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  1. Brett, thank you very much. I'm hoping to include as much detail in the write ups as possible without going overboard. The joy in these projects for me comes down to the research and trying to get it as close to what it should be as possible. As for the Green Strawberry items, I'm hoping it'll be very straight forward to use them as that'll be the only thing on this build that'll be straight forward. As I sat watching some episodes again I was also reminded of two different versions of the viper (externally); the actual movie/series prop and the CGI version. The easiest difference
  2. I'm going to try and follow the directions, especially with the dry fitting of parts being just a fun time, I don't want to skip and miss anything. So we start here: Not the cockpit or interior like every other kit I build. Going with step 1b, the first thing that is noticeable with this kit is it's lack of details in certain areas. If one were to assemble the gear legs open with the gear bays exposed, here is what you have: Even with the gear legs installed there is a serious lack of detail here. Now to be fair, try as I might g
  3. Hello folks. Time for me to venture into something completely different... but it was only a matter of time I think. If there is one thing to be known about me it is that I am a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Battlestar Galactica fan. As such I've spent a few years collecting up a kit and various other parts to build my favourite fighter of all time, the venerable Colonial Viper Mk.II. The Kit Moebius came out with a wide line of models back when BSG came back. For those who know the lineage of the models, please feel free to skip ahead. For those who don't, it basically
  4. Nice work so far! Bagotville Airshow! That was a good show. Yes, the pods on the wingtips for the Block III Auroras have been tested and verified again recently, so 300 KTS IAS is the limit. The pods shown in the kit look strikingly similar to the Block II CP-140, which if your friend had retired about 4 years ago would likely have finished on. If there is anything else you'd like for detail info let me know. Unknowingly we may have chatted at that very same airshow, which was an absolute blast; you all treated us very, very well. Cheers, Mark.
  5. The Il-2 was not an elegant aircraft in the slightest. The smooth skin of the Tamiya kit is going to be beaten up accordingly as best as I can to show how these aircraft were put together and flown in combat. Starting with the canopy there is nothing really overly clean about it. It was thick glass, glued together, and held inside a solid frame. It was made to fit. Here is a picture (that again I wish I had the reference for) showing a factory worker putting final touches on the front windscreen: Even museum pieces show the made-to-fit construction (images from: http:
  6. To answer the first question, I did some digging around in a few amazing publications. The primary source being Lotnictwo Polski Ludowej 1944-1947 by Izydor Kolinksi. In this book, the author speaks to great detail about the 6th PLSz, and a few interesting notes come up. The unit flew 134 combat operations in support of the Berlin offensive. Of that, the missions specifically on the 2nd of May were cited as the ones tasked with conducting reconnaissance flights in the region of Fehrbellin and Lentzke. The information provided - including photographic information - was key for both damage asse
  7. Bringing this one back from the dead... Hello everyone. Long time no talk! I'll save all the time and details for another post, but here I am at the desk with this model in hopes of finishing it off. It's been... what... carry the one, add the remainder, divide by the square root of the suns location.... over 3 years! Well, this project has been dusted off and a few things have come to light with trying to make sure I can accurately represent this Il-2 KR in Polish markings. First off, the very first black & white photo posted that was confirmed to be an Il-2KR is
  8. Happy holidays everyone. A bit late, but such is life, right? So I'm going to venture out and try something different for the masters for this kit. Rather than going through the route of making a wooden/clay master and vac-forming the pieces, I'm going to see if there is any viability in using a 3D printer. Having all the measurements I've previously taken, it shouldn't be too difficult to get something up and printed. Pictures soon, I hope! Cheers, Mark.
  9. I honestly cannot believe that in a day and age of 1/32 B-17s, Lancasters and others, with manufacturers making so many unique and rare aircraft as models, that an aircraft like the P-3 platform hasn't been made in 1/48. So many different paint schemes and variants that would be available. This platform would be a gold mine for decal and aftermarket manufacturers as well as for the model manufacturer as well with a single platform being able to be offered in many different variants.... mind boggling why no one would make this! Well, the answer came last night while pouring over th
  10. WOW! Nicely done. I especially like your attention to the smaller details around the engine, as well as the little things (like the pry-bar being black and not red). Well done good Sir, it looks fantastic! Mark.
  11. Thanks Gents. The CMR interior detail set for the traditional P-3 setup is readily available again. As for the Black Dog sets, there are: -1 x engine set (for an inner engine nacelle to be opened up); -2 x engine set (same as above, just 2 of them); -bomb-bay set; -flap set; -radar set; and -Big Set (with all the items) Quick Boost also have come out with a blade and spinner set with an alignment tool. Here is a link to scalemates for a P-3 search in 1/72: https://www.scalemates.com/products/reviews.php?scale=1%
  12. Folks, My sincere apologies. Due to work and a combination of things, models were hung up for a while. I'll be honest, the months kept adding up and I just didn't have it in me at the time to go into a long winded explanation. But, that was then and here is now. SO! It's been what.... 2 years and still no 1/48 P-3C on the horizon eh? A shame, but this build continues. I've recently ordered up the CMR and Black Dog sets for the 1/72 Orion kit. I'm going to use that as a platform for the way ahead with this build. Ultimately the goal is to have the CP-140M in 1/48 sca
  13. I sent them an e-mail asking about it before firing them an order for the sheet. No response for a couple weeks now. Thinking I might just bite the bullet and go ahead and order them. Wish me luck! Mark.
  14. Hi folks, I'm looking for Sheet 1 of the Canuck Models 1/48 CF-100 Canuck sheet (with the Mk. 4b Camouflaged Clunks). I was sent sheet 2 (the all metal skinned Mk. 5 sheet). More than happy to either buy one or trade for one. If you're willing to part ways with it, let me know. Cheers, Mark.
  15. If you happen to have a 1/48 scale set of these decals you're willing to part with, please let me know. Cheers, Mark.
  16. Well that didn't take long at all. Found the Arrow, thank you very much.
  17. Absolutely brilliant work! Watching this one very closely as all your work. If I can't build mine, I can certainly build vicariously through your build thread! Cheers from actually not too far away from you. Mark
  18. Had a complaint from a farmer once when I was out and about. Nothing against farmers, just a fact of this story that this man who approached me was a farmer. I was in my flight suit at Canadian tire picking up some supplies quickly. "One of your aircraft buzzed my field and scared my animals." Now, we do PAR approaches and regular circuits, but this may very well have happened. The old gal might be 35, but kicked up at low level she still screams by (and sounds awesome). So, this may very well have happened. But, as we also have Hercs and other a/c, I was going to be diplomatic as best I co
  19. There are so many face-palm moments that pop up on CBC that I've lost count. But this one, this one makes me laugh.
  20. Reading the news, I came across this article this morning. Honestly, I don't think we could be anymore stereotypical as Canadians with this. CF-18 Hornet Fly-By in Ottawa Spooks Residents Have a great Friday and weekend folks! Mark.
  21. Oh my goodness! I needed that laugh. Thank you so much for posting this... I honestly had tears in my eyes! Cheers, Mark.
  22. Thanks Joel. It's fun, but don't get me wrong, already being away from home for this long, I am looking forward to coming back at the end of this one and just relaxing for a while. But, in the mean time, I fly with my ruler and journal, hahaha. Cheers, Mark.
  23. Brilliant work! Thanks for sharing the how-to and the great advice. Cheers, Mark.
  24. RCAF 1939-1945 mainly (for the military side).
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