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  1. Christian is a-ok. He's just too busy to update this thread, but he plans to do it soon as he told me a couple of days ago. Stay tuned.
  2. Hello David



    I regret that I did´t foundtime to answer your last email, because I was so busy recently.


    Today I did a small private workshop here at home and I should having more time soon.


    You will here from me then again!






  3. ...aaand he's back! Awe inspiring work my friend. I can't wait to give it a go on another project. Especially wet washing technique. I like the preshading, which is not so uniform and will pay the dividends after base paint application.
  4. The canopy panel detail work is incredible! Inspirational as well. Keep it coming :)
  5. Insane scratch building: check Imacculate painting skills: check Audience jaws dropped on the floor: check Well done Christian! I love the progress so far ;)
  6. I am stunned Christian. That avionic bay is a masterpiece and huge inspiration for my future builds! I also feel your mixed emotions for the opening hatches vs. ordnance suspended on the aircraft undergoing a maintenance. I'm sure you will come up with something. Keep charging!
  7. Holy smokes! That's hell of a detail on the consoles and instrument panel! Well done Christian
  8. This is one for the books that is for sure. I find myself very fortunate to have an opportunity to see your work live with my own eyes. Very inspiring and challenging. Way to go! I am looking forward for another update. David
  9. Wow, it looks very promising! Consider these as well please :)
  10. Hello gentlemen, here is my latest addtition to my collection of NVA-LSK aircrafts in 72nd scale. I tried to do some research from pictures around the internet. Build is out of the box with the exception of Master turned brass pitot tubes, few minor scratch built parts and custom marking since there's only 338 in the box (the only camouflaged L-29 in GDR Air Force as far as I know). I will be happy for more info on this airframe and I hope you will like the result of my journey.
  11. Thank you gentlemen! Thanks Paul :) I used a few of kit decals, especially yellow and red stencils. Black stencils are brand new HGW wet transfers (I had pre-release sheet available, yellow and red colors were out of the line, hence the usage of decals) and some stuff was painted with an airbrush and custom die-cut masks - roundels, USAF lettering, serial numbers, shark, etc.
  12. Holy smokes! That's one cool build to follow. Great job so far Vedran, keep it coming
  13. Hello gentlemen, Here's the result of my latest project. Kit is Eduard's Good Evening Da Nang limited edition (Academy kit, Brassin wheels, nozzles, Zoom cockpit, masks, Furball / Cartograf decals) and I've used following aftermarket goods: Eduard F-4C upgrade set Eduard F-4C air brakes Eduard M117 bomb early Eduard F-4C Stencils Eduard Remove Before Flight Super Fabric Aerobonus Wing Pylons (US Navy version) Aerobonus Triple Ejector Rack Aerobonus Multiple Ejector Rack Aires Auxiliary Air Intakes Aires USAF/USMC Land Based Wooden Wheel Chock HGW Wet Transfer Stencils
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