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  1. Yes, I prefer resin pod for more details, but there is no one.
  2. There is pylon for LANTIRN pod in GWH kit.
  3. I believe so, but this really doesn't matter. There is no resin AAQ-25 nor AAQ-14 on market, so I am very limited to pod from Fine Molds set or Hasegawa's one.
  4. LANTIRN for F-14D it is AAQ-25, not AAQ-14. See 2 posts above.
  5. Ok, so now I understand that -25 and -14 do not differ externally and I can use AAQ-14 for F-14D. Thankfully, I forgot I have got Fine Molds weapon set with AAQ-25, so I can use it. It is funny, I have always thought those weapon set is so bad I will never use it.
  6. Any picture of F-14D with AAQ-14? According to Skull Leader this pod has never been used on operational aircraft.
  7. I know the differences, but according to some source, this AAQ-28 has been used by F-14D. Am I wrong? If so, I do believe there are no suitable targeting pods for operational F-14D available?
  8. So this pod is not suitable for operational aircraft. What about AAQ-28? Eduard has got this resin available.
  9. Did F-14D used ever AN/AAQ-13 or 14? I have never seen any picture of F-14 with those pods.
  10. I am thinking about forthcoming F-14D from GWH, which seems to be beautiful kit, but without any A2G ordnance or pods. Following that I am going to use some resin aftermarkets available, but the problem is the targeting pod. I know F-14D used LANTIRN AN/AAQ-25 pod, which is, as far as I know, not available in resin nor plastic. Is it possible to use Eduard’s LITENING AAQ-28 pod, or maybe there is some other proper for F-14D targeting device available on the market?
  11. I have just received this kit. Frankly said it is far from perfection. The canopy is a little coarse, but thankfully without any serious scratches or air bubbles. But it is not really clear and polished, I only hope this resin is suitable for polishing, which is very neccessery.My canopy also have both hinges/legs broken.
  12. Litening pod has been used with F-14D also, or I am wrong?
  13. Fine Molds launched this kit last year, this is with no doubt the best F-14A in 72. Quality of parts is very high, with beautiful details. I have also heard that fit is very good as well. Here you can se pictures of previous version of the kit, F-14D, it is overall almost the same kit. https://modelwork.pl/topic/27469-in-box-f-14d-tomcat-172-fine-molds/
  14. Kit contains very poor armament: only 3 pairs of AIM-9, AIM-7 and AIM-54 missiles. There is no air to ground weapon or targeting pods. I am thinking about potential ordnance of this model with regards of available aftermarkets. I know I can use GBU-31 from ResKit and GBU-38 & GBU-12 from Eduards, also they have got available Litening pod, but I am not so sure this pod is proper for Bombcat. Anyone can advice?
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