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  1. Oh well, I am looking for a B-1...........
  2. Just saw this and want to know if you still looking for a B-52D?
  3. I just realised that my Lock on Su-27 was lost and need this book for my 1/32 Su-27B build, anyone willing to sell please kindly let me know Thanks Dlj60
  4. Jake Just like to know when the 2nd edition Hog Guide will start taking pre-order Thanks Dlj60
  5. Hi Ken Thanks for asking but I already have the kit, the Cutting Edge decal and the Furball masks, only missing is the cockpit set. With kind regards Dlj60
  6. Hello I would like to know if anyone have the 1/32 Linden Hill #32002 SU-27B Flankers on Patrol and is willing to sell it, or if it has not been all used and has left overs enough for building one aircraft? Thank you Dlj60
  7. I just bought a very expensive used 1st edition last Nov of the Hog Guide but still going to order this 2nd edition!
  8. Hi Harald Are you able to check about the 2 sets yet? Please PM me Thanks n regards Dlj60
  9. Hi Harold Thanks very much and I will wait for you! Have a great weekend Duke
  10. Hi there Im looking for 1/48 Avionix/Blackbox EF-111 and F-111F cockpit sets Thanks n regards Dlj60
  11. Hello I am looking for the 1/32 Yellowhammer F-14D Decal, actually I posted the WTB 1/32 F-14D decal on Feb 28 and there was one reply from Dann but the mail went to Spam in my mailbox! I have replied today but then I accidentally delected the reply. So if you see this post, Dann, will you give me a reply? Thank you and with kind regards Dlj60
  12. Hi Brian I am interested to purchase your Huges 500 but I do not have the Tamiya Zero, will you let me know how much you would like to sell it? Or do you prefer me to buy the Zero and send it you for exchange? With kind regards Dlj60
  13. Hello I am going to build the Trumnpeter 1/32 F-14D and depserately looking for decals, anyone who has spare ones and willing to sell will be deeply appreciated. Thanking in advance and with kind regards Dlj
  14. Hello If there's anyone who has the 1/32 Tamiya F-14A Black Knight Weapon Pallets (Parts no. D14/25) in stock and willing to sell, please kindly let me know. Thank you and with kind regards Dlj