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  1. Thanks a lot, that is what I wanted to know.
  2. ResKit has got 4 different kinds of Mk.82 bombs, including 3 kinds of retarded ones (1/48 scale). I know those bombs have the following fins: BSU-49, BSU-86 and Mk.15. It is nice, but could anyone explain what are the differences between those fins, when those bombs have been used anb by what kind of aircraft? It would be good to know what resin should be used for.
  3. Ok, I believe those are sockets for bottom fins fixings. But very, very much exaggerated.
  4. Guys, I am wondering what are those 2x5 cavities at the bottom of rear fuselage? I can't find it on pictures of real F-16.
  5. Forgive me my english language - seized=bought.
  6. Brengu seized all of that resins from Attack Squadron and now issues it as their own.
  7. Yup: LAU-131 rocket launcher Brengun -L48141 (mojehobby.pl)
  8. Hard to believe that is just Academy kit. Absolutely gem. And first 1/48 jet model for many years from that manufacturer, or am I wrong? Since F-4.
  9. Oh, I didn't notice it. Very beautiful details.
  10. The surface is very crispy and nice overall. But I want to see some details: cockpit and wheel bays. And still waiting for GWH kit.
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