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  1. Let’s get back to the cockpit, the only problem is that it is messed up too. I don’t speak of the details, would not expect Airfix to be able to do anything decent in this field. But the cockpit walls and floor in general. If you use parts given in the kit then the ejection seat simply disappears in it. Well actually not since its back part (C42) is taller than the real thing, adding to it the seat pan (C43) the imaginary Airfix pilot barely has a little forward view. Speaking of the Aifix pilot, it has a hard shell helmet (as visible on the box art-work too), something not used during the period. Only a soft leather black helmet was used for example by Vietnamese pilots. The way the kit is designed (after so much research into the subject and several visits to see the actual aircraft) the floor is so deep inside that there would have been no place at all for the gun pack which is exactly under the cockpit. Move the cockpit floor part C8 upwards (if it is possible) inside the cockpit tub parts C5 and C6, or use an aftermarket complete cockpit (the easiest solution when and if someone will make one) or start a scratch building project based on photos and drawings. All this would require considerable surgery since the side walls of the air intake and the nose wheel bay are part of C5 and C6. Cut off the front part (air intake and the nose wheel bay), draft in a scratch or aftermarket cockpit, add an AM ejection seat or scratch your own . . . It is fun (or not), but is it worth it? If you want to have an authentic kit, then certainly but I know many will not care, “It looks like . . . ” Would they be so indifferent if the kit subject is a Tomcat, Buccaneer, Phantom . . . Here is the Airfix parts C 5 and C6 making up the side walls. Here is a sketch from factory drawings showing the position of fuselage frames but what is more important is the cockpit floor and its typical slope with the huge gun bay under it. Remember some posts ago I raised the question of parts B12 and B13 which to me looked like an Oil Drum. Well it was confirmed by Airfix at Telford that they are in fact parts of an Oil Drum. WHY??? Can anyone at Airfix give an explanation for this? I know they will not, although on their workbench site pages after pages of detailed explanation are given for basically everything. So maybe . . . Will the Airfix decal sheet have appropriate scale markings for Shell or Exxon to go on the oil barrels? 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 In our day of age when every manufacturer is hard at work on reducing part number in kits to save production costs, why would someone add totally meaningless parts completely unrelated to the kit??? Please someone explain this! The same space on the sprue could have been more wisely used to add a second version of the ejection seat for example, increasing the options in the kit. Best regards Gabor
  2. I have seen both French and English version. Believe they sent to planes with stencils of the most accepted foreign language. One has to look at the particular airframe and country of operation. Sorry it is hard, but that is the only way. I believe there is (was) in the past a MiG-23 left back in Belgrade from overhaul, not delivered becouse of sanctions. Was it a Libian one. It would be interesting to have a closer look at it to see what kind of stencils it has. This could provide some kind of indication as to what was used. Best regards Gabor
  3. To go allong with the Mustang kit here is something from the "other side" :) :) From Modelsvit fake book: Hello everyone, Messerschmitt Bf.109 D-1(1/48) is ready and early Dec'19 - expeditions to our distributors shall be launched. Bellow you could find photos of the entire set content. I did see the sprues back in April and they were fantastic! There are some really nice new ideas in the kit. Best regards Gabor
  4. From Modelsvit fake book page: Hello friends, Mission complete!.... Mustang P-51H (1/48) to be shipped to our distributors early December 2019. Bellow you could find photos of the entire set content. Good news! Look forward to this one! Best regards Gabor
  5. Yes, those were the days. Around here KP kits were easily accessible and at a very friendly “Socialist” price (virtually for pennies) from the Czechoslovak Cultural Shop. So we had to build what was available. OK sometimes in the central Hobby shop (once or twice a year) a party of Western kits was delivered and sold in milliseconds. I remember mostly Heller kits. One has to remember that in those days Hungary (just as all other Iron Curtain countries) was a closed Socialist economy and anything coming from the West had to be payed for with hard Western currency. Now this is what was not available freely but every now and then the trading company managed to squeeze out the means to buy few crates of Western kits and sell them at the Hobby shop. Mind you the price of the Heller kits was not so friendly but if you wanted to have something different from the usual KP or Polish kits then this was the way to go. The KP MiG-17 kit was excellent for starting to learn what one has to do in model building. If it went wrong there was no problem in getting another one and start again. There was plenty of time since the release of the next kit from KP was still in the far future. The only hint as of what is to come was the box side art work. Remember the anticipation for the MiG-21 kit. No big Telford show announcement, no predicted date of release. The kit was simply there one day in the Cultural shop. Best regards Gabor
