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  1. hello John Not easy to find civilian vehicles... I actually took some vehicles from the james bond collection! The Ferrari is a wink! 2cv for French air traffic controller in Spangdahlem internship and the Ferrari for a US pilot!
  2. Hello Steve Superb realization, it pushes me to continue mine at 1/48 😉
  3. It's going to be a beautiful model that makes me want the same at 1/48
  4. I have a lot of models under construction! I published for the modeler who makes an AC130 J... the interior will be lit with LEDs
  5. Are you talking about the piloting or the model ? The both are not simple …
  6. Hello During my military school I had a friend who was a chopper's pilot in Army. Thirty years later I decided to built his machine ...
  7. Since you published the post on AC-130 J you made me want a J too …
  8. I decide detailing interior ... I detailing The shelter into the cargo
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