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  1. Hi Falcon91352, Interesting to read your experience and I am sure it will be of help to others too. Actually Jakub also had a small "step-by-step" of the decal application in INFO Eduard (I think in May issue). Thanks for sharing! I was there on Saturday at Moson, several times visiting Jakub and his Father and also having a closer look at the Hind test with the decal rivets they had on show. We could have meet there. Best regards Gabor
  2. It is important to add, that the gun muzzle panel "fitted" to the fuselage was actually just held in place with a finger!!! It was NOT fitted properly in anyway or glued in place, just held against the main part! This is what happens when unfounded criticism is made based just on a single photo pronouncing the kit unbuildable. : ( : ( : ( Thanks for showing the image! Look forward to others. Best regards Gabor
  3. First, you are right we only have a handful of operational Mi-24P (all of them ex GDR airframes) and few Mi-24V’s still in service. For how long is a good question. They were overhauled in Russia and in the current war situation there is absolutely no way of maintaining them for a considerable time, spare parts supply, weapons supply are all out of question. So after they are out we will have the Airbus toy helicopters to do the same job. : ( : ( I had a closer look at the Zvezda Mi-24V kit in the past (don’t have it my self) and it is an excellent starting point for a superb kit
  4. I am not sure if this was here already or not. Following the Zvezda practice in the past decade or so of releasing photo of the box, test build, decal sheet . . . I would say the kit will be out in a week or two. It was obvious that Zvezda will follow up earlier 48th scale Hind kits with other versions also. This time the Mi-35, which is basically a rebirth or rethink of the original idea with new electronics and changed structural elements. On the outside it looks like a Christmas tree with all sorts of bits and pieces handing on it in comp
  5. Hi Gene K, Thanks for the idea. Never tried it before. Will do in future. On the other hand I believe the drawings he is showing explain perfectly well what the point is, even without the language to back it all up. Has anyone received the kit? Any opinions on it??? Best regards Gabor
  6. For the ones who speak the language it must be interesting. If someone like me, at least you can understand some of the reasons for some design features of the kit. Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Habu2, Opinion of the kit??? Here is a kit built for a Japanese publication. Best regards Gabor
  8. Great build!!! Have to say a very brave choice of conversion for the little information available! Best regards Gabor
  9. Hi Wardog, On the previous page I did show the Martin-Baker seat resin copy which I produced some 30 or so years ago. Is this the one you are talking about? Best regards Gabor
  10. You are not the only one!!!! But not only the MiG-19P but ANY MiG-19 in state of the art CAD technology designed and produced kit would be most welcome! Best regards Gabor
  11. Hi Gene, Thanks for the kind words. Without real nostalgia I can say those were the days of doing some kits. Had far more energy, more time and the range of subjects was endless. One only had to DO IT. But what about that KP kit. At the very first opportunity I did buy one example at the Plasticova Zima show in Bratislava. KP people were there and reassured me that it is a brand new kit, all CAD technology and the highest quality possible. Well, what is possible, it seems we have different definition. The decal sheet is terrible in my view. As to the kit, i
  12. Just following your excellent work from the sidelines. (and building / having fun quietly with a 72nd scale S-199 (Me-109) from Edu) Best regards Gabor
  13. Packing of the kit is going on as we speak. Delivery next week. Packed boxes and ready to distributors And here is a built example from FineMolds I like the open airbrakes Just as the FineDetails in the main gear bay. It looks busy as it should be. All this in 72nd scale! Nice!!! Best regards Gabor
  14. Nice work! Congrats! Best regards Gabor
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