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  1. The Pink Panther and Roadrunner art will require licenses from United Artists (Pink Panther) and Warner Brothers (Roadrunner). We looked into doing the Project Magnet and Project Seascan birds a couple years ago, and the licensing costs from Warner Bros were prohibitive, to say the least. What they quoted me for a license was almost triple the estimated print cost for the sheet.
  2. "The Weight" - The Band "Walk On" - U2 "Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong "Breaking of the Fellowship" - Howard Shore "Mr. Tambourine Man" - The Byrds "Gone Too Soon" - Daughtry *This one really gets me, after our little Charlotte. And since it's Star Wars week... "Binary Sunset" (a.k.a. the "Force Theme") "Duel of the Fates" For fairness: "Star Trek: First Contact Main Theme" - Jerry Goldsmith
  3. You might try Joe's Models and see if he still has any of the Aeroclub white metal props in stock. You need P079. I've got a set of these, and they're quite good. I'd show a pic or 2, but they're in storage right now. http://www.joesmodels.com/AEROCLUB_72_PROPELLERS.htm
  4. If you read the Hobbico bankruptcy filing, Testors is one of the top 30 creditors owed money. Could be enough to put the nail in their coffin.
  5. I've got one at home. I can scan them in tonight. PM me your email address.
  6. As a decal manufacturer, I try to avoid publicly critiquing other manufacturer's offerings, mainly because I know my own products can and will have errors sneak past not only me, but my partners in crime from time to time. Having said that, I've got a couple of Print Scale sheets, and the research and quality seems to be well done, but some extra proofreading of the art might help take their product to the next level. I'm pleased with what I've gotten every time, with one notable exception - their A3D Skywarrior sheet in 1/72, and that only for the aircraft type and BuNo markings. Skywarriors all served with "VAH-XXX" squadrons, and the decals read "VAN-XXX." Amazingly minor error, but one that means I and other modelers have to go dig through our spares bins for a matching "H."
  7. Here are links to the color charts of the remaining Testers Model Master paints: Original MM Line ModelMaster II Line
  8. Attack Squadron makes absolutely gorgeous refueling pods, sponson corrections, nacelle corrections and a very, very nice flap set for the Italeri kit. I've got a copy or 3 of all their C-130 1/72 stuff, and it's well worth the very affordable price. Scott Zuieback (rebelalpha on eBay) carries their stuff in the USA.
  9. Having been a Mac user since they first came out, I can tell you that in my experience, if the program you need/want isn't available in a Mac version, then there's probably a different, equivalent, Mac program that'll read/write your files just fine. Since Macs are now Intel-based, there's several options for when you absolutely must run Windows or a Windows program. My preference is to use VMWare fusion to run Windows as a virtual machine, in "Unity" mode. This basically hides the windows desktop, and allows you to launch Windows applications from the dock, just like you would a Mac, and most keyboard shortcuts work exactly the same as they would in either environment. Other options include Boot Camp, which is rebooting your computer to run Windows instead of MacOS, and WINE, which is an open-source solution that was originally intended for linux/unix users to use to run their Windows applications. WINE has matured quite a bit, and works with MacOS (since it's underlying architecture is Unix-based) very well. I'm in the process of testing it in lieu of VMWare on my laptop for my needs.
  10. MHaz

    Top Gun A-4's

    Fights On and Vagabond are separate entities now. (albeit still colluding on decals) Fights On sheets are available exclusively at Sprue Brothers and Hannants, now. I just sent a huge shipment to Sprue Brothers (basically all of the decals, except what I need for the local shows and my own stash), which they should get on Monday.
  11. Andrew, Much like Ken, I'd agree that it's a bit of a sticky situation. The seller has, IMO, most likely committed copyright violation of your photo - he printed it out with the intent to sell it. The fact that one of the Pearl Harbor survivors signed it is immaterial. I would contact the seller and advise him that you're the copyright holder of the photograph in question, and that his auctioning off a print for profit is a violation of copyright law. Instead of immediately demanding it be removed from eBay, though, offer to let him continue the auction, just this once, under the following conditions: that he acknowledge you're the copyright holder and photographer in question and that he donate all proceeds from the auction to a Pearl Harbor memorial fund, (or some appropriate charity). If he balks, contact eBay and demand it be pulled.
  12. While it's been tried before, doing this is rather frowned upon by the printing companies. I know Microscale told me flat out "thou shalt not!" when we tried it one time, and charged me as if they were 2 separate sheets, instead of one larger sheet. When Microscale, Cartograf, etc. look the files over to make sure there won't be any issues with their presses, they see that it's an obvious double release being attempted.
  13. At least for the time being, Fights On is sticking to adversary/aggressor aircraft, and Vagabond will be sticking to our usual eclectic choices. We've got several sheets that were delayed by all the issues we had with Becky's pregnancy and loss of Charlotte - Bicentennial T-38's, ANG C-130's (drawn up since July, was going to be in the rotation for December, but we all know how the holidays went around here...), more Phantoms, some Crusaders, Tomcats, fleet Skyhawks, and maybe, just maybe, something for the P-3 Orion crowd. Fast jets are fun, but they're not the only kits out there.
  14. Perhaps not, but there are a LOT of 1/72 guys who do complain about how their prices should be lower because their kits are smaller. I hear this at least half a dozen times at every show I vend at, and I'm only a few hours north of you in DFW. That, and the ever-popular "why don't you do decals for XYZ... you'll sell a million copies of it!!!" (usually as I'm noticing that the ONLY example of that aircraft in the show was brought by the person I'm talking to) are the 2 more frequent interactions I have with customers outside of the actual sales process. Don't get me wrong, I love the passion for the hobby from both types, but y'all have to understand, as much fun as this is, it's a business. The average print run for a single standard-sized decal sheet can run anywhere from $900 to almost $2000, depending on what's on it. (The Thunderbirds T-38's ended up being almost $3000 to print, by the time the final bills came in.) That's a lot of money to gamble with on a sheet that may or may not sell well. I've done a couple of the combo 1/72-1/48 sheets, and they've sold agreeably well. I fully intend to release more in the future. The problem with combo sheets, though, is everyone reselling the half they don't use. It's 100% perfectly legal to do so, but it DOES effectively cost me the sale of a sheet, or delays the sellout of a sheet. That's why we try to mix stuff up a bit with the combo sheets.
  15. I would LOVE to be able to print more 1/72 decals. I know Kursad has had success with his 1/72 decals, and I'm glad to see ALL of the decal companies doing fairly well right now. The trick with 1/72 vs. 1/48 is that 1/72 modelers tend to think along the lines of "oh, my kits are smaller and cheaper, so the decals should cost less..." I know this, because before Brian M. and I started Vagabond, I thought it, too. Cartograf, Microscale, Canuck, etc. all charge not by the size of the markings, but mainly by the number of colors on a sheet, with size of the sheet playing a factor, as well. Assuming the same size sheet (which is reasonable - decal sheets generally speaking are half a standard size piece of paper, roughly), there will be no difference in cost to the decal company if the markings are exactly the same in 1/72 as they are in 1/48. I'll use the Fights On A-4 sheets as an example. Each sheet has roughly 20 colors on it. If Mike P. were to downscale all the markings by 66.67% to fit a 1/72 A-4 (Fujimi, for example), and send the art to Cartograf, the cost to Fights On to print 500 of those sheets would be... the exact same cost it was for us to print the 500 1/48 scale version of the sheet. There's zero cost savings for smaller scales, and us 1/72 scale guys are cheap, and don't want to pay $20 for a decal sheet, even though that's what the 1/48 scale version costs.
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