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  1. I have taken to inserting steel rod (0.020") into fragile protuberances (drill into to body of the antenna and a receiving hole) then using both CA and plastic glue to hold it in place (eg harrier wind vanes, vertical antenna, small vents with no real locating surface etc). This gives the joint a lot more strength and rigidity - almost impossible to knock off because in order to do so the steel has to rip out of the plastic. Not sure if that would work for 1/144 scale. Graham
  2. Thanks - yes the pictures are 90 deg off - I couldn't figure out how to rotate! Graham
  3. Takom's Sea Dart (used by the Royal Navy) was a fun step aside from a bunch of aircraft. The kit itself is nicely detailed and builds up into a great looking display. I decided to go with one missile on the launcher with the other having been fired off. The missiles were painted with Mr. Color and MRP paints. The launcher and base are White Ensign Models Colourcoats. Weathering was done with oils. Always fun to weather a naval subject - you can barely go wrong! I added MIG non-skid paste to the base and for what appears to be leak sealing around the doors that I saw in pictures from the
  4. Thanks for the nice comments! I agree that the Harrier definitely got better looking with age.
  5. Thanks - it was pretty simple really. Pulled some gauze into a wispy shape then sprayed some Woodland Scenics glue on it a few times, bending and rolling as I went. Also used a brush to paint streaks with glue then sprinkled Woodland Scenics snow over and shook off the excess.
  6. I've used them a couple of times and I really like them. They work a treat. They are easy to trim to whatever size you need. Graham
  7. Here’s a few pics of the Hasegawa Harrier GR.9 (ZD320) assigned to BAe for testing and evaluation purposes. The Vingtor decals for this were used, as were some kit plus the Eduard GR.7/9 stencil set. Also used Eduard’s TIALD Pod (with a pylon made from the strake) and GR.7 Cockpit Details; Reskit GBU-24s and AIM-9M; and L’Arsenal’s Paveway IV. Metallic Details weighted wheels and gear detail PE were added too. I had a bit of trouble with the canopy - originally I intended to use the Phase Hangar det cord, but somehow ended up with some residual glue on the plastic which needed t
  8. Reedoak has some nice figures http://reedoak.com/#!/US-Army/c/72627697/offset=10 Didn't see a standing crew chief but maybe one of the other figures could work for you. Graham
  9. Here’s some pics of my recently completed Harrier GR.5 in the Pegasus 11-61 (up-powered engine) livery – decals by Vingtor. To add some interest I integrated the GR.7 engine from Blackdog with my premise being that the engine as trialed in the GR.5 before being used in the GR.7. The engine is a pretty good drop in fit and while I was worried about how to paint it the process went pretty easily with a fine paint brush. Also used an Aires MB 12 ejection seat, some PE from a GR.7 upgrade set (Eduard) and Metallic Details detailing set for wheels and cockpit. Also used the weighted
  10. I've got a bagged Monogram harrier kit (#5420) you could have - no charge except shipping. Graham
  11. Those came out so nice - you're going to have to market those suckers! What an incredible amount of thought and effort you've put into this. Graham
  12. Good morning, Gary - I was wondering if you still had this kit available for sale? Graham
  13. Wow - that's a great solution for those pesky slats! I think they also use those on the outboard side - so flat on the inboard, cambered on the slat between the engines and outboard of the engine.
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