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  1. Thanks for your answer … Hello ! thank you for your answer… it's loaded with memories ! very happy that it reminds you of the good times...
  2. it's a snap... just having on my diorama an airplane that we didn't know existed in 1987... the story of this airplane is more beautiful than the airplane itself!
  3. Hello bare side … it's almost that a plane that existed in 1987 but which we did not know existed...
  4. HI A new picture before new models ...
  5. Hi every body A new picture before new models ...
  6. I use Speed hunter Graphic decals sheets, Airdoc and Xtradecal ... SHG are amazing items ...
  7. Hello evrybody Sorry to my late answers ... I have software probs with ARC ... Some news To be continue ...
  8. Hello my freind ... Good évolution on your HH-3F ... Cheers Philippe
  9. Hi, I continue my work on diorama ... At the end of day ...
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