  6. Here is a real antic piece that I have received from a very good friend. Thanks Pali! Half a century (or so) ago I did build few of them along with all kits from the KP stable for the very simple reason, they were the only kits available. Back then it was nice but of course time shows. It had all raised rivets and panel lines and few other discrepancies. For example the tail sections diameter is way too big changing the overall shape of the fuselage. And of course the wings, the leading edge is constant here too. Actually the panels and rivets were extremely fine and delicate, still look good today. It is interesting that after all this decades the decals still had white and not a yellowish colour. Of course it is possible that they would fall apart when placed in water. It is a true antic piece but I am not sure there is a real chance of starting a build of it although there are some noteworthy details on it. Here are those antennas on the tip of the wing. They are made perfectly, point in the right direction and have the correct shape. This was a good opportunity to dig out from my collection the original antenna and include it here. This is what it should look like, if one plans to correct them on the new kit. Best regards Gabor
  7. Some more details left off, forgotten or made in a strange way on the kit. Most (but not all) MiG-17F had a secondary pitot on the right side of the radio compartment cover in front of the windscreen. Of the two paint schemes Airfix has chosen the Russian one definitely did have it as seen on photos of the actual aircraft. The radar range finder antenna on top of the cover in front of windscreen is shown by Airfix as a faint bulge on the surface. In real life it was a prominent long semi circular cross section rod with lots of fine details on it. The antenna is about 2/3 in length of the actual panel. Sand down Airfix’s feeble attempt, polish the surface and add a brand new antenna, scratch from a stretched sprue with detailing. There should be a circular service panel next to the antenna on left front part of the panel. Scribe, sand and polish. Please note that the range finder antenna was not fitted to all MiG-17F aircraft, so if you are building your own choice of aircraft, not the ones provided in the kit then have a close look at reference photos to see if it had this antenna or not. Best regards Gabor
  8. There are so many rumours around, so many wish lists on forums where in some cases people start to believe if something is said too many times. Concerning size, remember taking in hands a 72nd scale Tu-160 kit fuselage main parts. It was like a holding a Slazenger tennis racket. Imagine the same in 48th. Don’t think I have that much space. :) Thanks for pointing to Nov 2020. I did not have time to read through the whole announcement last night, was pretty tired after a day at our own show, speaking to millions of people, demonstrating the workings of equipment . . . It was a long (but excellent) day. So it is a year till we see actual plastic. Best regards Gabor
  9. Sorry I was not able to follow developments today live. Just got home. We had a local modelling show and had a stand with my own flight safety equipment, helmets, flight suits . . . So the news leak was not a hoax. Nice to see a new Vulcan and the scale is right for me. I know some would have preferred something bigger, sure someone will do it too. Did they say when it will be out??? Best regards Gabor
  10. Hi Hubbie Marsten, I have nothing against 48th scale kits. So if someone would make it, it is fine with me. I think it would be far too big for me so I would do only 72nd kits of anything that big. As I have said, we will see today what is prepared by Airfix for us. Best regards Gabor
  11. Yes, sure there is a 72nd kit from Airfix of the Vulcan bomber, the only problem it is dated 1984!!! What is it, almost 40 years old! Back then completely different technology of master design/making, detailing, raised panel lines, contemporary ideas . . . As we have seen very recently using a 3D scan of the real aircraft in wrong hands can mean disaster, but if used right it can produce a master piece! Everything is possible. Well, we will see in a day or two with the then official announcement at Telford. All this waiting . . . 😊 Best regards Gabor
  12. See the title? 72nd! Best regards Gabor
  13. IF you havent heard, then go over to another site and they are going crazzzzy over this. Someone "accidentally" leaked the Sunday Telford announcement about 2 hours ago. So, is there anyone who wants to buy my old Airfix Vulcan bomber??? It could be of course a hoax, but then I will have a very long build on my hands with the old kit! :) :) Best regards Gabor
  14. Hi Laurent, Nice try. :) :) :) f you have a closer look of the plastic parts as well as of the CAD images it is possible to see that there are numerous panel lines much closer to the “edge” of the part and they are perfectly reproduced on the plastic. So the tool makers did what was on the CAD with no problem. We can dream up all sorts of theories, the truth is that these panels lines and other details were simply left off for no apparent reason. I am sure Tom the designer can tell more. . . Best regards Gabor
  15. Hi Janman, Just a small correction on the photo above it is a MiG-17 kit from KP. You mentioned MiG-15. I do have few KP 15's also somewhere . . . but this is a MiG-17PF. Frustration? I dont think so. If the manufacturer does not care, why should I? No, it is simply showing what can one do at home to correct some of the mistakes of the kit. Try to help to those who will want to make something out of this kit. Best regards Gabor
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