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  1. MBK Modellbau König has some on stock https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/Flugzeuge/Flugzeuge-1-48/Moderne-Flugzeuge-ab-1945-1-48/Warschauer-Pakt-Russland-Flugzeuge-ab-1945-1-48/Su-27-Flanker-B-Heavy-Fighter
  2. Just found this interesting picture at www with two captive AGM-45.
  3. As one of the very few Spangdahlem aviation spotters of the second half of the 80's (fence guests normally were sent away from the base Security Forces or German Polizei and Spangdahlem and Bitburg), I can tell you, that the captive ordnance shown on the above official USAFE pictures is only posed for propaganda purposes and have nothing to do with the daily training routine at the 52nd TFW of this time. The every day loadout of a Spangdahlem F-4 was an AN/ALQ-131 on station 4, two underwing 370gal. fuel tanks on 1 and 9 and a 600gal. F-15 style centerline fuel tank on 5. The origi
  4. If the model is becoming good or even greater is primarily laying in the hand of the modeller. The numer of parts is not the most prominent indication if the model is becoming great or not. If the kit detail is not going far enough, simply help yourself with the aftermarket or scratchbuilding. By the way, creativity is one fascinating aspect of this hobby.
  5. https://www.bredow-web.de/Luftwaffenmuseum/Kampfjets/Fiat_G-91_R3/fiat_g-91_r3.html On the last picture at this page, the contours of the fuselage cross sections are well illustrated.
  6. This is good news! Better waiting until next year for a perfect kit, as struggeling with wrong wing profiles and fuselage cross sections.
  7. The GWH kits are among the very best you can get. To me, these are almost on par with Tamiya. Minibase has only released one kit, yes it represents may be the benchmark for 1:48 jet kits indeed. If this meticulously researched kit will be followed by more from this manufacturer, only time will tell after it has been proved to be an economic success or failure. But to me, this diminishes the outstanding qualities of GWH kits in no way. There are a plethora of aftermarket sets available for those, who want to go far into detail. A bit of own scratchbuilding does the rest.
  8. Since the release of the Kinetic G.91 has been delayed, I am hoping the designers will also take a look at the fuselage cross section, which is looking quite boxy on the CAD. The photo of the Greek G.91 above nicely shows the round run of the curve on the top in the cross section. I am looking forward for this kit and being patient to wait a bit longer for a correct kit.
  9. In the past, I have build two GWH MiG-29 and one F-15C and those are among my most enjoyable builts ever! Hopefully, GWH will continue the 1:48 kit series with other aircraft types in the future. However, I don' t want to open a wishlist debate here.
  10. As with the Su-27UB, this kit is looking very nice, too. I will get at least one! 👍
  11. Nice choice by Kinetic! Hope for Portugese AF decals as well!
  12. To my opinion, the G91 is a popular subject, at least in Europe. The modeller can choose between a couple of versions (hopefully a two seater will come out, too), many camouflage and marking options, some with large dayglow patterns and flamboyant anniversary schemes. Instantly, I am thinking of these nice Portugese AF tiger schemes .... Furthermore, the Frecce Tricolori has flown the G91PAN throughout many airshow seasons. For me, I will buy at least a couple of kits, if the G91 really is the next subject from Kinetic.
  13. Sooner or later, I think Kinetic will go forward with the Mirage F.1 kit. The plane has some complicated shapes, an intricate landing gear and it requires a lot of research to capture the many details of the different versions correctly. So, a serious attempt in a nice Mirage F.1 kit requires some time and I am quite sure, that Kinetic will not miss the opportunity to release such a popular subject. I bet, it comes by the end of this year
  14. Renaissance from France offers a very extensive correction set for the elderly ESCI/ Italeri kit. https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/renaissance-48049-amd-ba-mirage-f1-1-48--725586
  15. For my taste either a Mirage F.1 or A-10C would be fantastic! For the new Kinetic surprise kit announcement I bet it is a Fiat G.91.
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