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  1. Long shot request! Anybody got this set and willing to sell it? Model Alliance No. MA-48186 U.S. Coast Guard Choppers Pt II (HH-3F Pelican and HH/MH-60J Jayhawk) https://www.scalemates.com/kits/model-alliance-ma-48186-us-coast-guard-choppers-pt-ii--619465 Thanks! Graham
  2. Awesome - really great paint and weathering. Lovely scheme as well! Graham
  3. Here’s Vargas’ 1/35 M777-A2 155mm Towed Medium Howitzer (vargasscalemodels.com) – it’s a 3D Printed model – the first I’ve tackled as a whole set. Overall the detail is really excellent and the end result is definitely impressive – I never appreciated just how big these guns actually are – and the coordinated manpower required to operate them. Being essentially a cottage kit – the instructions are sparse and there is generally a lack of
  4. Just received John's DJRP pods and CRV7s - absolute masterpieces! Thanks so much for creating these!! Graham
  5. L'Arsenal 2.0 did make some Paveway IVs in 1/48 scale - there's some at https://the48ers.com/paveway-iv-smart-bomb-x-2.html They are OK but a bit tough to clean up and paint. Having some printed ones would be ideal!!
  6. I just received this in the mail today - it's absolutely gorgeous - such an incredible piece of work! John is an exceptional craftsman and his professionalism is clearly on display here. This will make the Trumpeter GR7 buildable! Graham
  7. Years ago I scratch built a Surveyor 3 (https://www.arcair.com/Gal10/9301-9400/gal9388-Surveyor-Symmonds/00.shtm) which took an incredible amount of time. Now Derek Ward has been busy pulling together a 3-D print version of this iconic spacecraft - you can get it here: https://www.chronic3d.com/produit/surveyor_3/ along with a bevy of other spacecraft. We're entering into a new realm with spacecraft modelling - I can't wait! Graham
  8. I've got the two bobs 48-019 AFFTC Test Vipers you can have. Graham
  9. I've definitely got those - are you still needing them? Graham
  10. Not sure where to put this but the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has just published a data base called Canadian Aircraft Serials and Personnel Information Resource (CASPIR). It is a comprehensive collection of all Canadian aircraft serials and crews and fates. Very impressive and will be very useful! https://caspir.warplane.com/
  11. Awesome that 3-D cutes offers AAR drogues - been looking for those for a while! I agree the PK TAT and pitots are very nicely done.
  12. Wow - what a great job at such a small scale - the details, weathering and bas all put you right in the scene! Graham
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