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  1. A-10C Thunderbolt in 1:48 Su-22M-3 in 1:48 Fiat G-91R1/3 in 1:48 and 1:32
  2. My friend Matthias Becker finished this excellent M2000C in 1:32 with the Hataka Orange line paints. The colors are looking very close to the original.
  3. Two weeks ago, I got a bunch of sets from this new manufacturer and I confirm, that the quality is very good. He also is a reliable trader. He pleased me to confirm, if anything was o.k., which actually was the case.
  4. Where is this damned kink in the wing? 🤓 No, this model is looking in a word superb! I am looking forward to get it here in Germany. G.W.H. is my favourite kit manufacturer now and also looking forward to the single seater. Nice!
  5. Looks fantastic! I am looking forward to both kits, one and dual seaters!
  6. May be a hint to the next G.W.H. project after the Su-27?
  7. Yes, this is very true! I am just reminding to the fantastic Kecskemet Air Show 2013 with the Russian Su-27 team display twice during the weekend, on Saturday evening and Sunday noon during excellent weather conditions, unforgettable! I have hoped for another show there since then, but unfortinately it never took place. Now, I got some hints about the reasons behind. If Eday can not be held this year, I am hoping for another Moson Show next year. Even if the future is looking not so bright at the moment, I am pleased that such fantastic products, like the G.W.H. Su-27 h
  8. Yes, the mistake in the transistion from the engine ducts to the wings is obvious, but it is not that fundamental making the kit worse or unbuildable. I only have realized it with the direct comparison from the original and model photo. Apart from that, probably I never took notice from it. Anyway, it can be remedied with a bit of sandpaper and putty without too much work. I just realized, that Kinetic will rerelease the F-5A kit in 1:48 soon. It is a pleasant little kit and hopefully, they will improve the quality of the clear parts in the new edition.
  9. I am very sad about this, but fully understand the decision! Now, I can cancel my chamber in a hotel in the nice city of Györ. Hopefully, the circumstances for Mosonshow 2021 will be much better and it can shine as bright as the shows in previous years. Kind regards Christian
  10. This is true! Since Zvezda has opened their line of modern Russian fighters and helicopters in 1:48, they are a likely candidate (among others) for replacing the Trumpeter kits.
  11. After I was badly disappointed by the Revell 2020 newslist a couple of minutes ago, this is really good news! It seems, that the jet modellers have to rely on the new manufacturers from Far East for really new kits, rather than the classic ones, like Revell, Hasegawa or Airfix. And there is another one announced by Kitty Hawk. Looking forward to the new G.W.H. Su-27UB!
  12. A new mold A-10C Thunderbolt would be nice! 😄
  13. I am pleased to tell that I am a happy customer from Danny since his first efforts in 1987, when I bought a set of Belgian AF F-16 markings in 1:32 and 48 at the IPMS-Belgium National Convention in September 1987 at the Brussels Aviation Museum. Since then, I purchased a lot of DACO decals, books and conversion kits. I never regret any Belgian Franc and Euro spent in his poducts, which are a state of the art and beside this, he his a nice guy to talk with! Sometimes, he needs some more time for R & D, which can cause delays, but the customer will get a product which is well res
  14. This is good news, because details about the MiG-21bis are not that well published. The -MF is much better unfold, the excellent WWP books spontaneously coming in my mind. If I would be aware in the 80s and 90s, that I will become a serious modeller some years later, I should have done a lot of close up pictures then, but I didn't. I only made general shots of military planes and traded the slides with a couple of collagues in Germany and abroad. Shown on the pictures below are the two camouflaged MiG-21bis, which accompanied the yellow 1904 during the display at t
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