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  1. Thank you for bringing me additional information, I have a lot of documentation on the parts to paint but I want to speak the inside of the panels in white, it's all smooth on the pieces of BlackDog's kit. The gun reference, in some picture it's whole black and some has a red refelction on the middle part, that means we have an ealier and late version? The EPU, same dilemma, it has no standard coloron it? Thanks for your help.
  2. Now is a very long process to paint every cables and electronic boxes, thank you for your kind words 🙂
  3. I get it, that explains why the hangar is so messy, I'm also looking for aftermarket or reference for stairs thing tools box etc, any idea about it? A very slow update with the base colors, we can see the BD kit is very detailling.
  4. Ok you save my life, because removing the boxes isn't an easy thing. The dilemma with this construction finally arrives, I will not present this plane with panels scattered everywhere, the idea would be to make a maintenance diorama, so I seek the ideas and I find this, it looks to me not very clean, it looks like an old garage to repair old cars and not an airplane hangar. I found it with google, this shelter looks nice, is there somebody already build it before?
  5. Thank you for the precission, so I hope my camo scene keeps the old APG and not the APG-83, if not I use to modify a lot, scratch building the element isn't a hard part of work, but changing the system boxes inside is not easy in the step. APG-93 pictures here:
  6. It looks awesome without any after market. I alway like building Tamiya's model but for the Tomcat AMK is a little bit better in my opinion. The color of AMK plastic which is too dark and I use to prepair the model with a primer each time, so why not change the color to facilitate the painting step?
  7. Wow it's an admirable job to remake the right parts, as I'm not the specialist for the Typhoon but your job rocks. It would be nice if a manufacturer could offer us a new more detailed model than Revell's which is a bit old.
  8. We found many update F-16 with those IFF antenna and on the pictures I searched with Google, the antennas were ther, but I have no any information for the APG-68 radar (or APG-83, in fact both are very similar in its look, the AESA is flat surface so the scratch buld could be easier.). This is the earlier type or not, ANd the late version I use the earlier version, ANybody can confirme if I'm right or not?
  9. Thanks 0viking0 🙂 the color of the radome seems to me to be the same FS 36270 color as the body on this aircraft, someone would have more precision on this point?
  10. You are really the bible of Russian planes, I follow your construction with interest, these planes really have a very different appearance compared to the other American planes that we all know, Bravo for the build but I won't build the 72, it's so small for detailling. 48 is better for me.
  11. It's worth to get this set and it will change the static look of the F-16 in my point of view. The trouble begins, I have to make a decision to fill the missing space with the plastic card or change the curve of the location of the air intake. Ok let take a break of this build. The simplest solution would be to fill the missing space, in reality the plane will be 48/50 mm more and the alignment will distort by 0.5 ° / 1 °, I think that nobody will see that once the model is finished. We all try to be as close as possible to the real plane, but a model would always remain a model and I am happy to assemble the beautiful models of the market, the next will be an F-14 from AMK
  12. Today is a sanding day :), the lower part requires a lot of dry fitting, the BG resine has amost 1mm gap and I used plastique card to fill the missing mm. I use Edouard's AN/APG-68 radar also the mastermodel pilot tube add to the Edouard's resine nose, everything fit perfectly.
  13. the weathering looks awesome. love it.
  14. nice beginning, I'll follow your build becausethe Tomcat it's my next project, just seaking reference of the D right now.
  15. Hi Mathieu, thank you for the kind word, in fact the most openning pannels has no any detail inside, if you have any pictures that should be very welcome.
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