Found this too ... while poking around on the AFGAS. PA-1/LTA-5D Neat stuff.
  10. Great pictures, very cool. I just realized something while looking at these ... about the round hatches. I've always wondered why there was a flat area on the docking tunnel hatch. It's not totally round. I was thinking it was maybe about clearances or something to that effect. But looking at the forward round egress hatch, the bottom is flat! Could that be why the docking hatch is that way too? I can see building the hatch to one specification as saving time ... what with the whole "getting to the moon before the decade is out." thing.
  11. Looked for a while an never really found a definitive answer, so I decided to scale down Vincent Meens drawings to 1/72 scale. (I'll compare the Airfix and Dragon parts, to the drawings, tonight.) You know, thinking about it ... I wonder how many LM models have been, are are currently under construction using Mr. Meens drawings. It's a real testament to the open-source sharing of information. We owe him a great deal of gratitude. Thanks Vincent! :D
  12. Very little actual progress this week. Been researching the S-II stage and how the heck I'm going to make the J-2s. Currently my thoughts are making a J-2 master and then casting the 6 that will be needed. (Hopefully that won't be too terribly daunting.) Luckily the SPS nozzle and the J-2 nozzles are relatively similar in size ... the J-2 seem a little smaller, but the general shape is close. So I'm planning to reshape the bell and shorten it with my "poor-man's" lathe, (i.e. the nozzle chucked into my hand drill.) Adding a trust chamber/injector/gimbal ... then have sub-assemblies for t
  13. I mainly bought the kit for the LM parts an the nozzles ... so I'm still considering creating my own SM details. I do have two unbuilt Dragon CSMs, so I'll most likely build one with my details and the other with the New Ware. (Two, better than one.)
  14. Got this yesterday evening. This is the second detail set I've purchased from New Ware, the first being the 1/96 Saturn V detail set, and much like that one the quality is pretty amazing. The resin casts are perfect ... no bubbles with flawless surfaces. The photo etch is really spiffy too. Resin bits Nozzles Nozzles, end view. Photo etch ... ... more, photo etch.
  15. Oh, btw ... if anyone is interested. Here's a LINK to my Apollo CSM research drawings that I started years ago. (If you're a member of the Yahoo Space Modelers Group, you may have already seen these.) Could be useful to some of you guys.
  16. I've never really seen one in person, but I have read about all the inaccuracies. Kind of a shame to go through all that work and miss a few basic things like faring length, etc. ... it could have been so much better. All that said, It is cool to have a model of this subject, at that scale, available for purchase. It's still pretty impressive. Anyway, I'm going to continue on in my own direction ... come what may. ;) Speaking of ... here's some more boring research stuff I've been working on. Here's a portion of the SM surface map showing the SIM bay. Still need to workout the panel
  17. Dragon is finally releasing the kit. See Here. Looks like they did a little re-tooling to the SII thrust structure ... but it still seems a little rough around the edges.
  18. Found this one too. Post-flight ... shows the "caps" a little better.
  19. Hi Bill, I've got this one ... but I sure I've seen better out and about.
  20. I hadn't seen them before either ... but I came across a them while looking at some "on pad" shots. Circled in red here. Here's the best pict I could find. (It's on the right edge.) Diagram showing the vents. (The larger vents are the non-propulsive, and the smaller are the propulsive.)
  21. Those do look great ... wow. BTW, here's a process I just found recently for polishing ABS printed parts. (Not for the faint of heart.) Acetone Vapor Polishing Lunacy
  22. A little progress ... I'm almost done with the art for the S-IVB stringer wraps. The aft skirt was a little more of a challenge than the forward skirt ... there are a lot of stringer spacing differences to sort through. Here's the art taped to the plastruct tube to give a general idea of what it will look like. I also found some detail about the propulsive vents, on the forward skirt, and was able to sketch this.
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