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  1. I know I've been asking several times already, but just like to know any chance in releasing 1/48 AC-130 Gunship decals soon? It can be A, C or other models. Thanks Duke
  2. Hello I know I'm outdated but may I kindly ask if this 1/48 D-21 Drone still available? Would like to get one if possible. Thanks and with kind regards Duke
  3. Hi John I am trying to build my F-117 and your work was just awesome! I would like to use your work as reference to my build especially the bomb bay but I just noticed that some pics were deleted! May I kindly ask if any chance I can retreat the pics so that I can follow the build? Thanking advance for your kind attention and assistance. With kind regards Duke
  4. Hi Hotdog I just came across with this topic and I have 2 1/72 space shuttles in my stash because I do not like the tile decals I bought before, may I kindly ask if you have already start selling the Tiles sheet now? Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon. With kind regards Duke
  5. Hello I am looking for the 1/48 Tamiya F-14 Pilot and RIO, if there's anyone who can spare please kindly PM me. Thanks and with kind regards D
  6. Thanks Gary Sorry for the mistake on the tire manufacturer! Will place order with SB accordingly. With kind regards Duke
  7. Hi Gary I also need to order the F-15E Wheel sets and would like to know the differences between Michelin and Dunlop, is Michelin belongs to the more recent newer F-15Es? Thanks for your help With kind regards Duke
  8. Thanks Gary I already left a email notice at SB for your GTR32015, once is arrive and I will order it immediately! Thanking again for your kind attention and deeply appreciated. With kind regards Duke
  9. Hi Gary May I kindly ask if your 1/32 ALQ-128 has already discontinued or just temporary out of stock? I can't find it at Sprue Brothers. Thank you and with kind regards Duke
  10. Dlj60

    1/48 AC-130H/U

    Hi Kursad Any chance in releasing the AC-130 decals this year..... Thanks and with kind regards Duke
  11. Hi I am planning to work on my 1/32 Trumpeter F-105G and looking really hard for the out of production 1/32 F-105 Big Ed #32113 exterior set of the Big Ed super set #3206, if there's anyone who has in the stash and willing to spare, please kindly PM me. Thanks D
  12. Hello Like to know if there's anyone who still has the 1/32 Eduard Big Ed #32113 and willing to spare? Thanks Duke
  13. Hello

    I am planning to work on my old Monogram 1/72 B-52D and converting it to B-52H Late.

    After checking on the forums, I think the best conversion kit is the Cutting Edge and of course it was long time OOP.

    Then I ran into one of your old message in early 2010 and you mentioned you had 4 sets of CE at that time, so I just like to try my luck and check if you will by chance still have any left.

    Thanks and with kind regards


  14. Hello Knowing it's going to be almost impossible, if there's anyone who has the 1/48 Cutting Edge EF-111 Triple Plow seamless intakes and willing to part with, please PM me, willing to pay good price for it! Thanks
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