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  1. Here are some reference photos of four planes depicted in the decal set
  2. Hello The brand new Viper decals from PK Productions for early USAFE F-16s in 1:48 are available now! This set contains carefully researched decals and instructions in color for F-16A/B Fighting Falcons Block 15 from the 50. TFW at Hahn AB and F-16C/D Block 30 (early) from the Spangdahlem based 52nd TFW squadrons. Printing is done by Cartograph to the highest standard. Even the smallest text and numbers are readable under a magnifier. All markings are representing typical cold war Vipers, which were based on USAFE airfields in Germany by that time. Howe
  3. After returning yesterday from my 5th Mosonshow I must say, that this was the best until now in my opinion! It was a fantastic experience to be there! You probably never else can see so many nicely built models concentrated at one place on this planet. Please correct me, if I am wrong! For me, the event started like a disaster on late Friday afternoon, when one of my models for the competition (a MiG-21M in 1:48) crashed, after the box fell upsite down with the model inside. Many parts, most of them were small and some very small, were broken and a few lost. It was alone my own fau
  4. Very nice action by Gabor! At first letting us know, what kit(s) are best for the more serious modeller and of course the HuAF decal sheet! Now I have to go to Mosonmagyaróvár next weekend to look at the AMK and Zvezda kits. I didn ´t noticed Annetra on the traders list, but hopefully Mr. Jares will be part of the GHW stand like at previous Mosonshows. For the next years I am really hoping for a kit or conversion set, which would provide us legacy Mi-8 versions!
  5. Yesterday, I visited a friend close to Spangdahlem AB who already has the new Kinetic F-16AM. After inspection, this is a must have item for me! Kinetic obviously did an excellent job on it! We did a side by side comparison of the Kinetic and Tamiya F-16 kits and my impression is, that the Kinetic one is by no way inferior in tooling quality. The finesse of the panel lines is on par with Tamiya, yet in some areas even better! What I never understood is, why Tamiya delivers plug-in plastic parts for two service hatches on the right rear fuselage, rather than the usual representation
  6. If the Italeri kit from the 80s is doing well for you, no problem! It is your choice and if you are happy with it, 👏! However, the Z-M and Meng kits represent modern almost state of the art technology and this makes the kit an attractive buy for many modellers, even if it the price tag is twice. Figuratively, it is the same with modern cars. A 1980 VW Golf can transport the same number of people from A to B, but the 2022 edition can do it better for most people in these days. The aforementioned glitches of the Z-M or Meng kits are not that significant and do not affect the
  7. It is everytimes a real joy to speak with this guy. His knowledge in types operated by the Polish Air Force is amazing!
  8. @pollie: Can you post some detail photos to show the differences?
  9. The new Kinetic kit looks very promising and I will get some when theses areavailable in Germany. Please offer a tinted canopy with later versions of the kit as well.
  10. Hello Tony


    In the recent Phantom threads here at ARC, I realized, that you are very knowledgeable about the F-4E and -G details in the context of the new forthcoming kits. This and the fact, that you are coming from Bristol leads me to the conclusion, that you may be the Tony Th., who has produced some nice books of USAF(E) subjects in the 90s. If so,  we had a bit of correspondencece about 30 years ago.


    My name is Christian Gerard and I have shifted my interest from aviation photography in the 80s and 90s subsequently towards scale aircraft modelling today. 

    From 2024 I intend to build some USAFE Phantoms from the new kits in 1:48 and hopefully a new 1:32 kit, too. From next year, I will having more time, which is quite limited nowadays after I was struck by several occasions which almost kept me away from modelling. Then, I will show here some photos and memories from the good old times.


    Take care and until later.





    1. tony.t


      Hi Christian,


      Hope all is well. I passed all F-4 and F-111  material to Andreas Klein at AirDoc/Double Ugly publications, and no longer write. They do such great books! 

      Back to just modelling for me: easier and more fun! 

      I'm interested in doing USAFE Phantoms too soon, starting with a 1/48 RF-4C Pave Drag and then seeing what Red Pills Models do with the new 1/32 creations.


      Take care, and happy holidays,


      Tony in Bristol 

    2. falcon91352


      Hello Tony


      Thank you very much for your reply.


      My contact to Andreas Klein were a bit rare in the last months due to my limited time. Yes, he is doing great stuff! 

      Yesterday I have visited my friend Pascal Klasen, who is a very talented 30yr young guy. In his first 25 years, he lived near former Bitburg AB, now a few km from Spangdahlem AB. A couple of months ago, he founded his own enterprise, PK Productions. First release were two 36.TFW and 52. FW F-15 Eagle sheets, meticulously researched and produced. A 1:32 version is in the work. Some of my photographs from the 80s and 90s were used as references.


      Next year, a 50. TFW F-16A/B Hahn Falcons sheet is scheduled. I shot some of those in the early 80s, but missed to do a close up shot of the 496. TFS squadron badge on the intake. I did this well with the 10. and 313. TFS aircraft. Since 50. TFW F-16A often visited airshows in the UK, I would like to ask you, if you have a detail photograph of the 496. TFS badge on the airplane, which considerably differs from the badges worn by the pilots on their flying suits.


      Have a nice Sunday and happy modelling!




    3. tony.t


      Hi Christian, sorry I don't. 

      I don't have very much left at all.

      Decal sheets sound great and I'll look out for them. 

      All the best for 2023!


  11. 1. Allouette III 1:32 or 35 2. SA330 Puma and Puma HC.1 1:48 3. Mi-2 1:32 or 35 4. CH-53C and -G 1:48 new tool 5. SA341 Gazelle 1:32 or 35
  12. Hope that the RAF Buccaneer S2B will come next year!
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