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  1. Here is a view of the right side panel in after cockpit. The "wall" covering where on the outside the refueling probe is. Laser engraved details. One must remember that this is 72nd scale and it is a mirror image of the would be plastic part. Some nice surface details and textures there! Best regards Gabor
  2. One of the new sprues for the Short Nose generation of FineMolds Phantom kits. This is for the F-4J version with nose cone, instrument panels, side panels (as usual both engraved and plain for decals) cover under windscreen, fin tip antenna . . . Best regards Gabor
  3. The test shoot of the early engine exhaust for the F-4C/D. It is a fairly complicated small part, to make it some 20 anodes of the EMS etching were made. Best regards Gabor
  4. Engine exhaust for the short nose version in making. Best regards Gabor
  5. The new kits announced today will includ 2 pilot figures. According to FineMolds: The pilot figure that comes with the F-4 "Short Nose" series and "First Special Edition" announced today is designed by Tamiyasan to fit our kit perfectly. Interesting cooperation! Best regards Gabor
  6. Here are those US weapons sets to get an idea what will be included: Best regards Gabor
  7. Is this the "Short Nose" nose cone anode in making? Best regards Gabor
  8. So for August 2021 release are FP43S US Navy F-4J fighter “Ard Burks” FP46S U.S. Air Force F-4C fighter “Air National Guard (State Air Force) ” In September will come: FP47S U.S. Air Force F-4D fighter "First Migua Ace" 72843 US Marine Corps F-4J Fighter “Marines” And in August there will be 2 US weapons sets: FP 44 U.S. Forces Aircraft missil
  9. Hi Gene, Well it all depends on where you look at it from. I did say that soem Czech forum members should express opinions. The "substantial data" that I refered too is more based on reading Czech modeller forums in the past close to a year since the FineMolds kit was announced and shown. I have many Czech friends and some of them given some explanation for this but to go into details would take up dozens of pages. This is why I said that rather Czech modellers should give their views here if they want. All I can say that in my opinion the FineMolds k
  10. I have absolutely no idea! There are some Czech contributors on this forum, I think they should explain. The FineMolds Phantom kits were sold out in most cases even before release on preorders from almost all shops. It is interesting to see that in this particular Czech shop it is still freely available months later and I still think at a good price and with excellent delivery terms in comparison to getting it directly from Japan. So there must be a reason why they don’t like it, but they are Czech modellers. Sometimes hard to understand them. : ) : ) B
  11. That Dutch shop will probably receive the shipment of Vietnam Early kits only in June. Suppose it is still somewhere out at sea on the way from Japan. (or stuck in the Suez . . .) The Vietnam kit was released I think in mid March (15th or so) and sent out to retailers. So there could be a chance to get the kit, and that this Dutch shop can still have it on preorder. I did mention in another topic with my look at the kit that for example a Czech shop had a lot of them on sale, they had ordered them but it looks like Czech modellers did not like it so much, so the s
  12. Hi Playertow, Based on what is known FineMolds is producing batches of kits, like the Yellow or Blue special version and this Vietnam Early version in given numbers and that is all (unfortunately). The same Phantom plastic goes on sale later (almost each month) with other markings and in a different box. But as far as I can tell they are not going back to previous box versions with particular markings with a re-issue of the given kit. Producing "limited" batches is a business policy used by many other kit companies also. Hi JackMan, Making the 350 sc
  13. Dreaming Gene?!?! : ) : ) : ) Actually a slated wing late F-4E is just as big investement as making a recon RF-4. For the late 4E one would need all new wings both top and bottom as well as the wing tips, probably a new top for the fuselage back . . . Using the same main fuselage electrode it is possible to make the basic shape (so there is no need for a new big brass piece) and adding some new surface details on it with separate small electrodes for the RF-4E details. The nose part is of course also needs to be made. Chances are for a real recon RF-4E I would say minimal
  14. Monday 5th of April will see the release of the next FineMolds Phantom version. This time it will have new sprue for the recon containers of the Japanese version RF-4EJ. One should not confuse this with the TRUE recon RF-4's. This is a standard F-4EJ converted to carry out special missions. Dear FineMolds So what will be the next kit?????????? Best regards Gabor
  15. Quick search on big G shows about 1200 - 860 employees at Tamiya. Best regards Gabor
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