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  1. Thanks guys. Now the landing gear. I added some details and now I am starting with painting.
  2. Another step - canopy frame. I have added a lot of stuff plus Eduard's PEs. Frankly said it is more my idea how that place is looks like (the far end of frame), because there is lack of pictures of that place. So I have made it as it "could be". 🙂
  3. Finally I have just finished all weapon loadout. Two weeks of hard work.
  4. That is right, those decal are very inflexible, but it is good to use "3" of Bilmodel, to make it very soft and flexible.
  5. You can find the review here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=113826527377663&id=100318838728432
  6. As far as I know you can buy it directly from manufacturer. I ordered it here: Jira-GIO & ColorFul Decal Shop | Facebook
  7. It is possible that GWH kit will be much better detailed. I hope cockpit, wheel bays and weapons should be much more detailed than Tamiya's ones. So yes, I think that kit could be very interesting competition for Tamiya.
  8. I do believe UV clear resin and Toolz punch and die will make it. It is really not so difficult.
  9. Have you got good pictures of that sensor on A-10 wingtips?
  10. Yes, I do believe I can do it much better than any decals can.
  11. If so, it is easy to make it from scratch. Much better effect than decals I believe.
  12. There are sensors on the wingtips:
  13. I repainted exhaust nozzles once again, making some additional details, visible on real engines. Also added some stuff just after second pilot seat.
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