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  1. Hi Am looking for the 1/32 Caracal A-10C Part 1, please PM me if there is any offer. Thanks very much
  2. Jake Will definitely pre-order it once you list in your website!
  3. Got my Modern Hog Guide 2nd Edition and it's just awesome! But it's a pity that the lower corner edge of the book was a bended.....
  4. Intetested in Polygon walkaround SU-25 and TU-95, please PM me
  5. Looking forward to receive the New Hog Guide soon......... Thank you for all the hard works in getting this new Hog Guide done, Jake!
  6. Hello I am looking for 1/32 Tamiya F-15 pilot, can be from C or E. Thanks
  7. Thanks very much for the info! Cheers
  8. Hello I am looking for a 1/32 Black Box A-10 Cockpit Set, anyone out there has one and willing to sell? Thanks
  9. Jake, I Just placed my order! Cheers
  10. Great and will place order avcordingly!
  11. Oh well, I am looking for a B-1...........
  12. Just saw this and want to know if you still looking for a B-52D?
  13. I just realised that my Lock on Su-27 was lost and need this book for my 1/32 Su-27B build, anyone willing to sell please kindly let me know Thanks Dlj60
  14. Jake Just like to know when the 2nd edition Hog Guide will start taking pre-order Thanks Dlj60