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  1. The new Kinetic kit looks very promising and I will get some when theses areavailable in Germany. Please offer a tinted canopy with later versions of the kit as well.
  2. Hello Tony


    In the recent Phantom threads here at ARC, I realized, that you are very knowledgeable about the F-4E and -G details in the context of the new forthcoming kits. This and the fact, that you are coming from Bristol leads me to the conclusion, that you may be the Tony Th., who has produced some nice books of USAF(E) subjects in the 90s. If so,  we had a bit of correspondencece about 30 years ago.


    My name is Christian Gerard and I have shifted my interest from aviation photography in the 80s and 90s subsequently towards scale aircraft modelling today. 

    From 2024 I intend to build some USAFE Phantoms from the new kits in 1:48 and hopefully a new 1:32 kit, too. From next year, I will having more time, which is quite limited nowadays after I was struck by several occasions which almost kept me away from modelling. Then, I will show here some photos and memories from the good old times.


    Take care and until later.





  3. 1. Allouette III 1:32 or 35 2. SA330 Puma and Puma HC.1 1:48 3. Mi-2 1:32 or 35 4. CH-53C and -G 1:48 new tool 5. SA341 Gazelle 1:32 or 35
  4. Hope that the RAF Buccaneer S2B will come next year!
  5. Hello


    On your webpage I discovered that you offer parts for the Kittyhawk 1:32 Mirage kits, but they seem to be sold out.


    Are those going to be restocked and available again? I would like to get one full set for both, the M2000D and M2000-5F.


    Thanks for your answer and all the best for you in the future!



    Kind regards

    Christian Gerard



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    2. falcon91352


      Hello Arnaud


      Thank you very much for your quick reply. I keep an eye on your webpage every day now. 😉




    3. falcon91352


      Hello Arnaud


      Order placed a few minutes ago.

      I am such a Mirage 2000 fan and those parts are eagerly awaited. Hope to get a corrected M2000C windshield sometimes … .






    4. arnobiz


      Thanks! Your order will ship by end of week.


      The problem seems to be as much with the windshield as with the fuselage length, Romain corrected it in his build but it seems rather tricky 😕

  6. Hello CMK from Czech Republic will release a conversion kit for the Su-22M-3K with Tumansky engine. The resin kit is developed in cooperation with Vespa Kits from Peru and will fit the Kittyhawk Fitter kits. Only the one seat Su-22M-3K is mentioned on the boxing, but to my understanding the conversion kit also can be used with a Su-22UM-3K with a Tumansky R29BS-300. I don ´t know, if there are subtle differences between the one- and two seaters with Tumansky engines, may be Ya-Gabor can help. 😉 https://www.glow2b.de/view.php?sku=7244455 Everybody i
  7. To my view, they rather collaborate with modellers and aviation geeks, who are knowledgeable in the given subject.
  8. The AN/ALQ 131 is nice, especially for a 52nd (T)FW F-4G. 500 gal. centerline fuel tanks were used until the mid- 80s and if not found in the Meng kit, there are some resting in the spares box. CAD drawings are looking nice and I am eagerly awaiting this kit!
  9. Are the kits coming with tinted canopies as an option? Kit parts are looking promising!
  10. Nice! Hopefully, a kit with Austrian AF decals will be released soon.
  11. The instruction sheets are comprehensive as well on this set. The decals can be ordered directly by the producer. You can take a look here: https://www.pkproductions.de/shop/
  12. As with the stencils sheet, the quality is top notch! An interesting fact is, that two differnet styles of SP tail codes can be found, which never was considered before on a decal sheet of 52nd FW Eagles. Wing and squadron badges are in the correct size and style, as with the national insignia. Both were often mishappen on previous Eagle decal sheets. Even the accuracy of tail numbers and codes are leaving a lot to be desired on many F-15 sheets, even on some aftermarket ones. On the PK Production sheet, these are perfectly matched and tested for accuracy on the GWH kit
  13. Sheet 48-002 is named "Eagle Country Bitburg/ Spangdahlem", which contains general markings for a plethora of different F-15A/C/D and stencils for Eagles in the later Mod-Eagle scheme. An interesting fact is, that the producer has been grown up in a small village in the Eifel, which is located in the approach of former Bitburg Air Base. Since a couple of years, he lives in a town which is situated in the approach of Spangdahlem Air Base. However, due to his young age, he never has seen operational Eagles of the 36th or 52nd (T)FW.
  14. Forgot to mention that a colored instruction manual is included in the package.
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