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  1. Thank you for your support, I'll keep you in touch for the progress..
  2. I second that, it's almost the same cost for the kit model. Maybe we can draw those parts and print the ladder and the engines. The Hud doesn't need a lot of work, I'm planning to cut the transparent part in the middle, sand those separated part and that's it.
  3. salomon


    Thank you, oh yes I'll print it but there are a lot of work for the cockpit, gears also I don't really know how to cut parts for the print, I can't print it with only one piece, the size matter. This fictional aircraft is big as the Su-27 I think.
  4. salomon


    This is an aircraft but a fictional one in the Maverrick movie. I can't find a model for this one, so I decide to make it my own. Things begins.
  5. Thank you A-10 loader but it's not a big deal to made it, if you want to, I can share the STL file.
  6. The ladder needs to be more detailed, its is the plastic mold limit, I'm don't criticize but I think that could be fun to print this part.
  7. I second that, every factory has their point of view of the real aircraft, and it still be a representation of the real thing, AMK has some mistake, and the Tamiya was a please for the build. How we are talking about aircraft details and both kits are greats, this is my points but I have no doubt the next coming GWH should be a nice kit too.
  8. This is a right choice. Maybe I'll go for it.
  9. Today we have the AMK and Tamiya's Tomcat, so I'm really not waiting for this release.
  10. Hi Floyd, a little bit busy these days at work, sorry for this late reply, do you get my e mail with the OBJ model?
  11. I have to set up the detail of the missile, because it's so tiny and we can't see those out of the print, the pylon is fine. If you guys are interested, I'll can make some and sell its for reasonable price.
  12. Floyd, do you have any reference picture of those parts?
  13. Seat belts are included but not mentioning on the manual, by the way the building manual is really confusing. We really need a lot of reference picture to build this awesome model.
  14. What's missing into the cockpit? except the helmet sensors?
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