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  1. The final display. Turned out better than I had hoped.
  2. Progress is slow but steady on this. Layout is set, now to take this and drill the actual base.
  3. This began as a simple rebuild of the old Monogram History Makers Missile set, then I got the bright idea to add the missiles from the original Missile Arsenal release and then even more bright ideas to add a few more that were missing. 61 models total. Keeping them all to the odd 1/128th scale. The additions are commissioned CADS and 3D printed. All markings are custom created and printed. Just need to finish the base and get them all on display. What was I thinking....
  4. As the title states, I'm looking to trade this Fisher 1/32 X-1A/B for the Fisher 1/32 RB-51 'Red Baron' Mustang Reno racer kit. The X-1A kit has been opened for inspection and photos only. All parts are sealed in their original bags. Any questions, drop me a note at: fotodude (at) sbcglobal (dot) net Tony
  5. Those tanks look great. Not sure if these help, but here they are anyways.
  6. As the title states, I would like to find the Snark, Matador and Regulus II from the original (odd 1/128th scale) Monogram Missiles kit. Prebuilt or even resin copies are fine with me. If you have one or all you're willing to part with, please let me know. Thanks, Tony fotodude (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
  7. Although these aren't specific to 1/72 scale, these older SCA threads might be of some use:
  8. Anyone have detailed info on this scheme?
  9. It appears that the first YF-17 did have the Top Gun sticker applied to the tails at the end of it's flight career.
  10. The front adapter was bolted to the shuttle first, then attached to the SCA. Here are a couple views to give you an idea on shape. Tony
  11. Muroc Models makes the AQM-37C in 1/48th as well as the different launch pylons. http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/price_list.pdf
  12. I am looking for a couple of the Testors/Italeri1/72 scale F-19 and Mig-37 and Monogram 1/72 F-19 Stealth kits for a friend who is working on a fictional diorama. If you have one you're willing to part with, please drop me a note at fotodude (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.Thanks
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