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  1. The best F-14D and F-14A in 1:72 is obviously Great Wall Hobby kit. Period.
  2. Looking for better, resin seat for Eduard's Mirage IIIC. According to the48ers.com, Aires 4597 ejection seat M.B. Mk-4BRM is just for Mirage III model. Is it true? May I use it for this kit? It looks similar to drawing on instruction manual from Eduard. How do you think?
  3. Those decals are printed by Cartograf, co what can I say more.
  4. Ok, I viewed pictures of these sprues and what I think that this project is just exactly te same as Kinetic's one, but much more imrpoved. I can say this will be Kinetic's Su-33 2.0, just a copy+. The same parts, the same shapes, just identical, plus many more details. Kinetic 2.0, nothing more. I do believe this is not just new project, this is Kinetic's improvement.
  5. Very impressive detail and fitting:
  6. I have just made few comparioson pictures, Aviation Art vs. Kinetic. Well, there are some differencies… 🙂
  7. There will be new FM-2 Wildcat kit next year, from Arma Hobby from Poland. More you can find here: http://www.armahobby.pl/70031-fm-2-wildcat-expert-set.html
  8. Have we got any information about nex Tomcat from AKM? B ord A? I hope it will be issued soon.
  9. Where is this information on Facebook?
  10. Got a question: is it really possible for a jet to make manouver like that (0:54)?
  11. They are too busy for such things.Why they should make such unnecessary resins like GBU-54 or GBU-31, if they are busy to make new versions of PEs for Tamiya F-16, or ejection seats for F-14D AMK, or another important bombs with-no-name for Vietnam era. Be reasonable. 🙂
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