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  1. But in 1:72 it doesn't look so good:
  2. There is such markings (or rather: similar PMTC) in Furball set Colors and Markings of US Navy Tomcats Part VII:
  3. Nobody said this set is for Tomcat only.
  4. Nope, because i don't want to cutt it off without reason. But I have just measured it and it seems that RP3 fits perfectly into part RP4 (RP3 - 20,15 mm outer diameter, and inside diameter of RP4 is 20,18 mm. So it shuld be fine.
  5. What about my post above? 🙂
  6. You can always use beautiful QuickBoost paracover with ECM sensor, dedicated for Tamiya kit.
  7. Tank you for yor help. I am looking for just helmets, not heads in helmets. I hoped Reedoak has got something proper for F/A-18, but Kasl should be fine.
  8. Yes, but I have no idea if there is helmet for Hornet. Anyone?
  9. Anyone know available helmets for pilots of F/A-18 Hornet in 1:48 scale? Is it possible to find something like this?
  10. I have just received from Aires claimed item RP3 with rounded end and even additional part RP4. I know I asked for polygoned end part RP3, but set with this RP4 with rounded inlet is just ok, it should work. Thank you Aires.
  11. Why not the Tool Cleaner? It is simplyy the best.
  12. Solo

    AIM-120C launchers

    Ok, thanks a lot.
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