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  1. Yes, it is a pity that Zvezda released the Hind kits naked without all those positive rivets, which is a prominent feature of these helicopters. Beside this, the Mi-24V also shows a plethora of negative rivet lines, which are easily replicated by Rosie the Riveter. Some months ago, I have ordered the Arma riveting decals at a Russian ebay trader, but those never arrived to my disappointment. Accordingly, I was lucky that Eduard announced such decals under the name of Eddie the Riveter and those really took a while before release. However, these are not bargain, but worth the wait.
  2. Thank you, Gabor, for this nice preview. Isn‘t your country currently operating Mi-35 in these dark grey „colours“? The lack of detail on the Zvezda Mi-24 kits can be remedied with tons of aftermarket stuff, however the initially cheap kit will be a pricey affair afterwards. The shape of the Zvezda kit itself looks reasonably accurate and is a good basis for further detailling. Currently, I am struggling with the Eduard riveting decals on my 1:48 Zvezda Mi-24V, which btw will be in Czechoslovak AF markings of 1991, just after the fall of the iron curtain. This is my ver
  3. Nice built from the old Kinetic Kit, btw.!👍
  4. Yes, the Fairy canopy adressed this issue, but I was told from someone who used it, that a significant yellowing effect in the clear resin occured a short time after installation.
  5. Due to its shortcomings in shape, the GWH F-15 kits are highly detailed and have a nice fit, unlike the Hasegawa, which is probably better in terms of accuracy, but the fit and detailling is not up to today´s standard. Especially the joint from wing to fusalage with the Hasegawa kit is a real pain to fit and rescribing the panel lines here is a difficult job and if this is not done properly, the whole appearance of the model is ruined, regardless how accurate the outline is. Since most modellers don’t care much about the problems of the GWH kit, which aren’t glaring ones in either
  6. MN Modelar from the Czech Republic has the Zvezda Su-25 back on stock. I highly recommend this shop, they are very reliable!
  7. This is true, but the GWH kit has thick leading and trailing edges on the wings and horizontal stabilizers and a too wide cross section of the canopy. Otherwise, it is a nice kit!
  8. Hello On the Kinetic facebook page, Raymond Chung just announced a new early Fighting Falcon kit in 1:48! What a nice choice! https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/ Hopefully, the long awaited Mirage F.1 will follow soon.
  9. I am not sure, but think that this option is given in the kit. A nice detail is the reinforcement strap on the belly, which other kits are missing. After looking closely to the wingtip RHAW antennaes, I must give phantomfixer right, those look off.
  10. The A-10 on this picture reveals another interesting fact I discovered first during a visit at RAF Bentwaters in 1986. Some of the 81. TFW planes had a fourth colour in the camouflage scheme. You see the very dark green on the wings and engine cowl? But we can go deeper in this after the release of the Academy and GWH Thunderbolt kits become closer.
  11. Yes, it is. The 630 has black triangles and seems to have no yellow spots on the wing, thus black honeycombs.
  12. Thank you very much for the picture. Yes, the SP bird has red triangles and blck honeycombs, while the AR „Starize“ has yellow ones. Interesting!
  13. All those glitches may be the case with the Zoukei-Mura F-4G and aditionally, the ALQ-131 is looking much too small. 52nd TFW only had the "fat" version in use on the F-4G and -E. But to my eyes, the main errors of the Hasegawa outweighs those in form of a too bulbous looking forward fuselage and too pointy 370gal. underwing fuel tanks. Another question is about the honeycombed NO STEP and NO PUSH markings on the top side of the wings. I saw a lot of Spangdahlem European One painted F-4Gs that time, but it is now more than 35 years ago and to my memory theses were yellow when the a
  14. Peter Zafir now has released his Youtube video about the Mosonshow 2022. It is a three hours lasting video and the most comprehensive and detailed report of this excellent show. He shows virtually every model on the contest tables and stops at the most models for a few seconds showing some interesting details. Nice!
  15. As stated before, almost everything scale modelling related can be found at Mosonshow. I was fully surprised finding the Vespa Models Su-22M-3 conversion kit in 1:48 there, which I could´t resist to buy.
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