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  1. Hi John, Sorry, this is two different stories: - The Air Force museum has two 104’s. I have nothing to do with them. Only one of them has a Martin-Baker seat, the other arrived without a seat. Both were substantially so to say “reduced in weight” with removal of most things from inside by the original AF's. Sadly by now they are both repainted in an authentic wrong colours with wrong markings. - My collection/museum is a completely different story and has nothing to do with the museum above. It is my own private collection and it has five ex Luftwaffe seat (they were demilitarized and sold (for pennies) when they changed to M-B seats, (was it late 60's?)). One is an earlier fighter version (triangular D handle) (unfortunately not downward firing) and seats from trainers. It is going completely off topic now. Lets get back to the Kinetic kit. Best regards Gabor
  2. Hi John, Where I see a problem, is that even if the manufacturer explains why this or that part was made in a certain way there is still criticism of it. And the thing is that no one has actually seen the kit till now . . . What will happen when they hold it in their hands? As for constructive comments maybe you have seen in the past some of my views on new kits and I don’t hold back if there is a valid point. So yes, it is good to see local experts commenting. It seems that the wheel question could not be solved by the manufacturer in a way to satisfy everyone. There will never be a kit which makes every modeller happy. I also look forward to this kit. Now what shall I do with my Hase kits, think still have somewhere a 32nd one too way back from late 1970's. Do I like 104's, just a "little", this is why I have five original C-2 seats in my personal collection. I was there when a Canadian built example was delivered to our museum in Szolnok by the Lufwaffe. I have been over every inch of it :)))) Since then a Turkish example was also delivered (exchanged for a MiG-21MF). So yes, I look forward to this one! Best regards Gabor
  3. I hope Mrs Gorsky made good on her promise and Mr Gorsky had a good time. :)))))) True or not it is great sidetrack of that historic little step and giant leap event. Sorry for my off topic just wanted to easy things a little! Sad that no matter what the kit subject every thread is becoming a carpet bombing of the producer or a wish list. :(((( Best regards Gabor
  4. Everyone has a wishlist of their own. Of course it would be nice to have an early 104A or C version just as a two-seater. . . But for the moment let’s see first this F-104G&J kit! Talk about anything else later. Best regards Gabor Good luck Mr. Gorsky!
  5. Hi Janne, Following with interest! Very nice so far! Best regards Gabor
  6. Hi JackMan, ViperZero, Mstor, I would say they put an impressive amount of detail into a very small kit. Love it! This was the reason why I bought it. Not a cheap kit but certainly worth it. Just as the MiG-21F-13 or the previous 21F kit. They are improving with every new kit. Worth watching them. About 32nd scale I don’t know, but at the Moson show in April they did have sprues for the brand new early Bf 109 in 48th scale and it had some really nice ideas in it too! So you never know which direction they will go with time. Best regards Gabor
  7. I don’t think most of those who complained about the rivets have actually seen the kit, held it in hand. Here it is, have a look. I for one usually don’t like rivets on 72nd scale kits, but for a natural metal one it is essential since the contrast was so great and the rivets were very much visible! Same goes for early MiG’s and almost every natural metal plane from the 50's & 60's. I don’t agree to ones who add all the rivets no matter what and destroy several riveters on building a single kit, any scale and full camo on it. In the case of this Mirage III believe Modelsvit was right in adding them and shown 100% craftsmanship in producing the kit tools! Have a look at the photos. To illustrate my point (and I think this was the idea originally at Modelsvit behind positioning the joint lines on the wings) here are few close up photos of the Mirage III kit from Modelsvit in 72nd scale. The joint line is out of harm’s way to make filing easy with the absolutely minimal chance of destroying the surrounding details. This is only dry test fit of the wing panels so there is a slight misalignment of lines. Small side note. Zvezda designer did the same on several kits and it was much easier to get rid of the joint line this way! You only have a slight problem with this solution if fitting the flaps in the down position. Makes the surgery part of it a little more difficult since the underside is in 2 pieces, but nothing that one could not manage. Both panel lines and rivets are clean, consistent, straight and perfectly executed engraved items. As they should be on a kit in 2019. I like the beautifully made overlapping panels which are normally represented by a simple engraved panel line on other kits. Speaking of fine details, this is the area in the back of the cockpit with microscopic details on it. Remember this kit is 72nd scale! Of course I will have to build that miniture Martin-Baker seat for test. :))) It also looks fantastic! Bring on that Mirage 2000!!! Best regards Gabor
  8. Yes it is! And they are re doing the Mirage III kit again as well as the two seater B version. The rework should have no rivets and the break-down of the wing should be different. Have to add that I liked both the rivets and the wing with top and bottom parts joint so to say “away” from panel lines where one has the chance to fill it properly and make it disappear completely without destroying all the fine details, rivet near by. Where is the joint line over panel line version requires filling, sanding and re-scribing to restore details if there is a slight misalignment due to this or that reason. I prefer the original version (rivets and so to say “out of line joint”), but now everyone will have a chance of choosing this or that version with the new kit. From the stand point of Modelsvit it is a win-win situation where they can satisfy both camps and sell kits at the same time! :))) Best regards Gabor
  9. Hi Janne, Congratulations!!! Now you will really have to watch over your things! :))) Please simply call me Gabor the clairvoyant. So now to this weeks lottery numbers . . . Best regards Gabor
  10. There is not much to add to this news from Modelsvit page: Dear Fellows, Following your requests, We're glad to announce that designing process of Mirage 2000 (1/72 scale) is under way... The news is excellent and judging by the Mirage III kit this one should be just as good! Thank you Modelsvit! Best regards Gabor
  11. You would also need those antenna strange bulges on the front leading edge next to the intakes (inheritance form the A airframes as far as I know), the main and easiest visual differentiation between the B and the D. Best regards Gabor
  12. I am sure the two boarding steps are made that way since the whole cockpit section is a one part moulded part. Examining parts / sprues on show at Moson some of the fine design features were evident. Looking at parts not only as a modeller but also from a stand point of parts break down and engineering. The actual cockpit tab slides into the one part front section from behind on rails inside for good fit. I guess that a particular front section wall thickness had to be kept for injection moulding and to get the tab inside. I don’t think that the depth of the steps is any problem. Best regards Gabor
  13. I know it is an off topic, but have a look at fine details inside the nose gear bay of the new Zvezda Su-30SM kit in 72 nd scale. Sorry Janne for getting a bit of the track Best regards Gabor
  14. Hi Ken, Sorry I did not look at the build article. Now I know. Best regards Gabor
  15. Nice work Ken!!!!! :)) I suppose this is the new Zvezda kit there. There are some really interesting solutions on that kit in comparison to where it all started 5 years ago with the Su-27SM kit. Best regards Gabor
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