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  1. Time is relative! : ) : ) : ) For some one year is very long for others 10 minutes is extremely long! : ) : ) There is a hunger for new products in all of us. I hope they bring out the Clear Prop kit very soon!!!!!!! Good luck to them and look forward very much to the kit. But here we started to talk about the ICM kit. The same is true for the ICM kit! I hope it will be on the workbench in no time. Of course this is not possible . . . We all will have to wait for it. Best regards Gabor
  2. I did not mention that ICM is also from the Ukraine! It is not a Russian company! Best regards Gabor
  3. I did mention this kit above. And added that it is a good news for all of us to have atleast 2 new kits comming out. About the Clear Prop kit the only question is WHEN???????? They did show first images of the design long, Long, LONG time ago! Only hope that they did not put aside this project! Based on what we seen so far of it, the kit should be a winner! Let's see it at last! As I understand it will be the MLD (shown above), possibly the ML and even the P, but they are all late versions. Still I would love to have a nice MLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have to add without attacking any maker, that I was one of the first ones to buy the RV MiG-23 kit in two different versions with the hope that at last someone did it right. After opening the box it was obvious that . . . Still have one of the kits as an example of what not to do, just as some very old resin kits. It is very sad that we had to waite till now for someone to take the MiG-23 seriously and try to make something of it. I know for ages Czech modellers were asking the leader of a local company (name starts with Ed. . . ) for this kit or for up-to-date MiG-17 or MiG-1
  5. We can only hope! It is supposed to be a family of 23/27 but exactly which versions it covers is still a question. I be happy with a MiG-23MF, MLD and the UB. But I know that everyone have their own preferences so . . . Will it be also in 48th? It all depends on how well they do with the 72nd, in my opinion. But if one looks at the MiG-25 kits then it is obvious that they do like to do kits in both scales once the design is made. Why waste all that work on just one scale kit. Best regards Gabor
  6. At a Moscow toy fair ICM has announced a brand new MiG-23/27 family of kits in 2022. At last one kit company has the guts to make a MiG-23 hopefully to modern design and production standard. It has been ages since modellers wanted to have a good Flogger kit. (Please dont bring up the RV kit) OK will it be that good? We will see, but at least someone is trying!!! Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Mario, The difference was COMPLETE with brand new equipment to compensate for the loss of information with №31 in Western hands. For example a brand new IFF system was introduced not only for the Foxbats but for all AF and PVO aircraft which was completely safe for decades after this. If one looks at some of the comments above then it becomes evident that for example the radar of the MiG-25P wasn’t half as bad as most anticipated or the “Myth” built around Russian equipment’s inferiority. For the upgraded aircraft a brand new radar was introduced as well as the
  8. One can say that this particular airframe was “compromised”. 1. From operational stand point of view one can say that it was disassembled by not qualified personnel, that is US “specialists” both for dismantling for transportation and later ground testing. Who would trust the integrity of such an aircraft? 2. In many places of the airframe samples were taken to determine what is it exactly made of, holes were drilled into metal parts to get the samples. Is this something worth “repairing” or replacing just to get the aircraft back in air? 3. Back in those
  9. After all it is a Japanese company and it could not be held against them to make a copy of a Japanese aircraft type. All model companies in a way nationalistic and apart from usual universal subjects do make many which are for local consumption mainly. Look at some of the Czech subjects of Eduard, Russian kits at Zvezda, Heller with French aircraft or Airfix with brit subjects . . . The line of examples is endless. Why should FineMolds be different??? Will there be a competition with the Hase kit? Sure! But same competition is there with the F-14 or the Phantom kits and still
  10. For some (me included) it is a disappointment that not a soft wing Phantom the next kit, announced today. ( Still have plenty FineMolds F-4E’s to work on but as always hunger for new kits is always . . .) But from business point of view it is understandable that FineMolds went with the local version of the F-16. It is an interesting bird and most certainly it will appear in many eye-catching schemes and not just a “Grey on Grey” like the US versions. Speaking of interesting schemes it is not a surprise that later this year and early next two special paint schemes of JASDF Phan
  11. New kit announcement from FineMolds today: Product number FP48 Air Self-Defense Force F-2A fighter Suggested retail price 3,740 yen including tax (3,400 yen for the main unit) New product scheduled to be released in February 2022 Apart from plastic parts there is the usual FineMolds turned brass pitot tube and AOA sensors. For the ejection seats the NaNo series offers imjection moulded straps as well for the kit. Best regards Gabor
  12. No real surprise with the brand new kit announcement. They did say it will be a Japanese made and produced subject. It is the F-2, local F-16 version. I think we will have to waite for continuation of the Phantom family. Best regards Gabor
  13. Sorry but never made any model paint comparisons. But here is the real deal for comparison. Russians used one standard green colour for wheel hubs for milions of years, it is special heat resistant colour. Next to it is a dielectric panel from a MiG-21 fighter. The dielectric green colour was different and it had different properties. One can argue that the difference is minimal for a scale kit. Both the dielectric and the hub panel are factory fresh with zero use and they never seen fading from sunlight. Here they are put one on another for comparison under
  14. Many manufacturers simply dont care about such details, they just do "something" which looks like what they imagine it should look like (but in real life have very little authenticity). Any questions asked about such details (directly to the maker or on forums) are considered by manufacturers as "minor mistake" and noticed only by rivet counters. So . . . Here is a photo I took many years ago of the ICM kit showing one example Best regards Gabor
  15. On the PD it can be carried, but . . . In real life did the Soviet inteceptors use them is another question. The recon birds did regularly. The only problem with the ICM kit both in 72nd and 48th is that the shape and the details of the tank are completely wrong. Most modellers simply dont care about such "minor" problems. So . . . Best regards Gabor
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