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  1. Hello, As the title says, I need the Marquardt RMK-19 Target Tow dimensions? Any detail pics are most welcome too, specially the tow Target mount and bay. Thank you very much in advance. Thomas
  2. Hi together, If I remember correctly the zapping was from Jabo G 36 Rheine Hopsten. This exists on Daco Starfighter sheet ASD 4816 sheet 1/5. https://www.dacoproducts.com/KAst16.php This is the former Squadron with its Base 100 km from home. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagdgeschwader_72_„Westfalen“ Hope this helps Thomas
  3. Hi Dutch, that's a very good start, never saw this magazine my life. Thank's Thomas
  4. PM send. Thank you very much!
  5. Hello, thank's for your offer to help with RF-8 drawings,

    My PM is : eelightning.gt@gmail.com or t.gausmann@gmx.de


    Best Regards


  6. Hello, I am looking for some good drawings of the RF-8 Crusader including plan views or frames. I searched the internet but found simple drawings only, nothing to construct anything. Thank's for your help Thomas
  7. Thank's to everyone in this thread. It's very clear now. I will purchace the Kasl sets and detail the inner leading edge flap myself based on your description and a build in Large Scale Planes from a guy called Kitbasha who detailed and converted the Tamiya 32 scale kit. Always a reliable source of knowledge when it comes to US Jets here. Thank you very much. Thomas
  8. Hello everybody, does anyone have decent photos of deplpoyed leading edge flaps(specially the inboard one lower and upper side) of the mentioned machines. I looked trough all my references and the net but found nothing clear enough to create some for my Tamiya F-4B. Another question: is the speedbrake enabled when the leadin and trailing edge flaps are fully deployed? or is it possible to show everything deployed when parking on the ground? Thank's for your support in advance. Thomas
  9. Is there any chance of an F-16-D in 1:48 from Tamiya?? I asked in Schizuoka two years ago. That would be very nice next to the new Phantom.
  10. After seeing the details so far i'll get one for shure even though I'm not a big fan of the D. Beacause details look excellent. I already have the Tamiya which is a beautifull kit but I like the great technical approach of AMK and the power of innovation. I like that they don't give up and are a strong contender in the market. I like that they gave us the MIG 31 and others. I appreciate their reworked Kfir. Hey AMK if Tamiya is going to the market with a D why don't you, after your D, go to the market with an early A in Wolfback markings with the early beaver tail and stunning Box Art f
  11. Hi Kursad, any plans to do a new Myanmar JF-17 in two tone blue and grey? Thanks' Thomas
  12. Hi Stelmakh, in the end everything went fine with Reskit and the second parcel made it. The wheels are very good in deed, thats' why I wanted them. So in the end a very good trader and very good Resin sets.
  13. Hi Björn, sorry for the Ö but i have a German background :-) As I posted, they reacted today and a new parcelis on the way. So hopefully everything is ok in the end.
  14. OK, now they send me another parcel after all this waiting they reacted today. Maybe a good sign, lets wait and see. When it arrives i will delete this post and talk differently about them :-)
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