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  1. One of the areas, which are deserving some rework is the omission of the position lights. GWH represented them only as a panel line on solid grey plastic. For a realistic look, I want to portray those with clear plastic, which will be painted later with Tamiya Clear Red.
  2. Close uo picture of the left side rear fuselage. Here, a bit of putty was necessary. I tested the Ammo of MIG white one shot primer, which works very well. It sprays beautifully, isn´t smelling and after 24 hrs. drying time, it shows an excellent sanding performance. Adhesion is very good, it even withstands dymo tape, which I use as a ruler for riveting purposes. The label indicates, that Ammo of MIG one shot primer is made in USA. Is ist may relabeled Stylerynez? I don´t know this stuff, but reviews show the same performance I ncountered, which lets me to the assumption, that it is may be the same stuff. It´s really highly recommended!
  3. Top and lower fuselage/ wing halves are mated. Engineering is very clever and fit is very good
  4. The flap actuator on the right wing. Next step will be the rebuild of the lost detail and mating of the top and lower wing halves. Besides, I fell in love with a big scale Dassault delta from Italeri, on which I started some refinig and detailing of the fuselage. Without doubt, the F-15 is my current main project, but will work on the delta from time to time for relaxing.
  5. Part of the Environmental Control System (ECS), which is explained in Jake Melampy´s excellent book, the No. 1 reference for my model. I just vrealized, that I have lost a detail in this area, which I have to reconstruct. Again some more odd additional work!
  6. Details on top fuselage, like heat exchangers, etc. are shown here. The perforated metal plates are also painted added by some signs of wear and tear. More of this will follow after the painting stages of the model.
  7. Detail of the flap actuator
  8. Due to real life issues I couldn´t get time to post more pictures earlier. My apologies for this! The build progress wasn´t quick either. Shown here is the aileron actuator of the left wing. A couple of small details will be added later to avoid damage or loss.
  9. The paint is Xtracolor X159
  10. And here after painting and installation:
  11. Most of the pipework is done with soldering iron of vaious diameters 0,2mm, 0,3mm and 0,5mm.
  12. Those small details are a lot of work. They deserve a lot of time, accordingly progress will be rather slow during the next weeks. Here a pair of photographs of the small detail construction.
  13. Hataka brings a Brazilian Air Force set including Mirage 2000 colors
  14. Gabor, thank you very much for your nice review and reference reommendations. I am glad, that ICM started to do 1:48 jets and hopefully, the MIG-25 is the begin of a series and they will continue with post WW2 aircraft. I don´t giving up my dream of an accurate MIG-23BN in 1:48.
  15. Stay tuned for the small details, like actuators, pipework, etc. for the panels. I calculate with 4-5 weeks for this. Sometimes, I tend to underestimate the amount of research and work of these subjects, so it can take longer. However, it will be a very interesting and diversified job.