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  1. ALF18

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    John, I confess I am really no expert on kit origin, nor on Sabre wings (which I do plan to rectify). I forgot to mention that the kit also comes with corrected wingtips and a bent pitot tube. I'll post some pics of the sprues soon; maybe you can help me confirm the kit's origin. Thanks for looking in. ALF
  2. Hey folks. This is one I bought at a Canadian Aviation Museum. I can't remember for sure, but I think it was the one in Edmonton, at the old Municipal Airport. The gift shop was selling a Revell kit, with resin "sugar scoops" and decals to do the Sabre that Vintage Wings in Gatineau painted up as Hawk One Canada. This is the real thing. A good buddy of mine, pictured here, flew it into the airshow in Bagotville 3 years ago. He allowed me and my good buddy AX_365 to sit in it. The big grin on my face is well-earned. Although the seat is from a Tutor (which Pierre from the above pic, and I, have thousands of hours flying), and the avionics are somewhat upgraded (Garmin), it is still THE classic jet fighter. My Uncle flew these jets, and so did AX_365's wife's uncle. I have been waiting to have adequate free time to do this model, and now with summer finally upon us, it's time. I will be posting some walkaround pics I took very soon. ALF
  3. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Thanks! Thanks, Shawn. Happiness all around on this one. ALF
  4. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Thanks! Yup. I have another one I'll make one day, from Cold Lake (with the LAU 7s on the wingtips). Still haven't decided if I'll buy the Caracal 419 camo bird decals. ALF
  5. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Done! Little Max likes to sniff around and ensure the model is no threat to his domain. Thanks for following along. ALF
  6. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Thanks! Working on final sub-assemblies. First, the HUD. Nice bit of kit PE for the side arms. Happy that the CA glue did not fog the plastic. Canopy time. I traced the det cord outlines with black felt marker. Went a bit light, trying hard not to splooge everywhere. No, that's NOT what she said. 🤣 The AM PE is really nice for the canopy as well. Decal time! Cockpit done. Added the nav lights on the intake sides. Coloured them with magic marker. Love the canopy. Lots of great PE (AM), and decals. For a change, I did some dry-fitting of the HUD before going nuts with the glue and jamming things in place as I often do... I saw that the HUD assembly tended to sit up a bit high for the front windscreen. Instead of chopping out some of the nicely-painted plastic, I decided to remove the bottom plate from the HUD. This allowed the arms to sit down lower. Looks like it will fit now. Canopy and pitot boom in place. Final clear coat brushed on and drying after decals done. ALF
  7. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    I did a bunch of work with the PE for the seats. Lots of detail here. I also installed the wheels. I absolutely love the way Kinetic makes the hubs and tires separately; it allows me to make nice and crisp demarcations between the black tire and the wheel. On its wheels, waiting for gear door installation. Here I have done most of the intake line between the white and blue. Minor touch-ups done since this picture. Future clear coat brushed on. I have dry-fit the canopies to see how they look. I will leave the main canopy open. More progress (decalling) soon. Thanks for stopping by! ALF
  8. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Finally more progress. I did some touch-ups, including the light grey on the front of the tail protuberance. Honestly, I have no idea what this thing does. Anyone know? Fuzzy pic of the two antennae that go on the tail. Easiest to paint these separately, then glue them on after the blue has been done. I worked on the canopy. Did a whole bunch of masking. If you look closely, you'll see that I cut the masking off a bit above/inside where the outside canopy masking is. This will allow me to paint some white on the inside, followed by the black for the inside. The white will then show up on the inside edges of the canopy, just like the real thing. Sprayed the white on the inside and outside (Tamiya white primer), followed by the black on the inside, and the blue on the outside. Before the outside blue, I masked off the white central part. And, here's how it turned out. If you look VERY carefully, you may see some scratch marks where I scraped off some white paint from where I missed a small bit of masking. 😨 I used some toothpaste to fix it, and it doesn't show much after some more work. ALF
  9. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Thanks! Obviously, I tell them for you, Captain... 😏 Glad you appreciate them. ALF
  10. ALF18

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Superb work as usual, John. Your artistic licence looks very convincing. ALF
  11. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Thanks, Mike. Maybe you'll see some nice dark blue Mustangs this weekend... ALF
  12. ALF18

    1/32 Kinetic Hawk NFTC (Moose Jaw)

    Just a quick note after the forums have been fixed. Sprayed the Tamiya light grey primer, and fixed up the gaps around the intakes with putty and sandpaper. Much better. Applied the Insignia Blue (modelmaster acryl). This is my spray bench in the garage. Started hand-painting some details (touch-ups on the white, cockpit grey, etc). Now working on the seats in parallel. Lots of PE, and trying to get the colours right. ALF
  13. ALF18

    1/48 RCAF Hawk

    Nice recovery from the horrible fit. Making a wheels-up version of a kit that is not well designed for it is sporting. ALF
  14. ALF18

    Custom Decal Work?

    Maybe try Fishbone in Malaysia? https://www.facebook.com/Fishbone.Inc/ ALF