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  1. So, I'm moving, to a different country. I have an average sized collection of tools and the first thing that came to mind to fit them as compactly in my luggage was a roll. I'm sure I can just use any firm cloth but I'm wondering if there are specific, for hobby, tool rolls that would have pockets and etc for keeping everything tidy. Beyond that, maybe you know of a really good, lightweight and compact tool box that you use or others have historically to travel. Thanks. Dale
  2. I have a 3D printer. I've never been able to find a good stl. Any lilnks?
  3. That is awesome. Thanks very much for that info. I'll be sure to support as much as possible.
  4. https://fantastic-plastic.com/speeder-bike-by-mpc.html Found another on scalemates by MPC that is 1/11. Still a fair size difference from what I'm looking for.
  5. lol, its a small space so it seems worse than it is maybe.
  6. LOL, well maybe I have OCD or something. Either way the model is going well.
  7. I wonder if we will ever get to a point where a person can buy the .stl file and 3D print it yourself. I understand there is a way to limit the number of prints within the file. Could you imagine the savings on shipping and timeframes.
  8. Its always such a mess. lol. Gotta love it.
  9. I prefer the full Mk-82 loadout but I've seen a couple with 4xAGM-88s and thats pretty wicked as well.
  10. Dig it


    That is awesome. Are you thinking Resin print?
  11. I've seen the collectible (I think from Sideshow Toys), but I'd really like to build one. Does it exist?
  12. Lloydminster. Edmonton is closest. didn't see anything on Amazon except the package deals. The Hobby Wholesale is problematic. I'll need to call them to put in an order. IE: Put 71.001 in the search engine and you get 144 pages to sift through.
  13. Where is everybody buying Vallejo paint in Canada? I'm in Alberta and although I can find such stores as sunward hobbies, the shipping is absolutely unreal. Does anybody ship from these guys and get a lower rate than whats on the website?
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