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  1. WOW!!! That is a nice "under servicing" type of photo!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see any others from the same occasion! Best regards Gabor
  2. Hi Dave, Hi Tank, Yes, sure there is the question of damage to surface details during building the kit and how will a modeller deal with that. The solution should start far earlier!!! One needs a good design and parts breakdown, a clever way of fitting and with todays CAD design the parts fit should be solved, without any need for corrections. So it is or rather it should NOT be a problem for the modeller! But this is a question which should (HAS TO BE) be solved by the kit maker company!!! In case of this Soviet Mi-17 kit there were several “i
  3. Hi Tank, I prefer authenticity! This is the surface of a real Mi-24! Try to reproduce in scale what the original looks like. Here we are speaking of the Mi-24 attack helicopter and if one looks at a real example in 1 to 1 scale will see that it has enormous mushroom rivets all over its surface. Keeping this in mind it was still the fastest helicopter in the world. (imagine what would have been if it has flush rivets and the whole structure is designed more streamlined!!!!) How to reproduce this in scale? Obviously with positive rive
  4. Certainly possible to cross kit. BUT and this is a very big BUT. Then you have to buy two kits in the first place: the new Trump Mi-24A and one of the Moscow company. Since the latter is completely “naked” one has to buy a cockpit from one of the 3D printer makers or a resin interior or a photoetch set which will be about 30-50 Euro extra. Then there is the naked exterior so get a 3D printed rivet set which will increase the overall price tag even further by about 60-70 Euro. Not speaking of any other extras like resin wheels, external stores, pitot tubes, turned gun barrel, afterm
  5. Here is the situation few years ago from overhead view. Not much changed since then. These are the ones "not so important", there is also one additional Lansen inside the base. This area is now once again part of the air base and strictly prohibited to enter. This the once was museum is not completely out of reach for civilians. : ( : ( : ( Best regards Gabor
  6. Hi Sabrejet, You are absolutely right and I should have know it correctly since still have the flyer from the show. Also lots of Phantoms at that show! : ) : ) : ) One of the views of the Blackbird from that show. Here are some of the U-2's "visited" in the past. The one in Moscow Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Niels, As pointed out by JeffreyK and based on images of the kit and some opinions I am not convinced by the AFV kit. In case of a U-2 the quarter scale is a bit too big for me, but I am very tempted to get this new kit and wait for further developments. I still have the original U-2 by the big A in 72 nd from prehistoric times as well as a Testors kit. Meters of book shelf filled with publications about U-2 from past decades. Never got around to building the kits I have but had spent a lot of time with camera and measuring tape around museum exhibits of
  8. Same here, but for the moment there is no alternative in this scale! It is obvious that the Moscow company will somewhere in future do the "glass house" A version, but it will be just as "naked" as the previous ones. So . . . ??? Best regards Gabor
  9. On display this week at the Nürenberg show the Mi-24A early version from Hobby Boss. One can say it is a strange subject and question the market potential for it, but for those interested in the Hind . . . Print screen from a video report from the first day at the show by Modellbau Koenig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXec2K4VluA&t=623s Best regards Gabor
  10. On display this week at the Nürenberg show the new U-2S from Hobby Boss. Looks nice! : ) : ) : ) I know about the flaps, but a bit of primer and light sanding after can reduce the "problem" if it is a problem for some. If something I would go for this one! And of course if they would do an early version. Print screen from a video report from the first day at the show by Modellbau Koenig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXec2K4VluA&t=623s Best regards Gabor
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks and your are welcome with the Mi-8. It was fun but of course there is still a lot to do on the Hip project. So many things to do and so little time. Life is too short! Good luck with the Viggen! Have several kits of it (latest is a Special Hobby kit), it was always a special love for me! Actually asked the director of Flygvapenmuseum back in 2004 what they are planning to do with the retiring jets. And added “how about bringing one here to Hungary”. He said why not and we started to talk about it. The end of the story was that a Viggen (JA37 D c/n37347)
  12. The Polish Master Co makes some fab and perfect scale pitots for the Viggen. I am not conviced by "correction" nosecones, in most cases they are simply a ripoff!!! They take the original plastic part and make a cast of it and sell it at a premium price. But everyone has their own opinions. Best regards Gabor
  13. Armchair expert? Yes, you can say in a way! But . . . From an armchair (which actually has no arms) it is easy to read all the comments / announcements by the producer which provides details / plans for future releases. You can do it also. Good luck in reading all of it! But in my case it also involves personal connection with many manufacturers, knowing decision makers, involves speaking to them on regular basis. . . be it here in Europe or faraway places. As an aviation journalist this is part of my work. Not sitting in an armchair and fantasizing but putting the question d
  14. A bit further down the page there was already a topic on this. Have a look here: There has been a lot of talk about this kit already! Best regards Gabor
  15. OK, so we turned into 2024 and a short list of things to come was shown in the latest January issue of the companies newsletter. We have brand new early Mustang, Albatros, the new love the P-40, lots of Me 109’s, there will be a F-5E, B-17, B-26 and many other kits. But what about the kits which go silently into history without materializing. Promises, promises, promises . . . There is a standard kit manufacturers strategy of giving hints, sneak previews, clues of things to come simply to “break down competition” that is discourage them from doing something similar. Standard procedure, s
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