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  1. Same question here! Obviously there are differences if they invest in producing new molds for them! In that statement "retained the nose for the VUlcan. . ." Yee this is clear and visible from the outside, no problem here. But did they have the actual Vulcan inside, in technical terms I dont think so, since under the cover that FineMolds is giving (the new one) is where the barrels of the gun are, so if you have a camera somewhere over it, how will it work . . . But we dont expect our kit to produce HiRes images of shelf on which the kit sits. : ) : ) : )
  2. Have no idea what they are, but just a reminder, this is what (marked with bright yellow/green colour) there will be on that new sprue. The new nose cone is clearly visible there on the steel mold, a new cover over the removed Vulcan gun, pods, containers and the pylons for them . . . Best regards Gabor
  3. The extra sprue for the new RF-4EJ version is coming along nicely with all the specialized recce containers and pods. Best regards Gabor
  4. The next step in FineMolds Nano world is a collection of cockpit mirrors and formation lights for the Phantom. How thin, authentic and realistic can it get will only be known when one holds the set in hands and adds it to the cockpit. We will see. Best regards Gabor
  5. Hi Madcop, Yee, those were the times! I think one can play around in a similar way with the new FineMolds kit like Gene is doing or go even further with some internal detailing. . . I dont know why but I was fascinated by the RF-4 aircraft. Would I do that again today? Not sure, it had far more chalanges back then with vac-forming, etching, doing my own decals, scratch design of radar and other small parts . . . It was a lot of fun!!!!!!! Of course the long nose E is also a good subject, have somewhere a Vulcan gun from Master to "play around"
  6. This is completely off topic but speaking of scratch and conversion. Somewhere in early 90’s I did a bit of conversion from I think an Italeri kit of the RF-4 in 72 nd. Visits to airshows with lots of photos of the real metal, open nose section, plus some Detail & Scale info and Scale Models (one of the best publication in 70’s 80’s) made a scale plan with all the internal details, ribs, cameras, radar. . . A friend screen printed for me the Triple Nickel markings from my artwork, did some home brass etching with dipping metal into chemicals to do details of the
  7. Hi Gene, Looks nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see you got a box full of FineMolds Phantoms to do a lot of crosskiting. : ) : ) : ) Have fun!!!!!!!! Will the FineMolds cockpit fit into the Hase nose section? Will the FineMolds canopy fit onto the Hase nose? Why not use only the bottom part with the covered over Sparrow bays and the just the extreme rece nose area from the Hase and grafted onto the FineMolds nose, cockpit, intake splitter plate spacers . . . A lot of surgical work but . . . Anyway there will be even more scribing to be done
  8. Production at full steam. It is either simply re-stoking of the Nano NA10 set or FineMolds anticipating (rightfully) a surge in demand for the Phantom ejection seat harness sets . : ) : ) : ) Most certainly from me yes! : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  9. People were asking for this. Obviously Quinta made a set for the earlier kit of the Su-35S from G.W.H in 48th scale. Just released for those who dont want to do all that painting. It is a question of taste. Best regards Gabor
  10. A bit of Heavy Metal for all the fans! Work is on for the RF-4EJ versions additional sprue which was announced for release early in 2021. Hope FineMolds will show this work in as much detail as on previous Phantom sprues. The “nest” is cut. Best regards Gabor
  11. It is always a funny situation, the person who actually did the research and design (in this case me) of the decals does not have it as such, so for the moment I am not able to use the original G.W.H decals. For the moment anyway. Yes, I do agree that it was a design principle (just as before with the Su-35S kit) to add as much detail into the kit as possible so that modellers don’t have to spend on aftermarkets and by so the overall price tag on a build like this Su-27 would be cheaper in comparison with other kits where one has to get a bunch of aftermarkets even if the original
  12. Second first. I have no idea who is doing resale of the kits in US. Sorry! It was actually a rhetorical question. I do intend to use the Quinta decal and I am also interested to see it inside the kit, even though we did add as much as possible in the original plastic parts. But when something good and better comes along one has to admit that it looks nice and use it! I am sure the use of Quinta decals will be a blessing for many who either don’t have the skills, patience, hands (or simply brushes and paints of special kind), or just dont have time . . . t
  13. Yesterday received some Quinta Studio 3D instrument panel decals. WOW all I can say. Three things are included in the plastic bag. First of all the decal, a detailed instruction as to how to use these 3D decals (in English on one side and in Russian on the other) and of course the instruction sheet for the particular decal. It has photos of actual plastic parts from the given kit with the 3D decal applied, giving exact position for every numbered decal. The instrument panels are simply sensational. - beautiful instrument faces,
  14. Like the instruction sheet. & of course the kit looks good!!! : ) : ) Some spare F-15 type fuel tanks are there for later use. I am sure the one I will be making is not going to be Japanese but never say never. : ) https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10690911 Best regards Gabor
  15. It all confirms (fortunately) what we have been talking about before for months on the break down of parts. So a new sprue for the Japanese RF-4EJ is obviously in making with all the additional parts. Those Japanese aniverary schemes are simply new box with new decal, sure there is a market for it (somewhere). But the short gun E version is different! And so I would say any other version can also be made in future even if they at FineMolds dont say so directly. Good news all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best regards Gabor
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