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  1. Fires on board a ship can rapidly get out of hand - particularly when in a refit condition with water tight doors often blocked with cables, hoses, ventilation ducts etc. Regardless, during a maintenance period a duty watch is available. The only time that is not the case is if the ship is out of routine and for all intents and purposes handed over to the contractor or yard for refit. Fire sentries are typically posted around any hot work whether at sea or alongside. In an operational environment the rapid response and containment are of paramount importance. Watertight doors and hatches are shut; ventilation systems shut down. Once contained, boundaries are established to cool the bulkheads (to keep the fire spreading) and the attack route accessible. Even alongside a duty watch has sufficient personnel to provide attack teams and boundaries. In this case, the rapid spread suggests that containment was not possible. Water pouring into the ship from firefighting is often a cause for stability concerns - especially in a vessel like this with large transverse decks spanning the entire beam and the fact that the water is above the center of bouyancy. The free surface effect of even small amounts of water on these decks dramatically reduces the metacentric height of the vessel and can rapidly induce capsizing. The key here is to reduce that horizontal expanse of water or get rid of it.
  2. I've had this vignette for a while now and finally got around to putting it together. A simple build but it does provide a nice compact representation of Schmitt and Cernan coming across the orange dust/glass during one of their EVAs.
  3. Thanks! Lot's of fun to build. Definitely need to work on my ability to paint faces! ☺️
  4. Still a few things to add to the Riviera (antenna and driver's side mirror) but just about done-done! Spock is made up or 3 shapeways figures that Neil was kind enough to rescale form 1/32 for me (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/nfsmith). 1/25 AMT 1964 Buick Riviera from e-bay (expensive!) and a home-made base.
  5. Two versions of HMS Sheffield (Dragon and Revell). Before and after she was consumed by fires from an Argentine Exocet missile in May 1982.
  6. Bizarro - I can see them but I've clearly not got the hang of posting pics!
  7. Thought I'd throw this in the ring. I'm not very good at documenting things on a day-to-day basis so here's the whole enchilada. (Edited to try to fix photo links) I decided to take a run at doing the Lindberg US Moon Ship as a cross between a bit of steam punk, soviet-style and apollo. One thing that I realized was that there was no way for the astronauts to get down to the surface - or even out of the capsule so I figured they needed an external platform and elevator! Used up a bunch of old PE and decals that I've had laying about for some time. Plastic buttons were used for the landing pads (the original had small rectangles).
  8. Thanks for the comments guys! Originally I thought the color was for the pilot to he or she could gauge their proximity to, say, a cliff. But it's yellow only on the upper surface. As Fred supposed, I do believe that the upper surface of one blade is yellow as a means of increasing visibility. While you may not think that it would make a difference for someone on the ground, due to the motion of the blades which - and Fred could definitely inform us better - kind of rotate along the longitudinal axis as well as flapping up and down relative to the rotor disk as the aircraft is in flight, it does provide a bit of a strobe light effect, increasing the chances of being seen.
  9. You could use the iModelKit app to get you the mixing ratios (there's a free light version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imodelkit-light/id393872482?mt=8). It allows you to mix any paint manufacturer's products to match. You can even match color's via your phone's camera.
  10. LifeColor makes a couple of sets for WWII US Navy as well. Not to worry about the font! I haven't figured it out yet myself! Graham
  11. LifeColor makes a Western Approaches set: LifeColor Royal Navy WWII Western Approach - Late War Set 2 (22ml x 6). Includes UA 637 Hull Red, UA 638 W.A Blue, UA 639 W.A Green, UA 640 White, UA 641 Semtex Green, UA 642 Corticene. https://www.scalewarship.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=573 The White (UA 640) is a bit of a bear to get to lay down nicely. All the others are very good. I'm building the 1/72 scale Revell Flower Class Corvette at the moment - have had to go back and order more white a few times! Graham
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