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  1. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    What a mess! I have changed to Imageshack and will subsequently reload the pictures over the next days/ weeks. Of course, new photos are coming too, the progress is slow, but smoothly going on.
  2. Best F-15C?

    I have to agree to Galfa, that the Hasegawa F-15C has a few areas, which are more accurate compared to the GWH kit (canopy shape cross section, ejection seat). On the other side, the GWH also has areas, where it is better then the Hasegawa kit (shape of top front fuselage, engine bulges). However, may be the most essential is the better detailing and fit of the GWH one. A real nightmare of the Hasegawa kit is the fit of the wing to fuselage joint. Many hours of filling, sanding,rescibing and riveting have to be spent here for a satisfying result. if this is not properly executed, you will have a eyecatcher in a negative way. So my opinion is, the GWH tops the Hasegawa one by far. The optimal F-15C would be a GWH F-15C with Hasegawa canopy, but the windshield will not fit in any way. May be sometimes in the future, I will try to adapt the Hasegawa front fuselage section to a GWH kit.
  3. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    Shown here are the products used
  4. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    The topside of the canopy panel after the general paintwork
  5. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    The canopy panel also underwent som major modification. Eduard set 49-274 for the Hasegawa F-15C played a major role with its perforated plates. To my opinion, an essential detail which Eduard missed to produce for the GWH Eagle and even the 1:32 Tamiya one. However, a lot of plastic on the GWH part had to be removed to make the Eduard parts fit. Some smaller things were added too.
  6. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya

    Wow, what a nice F-15E is going on here! The interior details are nicely represented and you have addressed the problem with the too deep panel lines on the top fuselage very well. The additional rivet lines will enhance the model even more, since those are well visible on the real plane, those are accurate, too. Keep good work! Greetings Christian
  7. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    The gun face after careful painting
  8. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    The part after the reworking process. The seam line was puttied, sanded and primed three times after nothing from the seem was visible. Later, the gun area will be rejoined and blended in perfectly with the fuselage.
  9. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    One of the difficult to handle areas of the kit is the gun muzzle area, which is quite problematric due to the horzontal split of the fuselage halves. The seam line is going straight through the gun area, what makes it difficult to putty and sand. I decided to remove this part from the fuselage, which makes handling and reworking much, much easier.
  10. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    Shown here is the seam of the upper and lower wing halves, which are causing a bit of rework. Mediams used are Tamiya Putty, Ammo of MIG one shot primer and Mr. Surfacer 500. the panel lines are carefully rescribed with a pointy needle and piece of Dymo Tape as a ruler.
  11. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    I want to sxcuse for posting no updates during the last two months. Real life events prvented me to do so, but in a short time, the progress will gto ahead. Stay tuned! Thank you very much to all for the nice comments and hints and tips, which all is very encouraging!
  12. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    One of the areas, which are deserving some rework is the omission of the position lights. GWH represented them only as a panel line on solid grey plastic. For a realistic look, I want to portray those with clear plastic, which will be painted later with Tamiya Clear Red.
  13. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    Close uo picture of the left side rear fuselage. Here, a bit of putty was necessary. I tested the Ammo of MIG white one shot primer, which works very well. It sprays beautifully, isn´t smelling and after 24 hrs. drying time, it shows an excellent sanding performance. Adhesion is very good, it even withstands dymo tape, which I use as a ruler for riveting purposes. The label indicates, that Ammo of MIG one shot primer is made in USA. Is ist may relabeled Stylerynez? I don´t know this stuff, but reviews show the same performance I ncountered, which lets me to the assumption, that it is may be the same stuff. It´s really highly recommended!
  14. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    Top and lower fuselage/ wing halves are mated. Engineering is very clever and fit is very good
  15. F-15C 1:48 G.W.H. 53rd FS/ 52nd FW

    The flap actuator on the right wing. Next step will be the rebuild of the lost detail and mating of the top and lower wing halves. Besides, I fell in love with a big scale Dassault delta from Italeri, on which I started some refinig and detailing of the fuselage. Without doubt, the F-15 is my current main project, but will work on the delta from time to time for relaxing.