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  1. As John Cleese commented: Two down Four to go. Sad that a genius has passed away. Terry Jones founders of Monty Python has died at the age of 77. Rest in Peace Gabor
  2. Yes, I think did say it all depends on the given market and local taxes. In person I cannot confirm what was said on that Czech forum, have to believe them. Haven’t had a look in our local shops and I don’t think I will waste time in searching for this kit either. I have been sent some comments from an obscure little-known British forum about arguments on a new Spitfire kit in 72nd and also the new Airfake category of “Beginners” kits. It seems that some native Brit modellers are not really “amused” with it. It seems that the “simple” MiG-17 kit is only the tip of the iceberg and there are others to follow it with similar simplified beginners quality. Oh well. If this is a considered and pre-planned company strategy then there is simply no point in wasting time on mistakes of any of their kits including this MiG. Best regards Gabor
  3. Very nice U-2skovskiy! : ) : ) No, really fantastic kit and perfect work Ken! Best regards Gabor
  4. Hi Pieter, As I have said before the barrel question is purely a joke by the manufacturer. A sad and pointless joke! It is not a problem of any sort, the kit on the other hand has all the ones described above. Now they are a problem. I know for some in the West "It looks like a MiG" and they would not need anything more than that. I hope they are just as forgiving with mistakes big or small on Western kit subjects. Best regards Gabor
  5. What is shown in the instruction by Airfox??? : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  6. The question of the Airfakes MiG-17F kit has resurfaced in the past weeks again by Czech modellers with both pros and cons. It is interesting that they have pointed to the fact that the new MiG-17 kit is more expensive by about 40% in comparison to the Edu MiG-15 kit in the same scale. Some defended the kit by saying that it is positioned by the manufacturer as a mass product for kids, beginner modellers and it is going cheap in supermarkets. The price difference is not pointing in that direction, but of course I am sure there are places in the world where different taxes and shipping costs add considerably to the retail price of a kit so the ratio can change. Some argue that the reason for poor surface quality and detailing is that the manufacturer tried to save on tooling costs. Another interesting selling point to the kit is that: “it MUST BE better than any previous kit”. No comment really on this. One pro in my opinion is that it has open airbrakes. OK, but what are you going to do with a pair of airbrakes on their own. I understand that a Lancaster gunners turret from Wingnut Wings can stand on its own as a model but an airbrake? : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  7. Hi Pollie, I am almost 100% sure of the MiG-21R. Well the "Sparka" as the Russians called the twoseater is a question of taste. Yes, the UM (Type 69) was the last of the line and known to most today, but the early MiG-21U (Type 66) was also a very interesting and spectacular bird! Also lots of schemes and many users. We will see, but dont hold your breath! : ) If Edu makes it, it will be far in future. Best regards Gabor
  8. A big hello to Netherlands!!! : ) Based on the loose plan the next batch of Fishbed kits should include the R version. I am sure Eduard will do this, it served in numbers with the Czechoslovak AF so it is an obvious candidate in 72nd scale. As for the rest I have said already it is so far in the uncertain future that there is no point in speculating about it or starting a wish list. Just one thought: At Moson 2 years ago on release of the MF kits a group of Czech modellers including some ex MiG-21 service men, Mr. Sulc and me had a long discussion on what the future holds. Of course the question of the twoseater version was raised and Mr. Sulc only asked: “OK but which version?” He is actually right, there are three different versions and they differ from each other which would call for three different kit, research / development, cost of making the tools . . . Does one get returns from such an investment to validate it? Maybe just one version, but OK which one? I have already tried it and it is possible to do a lot of cross kitting with the ones already in existence, plus the PF to come soon. Due to the common design there is absolutely no problem in building for example the exclusive Russian operated MiG-21S version using the wing in the PFM and fuselage from MF, using the would be PF fuselage plus the PFM wing and PFM fin/fuel tank you will have the SPS version of the PF . . . Possibilities are endless. : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  9. Sorry! Have no idea what so ever! At the time I first shown this images from a Russian site I did say that there is absolutely no information: - on who was dooing this scan, - for which company - and for what reason. Same information. Nothing new on this. Sorry! On the other hand I very much look forward to that № 71 aircraft! : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  10. With holidays out of the way the new year is starting in earnest. While January sees the release of the new MiG-21PFM kit from Eduard in 72 nd scale and it is an interesting kit I have to add. But till the next new release, the PF version in spring there is something else is also coming our way. In February there will be a re-release of the Gorkiy manufactured version of the MiG-21MF. There will be of course a Czech paint scheme in it but also something very interesting. The MiG-21MF was an export version intended for all those WarPac countries and some “friends” around the world. Almost the whole batch of export MF’s was manufactured in the Moscow factory (represented in kit form as the Moscow or Fighter Bomber version) but at the end of series production due to demand for MF’s and of changing the line at Moscow for new fighters the Gorkiy plant built a smaller series of