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  1. Anybody know what the loadout was on his A-4E the mission he was shot down? Thank you!!!
  2. Zvezda 4807 1/48 SU-25, box open, parts in original packaging Quinta QD48249 SU-25 Interior (full version) Master AM-48-124 SU-25 Pitot tubes Quickboost QB48-213 SU-25 Ejection Seat Quickboost QB 48-745 SU-25 Gun Barrel Advanced Modeling AMC 48013 B-13L 122mm rocket launchers Advanced Modeling AMC 48012 B8M-1 80mm airborne rocket launchers (4 packs/8 total launchers) Reskit RS48-0037 SU-25 wheels Asking $75.00, you pay shipping. US only please. Contact at pbtomcatfan@gmail.com
  3. AMK 88003 1/48 Mig-31 BM/BSM Foxhound, open bow, all parts in original packaging AMK Upgrade set for AMK 88003, box never opened Katran K4812 Mig-31 Exhausts nossles for Mig-31 Foxhound B/BS/BM/BSM for AMK kits LP Models LP 48057 Mig-31 Ladder Begemot 48-040 Mig-31 Improved Foxhound decals Let's go with $100.00, you pay shipping. USA only please. Contact at pbtomcatfan@gmail.com
  4. Part III of the Great Russian Off-Load Minibase 8001 1/48 SU-33 Flanker D, box open, all parts in original packaging J's Work PPA 5154 SU-33 airbrush Camo-Mask x 2 Galaxy Model D48014 SU-33 Colour Seperation Masks Begemot 48-051 SU-33 Sea Flanker, mission in Syria x 2 Begemot 48-009 SU-27 Flanker family full stencil Quinta QD48173 SU-33 Flanker-D Interior 3D decal Master AM48-140 SU-33 Pitot Tube Reskit RS48-0257 SU-33 wheels Kasl Hobby K48132 K-36D Ejection Seat Type II for Minibase LP Models LP48044 SU-33 Ladder As of writi
  5. Next up on the great Russian sell-off: Great Wall Hobby (GWH) L4830 1/48 SU-30SM Flanker-H, box open, all parts in original packaging. Galaxy Model D48030, SU-30SM Colour Seperation Masks New Ware NWAM0817 SU-30SM Expert masks New Ware NWAM0323 SU-30MKK Expert masks (the New Ware masks are for the Kitty Hawk and Hobby Boss kits but they can be easily made to work) Advanced Modeling AMC 48150 Electronic Warfare Pods L-265M10 Khibiny Kasl Hobby K48142 K-36D Ejection Seats Type II Master AM48-066 SU-27/SU-30 Pitot Tube Armory AR AW48024 SU-30/SU
  6. Sold. More modern Russia stuff coming. Never going to build it: Kitty Hawk 1/48 SU-34 kit KH 80141. Box open, all parts still in original packaging. Comes with the resin nozzles. Reskit Exhaust nozzles Reskit SU-32/SU-34 Wheels set Reskit MBD3-U6-68 Multiple bomb racks Metallic Details SU-34 Cockpit Set Quickboost QB48488 SU-27UB Ejection Seats Advanced Modeling AMC 48010, MBD3-U6-68 Multiple Bomb Racks Advanced Modeling AMC 48075 KAB-500L 500KG LGB's Advanced Modeling AMC 48077 KAB500S 500KG Satellite Guided Bombs Aeromasks
  7. They don't go on the clear parts. The directions are pretty clear. You sand down the molded canopy sills and attach the resin parts as replacements. The set does not include any canopy interior details. These you have to scratchbuild.
  8. I outfit all my aircraft with the Eduard ordnance sets....mainly modern 1/48 USN/USAF. I have been trying to build up some stock and have found that most of the sets are out of stock everywhere. Anybody know what's going on?
  9. National Hobby in Parma, Ohio...dad took me in there and a guy was looking at the newly released Tamiya New Jersey...I was hooked. Same day, we went to Wing's Hobbies in Lakewood, Ohio and I got a Monogram 1/48 F-14. Oh the memories!!!
  10. I think everybody will have their personal favorite. I use a Silentaire DR150. It's pricey (700-800 dollars) but it is so quiet that I have to sometimes check that it's working. I've had one for 5 years and, as long as you remember to check the oil level...it runs beautifully.
  11. Here's the stuff they announced they were working on back in August: F-111 "Aardvark" development plan 2022/23 F-111 BRU-3A Bomb Rack Units F-111 Pylons F-111 Triple Plow I Air Intakes F-111 Triple Plow II Air Intakes F-111 Wheel bay with landing gear F-111 Bomb bay F-111 Front electronic bay
  12. Yes...two ladders per set. Waiting on all the other goodies also. I'm hoping that they include the Pave Tack pod/cradle when they release the bomb bay sets. I've never been able to find detailed photos of this.
  13. Received the late F model cockpit today. It does have the Pacer Strike MFD's on the instrument panel decals. I also picked up three of the ladders and they are absolutely beautiful!!!
  14. Planning for my HpH 1/48 B-52H kit and the major parts are fiberglass. Can anyone suggest a putty/filler to use that's available in USA? I normally use the red Bondo stuff for plastics but I don't think it will work. Must be fine enough to rescribe panel lines. Thank you!!!
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