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  1. Hi Ken, What an aircraft. Looks both strange and interesting! Wasnt this the one where they had the whole cockpit to eject in emergency? Lets see what you make of it! Stay safe! Best regards Gabor
  2. Same, it was not really clear if it is all about the Flanker or the Su-25. The 3rd photo shows the close to 100% original hub green colour used on everything from civilian to fighter jets. The 2nd is a well weathered sundrenched museum example, while the first has been repainted during overhaul or serious servicing with whatever colour they had found. Best regards Gabor
  3. Hi Whiskey, The problem here is that I have fallen in love with this 338 aircraft. Well actually the Phantom was always of special interest to me. It is brut, it radiates power, it is from those days when aesthetics were also part of an aircraft design and there was a lot of metal put into it. OK it is not as sleek as a Starfighter or a MiG-21 but still. It is a question of taste of course but at the other end of the spectrum there is for example Buccaneer, for me it is somehow grotesque. If one can get a little more brutal then there was the Brit version with the Spey engine. Have seen and photographed some in my younger days. Now they were something special too! The Navy versions are also interesting and it is not by accident that I have this Academy kit only it was put into the stash while other more important projects were around. When I seen this video with this 338, it was a clear decision at a first sight! And this has nothing to do with the 338 number, last year I did a paint scheme for Eduard of a Hungarian MiG-15 bis with number 338. This is pure accident, but an interesting one! : ) : ) : ) The Hasegawa kit was around although I started it so many decades ago with that Verlinden detail set but was bogged down in trying to make the Vulcan gun. The Verlinden set only had the “spacers” of the barrels. Tried to make them from pencil leads but it did not really look right. And then few years ago came the Phantastic Vulcan gun from the Polish Master company . . . But still a good scheme was missing. But this 338 looks amazing!!! For me anyway. What ever happened to Academies plans to do more Phantoms including the F-4E??? Did anyone hear / read about this? I think I missed any news on this. Best regards Gabor
  4. Thanks Rob! That is very kind of you! Take your time. As I have said before this is a long term project. I think the bigest problem is the choice of kit. Would prefer the Academy kit and add a new nose to it rather than play around with the old Hasegawa and try to make it an up to date 2020 version in detailing. That is a lot of work and lots of extras apart from the QF-4 mods. Had a look at the fuel tank in the Hase kit and well I think it would be far easier to borrow a big tank from an F-15 kit. Oh well just one of those small big things. Anyway just looking for the moment. : ) : ) Keep safe! Best regards Gabor
  5. Hi Rob, Thanks very much both for showing this photo and for asking your friend about the others. Very kind! Thanks!!! Looks great! Also found a photo from head on where the curvature of the "bump" is visible. Pieces are starting to fall in place. : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  6. Hi Rocketdrvr, This is very interesting! On that December 24th flight video many QF-4E's are visible on the ground apart from the 4 in the air. Some of them were in an "interesting" state already. : ( : ( But I dont understand why not use the airworthy examples for the purpose they were converted for once they are there. Send them up into the sky and train pilots to shoot them down! A bit silly decission (understatement), but who am I to understand and question . . . : ) : ) Still the story of the QF-4E is interesting. Now I only need a decent photo of that bump on the underside. But searching on the net I found some additional excellent Air Force official photos in very high res of the particular example, this AF-338 that I am after. So the picture now is fairly clear on the way it looked like in those last years. So I expect that sooner or later will find some good pictures of the "bump" also. One of the antennas on the back of that QF-4 plane is a common version and "purely by accident" I have an original so I can scale all the others to that. : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  7. In Hungarian it is exactly the same! Aprils Fool! Best regards Gabor
  8. Not everyone reads the small print! : ) : ) : )
  9. This is an interesting addition to this story! Thanks avnav! Is it possible to know if those birds on that final Pharewell flight occasion on Christmas 2016 were also sent on a “last” mission to be a target? Or some of them were scraped? Logic would dictate that once all the electronics are inside the airframes and they can still take off why not use them as a target. After all this is what they are for. Or did the official retirement mean that they were out of service for good and as such could not be used anymore (so into the scrap jard) and the “new” QF-16 took over the role. Best regards Gabor
  10. I hope that most modellers have realised that this is 1 st of April news with everything that it entails. But as a matter of fact this double Yak looks really nice and as many pointed out on Modelsvit fake book they would love to build it as a What If project! The other side of the story is that no matter how April fools day is pointed out there are dangers to such “news”. Many, many years ago a Hungarian writer made a modelling back page article for our Repules monthly. I think it was in 1970’s, have the issue somewhere in my archive. The article illustrated with photos was about a secret WW2 domestic development jet fighter. He built a nice kit from different parts including a Ju-87. Made some excellent photos to show it as a real aircraft. The story had it that a US Mustang shoot down the only prototype in a dog fight so the author also made some excellent fake gun-camera photos. Remember no photoshop in those days it was all real photography. The only reminder of the authenticity of the story was that it was published in the April 1 st issue. The sad part of the thing is that even decades later some people refer to this Hungarian fighter as a historic fact based on this article. I have seen some people trying to build the kit for modelling competitions even about a decade ago!!!!!!!!! So one should be very careful on what he publishes no matter how many times they point out that it is 1 st of April news! Best regards Gabor
  11. Could there be a difference between QF-4E which were actual targets and the chase versions? Just thinking out loud. TOn the outside for example there are many differences in antennas, positions, size and place. So there could be something similar in the cockpit also. I guess we will never know now! Could it be that the ones used on those last flights, Phantom Pharewell in December 2016 were different? I guess we will never know now! : ( : ( Best regards Gabor
  12. Hi Habu 2, I see that the cockpit photos are from a fighter and not a recon version. But is it a QF-4E? or an earlier version? The reason is simple it differs considerably from other on-line photos of active (back then) late QF-4E's with TISEO. On the above photos it looks like a lot of things have already been removed from this ship as if it was just about to be scraped. (and I am not speaking about the bang seat in the aft cockpit). : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  13. WOW what an aircraft! Hello Friends, Maybe someone of you know that in the end of 1944, a small amount of Yak-9D (Early vers.) were converted into 2-seat night interceptors with more powerful armament and radio locator. So, we have decided to recreate this unfamiliar modification under designation Yak-9SD in 1/48 scale. Greetings!! Best regards Gabor P.s. remember todays date! : ) : ) : )
  14. Thanks Habu2! Nice and helpful cockpit photos! Best regards Gabor
  15. Hi Habu2, Yeap I have seen it. Dont know about the RIO office but now I have most of the things for the pilots instrument panel. Was compering it last night to the Hasegawa item. Will have to do it. Best regards Gabor
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