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  1. Wow! I absolutely love the new-tool Airfix 1/48 Stuka I am building. This kit looks like the same kind of quality. Well done, Airfix. ALF
  2. Whatcha gonna build?

    No problem. We all understand that real life often gets in the way of hobbies. I completely understand. Nice of you to try, anyway! ALF
  3. Airfix Fairey Firefly

    I sympathize with your weather in VT. Just subtract a further 10 to 15 degrees C, and you get our weather here. I recall flying into Burlington from Bagotville to fight against the ANG F-16s in the fall. We would take off from here, fight in airspace to the NorthEast of Burlington, then land for debrief, lunch, and brief, before doing it again then recovering back in Bagotville. Those guys from the 158th were super nice and great in flight as well. It would be snow-covered here, and the leaves were still on the trees with a beautiful clear blue fall sky and green grass in Burlington. It's not Florida, but it beats the weather we've had in Eastern/Central Canada for the last several years! Looking really nice. Great job on the paint. ALF
  4. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    I love it! Great choice of subject, and well done. ALF
  5. You can do it, Mike! Great job so far. Only a bit more and it's done. ALF
  6. Hobbyboss 1/72 CF-18A 425 Sq CAF

    Perseverance pays off! Congrats on getting it done with almost a week to spare. That is one of my favourite schemes. ALF
  7. Thanks, Mike... and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Even that idiot dog. ALF
  8. Wait until you see it in person. I just have to paint the canopy actuator and package it all up for you. Sending you an email tomorrow with more details. ALF
  9. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    This is a 1/32 Academy built as the 2015 CF-18 Battle of Britain demo jet. It's a "barter" build; I'm sending it to a display model collector/builder who sent me a beautiful 1/50th Challenger 604 display model. I have deliberately left the canopy loose, because my customer (Roundrobin) will be receiving this shipped in a box across Canada to Vancouver Island. I'll leave it to him to glue the canopy in its open position. When I sent a 1/48 Hornet to the foothills of the Rockies for another friend last summer, the canopy broke off despite my best efforts at protecting it in the open position. Luckily he had some skills as well to fix that. ALF
  10. This one is done, with only 10 days to go in the Group Build. I have deliberately left the canopy loose, because my customer (Roundrobin) will be receiving this shipped in a box across Canada to Vancouver Island. I'll leave it to him to glue the canopy in its open position. When I sent a 1/48 Hornet to the foothills of the Rockies for another friend last summer, the canopy broke off despite my best efforts at protecting it in the open position. Luckily he had some skills as well to fix that. Thanks for all the encouragement, folks! ALF
  11. Thanks! You might like it more when you see this update. Thanks, Neo. It's all thanks to Mike's tip on the medical tape. :) I have no idea if it has the Canadian gear or not. We'll see when you receive the big boxes we just co-ordered; given they are the ABCD box, fingers crossed. Aw, shucks, Al. Partly true. Also true for many of the scale modeling (not display models like you do) gang. Amazing how much of an eye for detail we modelers have! Update time. As we left off, the major painting and touch-ups were done. I did some detail painting, added a few antennae and other things, and gloss-coated prior to the decaling. Note the ID light panel has been left off. The plan for this is to gloss coat it, cut the decal that straddles it and the electrical panel ahead of it on the left side fuselage, then spray the dull coat over the ID light panel. After the dull coat dries, I will install the transparency (to avoid having to mask it), the ID light itself, and only then glue the panel in place after the rest of the lower grey colour has been dull coated. For the tail art, I started with this decal. The two lines going up to the top tore off, and I added them afterward. For the other side, I chopped those lines off pre-emptively, and added them later. Some things I did on the detail painting: the grilles just ahead of the nozzles I did with silver paint, then toned down with HB pencil to leave some silvery colours in there as well. I also painted the bottom of the light wells (near the LEX fences and under the wings and on the wingtips) silver, followed by red or green. Nearing the end