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  1. This is where I am now. Instrument panel looking good. I've also glued on the Quinta decal to the seat back, which is a huge enhancement to the kit detail. I painted the seat using the Tamiya red-brown paint called for, and the colour match with Quinta is not bad at all. Thanks for looking - more soon.
  2. The right cockpit sidewall, in progress. Two Quinta decals middle and rear, and a kit part I painted at front (left side in photo). That part, with the three white knobs, is an example of a difference between the A, B, and C variations in this kit.
  3. Here you can see I've scraped off the raised detail below the MIP, so I can put on the Quinta decal that represents it way better than the kit could. I also love the wire bundle poking out of the green part below the MIP. Another Quinta decal. I've never been able to do a Spitfire so well, and so easily. Quinta is well worth the investment. Sorry for the fuzziness of the rudder pedal pic. In a way it illustrates just how small some of the detail is. Quinta provides some green corrugated pedal covers, adding additional realism. In this photo, you can see 3 of 4 installed, with CA glue on t
  4. I painted everything XF-71, Tamiya's interior green. What's nice is I can find the Tamiya acrylic paints at my local hobby shop, and the call-outs are for Tamiya acrylics. Easy peasy. I paid close attention to the versions of Spit. JEJ's is version A, while the others are B or C. Some interior parts vary from version to version. Note how the Quinta MIP has a '33' on it - that's where their decal number 33 goes. Easy to follow.
  5. The Quinta decals are gorgeous. First, I bent the PE and painted the compass. There's a little kit decal that adds a nice touch. Tiny pieces - hard to manipulate.
  6. I was a bit surprised at the Quinta instructions. I've built other models with them (like a 1-48 MiG 21), and their instructions were a little more detailed. I quickly figured it out though. In the first image, you can see the instructions. The kit part numbers are in black, with the format A00. One thing I had to figure out was that the two Tamiya kits have different part numbers for some cockpit parts. No biggie - it's easy to figure out which is which. The blue/green part numbers are the Quinta decals. For example, you see that the backing kit part for the main panel is called JJ5. In
  7. Howdy folks. I'm building this for a friend, who specializes in display models. He's great at painting big airliner stuff on stands, but he preferred to ask me to build this one for him. I searched everywhere for 3D interior decals for the Mk IXc, but they were all out of stock - both Quinta and Red Fox. After some research, though, I found that the cockpits of the Mk IXc and Mk XVI are almost identical. So, I bought two Quinta interior decals for Mk XVI. Why two? Because I have the Mk XVI kit to build. I plan to make it right after this one. I plan to do the cover version. Johnie J
  8. A quick floor polish application, then decals. Calling this one finished. Beside it on the shelf, you can see the other 1/32 contemporary jets I've built - the two-seat Italeri, a Belcher Bits conversion to F-5A from F-5E, and an Academy CF-18B. ALF
  9. It's not perfect, but I am relearning techniques to foil properly. I will be focusing on proper technique for some later builds, like some CF-104s from that great 1/32 Italeri kit. I painted the nav and anticollision lights with permanent Lumocolor markers.
  10. All right! Superbowl is over. I've also gotten out from under a pile of work, so had a bit of time for modelling. Yes, I'm supposed to be retired - but my old Aviation College made me an offer I can't refuse to teach online from home. These days, easy money when working from home is nothing to sneeze at, especially when models are begging to be bought... 🙂 It has taken me a long time to foil this one, because it's huge (that's what she said). I did most of it with the shiny side of the foil up, because I love shiny jets. On the bottom, the painted patches get nicely framed
  11. I absolutely love those decals. I have a bunch (Quinta, other brands) that I will use for kits that matter to me (F-104, CF-18, etc). You've done a great job on these ones. ALF
  12. I'll be watching this as well. I've built a couple Italeri in 1/32 and love the kit. By 'deleted' the original panels, I see you've removed the raised detail in preparation for the Quinta Studios decals. How did you do it? Sandpaper? Scraping with a knife? ALF
  13. Cool. I sometimes go to Ottawa, so I might just use the pick-up option there. Thanks Dave. ALF
  14. Thanks for the tip. Good price on the adhesive... but the shipping is $20+ CDN. The place I ordered from has a flat rate of $10 for shipping, and free shipping for orders over $60 CDN. I will browse around more on greathobbies.com to see if I can find cheaper shipping for future orders. Do you pick up orders at the store? They're close to where you live. ALF
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