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  1. Thanks Shawn for the confirmation. I've been struggling with the fuselage joins now. Got out my CA glue, and glued the front/top of the nose section. Underneath, this is what happens. After the front set, I attacked the portion just aft of the cockpit. Hopefully that will set nicely, and I can continue later. Now, to head to the apartment complex's pool! It's 31C, feels like 37. Perfect pool weather. ALF
  2. Before I glued the fuselage halves together, I had an overnight flash. Some people obssess about their lives and relationships at 3 am... I think about my latest model. Here is what I thought about. This is the nose gear bay, assembled according to the kit instructions. Have a good look at the little sockets at bottom left. I had a dim memory of something being not quite right when I built this kit the first time, several years ago, but at 3 am it kept evading me, until I remembered. The little sockets were intended to receive the side tabs on the nose gear strut! Here i
  3. Now that the cockpit is in place, I decided to work a bit on the intakes before gluing the fuselage together. Remember I mentioned that the kit parts are not numbered? Well, I noticed that there were two very similar parts. The upper one, dry-fit on the fuselage, is the one for the T-33. The lower one is for the F-80. You can see that the T-33's is longer, the extra length for the rear seat. I tossed the two short parts into the bin. BTW, both the T-33 and F-80 parts fit very poorly into the fuselage side. Taking Mike Millette's advice from his Hobby Scale b
  4. Good job! Love that Lethbridge demo pose... 🙂 ALF
  5. Nice job, Shawn. I'm happy it fit reasonably well. Of course, with your skills, you're always able to make it work. ALF
  6. Small hijack of my own thread. I did some searching for other in-progress threads, to see how other people addressed some of the problems with this kit's assembly. I stumbled on this one, which I will read more carefully. https://www.hyperscale.com/2010/features/t3332mm_1.htm#:~:text=The T-33 was built,schemes were just about endless. Of particular interest to me is the part about the intake assembly, since I know this is a problem in this kit. ALF
  7. Next troublesome fit - the nose wheel well. The kit's plastic is somewhat recessed, giving a possible clue as to where exactly the wheel bay should go. The problem is that it doesn't fit snugly into these recesses, and could be glued in at multiple angles and in many little variations of positioning. Dry fitting to see... I finally applied some glue, and will try this. Next step, after it solidifies, is to see if the two fuselage halves fit nicely with this part in this position. If not, I'll use more Tamiya Extra-Thin glue to unseat it and corr
  8. Just got my little envelope from the Plastic Models Store in Kyiv. Three Quinta Studios cockpit decals. They arrived in great shape, well packed, with a nice little business card inside. Nice to see they are still in business. I will definitely order from them again soon. ALF
  9. I brush Future on both before and after decal application, over top of kitchen foil AND Alclad finishes. It does a good job, and doesn't change the sheen. Here is kitchen foil: And Alclad: ALF
  10. The tail pipe. Ugh. I mentioned earlier that this kit has no locating pins, and that fit is not ideal in some areas (as you've heard from at least one follower of this thread as well, so it's not just me). I did some dry-fitting with the tailpipe assembly, and found that it caused the rear fuselage to have a gap at the bottom. I chopped off some of the thick ridge around the front-most portion of the tailpipe, and here's what it looked like. Careful scrutiny will show that there is still a too-tight fit at the rear end, due to the thickness of that ring at the back part. I di
  11. I experienced the same thing updating my in-progress thread for the big T-33. Multiple failures with text and imgur embedded links. After a few tries, it wouldn't even load the ARC forum pages at all. I tried using Chrome and Edge, same result. After 2 hours of doing something else, I tried just a one-liner of text and it worked. I could then add images and text by copying them from the Word doc where I had pasted my long original post that kept failing. No, I didn't start with Word. I typed text into the field, added imgur links, more text, another link, etc. Only after it failed and Chr
  12. Here's the small ridge that the cockpit sidewall sits on. Putting together this whole tub was a bit of guess-work, because there was no definitive angle to set the rear wall (no locating pins or grooves). Looks like I got lucky with the angle I chose. Rear view. Front portion. Now to paint the black on the back of the instrument panels, and assemble the tail pipe and paint the nose gear bay. ALF
  13. Okay, so one image and text at a time is working... if this keeps up, it will become annoying to post anything here. Here I've added the instrument panels. I still have to paint the tops and backs of those panels black. Control sticks are installed. The hand grips look a bit odd, but they're close enough. Not the same as the Canadian ones. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. It's a very grey day here, and natural light is very muted. Dry-fitting of the cockpit into the right-hand fuselage half. Yes, the seats are buried rather deep into the fuselage. In reality, they can be ra
  14. Monday morning update with cockpit progress. Seats are installed, along with the right-hand side wall.
  15. Monday morning update. Running into server errors, so here's a test post with no images. ALF
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