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  1. Hi ChernayaAkula, Like in the 48th scale versions, they added sprues for the different fuselage and wings (PF, PFM, R, CMT . . .) as well as some small bits and pieces which are exclusive to that version. I would expect the same with 72nd kits. Lets not forget we havent seen what is different for the uncomming PF and FPM kit. There is (there should be) plenty of new design, new sprues for any and every of the new versions. Even if they do a correct MiG-21bis fuselage and wings. WHEN??? Based on the news above it will be at least some 2-4 years from now. The shorter time period is far less likely. :(( Concerning the MiG-21bis also let’s not forget it is not only about the nose but the whole fuselage is different even from the Gorkiy (Interceptor) version. Best regards Gabor
  2. It is not by accident that I wrote FAKE BOOK. I could have written RIP-OFF BOOK or SPY BOOK, FRAUD BOOK or lots of other names. They are just as true! Thing is everyone knows what I meant and they know exactly where to look for any additional information. Best regards Gabor
  3. It is very simple business mathematics. They or any other company for that matter go in direction of biggest sales and profit. It is as simple as that. Of the Mustang they sold around 7000 (seven thousand !!!!!!!!!!) pieces in a matter of few weeks. This is a hell of a lot!!!! Based on this it is obvious that they will do the so called “popular” (and in this case numbers clearly show this) subjects. Why not do it, I am sure there are many who are happy with yet another Me-109, FW-190, Spit, Mustang . . . kit! Let them do it. It means that the company stays alive and can in the end (we hope so) make other subjects too like the FIshbed series. Only the time factor . . . The MF versions are primarily for domestic market and there they sell them (OK not as many as Mustangs) . Any re-box of other manufacturers kits is pure “printing money” and expanding further the range under Eduard name. Just make a new box, print the decal and instruction sheet, add photoetch and some resin (to keep the boys in the company’s own aftermarket department happy). No hassle with press form making, design, research . . . even if the kit is say far from perfect (like the MiG-23) the end product will make money too, which is good for the business. This does not affect production capacity. The problem with producing new kits like this MiG-21 range is not this. The bottle neck is in design / research / tool making and of course investment, this is the main limiting factor for a company. Best regards Gabor
  4. Here is the last look at this build. Best regards Gabor
  5. An interesting answer from Mr. Sulc (the boss of Eduard) on a Czech modelling forum (can I mention other forums here or is it a no-no area like on other forums?). :)) He was asked about plans for MiG-21 SMT, R and bis versions in 72nd scale. The short answer was: Zatím na to žádný časový horizont nemáme. in G. translation : We do not have any time horizon yet. or in another interpretation: Yet it is no timeframe we have. As far as it is known for the moment only the PF and PFM versions are in the pipe line with release very late this year or rather next year and the other following it half a year or more later which means that it is 2020-2021. The PF-PFM are the second batch of MiG-21’s planned by Eduard in 72nd. The first batch of Eduard production was the two versions of the MiG-21MF already released. The third batch should be (if ever) the SMT and bis versions which are a “way over the horizon” (in free interpretation) according to Mr. Sulc. There are so many projects going on at the Czech company which have priority over the MiG-21’s and earn a lot more money like the just started Mustang family, while we still have the Spits, the Me-109’s, the FW-190 . . . family not finished (in both 48 and 72 scales) and a proposed Hurricane also in plans . . . So not surprised that it is way over the horizon, many-many years in future. Life is short Best regards Gabor
  6. Some more views of this model by Pavel Rebezov on Zvezda fake book. Best regards Gabor
  7. Here are some last views of that Russian build on Zvezda fake book. Last views since the kit is finished. :)) Looks good. Before you ask. No. The masks for the digital camo are not included. I am sure soon some aftermarket company will produce them. Best regards Gabor
  8. The initial order is for 76 Su-57 fighters of which the first production example will be delivered in November this year. The KnAAZ factory in Komsomolsk na Amure has the production line set up and will produce the Su-57 in parallel with Su-35S fighters. Best regards Gabor
