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  1. Rather not. In my country custom fees for such small packets is just a lottery, sometime you pay something sometime not, usually I have paid nothing so I hope there will be the same this time.
  2. I have just paid for it on Hobbyeasy and the price with shipment fee (~82 euro) is just a little bit less then GWH Su-35 just after release in the same shop. So I think that kit will be rather expensive, close to the most expensive kits in that scale.
  3. Hope my resin exhaust nozzles from Amigo Models will fit the Minibase fuselage. Building any model without aftermarkets it is something unnatural. 🙂
  4. And much, much more detailed then Minibase one.
  5. Too bad, because I have Hasegawa A-7D/E and Aires resin cockpit for A-7D, so I must build D.
  6. Thanks guys, I think I will use one of that AGM-62 under the wing of A-7D I am going to build sometime in the future, together with one fuel tank and two Sidewinders. I like such humble but unusual ordnance.
  7. Departure or fresh store delivery? 🙂
  8. I like those pictures with one Walleye hanged up asymmetrically.
  9. Eduard announced new resin AGM-62 Walleye 1:48 on march of 2021, so I would like to know are there any pictures of armed Walleye under the wings of any aircraft? I am looking and looking... Who and when used that weapon in combat?
  10. Here you can find some new pictures of whole model. Looks pretty good, but those panel lines... too wide in my opinion. Hope they will be much finer in final kit.
  11. Not a problem, frankly said those rivets/screws differences are only visible on that one pylon.
  12. Please look at my last picture with pylons. As you can see, there is riveting on Hasegawa one, there is no rivets on Meng's. Also Hasegawa has got, I believe, more delicate panel lines.
  13. Meng vs. Hasegawa. It looks like Hasegawa has got more rivets and thinner panel lines.
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