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  1. I took those a month ago IMG_8736 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8678 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8614 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8595 by dragan cvetic, on FlickrIMG_8440 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8566 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8494 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8436 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8383 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8327 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8262 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8220 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8147 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8062 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr IMG_8051 by dragan cvetic, on Flickr
  2. Thank you guys.You really helped out a lot. Regards,Dragan p.s. If anyone has some of theese decals for sale or trade I would be more than glad to get them for you.
  3. Hello guys.I have a sinole question to ask.Who makes 1:72 New Zealand air force TA-4K Decals?I am after either the SEA camo or the lizard one.I have the fujimi doubleseater but just cant find amy decals for it. Thank you. Regards,Dragan
  4. Thanks guys :) @Gremllin I did download this one from airliners.net.
  5. Hello guys.I have been looking for some Peruvian AF photos of their SU-22UM3 aircraft so I can build a 1:72 model for my collection.On the internet there are not that many photos so I would be greatfull if anyone has some to share.I am looking to build either one in the desert camo or in the jugnle/grey green one.I would appreciate your help. Regards,Dragan
  6. Thank you guys.It is a shame there are no aftermarket decals available for this model. Regards,Dragan
  7. Hello guys.I have this kit from trumpeter in 1:72 and I just can`t find any aftermarket decals for it.The ones in the box are simply afwull.I am looking for some venezuelan,nambian,zimbabwean decals out there.I found the el-presidente decals for it but I can`t source them online.It seems they are sold out.Do you know of any manufacturers out there that still make and sell aftermarket decals for a camoed exotic K-8 karakorum?And If any of you have some spares I would be more than willing to buy them off you. Regards,Dragan
  8. Wow love it.With the decals it looks perfect.Can`t wait to see it finished.
  9. Thank you Tom.Great info.I have never seen a Finger in this configuration of markings.I thought this info was for aicraft that ware mid upgrade/overhaul or something like that.But never thought that an operational aircraft could have this type of markings. Regards,Dragan
  10. Hello to all.I am about to build a 1:72 IAI finger of the Argentine Air Force.I want to build it as a camouflaged aircraft and not in the contemporary GREY low vis scheme.I have several decal options.Mostly assembled from scraps and the spares box.A friend of mine has offered me the high planes decals for the aircraft numbered C-423 and C-429 while I have some Dagger decals for the aircraft numbered C-432.For the last 3 days I have been trying to find some photos of the real things but with no success.The decals that my friend has offered me are really strange for me because I have never seen any fingers with this kind of markings on them.Only two flags and one single serial number on the undersides of the aircraft on the front landing gear main door. Here is the instruction sheet for those two aircraft. The ones I have area actually in the TAN color and are for a dagger.So I was searching the net and I found that the dagger numbered C-432 was actually upgraded to a FINGER IIIB standard and was destroyed shortly after that in an accident of some sort. So my question is there is someone who has some photos of the real things and if do I would be greatfull if you share them here so I can see for myself If I can assemble the correct markings for any of this 3 aircraft.My plan is to convert the AML mirage IIICJ with a HPM leftover nose for the finger and to modify the exaust so I can bring it to mirage IIIE/V standard. Thanks a lot,Dragan
  11. Oh man I love every post you upload.Lovely progress so far.Actually i built one some months ago.The azur model wich is a pleasure to built.like it is not a short run model.
  12. Wow looks awesome.Love the details.I will be building one 1:72 mystere soon so I have been saving all of you progress as a reference point.Thank you for posting the updates.
  13. Hello guys.I am abut to start my amodel BEECHCRAFT C-12J of the Us Airforce.What I need are pics of the cockpit and the seats.And also pics of the landing gear and landing gear wells.I don`t know what color they are.On the internet I did not find much so I would appreciate if anyone is willing to help. Regards,Dragan
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