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  1. I've only ever used household bleach. Far less caustic than some other methods and a lot faster than using Coke. Typical house hold laundry bleach can remove chrome plating in about 15 minutes.
  2. Regarding Canada Post Hi everyone. So as many may be aware, there is a risk of a Canada Post work stopage beginning next week. According to an email CP recently sent (this afternoon) to all their business account customers, this will be a complete shutdown - no mail service of any kind save for welfare cheques. Canuck Models relies heavily on Canada post. Outside of the 2 or 3 model shows we attend every year, it's the #1 way we get our products to our customers. That means that a work stopage will have an extremely negative effect on our bottom line. I will do our best to fill orders and s
  3. Just FYI, that font doesn't match the drawings. It's way too narrow.
  4. It's not a standard font. The typeset was created by the RCAF specifically for the purpose.
  5. Hello. I know this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for the forward windscreen section of the 1:32 Hasegawa F-86 Sabre. The one I had cracked and can't be repaired. If anyone has one they're not going to use and would be willing to part with it, please let me know. thanks David
  6. Canuck Models is now accepting orders for the 1:72 scale reprints of the CF-100 Canuck decal sets. Set 1 Includes options for 4 squadrons: 419, 425, 440, or 445sqn. Natural Metal or 3 tone camouflage. Set 2 Includes options for 3 natural metal schemes for 409, 428 Sqn as well as the Bald Eagles air demo team. I'm also working on the 419 SQN Hawk 100 demo markings. I hope to have them ready for order early next month. thank you David
  7. Wait... It was the shape of the bomb shown in the last 45 seconds of that movie that broke your suspension of disbelief while watching? You were perfectly okay with a flu that wiped out most of humanity. You were okay with some deity channelling his/her wishes through an old lady in a rocking chair. And you were okay with the physical hand of that same deity coming down from on-high and flicking the switch. But the shape of the bomb itself was totally unexceptable? Given all that, and the fact it was a very low budget 90s TV movie which they probably had better things to spend their resour
  8. I built the Trumpter Tomcat. I only knew that the intakes were a bit off because I was told about them. How long would it take to lengthen the pallets? 15 minutes? They're not a big deal. When finished it absolutely looks like an F-14.
  9. It's a great scheme that references the old Lancaster schemes. Will definitely be looking at this in the 3 core scales.
  10. My build thread from about 5 years ago... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=231813
  11. The lower edge of an intake on an F-14 should have an angle upwards (and outward). The kit is almost parallel to the ground. While it's not really that big of a deal (99.95% of the world doesn't notice or care) for those that are picky it's some that needs to be corrected. The zactoman correction set is amazing and does more than just correct the lower edge shape, but you're on a budget you can correct the problem by putting a small shim plastic on the inner side of the intake trunking. When built onto the rest of the model, the shim will twist the intake down into the correct shape (dependin
  12. This is my 1/32 'Cat from Trumpeter. Aries cockpit, but no other after market parts were used. I was able to correct the intake angle myself and I'm happy with the results. I used out of the box decals (because it was the markings I wanted) and was a bit dissapointed with the print of the small details (which all should be readable at 1/32 scale) but beyond that I thought it was a fun build that kept me busy for about 6 months. Some people report issues painting the rubber 'inflatable bags' behind the swing wings but I ran into no such trouble. I just used off the shelf Tamiya paints.
  13. Canuck Models website can process credit card information from people all over the world so there should be no reason they can't. No modern processing system should have difficulty processing a 'big 3' (Visa, MC, Amex) card from New Zealand. If squadron's card processing system is so ancient that it can't do this, or requires a human to verify data, you probably shouldn't be using them anyway.
  14. Its resolution is kind of low but the need to swap the black toner for white seems a bit odd to me. There's not a lot to go on by just reading their marketing information, but it sounds like you'd have to print your white and colour, then swap out the white toner with black, and then feed the paper through again to print the black? Tricky getting that registration to work on the second pass. Athough I guess they could use 100% CMY to get a dark muddy colour that's sort of black. But with all things CMYK printing, you're still going to be fighting with colour shifting and colour appromation.
  15. For those looking in Canuck's direction, I'd need a lot more in the way of high resolution images. At first glance there's nothing there overlay difficult. The halftone's are not a problem anymore (actually had a japanese manufacture accuse me of offset printing my BoB decals because he couldn't believe I could screen print halftones like that!) so the tail art is doable. But I'd need to see the top of the aircraft and have some high resolution side on shots of the tails. I thought I might be able to at least use the 761 yellow/black artwork for the numbers on the nose, but they're using the
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