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  1. You have that written on the picture: they added 3D printed landing gears, nozzles, ejection seats and machine gun, plus steel pins for landing gears.
  2. Tamiya’s instruction:
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-KH80168-1-48-scale-Static-plastic-model-Su-27-UB-Flanker-C-2020/174159340131?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item288cb4a263:g:SAIAAOSwxFVeIf~Q&enc=AQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkSG%2BOFgrj2Yvbvmrj2TAdM7YSAHGZ9vJyy99LhWK8eE0zfntChcdKuDDSdAxTR4mLqvBjHWwsdWCykXadM0gmjM5heuSfgqWlW%2FYvO1blnBIiJ1fez3w5sJJbAWM%2BNYyiSNsOcylCIkhRcik%2FOcw4L68sO4gvfdNvFIAhpV5kIMYAfil4M5sNUJ3K125%2BmJLswSJ7UqMVeLM9AMcsoSlOB7NDQtg2P%2F5JBMrB6eMhHW4%2BEScHW1pY6ZC3MxBWP2N2%2F5aAyvW3Hkzpd04FE2UB9UgSeAqFHiDSx6VmKBmJwLuCei2yGzWmJ68zlukivIXQsYzyuej1iUQg70YjlgGgHD7DPROUmY9Vw4ZbCQcxGLuxPCu3mwqUvdL2wlHqsf0npT%2BWsR2qYi5Fr83DvLKuY6YhEUxvUVTG%2B90T9CIvR%2Bk0X1iVMe%2F2V6YGCs51mVohH67023%2B76X%2BaV2n%2FZ63mkgn%2FlFe6bP%2BtfZknqZUzFiPdWq2dU71VpONSemokrzRWS8pJUskdn4yKwtD4VDdrOcQx5R2BtPUjpcwVw45pjB91yVx8WZYqRzrN%2FR9zyYfCwPNeu9aefi1GRLMFHY7Z7FPfyERoRMTDnnst%2BjcEJp3dMb5gw0Lc1mtIx0SzIVFM95bla5lJXuW1rWLJcVPAWkbov93e3p5zajCNmWeYtKfIYyWV9%2FrXGlX7mtJzQCv7X8TYgUwYI38myAcDiX6w3CYKoyRh%2FnhtIy13YQdKd4M5%2BHnYBlJg08EH2zO3Pala&checksum=17415934013156afd03247dd4e82a8b9c425badc642e
  4. Revell's Rafale M (C and M are very similar) is one of their best kits 1:48 ever. Beautiful details and very good fits. Building that kit was a great pleasure.
  5. Beautiful painting. Is it possible to watch work in progress somewhere sir?
  6. First F-15B/D has got many serious issues including few major shape issues ect. GWH made even special correction set for it. Newer F-15 kits are better, I hope so.
  7. @mrvarkOne more time, if I understand it, please correct: There are three "lines" of GPS-LGB bombs family. First line is manufactured by Raytheon, all with different tail kit and all with Paveway II, all made for USAF: GBU-59 (Mk.81), GBU-49 (Mk.82), GBU-48 (Mk.83) and GBU-50 (Mk.84). Second line is Lockheed Martin, with original tail kit and with Paveway II, all made for Navy: GBU-12F/B (Mk.82) and GBU-52 (BLU-126). Third are modified GPS bombs: GBU-54 (modified GBU-38) and further GBU-55 (GBU-32) and GBU-56 (GBU-31) I believe. Beside above ones there are just LGB family: GBU10/12/16/24... Am I right?
  8. Thank you, it is really difficult to find out something realiable about modern US ordnance so I always make warm welcome for such informations. Wish to know more if you be so kind.
  9. So maybe this is just GBU-49?
  10. @ya-gabor, may I expect those pictiures, drawings and comments will be in the instruction manual of the kit?
  11. I ma looking for any information regarding ejection seats of A-1A jets (Brasilian Air Forces). I heard that I can use Aires 4581 resin - Martin Baker Mk-10Q ejection seat for Mirage 2000C. Anyone can confirm or denay?
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