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  1. Thank you.I am really glad you like it.It is really hard to achieve realistic painting and weathering in 1:72 scale and not make it like an impressionistic painting or somrthing. Regards,Dragan
  2. Thanks Pollie.Yes you are correct it is sitting at Petrovec airbasemI am waiting for the situation with the pandemic to pass and I will go and take photos of the model with the rral thing.
  3. Thank you Janman. The fit is actually bad.Like all those shortrun overpriced kits.But not bad to the extent that you can`t build it.With a bit of patience and brute force you can build it pretty nice.
  4. Hello to all.Here is my latest 1:72 SU-25UB model.If you want to know more you can watch the full build process on the following link https://youtu.be/GRhZYxBl9Zc
  5. Here is my latest full video build for youtube I made during the past 7-8 days.The great eduard MiG-21M/MF.For more details follow the vido link
  6. Hello to all here is my 1:72 MiG-29SE 9.13 of the Sudanese air force.Enjoy the photos and if you like you can watch my full video build on youtube. .H 4
  7. Thank you.I am glad you like it.
  8. No way.I can't afford that stuff with my sallary 😄 It is a cheap 20-30$ chineese 0.2mm airbrush.
  9. Thank you Dave.I also finished a KP MiG-23MF last week.It is a bit better than the R.V.Aircraft kit but no significant difference.Still one has to sand and fill and rescribe a lot.
  10. Hello again guys.Here is my latest finished model.The good old testros YF-23.For more details about the build you can take a look at my full video build on youtube on the following link https://youtu.be/TqmQCrkWo9c
  11. Thank you SakisG.Glad you like it.
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