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  1. Hello my freind ... Good évolution on your HH-3F ... Cheers Philippe
  2. Hi, I continue my work on diorama ... At the end of day ...
  3. Hello everyone I wish you an excellent year 2019 ... Health happiness and full of models ...
  4. Hello, A new picture whith a new camera ...
  5. Hello ... That's wonderful ! Great job! I just love it ...
  6. Hello Bar Side, The TWR is not finished ... but a lot of miscellaneous are in progress like EF-4C on a stele ... Thank's for your answer ... Philippe
  7. Hello Mungo, (and Jake) A big thank you for your answer ... Now I can start this model ... I suspected it was a little worn, and dirty! I'll post here even when it's over ... Thanks again for the pictures Philippe
  8. Hello Jake, Thank's for your answer ... You will soon have photos of my latest F-4G/F-16C with your decals ! I understand your answer, but I would like to see a picture of F-4G of Spang in SEA with sharks mouth ... I always realize my models with a photo of real plane ... Have you a picture of this F-4G ? Cheers Philippe
  9. Hello, A progress report on my work... Cheers
  10. Hello Jake I see on Facebook this publication ... I have a question ... Have you the picture of the second bird in SEA wraparound in 1987 to Spang with sharksmouth ... I never see this aircraft ... But I dont see all bird of Spang ... It's very important for me for " my small air base" ... In 1/48 !!! I have an other six "G" to make and this one is very interresting Thank's for your job ... You help me for my model ...
  11. HI, This work is source of inspiration for a future model of F-4 Bravo!!! Cheers
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