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  1. What ever adjustment work did Kinetic do on the original tools to control the problem, the result was good. I had both the original and the new Kinetic version thanks to the company and the difference was clearly visible! Thanks again! Best regards Gabor
  2. Please dont confuse adjustment and re-tooling of a mould. Kinetic did not retool! They simply adjusted the injection moulding procedure. Injection moulding and its technology is an interesting subject but far bigger than what can be even scratched on a forum like this. In short the flow of molten plastic inside the tool, the temperature, gates and the cooling cycle . . . of the tool to make plastic removable is where the real problem can be found. It is all possible to adjust to eliminated problems. Actually in our age there are fantastic comp programs which are specifically designed to model tools, molten plastic, cooling, number of gates, optimal cooling system . . . But also in parts brake down which is in many cases responsible for such problems. Using prior modelling and all this can be eliminated in CAD design stage while in practice many makers cut metal and realise problems only when the first test sprues are made. Not making proper tool design in short term saves time and money but in long term can be far more costly in a project like this no matter how fine and fantastic details are incorporated into a kit. Kinetic corrected what they could with the given tools. Best regards Gabor
  3. Kinetic DID correct the tools to avoid the sink marks. Actually Kinetic replaced the original kit with those awful sinks for a brand new one free of charge after contact. From what I see this new kit so to say "inherited" some of the tooling problems while many of the details were corrected. But the tooling . . . Best regards Gabor
  4. Sprue has been corrected several times, but it is now finished and ready for full production Wing in close up both on the tool and the actual plastic produced from it. THis is 72 nd scale!!!!!!!! Looking more closely and the plastic from it And now to something completely different (well almost) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  5. Good definition: - Mostly accurate (shape) - Lacking in details (ZERO details) and requires extensive (volume of) aftermarkets I would add: this is nothing more than an upscale of the 72nd scale kit with exactly the same amount of detail or even less. Yes, you need a hell of a lot of extras to make it into a decent kit. Just the same you can take a 40 year old Frog kit and buy all sorts of extras and make it into something pleasant. Absolutely no difference between the two. In 2020 one would have expected "some" details and a bit more care from a manufacturer. It is intersting that some companies do up-scale or even down-scale and in the process produce something trully magnificent which has little in common with its original and I mean in a good sense. Just a recent example is the Eduard down-scale of the MiG-21PF PFM with the 72nd scale turning out with more and finer details as the original 48th scale kit! Why can some do it while others absolutely dont care, only want to make some quick money with a minimalist kit. Best regards Gabor
  6. This is a good and interesting question. With the Su-35S kit there was an introductory extra in the kits in the shape of a plus set tinted canopy. I have seen since then some modellers DEMANDING that the extra should be WITH ALL subsequent releases. Unfortunately some modellers don’t understand the meaning of an “Introductory extra” bonus so I am not surprised if some manufacturers try to keep a distance from such extras. We did speak of some ideas for this new Su-27 kit but I don’t know what happened to it, but I would fully understand if there will be no such extra in this kit. Turned pitot as a standard extra for the kit?? I don’t think so. I know that the kit will have a photoetch with some small parts as standard. But of course there is a perfectly suitable turned pitot on the market by Master Co. I have a set (AM-48-066) in my stash waiting for upcoming kit. Also Master did make a set of static discharger (AM -48-113) specially for the Su-27. Note that it is a special type which differs from other Sukhoj static dischargers!!! The pitot and the static dischargers ARE NOT FOR ANY SPECIFIC KIT they are a true copy of the real parts! Best regards Gabor
