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  1. Yes, this is the look, more common for everyday flights. (Note that the photo from early days, late 70's -early 80's with a post Hokaido conversion MiG-25PD (or PDS) in the background and not the 2000 era you are looking for. ) A standard sand coloured Russian flight suit (same as on any other aircraft) made from a top jacket and trousers. Simple boots. The ZS-5 helmet. Note that in early days the helmet visor was mainly light blue, later the dark green or the brown visors became more common. I personally like the blue version, it looked so much better (fortunate to have one of those in
  2. The resin set shows a pilot in a standard flight suit (not even the ventilation suit VK-3) but it has the high altitude pressure compensating helmet GS-6. It would have been more realistic to illustrate the pilot in the VKK-6 high altitude pressure compensating costume to go with the GS-6 helmet. They were designed as one unit with special boots, gloves and all! To separately wear the GS-6 helmet on its own (without the VKK-6 suit) would have been ridiculous, useless and stupid (it is not a very comfortable thing to have on)! It is possible that you have the VK-3 ventilation costum
  3. Yes, that should be fun making all the Mi-24 rivets (for the 48th scale kit) with drilling and fitting stretched sprues, cutting to size and sandign each. Now that should be fun for sure!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Actually just today the Russian Quinta Studio announced a new range of general rivet decals lines. They are all the way from 72, 48, 32, 24 scales with different space between rivets and in different colours (black or white versions) on a very thin transparent decal film. I know it is not easy to get them nowdays from Russia, but it is an alternative to Archer products for
  4. Hi Bill, I think you misunderstand something here. I am only posting a news from Archer. I have absolutely no connection to this company!!! I was a user of the Archer rivet decals together with thousands of other modellers around the world but nothing more than that. Best regards Gabor
  5. The nose of the BM is different! This one has pure ELINT nose with big side looking radars! Best regards Gabor
  6. I believe it is an S version (МиГ-25Ш), but could be wrong. I think this is the one outside a factory. Don’t be confused, the wing pylon and missile should belong to a MiG-25BM Wild Weasel version. They had to put something on it, it is like with most museum examples, used what ever they had. Best regards Gabor
  7. It is a great idea in my opinion, but of course everyone have different thinking of what is good or not. Here a dead material in the form of the sprue is used as a template to help modellers in building a stand with exact angles of the legs. Of course one can have pages of instructions with explanation of how it should be built with drawings and all. But this is a smart idea! Actually if one looks at the new kit there is something else too here. It is always difficult to produce with injection moulding a tire which has the threads on it. Companies have tried different solutio
  8. Hi Michael, I believe Eduard is selling on its own the stencils for the MiG-15. When I designed them for Edu had a detailed research and it turned out that ALL stencils in early 1950's on the MiG-15 were red. So the 72nd scale Edu MiG-15 has ALL red stencils. They have made sevaral language versions of them, in fact each sheet has two sets of decals. Dont know what aircraft you want to use it on, but it is possible that you will find some useful one. Have a look: They are here on Edu website https://www.eduard.com/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-72/mig-15-mig-15b
  9. I know it has nothing to do with the F-4 Phantom. But it has a lot to do with the way minds behind FineMolds are thinking. I like the idea! They are releasing a mortar (1/35 Ground Self-Defense Force 120mm Mortar RT) and on the sprues there are some strange things. Well actually they used the sprue (which basically serves its purpose after the modeller cuts parts from it and is destined for the bin after that) as a template. For correctly setting up the tripod of the mortar one can use the specially made holes on the sprue to set the legs of the tripod at exact distance.
  10. Hi Storm, On a Czech forum (my build is shown there in parallel with ARC) several fellow modellers have mentioned that in the new issue of Revi magazine there is an article on the Photo Mezek versions from the author of the once was 4+ Publications (remember them???). I have seen the article although dont have a hard copy of it. Received help from a fellow forum member with some images of the article. Thanks to him!!!! It is interesting! I don’t read the Czech text (more the historic background than technical details), only see the photos which are far more impor
  11. The S199-185 which was coded IF-01 was special in a way. It did have the reconnaissance cameras added inside its tail between frame 5 and 6. Did it actually have the cameras, did it carry them? It is difficult to tell now, but one thing is for sure it did have the 2 camera ports and the very distinct rain guard strips around them. So before closing up the fuselage I wanted to make the camera ports. Here is work in progress. Best regards Gabor
  12. The wheel tires have a thread on them as seen on period photo of a crashed aircraft. In the kit plastic parts this is partially reproduced but of course on the running surface some of the details are missing. The additional grooves were added. Best regards Gabor
  13. Remember PP Models from Bristol with some superb products? Anyone remember Richard L Ward (R.I.P.) the brain behind Modeldecals??? With some of the best ever research in developing the decals and giving the most detailed instruction sheets to go with them, explaining everything. In later years he was also designing for many Airfix decals. It was a honour to know him! Sad to see Archer go! Best regards Gabor
  14. Especially in 72nd scale they are far superior to any injection moulded in terms of scale authenticity. Also when trying to get that true Omega shape both outside and inside. Most kit companies with slide mould technology can make the Omega shape canopies only from the outside (with a mould line on top). Yes, they are harder to work with, cutting to exact shape and also gluing. But this is model building in my opinion. Frames are best done with exactly the same masks as for injection moulded examples. Also due to thin plastic one can paint both inside fr
  15. Unfortunately there are many small companies who make some excellent and in some cases pioneering things in our hobby and end up closing down from one minute to the next due to one or another reason. I never forget the photo showing the dumping into trash containers of masters from the once Verlinden factory. Anyone remember that name??? Best regards Gabor
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