  9. Sorry. Have no idea! I am not connected with Modelsvit so have no information on what they are doing. The best you can do is to ask them directly on fake book. They do read it. https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/?ref=py_c It is obvious that they are not a type of company who communicate before they know for certain about new releases. The pattern has been that they show what they are doing, boxart, sprues, CAD when they are well into next or even final (pre-release) stage of a project. One more thing concerning the Su-17M3 kit. There is also a difference in production batches where the nose bay door is made of either simply left and right or they are broken down each into two separate door parts. Actually the earlier kit version № 72047 had both versions also included on sprue E and it was offered as an option. Don’t ask me where the changeover was to 2 part bay doors from the earlier 4 part unit. I think not even the Russians know it exactly. OK I think the Sukhoj designers know it but . . . Best regards Gabor
  10. Here are some fresh pictures from fake book of the new M-55 Geophysica sprues and extras from the Modelsvit kit in 72 nd. It is a big one not only as a model and the wing span but in actual life standing next to it one appreciates its dimensions! Seen it taking off at MAKS and WOW it went up with the ease of a light fighter at a very steep angle. Best regards Gabor
  11. Good luck with them! Have fun!! Best regards Gabor
  12. I would not like to comment on these seats. The ones I have seen are from NeOmega and they are a joke, have absolutely nothing to do with the real seat. But it is all a question of taste. There are many kits which obviously need aftermarkets. The K-36DM Seria 2 seat in the Modelsvit kit of Su-17M3 № 72047 is almost perfect. OK one has to build it from 23 separate plastic parts in some cases of extremely small size. Isn’t this what plastic modelling is all about??? Remember this is 72nd scale!!!!!!! But I understand that some prefer an aftermarket, just drop it in and it is all done. It is a question of taste and modelling skills. Best regards Gabor
  13. One more difference should be the ejection seat. I have the original Su-17 M3 kit and it has the late version K-36DM Series 2 seat. I would say that the early still had the original K-36 DM seat with the bigger headrest, same as the one used on Su-24's to this day. I dont know if Modelsvit made this difference. Will see it later. For the Su-22M3 with R-29 they will have to include the bigger headrest of the early version as this is the type we had. Just to make things simple before this the earlier version Su-17's used the home grown KS seats. :))) Best regards Gabor
  14. Hi Madcop, I haven’t seen the latest kit so have no idea what they changed. I believe there are some constructional changes and of course the weapons set with lots of mud mowing precision thingies to be hung under wings and fuselage. This is now kit № 72044 (M3 early) and the one released what is it more than a year or two ago was № 72047 (Su-17M3). The early had a shorter fin top with rounded cover, it did not have the ventral fin, it did not have all those Afgan modifications for self defence (the numerous ASO-2 dispensers on the back) and of course the guided weapons. The early aircraft were mainly flying in natural metal receiving camo only much later. For a full line of Su-17 family it is (it was) an obvious choice for Modelsvit. Now we have to wait for the M4 version for which they have said that it is in design but at the moment don’t have a release date. And of course the one which would be interesting to Hungarians and some other export customers who had the Su-22 with the R-29 engine in the back resulting in a fat fool with many, many changes to the airframe. For this a brand new fuselage will have to be made along with stabs, fin, engine exhaust . . . They did promise that one day it will also be here, so . . . If you at Modelsvit read this, COME ON do the the R-29 version also!!!!!!!!! Sorry the 3 MiG-21 MF’s are on a side track at the moment. As my Polish friend is saying There are so many ideas and so little time. :(( A lot of projects and work on different things takes most of the time, including the occasional visit (now that it is still summer and good weather) to see some real aircraft and do measuring first hand, getting into dusty archives for research . . . I hope very soon you will be able to see some results through photoetch corrections that I did for Edu, there is that August release 48th 21bis kit for which designed the Hungarian decal, another decal is in progress, other kits /other manufacturers are also in making . . . Sorry those small 21MF’s are parking and gathering dust at the moment, while their bigger brother, a 21bis is taking shape to show that yellow scheme. A lot of work to try to make something of it. Hope your DeVilbiss Super 63 is working fine! 😊 😊 Best regards Gabor
  15. Sorry I left out an important part of this news, the Su-17M3 kit should also be out in October. Here is what Modelsvit was saying on fake book: Hello friends, Following your requests, we are continuing the Su-17's family. This October to be released Su-17M3 “Early vers.” with various missile armament. The set includes pair of R-60, Kh-23, Kh-25, Kh-29 missiles, missile control pod, external fuel tanks PTB-800, 2 canopies (open/closed), PE sheet, adhesive masks and decals for 3 coloring schemes. Best regards Gabor
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