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  1. . I've just created my first ever custom decals for a South Korean 1/48 AH1J SeaCobra using an EPSON SX405 inkjet printer with cheap aftermarket ink that cost less for 3 sets of colour and black cartridges than one EPSON single colour cartridge! Admittedly I only needed to print black decals and haven't tried colour decals yet but I can report that the results are flawless! Furthermore I used Humbrol Matt Cote to seal the decals instead of the proper fixing spray and it works perfectly, with no ink run and the clear decal part disappeared completely after applying over the gloss cote on the bodywork, and also saved me having to pay quite a lot for stuff I'm hardly going to use again! I've run out of decal paper so I can't try to do a colour test print for you but I have to make some coloured Iranian AH1J SeaCobra decals soon so when I do them I let you know if they work too. . Oh, by the way, you can paint directly onto decal paper with enamel paint so that could be a way to create white backgrounds for roundels - just place the colour roundels over the white decals to get the white part They don't even need to be fixed because the paint is already waterproof!
  2. . Where would we be without Floyd S Werner, eh? I bought his debris deflector set last year, but because I'd never worked with resin kits before I got him to send them ready prepared and what a fantastic job he did on them! . To get back on topic I would be interested in any Turkish 1/48 AH-1G, AH-1S or AH-1W decals if anyone can find a source or is capable of making some. I want the AH-1W decals more than anything but the G and S would make a nice addition too. Oh, and does anyone know if there are any Iranian 1/48 AH-1J or South Korean 1/48 AH-1J International decals anywhere? . Also, any news on a TAI129 ATAK in the pipeline, any scale?
  3. . Yeah sure, the mistakes on the Japanese decals are as follows: 1. the roundels are the wrong size, closer to 1/72 scale than 1/48; 2. There is only one serial number supplied for the front of the fuselage when there should be two, one for each side; 3. The serial number is for a different squadron, which is IIIATH not IATH; 4. One of the Kanji on the tail boom is incorrect, however Two Bob's did make a correction sheet if you were able to get a sheet with them included; 5. The two numbers that appear on the front of the nose are missing. . I'm not sure what exactly the mistakes are for the Jordanian decals, but as far I can see they are missing the rectangular flags on the tail and there is only one set of Arabic symbols for the front of the fuselage when there should be another one for the other side. . Oh, as a bit of extra advice, both the Japanese and Bahrain Cobras should be fitted with the engine intake debris deflectors and air filters, which Werner Wings can supply in resin kit form and are superb! Also, neither of the Japanese or Bahrain Cobras have the I/R warning sensor fitted on the top of the main fuselage. . Hope that is helpful.
  4. Sorry, I have to disagree about these Two Bobs decals. Considering Fujimi/Testors did 3 separate Japanese 1/48 AH1S kits, which are readily available on Ebay even if you just buy them for the decals, I don't understand why Two Bob's didn't include Turkey or Pakistan instead of Japan and call it a Middle East User set. The Japanese decals are so full of mistakes it's not actually possible to build a Japanese Cobra with these decals (even if you do have the correction sheet that only addresses one of the mistakes). I also hear that there are mistakes on the Jordanian decals, but seeing as I have models of both these variants already, I only bought this set for the Bahrain decals, which I hope are mistake free, but at least do look complete. Fair enough, the decals are nicely printed, but considering Two Bob's reputation for excellence and accuracy, I would have expected no mistakes whatsoever.
  5. Does anyone make an aftermarket canopy for a 1/48 AH-1G? I want to build a couple of these but don't want to end up buying yet another Fujimi 1/48 AH-1J just for the canopy! I really can't believe there aren't any proper 1/48 AH-1G kits out there! The only ones I know are the terrible old Fujimi kits that don't even match they're later better AH-1J and S kits! All they had to do was make a new engine fairing for their AH-1J kit and voila!
  6. Looks great so far! So much detail! Looking forward to seeing the finished item! . I'm going to build a 1/48 version with the experimental green and sand camo that the Israeli pilots really hated and only featured on two of the helicopters. I already have a 1/72 olive drab version and a 1/72 AH64D in the now standard Israeli brown and sand colour, so this will go nicely with them.
  7. . Yeah, would make sense but why go to the bother of making sand coloured Apaches? Now that doesn't make sense cos they must know there are people like myself who notice details like that!
  8. I've just watched the first episode of the last series of a British comedy on BBC3 called Bluestone 42, which is about a British Army bomb disposal team in Afghanistan. At the end of the program a pair of Apache Longbows flew over, painted in an overall sand colour, including the Longbow radome itself. It wasnt clear if they were AH64Ds or WAH64Ds but they did look real as opposed to c.g.i. models. Has anybody else seen this episode and do Apaches painted in that colour actually exist? I find it hard to believe the BBC would pay to have this done specifically for a two second shot when it has no money to make the next series! I would love to build an Apache in such a colour scheme as there aren't enough alternative colour schemes for the Apache. I already have the Israeli AH64D in their two tone desert camo scheme and this would go nicely alongside it, my Japanese AH64D and my two tone grey ANG AH64A, but only if it did exist for real!
  9. . Thanks for that! I was trying to find that website for that exact reason but couldn't remember its name. I've actually got the PT23 kit winging it's way to me from Japan as we speak but its the exact same instructions. I pretty much know what I need to do but would be nice to see the exact instructions.
  10. Does anybody have a copy of the instructions for the Hasegawa 1/48 07336 AH-64D Apache Royal Netherlands Air Force Special Marking kit that they could post here, please? I don't need the whole thing, just the main rotor assembly with the mount where the longbow radar would normally go. I'm going to build the Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64A/D World Apache kit as the Singapore version and want to build it without the radar, but the instructions I have only show it with the radar fitted.
  11. From what I can gather, the TOW sites on the Iranian AH-1Js were built internally by the Iranians themselves and are still used on their more 'modern' Toufans, just like their latest Toufan 2s that have AH-1S style flat plate canopies and AH-1Z style laser designators, but are obviously still just rehashed AH-1Js. Made me laugh when they released images of these because they claimed they had built a totally new helicopter! May have a go at building one of these if i can source an AH-1Z from somewhere.
  12. I'm wanting to build a South Korean 1/48 or maybe 1/72 AH1J SeaCobra but am struggling to find any decent images. I've managed to find an image of one at a museum in South Korea n have managed to make some decals of the roundels and army hangul (korean symbols) on the boom and numbers on the tail but don't have any images of other markings normally visible on such helicopters. Does anyone have any decent images or know what other markings would be present? Thanks.
  13. . Thats exactly what I wanted! Spot on! Thank you so much!
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