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  1. Lloydminster. Edmonton is closest. didn't see anything on Amazon except the package deals. The Hobby Wholesale is problematic. I'll need to call them to put in an order. IE: Put 71.001 in the search engine and you get 144 pages to sift through.
  2. Where is everybody buying Vallejo paint in Canada? I'm in Alberta and although I can find such stores as sunward hobbies, the shipping is absolutely unreal. Does anybody ship from these guys and get a lower rate than whats on the website?
  3. Thanks man, I'll go ahead and order a set. Much appreciated
  4. I've never heard of that manufacturer. Any first hand knowledge?
  5. I bought a Trumpeter 1/32 Harrier NA and I can't seem to locate VMA-223 decals. Anybody have a source?
  6. Well, I'll see what happens with the suggested fonts. I believe I have found a book that will tell me more exact info. If nothing else I believe I can use the trace function in illustrator to get what I need from photo's or what vector graphics I can locate on the net. Its an interesting process. I'm glad I've started it no matter what the outcome. Dale
  7. Thanks everybody. That is simply amazing. Dale
  8. I'm playing around with adobe illustrator and attempting to make my own paint stencils for a CF-18 project and I can't seem to find what font is used on the hornet itself for the numbers, the CANADA logo, etc. If anybody could help out, I'd really appreciate it. Dale
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