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  1. No way.I can't afford that stuff with my sallary 😄 It is a cheap 20-30$ chineese 0.2mm airbrush.
  2. Thank you Dave.I also finished a KP MiG-23MF last week.It is a bit better than the R.V.Aircraft kit but no significant difference.Still one has to sand and fill and rescribe a lot.
  3. Hello again guys.Here is my latest finished model.The good old testros YF-23.For more details about the build you can take a look at my full video build on youtube on the following link https://youtu.be/TqmQCrkWo9c
  4. Thadeus you are correct.Also there are no resins inside.But the KP plastic is much softer and it can be sanded much easier. Unfortunately I am not filming the MF.I am doing a 1:72 testors YF-23 and filming it at the same time so stay tuned. Regards,Dragan
  5. Thank you guys.I am working on a MiG-23mf from KP at the moment.And it is not much better.really challenging kit to work with.
  6. No worries at all my friend.It all comes to the fact that this kit fits rather poorly.Especially on the back and the front/back fuselage joins.Also the intakes do not fit good.It requires a lot of sanding.I mean A LOT!
  7. Thank you guys. Janman The fit is terrible to say the least.if you have the time watch the youtube video build I posted above the pictures and you will get the idea on it.It fits really bad.It requires a lot of sanding and filling and in the end rescribing and riveting.
  8. Hello Guys.I haven`t posted here in a while.A long while.So what better way to do it than with a fresh newly built model kit and my first youtube video build.I hope you will like what you see. Regards,Dragan
  9. I took those a month ago IMG_8736 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8678 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8614 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8595 by dragan cvetic, on FlickrIMG_8440 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8566 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8494 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8436 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8383 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8327 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8262 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8220 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8147 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8062 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8051 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr
  10. Thank you guys.You really helped out a lot. Regards,Dragan p.s. If anyone has some of theese decals for sale or trade I would be more than glad to get them for you.
  11. Hello guys.I have a sinole question to ask.Who makes 1:72 New Zealand air force TA-4K Decals?I am after either the SEA camo or the lizard one.I have the fujimi doubleseater but just cant find amy decals for it. Thank you. Regards,Dragan
  12. Thanks guys :) @Gremllin I did download this one from airliners.net.
  13. Hello guys.I have been looking for some Peruvian AF photos of their SU-22UM3 aircraft so I can build a 1:72 model for my collection.On the internet there are not that many photos so I would be greatfull if anyone has some to share.I am looking to build either one in the desert camo or in the jugnle/grey green one.I would appreciate your help. Regards,Dragan
  14. Thank you guys.It is a shame there are no aftermarket decals available for this model. Regards,Dragan
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