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  1. They are very cheap. Please compare exhaust nozzles prices of LP to KA Models nozzles. The difference is just huge, BTW, when it will be available in Exito store?
  2. But the kit is definitely not in time. 🙂 I wonder when it will be available? December? 🙂
  3. What about Eduard pylons? https://www.eduard.com/eduard/f-104-pylons-1-48.html?listtype=search&searchparam=F-104
  4. Anyone can help? I can see that internal structure of frame and the whole canopy of F/A-18D and F/A-18F looks very similar or even the same, as you can see below. I am right? It is much easier to find good pictures of canopy of Super Hornet then legacy Hornets. So may I use pictures of SH to make canopy of F/A-18D? F/A-18D: F/A-18F:
  5. What about canopies for Super Hornets? Are they the same like those for Legacy Hornets ones? There are very similar on the pictures.
  6. I got it, but still want much more.
  7. Looking for good pictures of canopies above mentioned aircrafts. Especially inside one: frames, cables and all that stuff. It is difficult to find something in Google, so maybe someone could help me?
  8. I am afraid none of those paints are good for brush.
  9. I prefer Gunze Super Metalisers and AK Xtreme Metals.
  10. Just at some point. 6 mm it is not so much I believe.
  11. For me, as casual model maker, that is just nothing important. More important are detail on that bomb, than few millimeters longer or shorter...
  12. So why did you delete your all previous post. Could you explain?
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