MiG-21MF’s which were externally half way between the new MiG-21 bis fighter and the older MF. Gorkiy at this time was already building the bis fighters. Of the production run of little over 200 not all were eventually sold. What to do with the “left overs” which differed from the Soviet VVS MiG-21SM version in several ways? Few Russian units received the export MF from the Gorkiy production factory. Some were in the now standard Air Superiority Grey (actually heat resistant Grey over all paint designed for the MiG-25’s but used on other types too) and some received a camouflage paint scheme. We are very fortunate that one such example survived the past decades and was extensively photographed in a College training hall where all the original colours, stencils and markings look almost as new. This was Light Blue № 71. This is the actual aircraft which will be in the February release box. The significance of this scheme is that I think it is the best documented pattern of all Russian camouflage examples and as authentic as it can be. Remember almost all aircraft were painted in individual pattern only the colours used were the same. Here is № 71 Best regards Gabor
  11. Sorry Janne for high jacking a little space here. Here are few CAD images of what CIRO is preparing for the BN which he has published on a Czech forum. I just hope they do something for the other MiG-23 versions too. Note that these images are of CAD under development and not the final version, Martin just wanted to show what is in making. It should be a true multi media kit with photoetch parts also in the set. The new nose section The nose gear bay Under the windscreen And cockpit inside The new canopy The vac-formed canopy I believe is made for CIRO by Taurus (they make canopies for almost all Czech manufacturers) and the ones I have from them are superb! The MiG-23BN is not my cup of tea but with this set I would be tempted. Sorrrrrry Janne, lets get back to your build! : ) : ) : ) Best regards Gabor
  12. Hi Mark, Yep, that’s the way it goes. : ) : ) : ) : ) Still I don’t see anyone of real note doing or planning on doing a good MiG-23 even though the real metal is there to look at, measure or scan in most parts of the world now! So no excuses, unless it is the Airfix scan team, because then we can end up with anything but a Flogger and few oil barrels as an extra. : ) : ) : ) Eduard did some Brassin stuff to go with the Trump kit but they did say it is “not a correction” but only a “detail” set. Unfortunately, I have to add! I am sure their Trump friends would not have been happy for corrections. Cold War Studios is working on some detail sets but at the moment I have no further details on them. My friend at Ciro Models in Czech Republic is doing some work and he has an excellent MiG-23BN nose set on the way. He will have 3 versions of it. First a basic nose, second an extra detailed nose and 3rd one with everything open on it. Have seen some of his CAD images and it should be a cracker! He also has a set of corrected intakes and he did have the tail section too. Don’t know if it is still available or not. He has also written an excellent book both on MF and BN for Eduard. I don’t know if he will do anything else for the MF versions. About the Trump kit. For example here is just one of the things which needs correction. The problem: They simply took 2 dimensional side views of the tail and projected them onto a 3 dimensional, curved, cylindrical surface and by doing so all the real rectangle shapes, panels, details got distorted completely. Just to see what I mean have a look at right angle from the side. You will see that for example the air brake has a completely distorted shape while in real life it is rectangular (“unfortunately” I do have one of them in 1 to 1 scale to look at, sorry). This applies to almost the whole airframe. - Does it look like a MiG-23? Sure it does, it has two wings, cockpit, fin . . . - Is it accurate in any way? NO. But there is nothing else at the moment! : ( : ( : ( So we have to live with it. : ( : ( Best regards Gabor
  13. Hi Janne, Good luck with this one. Look forward to what you make of the kit! The Trump kit should be OK if you dont want to go into authenticity. There have been so much said about its problems and in the end one would need to replace about all parts of the airframe to get is closer to the real aircraft. That would make the whole project a very expensive and very long conversion with little of the original plastic remaining. One can take the kit as it is and build it with the aftermarkets you already have. Till someone makes a good scale copy of the real Flogger. The QB seat is a piece of . . . But better than what you have in the kit. As for replacement nose cone, I havent seen it so could not comment and anyway it would be unethical from me since in my collection I have an original nose cone along with a real seat and many other 23 parts. Best regards Gabor
  14. I hope so but it is not 100%. What is known: - Based on museum information it is an ex-Egyptian MiG-23BN aircraft - It arrived to Brussels from US sources (“served” in Ramstein as an “exhibit” last time, but before that ???) It is completely repainted in Soviet colours but several things are not authentic in this painting. Was it painted in Brussels? I don’t know. Looking at images from Tonopah the aircraft operated by 4477 did not have these mistakes. But very little remains (photos, data, records . . .) of US operations. MiG-21F-13 № 77 (no longer on display in Brussels and is confirmed Constant Peg participant) was also completely repainted or to be more precise stripped of all paint. But Was it operated by Red Eagles under Constant Peg program? No confirmation of this at the moment. I don’t think USAF will ever confirm this. . . They are the only ones who could do this with full certainty. Best regards Gabor
  15. Yes, this is my information also, after serving in US they were “shown” at Ramstein as the first stage of their retirement before “moving” to Brussels. Best regards Gabor
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