of decaling. The tail decals must be applied in order: triangular artwork, then the flag, then the tail number in yellow, then the formation light. At the end, I applied the Wing identifiers at the tops. I also left off the horizontal stabilators until just this stage, to facilitate painting and decaling. Now for one of the most finnicky parts, the HUD. I glued the large transparency to one of the side braces, and let it dry. Then I glued the other side brace in place, and finally added the smaller transparency (just visible at the top left of the photo). I took this picture after gluing the first side in place, and letting it set. After the decals were done, I applied another gloss coat to the top camouflage (carefully avoiding the light grey, so it would remain dull after spraying the Testors Dull Coat on it). I then added the remaining transparencies and antennae. I also installed the rubber tires (love that part of this kit!). Pretty much done. Finished pics in next post. ALF
  12. Using AX_365's patented (used under licence) medical tape method for masking camouflage. This tape is wonderful! I added a bit of red to the XF-59 brown (Tamiya). This is the scariest stage. Never sure if it will have bled a lot, and look terrible... Wow! Super happy with the result. Only a few very minor touch-ups needed here and there. Note how I have left out the gun port. I paint that part separately, and install it at the end. Makes for clean lines. Looking a bit better. Some hand-painted touch-ups. Lots of work done prior to this pic. Detail painting (ECM and RWR antennae on tail, GPS bump, nozzles, etc). I used the clear nose cone for the HARM from the kit for the GPS dome antenna. This kit does not come with it. Hand-painted black on the canopy undersides. I also used a silver metallic pen to do the surfaces of the 3 mirrors. Seat glued in place. I used a little piece of masking tape to add the fabric shroud around the back of the ejection handle. Our Canadian seats were different at the time, and had this little loop cover. I've dry-fit the front canopy piece. It will need some paint touch-ups to cover the black showing under the canopy. Also, note I have dry-brushed some metallic grey on the cockpit sills. These are typically quite scuffed up on the fleet. Up on its gear, almost ready for clear coating then decals. Deadline is fast approaching, but I have more time to get this done since all my exams are marked. Thanks to those who are watching and commenting. ALF
  13. Lots of progress made, very few posts. Things have been very busy around the ALF household the last two weeks. Here are the gaps that resulted under the intakes. Not too hard to fill, and I much rather have them here than around the sides. I also installed the centreline pylon. This demo jet flew around a lot with a luggage pod, and it went to England with 3 tanks. The centreline was present for most of the show season. This little pylon causes very little drag; the wing pylons are horrific for drag. Arrestor hook assembled. I tend to do this last before priming with the Tamiya Light Grey primer, and I leave off the exhausts because they are easier to paint when not installed at this point. I've also installed the TEF and ailerons. One small complaint about this kit is the inconsistent angle between the TEF and ailerons. As they bleed down after engine shut-down, they sometimes end up a bit at odd angles (like here), but eventually settle down to the same 45 degree droop. The kit's landing gear is detail-rich. Here I've spray-painted them white Tamiya primer, and I've also started to paint the ceramic tiles inside the nozzles. I used metallic silver pen for the bare metal on the gear. Here are the interiors of the nozzles. I used some dark brown paint on top of the desert yellow, as well as some HB pencil to add the black, plus a bit of dry-brushing. Assembled nozzles. Need some minor touch-ups to the metallic grey (Tamiya). Installation of the vertical stabs, with my high-tech brace. I use the LEX fence angles as a guide for their angles. These resin parts fit fairly well, but not as beautifully as the kit parts. I have now primed the beast, using Tamiya Light Grey, followed by white Tamiya primer in the wheel wells. I tried spraying the false canopy using the Canuck Models masks, but that didn't work out so well... I also painted the red borders on the gear doors. Here I have masked in preparation for the top camouflage colours. LOTS of tape! Just sprayed the interior white in the wheel wells. Used about 3 light coats for this. Yeesh! Not so happy with this situation. More in next post. ALF