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  1. Hello Knowing it's going to be almost impossible, if there's anyone who has the 1/48 Cutting Edge EF-111 Triple Plow seamless intakes and willing to part with, please PM me, willing to pay good price for it! Thanks
  2. Hello Need the instructions for Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18F, electronic copies will do.abd willing to pay some cost for doing so. Please PM me if can help Thank you and happy weekend
  3. Hello I am looking for the out of prodcution 1/35 Verlinden Mi-24 Hind E Cockpit set to go with my old Trumpeter kit. If there's anyone who has in his/hers stash and willing to part with, price can be negotaited. Please kindly PM me. Thanks very much DLJ
  4. Dlj60

    CD72066 - 1/72 KC-135R Part 2

    Hello Kursad Just like to know when will you start shipping the KC-135R part 2 set .I already complete the payment. Also try to advance ordering the C-135 general set but cannot,.can you tell me when I can do so? Thanks and with kind regards Duke
  5. Dlj60

    1/48 AC-130H/U

    Great and thanks for the reply! Best regards Duke
  6. Dlj60

    1/48 AC-130H/U

    Hi Kursad Sorry for asking again just like to know if there's any chance releasing any versions of the 1/48 AC-130 decals? Thanks and with kind regards Duke
  7. Dlj60

    1/48 AC-130H/U

    Hi Kursad May I kindly ask if there's any chance of releasing a 1/48 AC-130H/U decals sheet? I'm pretty sure there are a lot of modelers wanting this...... Thanks and with kind regards Duke
  8. Hello Anyone who has the 1/48 Italeri AC-130U instruction sheet and willing to send me a electronic copy? I have a kit in my stash and planning to build it but found that the instruction sheet is misssing. I am willing to pay for it and so please PM me. Thanks
  9. Dlj60

    CD72073 - 1/72 B-2A Spirit

    Great, already ordered the modelcollect kit and waiting it release next month.
  10. Hello I am looking for the GF7271 1/72 B-1B Deluxe Cockpit Set by UMM-USA, if anyone have in stash and willing part with, please kindly PM me. Thank you
  11. Hello I am looking for the Hasegawa 1/48 SH-3H Sea King Desert Storm Kit Decals, if there's anyone who has this old kit in stash and willing to part with the decals, please kindly let me know by PM. Thank you
  12. I would like to know if anyone have the Hasegawa 1/48 S-3H Desert Storm kit decals and will part with it. Thank you
  13. Hello I wonder if there's someone who is willing to part with the 1/350 WEM Pro 3507 USN CVN Carrier Anchors set. Please kindly PM me if there's an offer. Thanks very much D
  14. Dlj60

    1:350 Modern Aircraft Carrier Hangar Decals

    Hello I wonder if you will do me a set for Kitty Hawk first, I believe the airwing is CVW 1, with Super Hornet F/A-18E/F..... Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great weekend!