  7. As far as I know this is an English language site, so if you have something to say please use English language. Be so kind to show some respect towards the site and its readers. Just as I do when writing on a Russian forum or any other even if it is not my native tongue. I see that you still have problems. I dont really understand why this is pointed at me !? for me !? Please address them to Zvezda, go to Lobnja, the HQ of Zvezda and speak to them if you have questions. You don’t need a special FSB approval to be able to go to Zvezda! Yes, I have seen the Russian forums (and also the Zvezda fakebook with hundreds of not too complementary comments) and the respons to the kit in the past and in the present. The circled windshield on your photo. Yes, I have one (or two) of those in real 1 to 1 scale, but what does it has to do with the kit? People at Zvezda should be asked!! I did speak with them in the past after the release of this so called kit. In short: We did agree to disagree. I dont have the kit and have absolutely no intention of ever buying it. Zvezda is explaining (the deficiencies) and marketing the kit as a very cheap big kit. It could be. But please have a look at all the dozens of aftermarkets now offered by different companies to make it look a bit better. The bill at the end of this all is astronomical and still you will now be able to build a kit from it which is up to the standard expected from a kit in 48th scale in the year of 2020! The cheap Zvezda Mi-24 kit is: - good business for Zvezda - excellent business for aftermarket producers - a disaster for the modellers, the amount of work they have to put into it and their bank account!!!!!!!! There is nothing more that I can add to this so called kit. Best regards Gabor
  8. The original announcement by G.W.H did say it is the Su-27 FAMILY of kits. Back in mid June even photos already were shown officially of the mould tool for the single seat Su-27 version. The only question is now WHEN it will follow the two seat version Su-27UB which is already around the corner in August. Going back to the question of engine exhaust. Yes, I did express my opinion with the hat of manufacturers on. Of course from the point of modeller it is important to have the chance to do proper painting of the interior which is not so easy (not impossible but not easy) if the nozle is one piece. Best regards Gabor
  9. Simple. If you want to get surface details both on the outside surface and on the inside then it is safer to do it as separate parts. Some people like this kind of break down, some dont. With this kit a different approach was taken as I have mentioned already. Hope people will like it. Best regards Gabor
  10. Good, so I dont have to post them here! : ) : ) : ) : ) This is the next phase of introducing the brand new G.W.H 48 th scale Su-27UB kit. Sprue layouts for the UB kit, obvious that the next single seater will have a some common sprues with this one but also a lot of differences and a bunch of alternative variations to build from it. Sprue layout answers some questions but of course not all, like that special sprue W with lot of small bits and pieces. All will be clear later . . . Best regards Gabor
  11. Hi Brad, This is a very good question! I have been pushing this for some time, but as you know I am only a small part in this team and the manufacturer makes all the decisions of what, where and when to show. Actually some images of the real plastic have been shown already, even if in a non authorized way. I for one also hope that soon real images will be shared by G.W.H Best reagards Gabor
  12. Hi Mfezi, Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it! It has been mentioned before but I have to add again that the work on this kit was a TEAM effort by several modellers from all over the world, me just one of them. The pages shown above are a glimpse into the design of the kit and what we thought was important to make. Best regards Gabor
  13. I knew that one fine day a kit will come along for these extras in the stash. Master has produced the pitots for both the long nose (AM 72-036) and the short nose Phantoms but the set also includes the AOA vane. The one I am really excited about is the Vulcan gun (AM 72-039). Some time ago I did do a 48th scale version of the Vulcan and it was nice but here is a chance for the 72nd. : ) : ) OK, so I have everything that is important, all I need to get now is the plastic parts. : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  14. One thing that I did for another kit was to make a fine cut at the base and so cut off the turbine stage from the pipe. Paint them separately, the access to the details was 100% both for the turbine and the pipe. Simply glue it back onto the pipe. Actually this was done to an aftermarket "one piece" engine exhaust which had fantastic details inside (both turbine and flame holder rings), but completely impossible to paint and give all the details full justice with paints. The manufacturer had 10 out of 10 for details, but 0 out of 10 for thinking about the modellers! One day if I am lucky to find this kit, I think this is what I will do. WIth the hat of the manufacturer on, I fully understand this approach, a simple and quick build with minimal adjustment, perfect choice for beginner, mid and high end modellers. As for the splitter plate perforation. I would love to see a similar detail on MiG-23 kits intakes, primarily in 72nd but also in 48th scale! Best regards Gabor
  15. Looks like Sprue A is now finished and ready. Some details seen before and some not shown in the past. That intake splitter plate with boundary layer perforation in 72nd scale. I know it has been shown before but it is still a WOW for me! One piece engine exhaust with no seams on the side walls of the can. Looks OK, the only question here is how to paint all the fine details so deep inside. Best regards Gabor
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