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  1. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Thanks, Mike! I will insist, your honour, that I didn't cave in to public opinion. I did it entirely for my own satisfaction... mostly, anyway! Yes, I am happier with the way it looks now. ALF
  2. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Okay, after some gentle prodding, I tried a wingtip fix. Before: And after a bit of sanding and repainting. Not perfect, but a bit better. ALF
  3. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    True, Tony, it does stand out a bit, but in person it is not as bad as the photos so far in the thread make it look. I am a bit concerned that I might make it worse by trying to repair. As you say: "your model, your joy." I truly appreciate the feedback. ALF
  4. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Ah, I see what you mean. Crap. I'm so happy with the gold paint, that I'm not sure if I will correct those two errors. Thanks again for pointing them out, Tony. Any further input before I make more mistakes? 🙂 ALF
  5. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Tony, my lack of intimate knowledge of this airframe is glaringly obvious, isn't it? I can see in this picture that the upper fuselage just forward of the tail does not have a raised section. Oops. Could you please explain what you mean by the small scoop at the RH speedbrake? Thanks for keeping me honest... 🙂 ALF
  6. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Sorry for the long pause. The building continued, but I was quite busy with visits to the kids in Montreal, plus the Rogers Cup Women's Tennis tournament in Montreal, and many other summer pursuits. No posts, but some progress made. Some primer (Tamiya light grey) applied. A coat of Tamiya acrylic gold leaf. This paint is quite nice. The fuel tanks. Wheels Black and silver painted. I used this metallic silver pen for some of it. Here is the glossy silver effect from that pen. More soon, I hope... ALF
  7. Chuck, I absolutely love that painting (and your model, BTW). Actually, the chances of anyone ever admitting he'd done something like that are zero. When in doubt, apply the 4 rules of Flight Safety: Act surprised, Deny everything, Show concern, Offer assistance. Woah! Two jets flew really low past that canoe? No idea how that could happen - I wasn't aware of anyone flying anywhere near there. Was anybody hurt, or drowned when they fell out of the canoe? If I hear anything, I'll certainly let you know! ALF
  8. Welcome back, Chuck! Amazing job on your engine and cockpit. I have this kit, but have been waiting to do it justice. Your build will serve as a fantastic tutorial (as usual) to help future me to do a reasonable job on this superb kit. Looks like your engine needs a 300-hour overhaul (based on the grime on the oil pan), so it's a good thing your engine panels will be removable... 😎 ALF
  9. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Here's a close-up of the reattached wingtip. Love the lines of this jet. This kit is very good; not many gaps, and good fit all around. Landing gear struts installed. Phew. Nose weight sufficient. More pics soon, after some puttying and primer. Thanks for stopping by! ALF
  10. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    After a long pause, I have progress to report. As Snowbird3A said, we now return you to our regularly-scheduled programming. This is the kit's wing. As the discussion was going on about which one it actually was, I chopped the tip off one side, just before my good friend AX_365 advised me not to. Oops. This is right after I chopped off the wingtip on the left side, and was dry-fitting the shortened wingtip. After I was told of my mistake, I glued the two halves of the chopped-off wingtip together, and saw it was not going to be too disastrous. Here is the assembled wing, with the reattached prosthetic left wingtip. A little putty, and it should be OK. In parallel, I was working on the cockpit. Lots of light grey, with black instruments. This particular aircraft started with some black instruments on a grey panel, and was later upgraded to a Garmin glass panel smack dab in the middle. When Mike and I sat in it at the Bagotville airshow, it already had the glass cockpit, but I chose to paint the black instruments on the panel anyway (earlier time period). I also installed the kit seat (which is quite terrible for detail) at this point. Then a wonderful ARCer came through, and sent me a resin seat. Much better! I will work on the seat in parallel, as I do the final assembly and painting of the aircraft. In the middle is the bulkhead that holds the seat rails in place. I will attempt to make it and the resin seat mate and look somewhat like the real thing. Then, installation of a bunch of fishing weights with some crazy glue. Some testing confirmed the seat-back bulkhead will fit in nicely after the fuselage is glued together. The fuselage went together nicely. Not much tape or clips required. ALF
  11. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Always trying to help as usual, aren't you? Why am I not surprised how generous you can be? I'll be OK. I reattached the wingtip I chopped off, and it has left a gap but nothing that cannot be filled with putty and rescribed. I also got my hands on a proper Tutor seat, so it should look OK. Pics to follow soon. Have to go walk the dog now. ALF
  12. ALF18

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Sincere condolences. No other words will do. ALF
  13. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    😨 Oops. I already chopped off one wingtip. I really appreciate the information, Mike! Maybe it's not too late to reattach the original kit wingtips, if I have not damaged them too badly. You keep me properly in check, my friend. ALF
  14. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Thanks, Tony, for the heads up about the pylon placement. I can already see that the tank fins seem different from other Golden Hawks shots I have seen. ALF