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  1. Solo


    Raymond, one more question. Have you got any awaiting limits for product status "2-3 weeks restock backorder"?I ordered sheet of decals in the middle of October last year and still waiting for delivery. I know you are not a manufacturer, but don't you have any way to make pressure for them?
  2. Solo


    As I can see, the shipping charges to Poland has been increased by 100%? 2 times more? Thank you Lucky Model...
  3. Solo

    F-16 prototype camouflage

    Cool, but where?
  4. Solo

    F-16 prototype camouflage

    Because I don't have ones. 🙂
  5. I am looking for good pictures of camouflage of F-16 prototype 50745. Especially I am looking for pictures or drawings of this row of flags on noseart with proper perspective - I am going to make design for masks for that. Anybody can help?
  6. Solo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    How long lasted process of developing of real F-14 aircraft? Wasn't it a little shorter than AMK's?
  7. Solo

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    I wish there was a set for Block 52 for Tamiya, but it is not there.
  8. Solo

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    New nozzles for F-16's: Block 52 Hasegawa Block 50 Tamiya Block 25/32/42 Tamiya
  9. Solo

    F-35 news roundup

    Why should we buy scrap?
  10. Shipping to Europe is just horrible, but I need one.
  11. Solo


    One question: why the "free shipping" means practically over $2 shipping while I place my order and try to pay for it? So strange.
  12. Solo

    F-35 news roundup

    Polish government announced as Poland wishes to buy 32 to 48 "5th generation fighters" what means F-35: https://www.defence24.pl/wiceminister-48-samolotow-w-programie-harpia-dodatkowa-eskadra-po-2026-r
  13. This camouflage scheme is new one, not second version coloured camouflage for Tiger Meet 2013 with only "eye of the tiger" on vertical fin (not whole head of tiger). I do believe this low-viz scheme was completly new and painted on the whole body of aircraft. I think this is the most beautiful camouflage for every F-16 I have ever seen.
  14. My latest work. Revell's kit plus Master pitot, decals from ModelMaker and Techmod, masks from Model Maker, Aires exhaust nozzle. wheels from Reskit, Eduard's AGM-154C. Some small details from scratch, used MRP, Gunze, Tamiya, Alclad and Vallejo paints. Enjoy. 🙂
  15. Eduard will manufacture new 1:48 nuclear bombs soon: B43-0 Nuclear Weapon w/ SC43-4/-7 and B43-1 Nuclear Weapon w/ SC43-4/-7. I have not any knowledge about this weapons and what aircrafts could carry them. Have you got any information for which plane may I use those resin bombs and with which weapon/pods loadout configuration? It could be nice to make model with such unusual loadout.