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  1. I'm preparing a B-25 Mitchell on a portion of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier during Operation Dootlite day. My question would be what color is the Desk floor? Is that dark wood color or dark grey? Any help?
  2. In My opinion, the Meng's model is so detailled and we don't need aftermarket to make an accurate J-20 compare to the Trumpeter's. Maybe a nice WS nozzles should de useful. I made one for the Trumpeter kit but the Meng's is much acurate in every dimension, so I have to redraw the WS again while possible for 3d print. An other option is the FAB models, but be aware, the WS for Trumpeter is larger then the Meng, dimensions are very different.
  3. You will enjoy the build, every parts fit right.
  4. Working on the cockpit parts and the Meng is much more detailled than the Trumpeter and the fit is great, just follow the manual and that's it. I'm looking for photos and I find that there are some pretty curious details on this plane.
  5. As I did it for the Trumpeter's kit and the nozzle can't fit it for the Meng's, mine is 2 mm bigger, so I use to resize it and reprint it while possible.
  6. . Here is my print but I use to build the Meng's nozzle to check the right dimension for my final print
  7. No offense, you better use the in box Meng model, it wasn't bad at all, because the plastic process don't allow tiny detail but the WS engine is ok.
  8. Tamiya's F-4 and F-35 also have multiple pieces though, the fit was fine, I think the Meng's could be almost the same. The WS need a little bit detail in my opinion, the ladder is included, very basic and I think that I use to print the engine and ladder for this build. The other trouble with the ladder is a small error on the steps, the distances are not equal, by cutting the pieces and repositioning them two ministers towards the last step at the bottom and the problem would be solved.
  9. salomon


    Hello, sorry for the late response. I have just finished the projects of my work and I am going to take back this SR-72 which I have to revise its shape a little and continue to model the details like the wheels, gears, Ramjet engine and cockpit. My idea would be to make the pilot (Tom Cruise) in a flight suit so that we can have an idea of the plane's (same fictional.) huge size in 48 scale.
  10. Sorry to hear your painting trouble, I used Gunze acrylic color without mixing with an other factory's paint, I alreadys mess up my painting scene but the acrylic paint can be wash with household alcohol. did you use acrylic paint or? The quinta pit comes alone, it's a good set for this model.
  11. Nice picture, I'm going to find a USAF Bombloader MJ-1 model to complete the Flightpath's A-10 Ammunition Loader Cart for this excellent korean model. ANy sugestion for the ground officers figurine in the market?
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