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  1. Hi, I use Lightwave for years ang it was the best modeler I found and the workflow is very well done and quid, but I twist to Blender and Maya showly today. Those pics are made withwave 2015, a little heat effect with After effect, so much time rendering with a transparent deformation objet as I used before. It's the next coming Rafale F4 with the SATCOM connection. Love your work, it's so amazing detail on it, so pity that I never can have enough time to make accurate details on my model, the work is alway rush.
  2. Great job, 3d is a very work, this is some of my work I keep following your Dauntless.
  3. There are a full of usefall cockpit photos and the other details of this aircraft: https://yadi.sk/d/ijmgJKRruQT7w?fbclid=IwAR2WKBZsu71IMKxJs97iwU2jXtyEgWbD5HSTI0_ysbalYYuJNgmxcgFnHYE
  4. salomon

    Mig-31 k

    Thank you for the helpful precision, I'm on my way to build it now. big thanks again.
  5. salomon

    Mig-31 k

    I second that. With your reference, I notice 3 grey colors and it's different than the Mig's camo grey painting.
  6. Don't worry about that, the real M2000's surface is very smooth, just the cockpit and the seats lack details and I'm sure some after market is on the way. Great work Norbet. Ne penses tu pas à produire les deux sièges déjà bien avancés avec le scan?
  7. So we'll need some more after market to have a detailling cockpit, engine, wheels etc, etc. I'm waiting for this kit but sorry, I won't buy it.
  8. salomon

    Mig-31 k

    A big THANK YOU, especialy for the closeup picture, so th white painting missile isn't the operate missile but a real size model?
  9. salomon

    Mig-31 k

    I'm working on the AMK's Mig 31 and bought the Arma's kh-47m2 add on, any close up picture of the missile? any one?
  10. Exactly, the D use the Raytheon AN/APG-71, the picture show us the possibility of a new coming AMK's F14A perhaps.
  11. Maybe that help, I use those aftermarket for my inbuilt Academy's ch-53E, the resins parts look amazing.
  12. Seen in Facebook, by Sio:
  13. Can't wait for the release but I know KH have to release the SU-25 and the SU-30 first.
  14. Love those pictures, very nice low vis paint scene.
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