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  1. Here are some more images of the new (for me) FineMolds F-4C kit. There are of course new sprues to make the Short Nosed version. Just seen that not all are here. : ( : ( Sorry! Will have the rest in few days time. Apart from the solid plastic sprues on the clear frame there is a replacement windshield to go with the different geometry of the forward fuselage. The canopy is not tinted!!!!!!! It is only the January sun which made it look like this on the photos! : ) : ) To go with the kit I have also ordered one
  2. Me too!!!! : ) : ) : ) There are some things made or prepared but not much really to see. Sorry for the moment all the work with my ejection seats . . . So no time really for anything else. : ( : ( Best regards Gabor
  3. Hi Gene, I am still in starting stages with my F-4E's so time has nothing to do with this. I am not the type who wants any new release at the very first opportunity or even earlier than that. I know it gives some satisfaction and pleasure for some but not me. More interested in a good kit, at a time when I have time to build them. Best regards Gabor
  4. Hi Hempspilot, People are forgetting that the first four kits last summer of the short nosed versions all came with that extra set of Tamiya designed pilot figures resulting in a higher retail price in comparison to the standard FineMolds Phantom kits. The retail price for these kits with the additional pilot figures in Japan is 4510 Yen 希望小売価格 税込4,510円 which based on todays conversion rate is 39,49 USD. If ordered from Japan please add to this all the postage and customs costs (as well as 1-2 months of delivery, if you are lucky).
  5. With the enormous help of a friend received yesterday the FineMolds F-4C Phantom „Air National Guard” version. At last it is here!!! : ) : ) : ) It arrived from the MN Modelarz shop and since the total order was over 100 Euros the post was free. The kit itself was 43 Euro which is about the same price as it is sold in Tokyo. Actually the kits only took 3 days to get to us, with order placed on Tuesday night the parcel was here on Friday morning. OK, before that the kit arrived to the shop in almost half a year from Japan. But if you are here somewhere in Europe then t
  6. Pointing out / drawing attention to mistakes, problems, historic inaccuracies, colour discrepancies with a kit is not exactly the Spanish Inquisition against a company or a CEO. Showing the companies response is also part of a given story which shows the attitude of a given company towards the customers. This is all. But if you think so it is up to you, there is absolutely no problem with that, fortunately we can have our own opinions. Well in most countries and in most forums. : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi ya-gabor,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Wish you a happy New Year 2022,



  8. Hi Homebe, The book was a labour of love and a result of decades of research, collecting information, photos, speaking to the actual people, pilots, technicians, commanders of the Russian units stationed in Hungary and what is more important keeping in touch with them ever since. The books were published more than a decade ago, they were published by the man himself from his own money. Don’t know how many were released but I know that in Hungary they were sold very fast and there was a lot of interest. One important note is that this book is in Hungarian language
  9. Hello Sir,


    Do you know a reliable place/bookshop (online ?) where it's possible to order the two Vándor Károly "magnus opus": Légierő társbérletben I & II ?

    Thanks in advance


    Vincent Pirard

  10. On the Czech forum the CEO of the company gave a very kind and constructive reply to the problem raised above. If you don’t like the colour of the decal make one for yourself / paint it as you like. This is a great and modeller friendly approach from a manufacturer. No comment! Best regards Gabor
  11. I know this is not 48th scale forum here but in January there will be a Weekend version of the almost decade old MiG-21SMT (Type 50) kits re-release in 48th scale. There will be 4 paint options in the kit. The problem here is with one of them. Yes, it is a MiG-21. At least Eduard did get this part right. But the illustrated Board 31 was not a true MiG-21SMT with that enoumous dorsal fuel tank!!! From the outside this 31 (I mean the real aircraft) looked almost identical with the later MiG-21bis versions. Thing is that in service it became obvious that the big
  12. Good to see that some people actual build kits. Did not want to have a double post so put the photos of a FM Phantom build into another forum here Best regards Gabor
  13. Good to see that some people do build actual kits! : ) : ) As far as I can tell from the attached text it is the FineMolds President doing some product sample build with lots of bombs. : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  14. The difference between the optimist and the pessimist is that the pessimist has more information. The opinion I have expressed is based NOT on SPECULATION but on experience of working on some project with Eduard int he past decades. More information? Years ago I have been in regular contact with Edu on development of Efka as they call the MiG-21F-13. This was the very start of the project so I have a “little more information” on development and the way the kit will develop. Truth is Eduard does not care about provided information and believe everythin
  15. There is little point in going into detailed analysis of differences between MiG-21F (Type 72) and MiG-21F-13 (Type 74). It would fill many pages here and everyone can look up the differences in books dealing with MiG fighters. Yes, the most visible is the canopy and the two gun arrangement on MiG-21F (Type 72). But to make a proper kit for it one would need to make brand new fuselage parts, new vertical fin, new wings, new pylons, new pitot, new weapons, new cockpit and new ejection seat and this is only the start. I seriously doubt that Eduard will make all this investment
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