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  1. It depends on what you are looking for, if we want to have a well detailed model in every corner of the plane without going to buy accessories then the price does not seem so expensive to me. No need to upgrade the cockpit ($ 15). the wheels ($ 10), the engines ($ 25), the landing gears ($ 25), various details that we usually have with EDUARDS ($ 20), the decal looks good to me too ($ 15). And I'm not going to count the armaments. We come to a total of $ 110 without the kit. So fine I'm happy with it.
  2. I second that and the Themodellingnews' pictures shows the impressive detail over the aircraft model, I am waiting for the reception of my model, I wonder what will be their next kit. I think the SU-33 has a different cockpit variant and just look the details of the model, I have no doubt that this cockpit is right.
  3. The shipping should be near, Can't wait to see this masterpiece. To have list for the year: F-18E Mv-22 Ka-52 (No any news from KH since last year, neither for their Su-57.)
  4. I am sure that the model is perfect but I also think that there must have some small problems on the drawing of the assembly instructions or the packging which is not finished. Notice that the KH's assembly instructions commits so many mistake but the sale date is respected. For their first model, I things the product could be perfect in every point.
  5. Hobbyeasy has further extended the availability date to the 19/01, anyway I have so many kit to build so I can wait for it.
  6. You can buy this book with many great reference between drawings and photos. https://ibb.co/3RYvsZX https://ibb.co/NCJX1Y4
  7. Hope that helps https://ibb.co/0JPBPWk https://ibb.co/ZMT58MT https://ibb.co/gmgNG5G
  8. I still waiting for this camo version from Kinetic, the percel wasn't coming yet, almost one month waiting.
  9. This is very very bad news for me, I told myself that I have so many kits to assemble and I don't have to buy any more. I wait for the Osprey and the SU-57 and stop buying. But how can you resist this Super Hornet by Meng?
  10. I don't think so and saw some photos of the mockup put together by people who had the mockup complete but without the box. While AMK was not in the same case and the molds are made over time. I can't wait to see this awsome kit and compare to the rest of the Sukhoi family, the GWH's SU-27 UB and the KH's Flanker B.
  11. salomon


    Thank you Lothar.
  12. salomon


    I just receive the KH's kit, any cockpit reference? especially the rear cokpit, it isn't a piece of cake to find pictures with google. Any help?
  13. Hi, I use Lightwave for years ang it was the best modeler I found and the workflow is very well done and quid, but I twist to Blender and Maya showly today. Those pics are made withwave 2015, a little heat effect with After effect, so much time rendering with a transparent deformation objet as I used before. It's the next coming Rafale F4 with the SATCOM connection. Love your work, it's so amazing detail on it, so pity that I never can have enough time to make accurate details on my model, the work is alway rush.
  14. Great job, 3d is a very work, this is some of my work I keep following your Dauntless.
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