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  1. The mask sheet you will have to cut it out yourself.
  2. Test shot sitting on the bench...it's been a fun model to build!
  3. Okay... Item#: 12692 F-4 Phantom II Decal Set A 1/48 Scale Does not come with the tinting for the windscreen. It will have the canopy sealing.
  4. Any questions about Tamiya that I can help answer I’ll do my best.
  5. The model is to depict the F-4B's that scored victories over MiGs during 1972, the weapons loadout configuration is for a MiGCAP.
  6. who wants to see sprues and a built-up! https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/61121/index.htm
  7. 100% sure it’s not VF-21 as one of the three markings for item#61121.
  8. From information I have seen as well as the image of the sheet.
  9. Standby for more images to come to the Tamiya website.
  10. June 2021 is the release date. ***always subject to change***
  11. There is an option to build the model with the speed brakes open.
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