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  1. Look at the Wikipedia entry for the Pratt and Whitney TF30. Pretty good explanation. The FB used the same wheels as the Reskit E/F/EF-111A set for the increased weight. I have all the RESKIT sets and they're beautiful.
  2. Ultracast in Canada shows them in stock
  3. From the Weapons Set E set. I have two of these sets and, if you want the rest, minus the HTS pods, they're yours. Also willing to pay fair price. Thank you!!!!
  4. If somebody didn't use it...I accidentally tossed mine. Thank you!!
  5. Panic?? Really?? Maybe I was just making an inquiry since, for a thousand dollar kit, I wanted to see if they wanted money down or maybe I ordered it incorrectly. Didn't ever know that trying to be honest would result in some stranger accusing me of something. You have a nice day!!
  6. I've been trying to order a 1/48 B-52H from them. I did get an immediate order confirmation message but have heard nothing since then (two weeks). I emailed them using their contact page and by separate email (one on English and one in Czech) since there was a post a couple years ago that this worked. Still nothing back. Does anybody know if they are still in business? Really want to start this project. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Sprue "S" parts if you're not going to use them. Thank you bunches!!! pbtomcatfan@gmail.com
  8. Tamiya X-22 thinned 50/50 with Mr Color Leveling thinner. Spray at 18psi
  9. I'm on my sixth Rhino and have also not seen large loadouts on fleet birds. All of the suggestions are correct. One thing...when ATFLIR pod is mounted, the drop tank isn't normally carried on the port wing as it blocks the FLIR line of sight at certain angles of attack. The starbooard wing usually has a tank on the inner pylon and the port inner pylon usually holds a GBU-12 or GBU-38 for even weight distribution.
  10. Can't remember the FS number but the only match is Life Color Emerald Green. I have a couple from Spru Bros on order now. Humbrol #3 is pretty close...add a little gloss black to it.
  11. It's well documented that the TF-30 engine installed in the F-14A was prone to compressor stalls due to the disruption of airflow at the intake. This caused the flameout of one engine while the opposite continued thrust inducing a spin. It was also susceptable to severe throttle changes and the pilot had to use extreme care on throttle settings during high g maneuvering. A digital engine control was eventually fitted to the A model but it didn't completely alleviate the problem and there were several flight restrictions that remained until retirement. The F-110 was very forgiving of airflo
  12. Got a great deal on a few single seaters. I'll use the new Growler kit for the "F"s but would like updated Echos. Need 4 sets but will take whatever you have. project is every CAG bird Thanks!! Pete pbtomcatfan@gmail.com
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