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  1. ter is a great guy.. he helped out with some spare parts for my build and not only did he send a bunch of stuff, he took the time to photocopy the part of the instruction sheet involved. really awesome, cheers!
  2. This is a GREAT Trader alert for/about syrmodelguy (Bob).. The transaction was very quick and smooth.. he was up front about everything and took the time to take pictures and email them to me, as well as answer any questions and concerns I had. Kit price and shipping cost were both very reasonable and everything was packed very well (his anecdote will always remind me to check the bubble wrap for the clear parts before tossing out the garbage!) and he even shipped it out barely a second after I had clicked the "Send Money" button..hahaha Very happy with my first transaction here and glad it
  3. yup, i found some of the pledge bottles.. but none of them have the future shine, still looking for that one!
  4. hmm.. unfortunately nothing in terms of spare parts for modern jets (cept those 1/32 CFTs)..
  5. So for some really weird reason, I have a pair of 1/32 Revell F-15E CFTs.. I have never even owned a kit in that size. If anyone needs, let me know. Looking for extra 1/48 scale F-15 parts like featherless exhaust and cans, CFTs, pylons/rails, fuel tanks, or other leftover PE stuff.
  6. quick question after looking at that last link.. i'm not familiar with F-15s or their squadrons so please bear with me. i notice that the squadron logo is displayed on the body, just aft of the intake. where do they display the fighter wing logo/shield? (i know with some F-16s, the numbers and FW or TFW are written on the fin)
  7. Anyone willing to part with a spare bottle of Future Floor Wax? Can't seem to get ahold of that stuff around here.
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