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  1. Hi Ken, I came across this build because I'm building the same kit and I was wondering if those propellers are already available on ebay. I managed to get one looking "rightish", but not the other...
  2. Hey Finn, I thought about it, but I'm guessing the jets carried fuel tanks under each wing. I'm not sure I can do the 5 JDAM configuration with the fuel tanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll add all the pylons to the kit, then. I'm still looking for a possible load out but I'm leaning towards something like this.
  4. Hi guys, I'm about to paint my GWH 1/72nd F-15E and already have the Two Bobs decals for it. The Two Bobs instructions mention several bombs and missiles that were used in these missions, but no specific load out possibilities. Can you guys help out? Also, are CFT side pylons (I don't know the station number for these) placed even when no bombs are carried on these pylons?
  5. Thanks for the post. I'll probably make my own mix of silver and some light Grey.
  6. Hi guys, I just got a Dora Wings Bf109A/B and I wanted to build it as an A model during the Spanish Civil War. The instructions call for "Silberweiss", but I'm not sure what this colour looked like or how to obtain it. I don't think it was just plain silver, according to some builds I've seen online. Would it look like the modern RAL 9006 (White Aluminium? Maybe a bit lighter. Any idea? TIA, Ricardo
  7. Yes, they do. But they have so many I'm not sure which set I should get for this particular aircraft.
  8. Found the reply on Facebook : http://www.ak-masters.com/app/pdf/RC_RLM_02_66.pdf
  9. Hi guys, I have just received AK Real Colors paint set #61 "Luftwaffe WW2 Interior Colors" as well as their book regarding aircraft colours. The set includes two versions of RLM02. One is labelled 1938 and is a very light green, while the other, labelled 1941, looks more to what I'm used seeing when looking at RLM 02 paints (not to mention a third RLM 02 in their armour range labeled as RAL 7003 - RLM 02). The same goes for their RLM 66. Again, two versions. The 1938 is dark gray, while the 1941 is a dark green. The book itself does not explain these discrepancies (IMHO, the book about armour is much more complete and more informative than this one about aircraft). To this date, I had never seen these two shades of both RLM02 and RLM66. Does anyone have any information regarding these colours that I might have missed? EDIT: The book does mention a change in the RLM02 colour chip in 1941, but what I said before still stands. The colour issued by AK Interactive as their "1941 RLM02" (RC266) looks much more like the RLM02 I've seen since I started building aircraft than the one labelled "1938 RLM02" (RC265),
  10. Hi Guys, I'm due to receive Revell's Bf109G-6 in 1/32nd scale and I was wondering which type of aftermarket wheels I should get for it. I'll be making the Yellow 1 (Hartmann's) scheme from EagleCals. Also, are there any other changes I should be taking into account when using Revell's kit to model this particular aircraft?
  11. Hmm... I ended up buying Eduard's 49076 set (in grey). The store has more types in stock (also in green) so I'll take a look, but I think I've seen an F-4S seat with grey belts, but it could be another version.
  12. Hi Larry, I'm still thinking if I should get it or not. Not because I don't think it will look better, but because I'm not sure if I want to saw a kit that costs almost 100 dollars (95 Euros here in Spain). That's a lot of money for me and I already feel a bit guilty about having bought the kit instead of saving the money 😑 Since the only people that will see the finished kit, apart from me, won't even know the name of the airplane, much less that it has a fuselage error, I think I can live in silence, knowing deep inside me that it's not accurate. Regarding the seat belts, I have just realised what Mingwin said. The HGW and Eduard sets are alike, but the Eduard ones are pre-painted.
  13. Cool. I didn't know this brand until now.
  14. HGW? I'm not sure which brand is that. Could you send a link to the product?
  15. Since the Zoukei Mura F-4S doesn't come with seatbelts, I was looking at the Eduard range, but I'm not sure if they are usable in the ZM kit, since they're made for the Academy kit (but I'm guessing they should, as it's just seat belts). Should I get the green or grey ones? I've seen photos with both. Best regards, Ricardo
  16. Hi guys, Is the GWH F-15C Oregon ANG a pre-MSIP II Eagle? Can I build an 80s jet OOB (with different decals, of course)? Thanks in advance, Ricardo
  17. Awesome! I have just ordered mine too.
  18. Hi all, before spending my money on the Hobby Boss A-10 in 1/48th, I was wondering if it's possible to backdate it to a pre-LASTE Warthog (circa 1985-86) and if there's an online list of changes/cuts/adds I'd have to do. Thanks in advance, Ricardo
  19. Thank you very much, Nikolay! Regarding the accuracy, I can't comment much other than the typical "it looks like a Tu-128", as I'm not an expert on this subject.
  20. Not to hijack the thread, but can the HB kit be backdated to a pre-LASTE Warthog?
  21. Yeah, you're right. I'll keep trying to find more photos of that particular aircraft. If I come up with nothing, I'll just have to take some "artistic liberty" and build it with the rudders as they are 😄
  22. True, but at this rate, it's more likely we'll see my dog producing an accurate F-14 made of clay than AMK releasing its F-14 (accurate).
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