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  1. More parts means higher risk, harder work, more difficulties, but also one thing more: opportunity to make greater model. That is, nothing more, but that is everything for me.
  2. I know GWH manufactures kits well detailed, but not as detailed as Minibase one(s). They are still very good kits, but with Minibase one I can make things which are much more hard and complicated to achieve, just because there are a lot of separated parts I can process with. And that is what I like, that is the way for me. But of course GWH kits are still very attractive for me, although those models are not the best now regarding details. Technological progress is hard fact and I like it. So Haneto, I understand your point of view, but please remember that more detailed kit, with more part, i
  3. Will buy it, but after Minibase Su-33 that kit looks so simplified. 🙂
  4. I send him email few weeks ago asking about that F-15 nozzles, but there is no response up to now.
  5. Yes, I have bought directly from manufacturer.
  6. I don't know what happened, but I think they decreased quality of their printout. I have just received few nozzles and I see that 1:48 F-15C/D/E nozzles are printed of new kind of resin (grey instead of balck) nad those grey exhaust are clearly of lower quality, everything is not such delicate and sphisticated as it was with that nozzles printed out of black resin. Nozles are significantly thicker, the same is with actuators. Also they made very strange, short nozzles for F/A-18C...
  7. Su-27 is not runing shoes, and the list of realy good model kit manufacturers is very limited. So if 2 or 3 of them is making the same models, they can not make any others - simple. Of course it ia good to have plenty of kits of every model possible, but finally we will have planty of kits of Su-27 and no model kits of many others jets. I wish to have both, so for me it is fair better to have GWH making their Su-27 line and Minibase making something different. That is my own point of view, you do not to have to agree with me.
  8. In my country we have something we are calling "defeat of harvest" what means we have more goods then we are able to bear. I am affraid we have the same situation with models of 1:48 Su-27 and the clones. One of the best companies on the market (GWH) has just started making line of those kit, now we have Minibase who annouces that there will be another Su-27 kits in the future. Nothing more then Su-27 and more, more beautiful and perfect Su-27 kits... Nice, but... to much for that subject.
  9. Ok, I got it. So I do believe we will have another Su-27 family kits. Not so bad, not so bad...
  10. What do you mean? My thinking is that you will launch second the best model of modern jet in 48 in the world, that is what I am thinking. 🙂 And I do hope you will make at last something what is not Su-27 clone, because there are so many modern jets which should be made in such perfect detailing. Do whatever you want, I will buy it. 🙂
  11. Ok, so that Su-33 has became a great success, Minibase has got enought financial resources to make another project, so please tell us: when there will be announced next kit you are going to make? And of course I don't think about J-15, what is obvious nex clone of that Su-33.
  12. Hope that kit will sell well enought to make money sufficient for another kit to develop. If not, I am affraid it could be just perfect but the last one such detailed kit on the market. So please, better to buy one or two, and only then make wish list what those boys should make as next kit.
  13. Up to now we know that the next Minibase kit will be Shenyang J-15, it has been almost confirmed few pages earlier.
  14. Euard announced third kind of Walleye on May - do you know what is that version?
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