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  1. There is of course a very simple reason for this. No matter how good a sculptor is, his work in almost all cases still “only” a fictional, a handmade reproduction of something be it a person or an object. Roberts fantastic figures on the other hand are not sculptures but 3D scans of real people in real flight suits and helmets! All the creases on the dress, all proportions, every pose, all the fine details are REAL! And they are faithfully reproduced in different scales on his prints. I envy him for the superb work he is doing!!! Best regards Gabor
  2. IN DEVELOPMENT is the key word! These are not final parts! Work is in progress. Best regards Gabor
  3. Cold War Studio is preparing a new conversion set for the 32nd scale kit to make it into a MiG-21bis (Type 75). Of course a new spine, new nose and the correct R-25 engine with many other parts. More here: https://www.facebook.com/ColdWarStudiodetails/ Looks promising! : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  4. Hi Boom 175, In some strange ultra-orthodox conservative parts of the world on a sinking island this kind of discussion would be considered off-topic of such magnitude that the thread would be locked and comments banned immediately. Oh well! But fortunately we are in another more liberal part of the world. : ) : ) : ) The film I recommended earlier has the real value for us modellers in that it gives an excellent reference to anyone who wants to do REAL contemporary Russian natural metal finish with excellent views of aircraft from all directions a
  5. So here we have a new year, 2021. This reminds me of the MiG-21’s. Here is a little period film on Your Tube from 1965 in a MiG-21 unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGBQz5E0WCo Well, yes it is black and white and all in Russian but there are some good views of a live Fishbed squadron of those times, some nice aerial shots of 21’s flying. Have a look there are several take-off’s from grass airstrip next to the proper concrete runway. Cockpit views of PFS, PFM and even early MiG-21F-13 still with traditional ejection seat and not the standard SK seat. Goo
  6. The clock is ticking fast and very soon this dreadful 2020 will end! I would like to wish everyone where ever you are around the world a happy new year and hopefully some sort of return to so called “normality” in 2021 ! ! ! Stay safe!!!!! Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Curt B, If you dont like the seat and the exhaust please feel free to blame me. After all the seat was in all respects my work while for the exhaust I added details and an idea. How it turned out in the end in plastic form is . . . Still think that given the constraints of injection moulding we tried our best to give as good and authentic parts as possible for both of these areas. I think a Russian resin maker has exhaust cans for the Su-27. Does it fit the G.W.H kit? I have no idea. For the ejection seat this is the early K-36DM Seria 2 version of the s
  8. Without going into an argument about the new Zvezda kits details, all I can do is to show some very fresh photos (1 day old) of the 01 production aircraft in flight on its transit (at Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk) from factory to the GLIC test facility. Photo by Andrey Zakharenko Photo is from here: https://russianplanes.net/id277093 If anyone adds the details or not it is up to them, but here you can see it. Best regards Gabor
  9. Some freshly published photos from today of the first production airframe on its way to the GLIC test centre. Few notes. Best regards Gabor
  10. This is exactly what I did say: . . .show that the stencils are not really white but exactly those original black examples with light grey background and covered over with tape when the Blue camouflage was added. We are talking about the same thing!!! They look like White but in fact they are the taped over version of the original Black stencils. I am sure it is a problem in 72nd to reproduce it correctly and to have a perfect register for the base light grey. One needs a very good screen printer company. In 48th scale it is not so much a problem and
  11. There is just one question left with the new box in February for the F-4EJ KAI a/c 305. If one looks at the box cover it is perfectly clear that it has zillions of white stencils all over it. The decal sheet also has a lot of them. A closer look at 305 and other aircraft from 8th squadron show that the stencils are not really white but exactly those original black examples with light grey background and covered over with tape when the Blue camouflage was added. But from a distance they do look like "bright whites" as shown on the box top. Now take a look at the built
  12. Two new boxes comming in February 2021 Vietnam F-4E https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3576153952498916&id=1443136929133973 Another F-4EJ KAI https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3575866025861042&id=1443136929133973 Best regards Gabor
  13. Planned for March release is a "new" version of the F-4EJ this time with markings for 301 which had some additional antennas. So the mold was modified to include them. Best regards Gabor
  14. A bit of update today on what is happening: Dear friends, thank you again for your messages and support! Yesterday we completed the reconnaissance of our premises and prepared for today's evacuation of undamaged goods from the warehouse. It still looks like it will be possible to save about 80%. The rest remains in the warehouse and will get new boxes in packaging compartment. The evacuated goods will be moved to a nearby hall, where they will wait until new space is available for the temporary location of the sales department. We have several offers, they will be evaluated on Wed
  15. Here is an account of what happened from Eduar CEO Mr. Sulc. Sorry but this is a google translation from original Czech language so some parts are not 100%. The original is here: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=29805 So here is what Mr. Sulc had to say: Gentlemen, good evening. Thank you for your participation and sympathy. We appreciate them very much! The fire broke out in the morning on the second floor of the building, in the molding of moldings. The reason is still unknown, it is probable that there is a fault in
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