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  1. Great, but I have Academy kit and not going to have GWH one. So my question is still valid.
  2. I am asking about those Aires, DEF and MCC because I can buy it directly from the store. I do not trust the quality of PHR or SHR, never had it it my hands, so I would like to choos something from those first three.
  3. As above, what set should I choose? I know three ones: Aires, DEF and Mini Craft Collection. All looks very nice, but which one is the best? I see there are three different shapes of fan blades, but which one is proper? Are there any other issues in those sets?
  4. Nothing. But if the have got box cover, there will be launch of the product rather soon. 2-3 months?
  5. Thanks a lot. I see that bay is quite different from the G variant. But maybe not, I see many empty spaces here, maybe missing modules, I don't know.
  6. I am going to make my new model of Kinetic F-104C with opened avionics bay. The problem is that kit's parts are a little bit to simplified, so I would like to use Anyz resins. But those ones are for G variant of aircraft. My question: may I use it for C?Are there any significant differencies between C and G avionics? I can not find any picture of this bay for C.
  7. It were Mr Paint and Gunze paints mostly. It can be said I did. There were a lot of painting techniques used there.
  8. Just finished. Really nice kit from Italerii (Academy), upgraded with Aires cockpit and wheel bays, Eduard PEs, ResKit bombs and wheels plus Master's pitot. Hope ypu like it.
  9. I made it using blue tack mostly.
  10. I have just finished this miniature of MiG-23MF of Polish Air Forces. Trumpeter kit is pretty decent one, but there is a lot of small issues, especially the fitting ones. Also there is a need to rescribe many of panel lines and rivets. So... a lot of work. I made it within over 4 months. Used resin nose from Metallic Details, air intakes, main wheels bay, wheels, missiles, ejection seat and exhaust nozzle from Eduard, pitot and dischargers from Master, decals from Model Maker and stencils from Eduard. Hope you will enjoy it.
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