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  1. Hi Marc, This is a good question. Have no idea and since I dont have the final box and kit the only thing I can go by is the instruction sheet. Based on this the number should be the second, 88010. I think the kit will be on show at this weekends toy fair. Hope this is of help. Best regards Gabor
  2. This is a question to Trumpeter which they would never answer. : ( : ( Sometimes it would be interesting to know the thinking inside the heads of some designers. : ) : ) In this kits case there is little that one can say. The problem is that when you strip down all the covers from the walls and the roof it looks very different. There are ribs there all right, but they are substantial, especially around main frames, there is a lot of wiring and piping all around. One will see all this only during overhaul or when the airframes are scraped. There is no use of comparing it to t
  3. Work is on. Little is shown recently but there is progress! : ) : ) Here is a google translation to go with this picture of mould steel. For size comparison a bottle of Mr.Color on top of it. : ) : ) A large mold base (the basic part of the mold) arrived in the morning. See the 4th image for how big it is. When it comes to size comparisons, it used to be cigarettes and coins, but from a modeler's point of view Mr. Color w The second for the big F-15. How many more big molds do you need? When I asked the factory manager, he said, "I don't know yet."
  4. The side walls and the floor was shown already so here is a comparison of how the roof part was designed by the three companies. The only comment I can add is that Trumpeter took a very fiction way with random ribs added which have no relation what so ever with reality. Now to the cargo bay “furniture”. Trumpeter did not make any at all, so there is little to show here, actually nothing! Annetra AMK took a lot of time in designing the seats, each one is made from three parts: the seat itself, the legs and the support of the legs. The supports are pos
  5. Little bit more on the interior of the 3 kits. One point that has to be made here. Trumpeter simply did not make any interior furniture for the cargo cabin. Even the walls, the floor and the roof is pure fiction with randomly applied ribs and panels which have no relation what so ever with the real interior of a Mi-17 helicopter. But they do provide an open clamshell door at the back. If there is nothing inside, why add the option of opening the doors??? I am sure they have a very good explanation for this. The side walls are nicely made and what is more important realistical
  6. Hi Jon, Yes, the question of rivets or no rivets has been raised (get it raised rivets ) several times. I have some more comparison on this question later. Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Cruiz, Glad you like the pages so far. There is a lot more in future! : ) : ) : ) Yes, the three kits are very different in many ways! This is why I try to show comparison views of same parts, similar areas so one can see it more clearly. As far as I know the Annetra kit is only available so far through some private channels from China. The Zvezda kit is / was on sale in a Czech store MN Modelar for 56Euro (at 20% discount from the normal 70Euro price). Have no idea how they managed to get the stocks. Best regards Gabor
  8. Winding back the clock a little. Here are some photos from Moson kit show 2019 when I was already showing some images of the Annetra kit test shots. And here are some views from a year earlier of those very first test shots. Best regards Gabor
  9. Hi Mark, I did say it was the very first test shot, I think the 3rd or 4th ever made. It is a test shot which is made to test how the press forms are doing, what problems are there, unexpected technological problems, short shots where plastic does not go into the mould, things dont meet up when cut from the sprue . . . I known the company owner for some time and helped them with problems on the early test shots. As a result of that work the mould were changed to get to the final production version. But as you can know there was also a Covid, the AMK man who were making the too
  10. Hi Tank, You are welcome. Hope the comparisons help people decide which one to get. Best regards Gabor
  11. Hi Marc, Which kit do you mean? As far as I know all 3 kits are available already. The Annetra will be in stock with the orignal designer Annetra Co. somewhere in a months time. As far as I know some Annetra kits are available from other sources also. Both the Zvezda and the Trumpeter kit have been released some 2 months ago. Due to circumstances it is not easy to buy the Zvezda kit, although I know one Czech company who had them for weeks now. The Trumpeter kit is also available as far as I know. Have to say it is unlikely that I will try to get it, as it is in another leagu
  12. Once again three different takes on what to do with the cargo lifting door in the centre of the fuselage. The way it works on the original helicopter: there is an internal door on the floor of the cargo bay. You open it up and inside you will find another door which corresponds to the bottom of the airframe. The actual lifting hook is attached to 4 loadbearing points on the roof of the cabin with cables connecting up to a single point just right over the door in the floor. From here the hook is lowered for any lifting duties. How is it all represented in the 3 kits?
  13. Little more on comparison between the three available kits. Let’s have a look at the cockpit. First of all the back wall which is the most visible part of it. Three makers had three different takes on what it should look like. Judge for yourself. Here is a dry fit trial of some cockpit parts for the Annetra and the Zvezda kit. For Trupeter only one CAD image has been published of the furnished cockpit to illustrate what it should be like. In the Annetra kit the cockpit door is provided as a separate part, so one has the option of showing it open. The back w
  14. In addition to the previous post about the opening on the top of the helicopter the video box-opening of the Trumpeter kit from yesterday provided some clues. There is one view where from an angle this particular opening is visible. It looks similar to the Annetra version and to the original helicopter. So in the end the Zvezda version is the only presenting that not so authentic round version. Best regards Gabor
  15. I have to say that I am very SORRY!!!!!! Some time ago I commented in the comparison of the main rotor blades that the: . . . Trumpeter provides them completely flat, so you will have to do all the bending. . . This is complete rubbish! I am so SORRY for saying this but the only photo I had at the time showed what looked like a completely flat blade on the sprues. The fact is, Trumpeter also made correctly the blades with that distinct drop in them! It was my bad! SORRY for this. The Trumpeter kit is supposedly been out
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