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  1. Masterpiece and an Incredible work on a very basic kit. Bravo.
  2. salomon


    We don't have any news from KittyHawk, neither from their FB, the last publication was the end of 2020. Is it still exists? I'm waiting for their SU-25 familly and Ka-52. Any news anyone?
  3. I'll waiting for this release, not that interresting for the J-15.
  4. Totaly agree with you, that why I get two for this kit and I'm not sure having time to build one. We must encourage this manufacturer to offer us new models, they have spent so much time developing their Su-33 and their effort deserves recognition.
  5. The c-17 is also an option, if they release the Globe Master and Trumpeter will release a 18 scale for sure. 😄
  6. We talked about Tanmodel Su-33 in 32's scale about 5 years ago, the level of detail seems exceeded to the next level. There is also the buccaneer programmed to be release in 2017 but since we have no new any news and I hope the manufacturer is always here and will make us dream with its atypical subjects, I mean the buccaneer. What I mean is that the design of a plastic model is not an easy stuff, by adding time to conceive details and finally sell it on the market. We have the example of Tanmodel who has trouble getting out their models for 5 years. I greet the teams of the team
  7. you are talking about the same thing and you misunderstand the same subject. I personally know that designing a subject takes time and the basic form is paramount over the correctness of form. Even though you can have access to real planes, it is not easy to create something perfectly right. I am not a model maker, but my job comes a little bit closer without going into the other so in-depth details. There is this during the problem of the size of the company with more or less staff, Tamiya has a lot of employees and takes a long time for each subject and we tend to forget that detail.
  8. I am not a specialist about the familli of Sukhoi-27 but I like their elegant shape so I bough several kits in the market. From my personal experience, the GWH Su-27-UB is very easy to mount and detailed, very accurate while comparing with the photos of the real aircraft. The minibase is very detailed too but I aprociate the cutting of pieces like the separate cables that will facilitate the work of paint. One thing is certain, guys who conceive this model like to build models too, just like us.
  9. I agree and the kit shows us those huys have modelling passion, if they don't, the kit could looks like any kit of Trumpeter, just take a look to their last production; the J-20 in 48 scale. I also understand why this kit takes to long to release. The financial problems must delay the release schedule, and do you know how much it costs a plastic mold? A lot of money, try to make a new kit and sell it, you will see how difficil is it. Anyway I'm waiting for their new product and will buy it.
  10. There are few major modifications for this aircraft, so it would be a shame not to release this version. 🙂
  11. there are topics like the f-14, f-15, f-16, f-18 and the F-4 Phantom II which are popular topics that all manufacturers have in their catalog. The Sukhoi 33 is not a very popular aircraft and I had the kit from Kinetic so there is no need to buy another one, yet the level of detail is very high and the perfection of the assembly. pushes me to buy two. While Tamiya's F-4 Phantom II will be a great kit but I tire of the subject after the Hasegawa, Academy and Zoukzi-Mura, I won't buy the Tamiya. Other subjects a little neglected by manufacturers would be welcome. If we stay in the su
  12. Their sukhoi is the most detailed and the level is far ahead of any kit on the market. My conclusion is that Minibase will be able to produce any plane, the result will be amazing, so why not the subjects that other manufacturers have left out?
  13. second that, there's a lot of russian jets today, some USAF forgetten aircraft should be their next project, just like an A-10, S-3 Vicking or an french Mirage 4?
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