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  1. I bought this set few weeks ago in Japan, so thank you but I don't need next one.
  2. Google translate is your firend. 🙂 Ok guys, thank you for your help. Now I see I can not use normal wheels for Block 40, Royale Resin is the only way, but those wheels are rather ugly, so I think I will choose kit's ones.
  3. Ok, I believed there was something more. 🙂
  4. Ok, I got it. But what is a difference between wheels for Sufa Block 52 and F-16 Block 40? Wheels for Sufa: Wheels for Block 40/50/60: So maybe I should choose this second one?
  5. I know it, but I am affraid, those resins are not suitable for me, because I am going to use my Aires wheel bays, and it is almos impossible to put nose wheel bay into this resin intake. Aires nose wheel bay is far better then Phase Hangar one. Ok, but why? So if F-2A uses the same wheels as F-16C Block 40, so maybe I could use Wheeliant wheels for Sufa?
  6. Thank you, I thought this ejection seat is very similar to F-16 ACES seat plus those long breakers - it is not difficult to scratch them. But what about wheels? May I use those ones for F-16C Block 50?
  7. I am going to make Hasegawa's F-2A aircraft and I am thinkig if is it possbile to use some aftermarkets designed for F-16 kits. I know there is dedicated Aires wheel bay for F-2A, but probably nothing more. But what about resin exhaust nozzle? The resin nozzle for Tamiya's F-16C Block 50fits almost perfect and looks identical to nozzle of real F-2A. I don't know is this the same engine.And what about ejection seat and wheels - may I use those for F-16C Block 50 also? Anyone help?
  8. GWH didn't announced their F-14 officially, so I don't think we will get it earier then during next 6-8 months.
  9. This is good time for GWH to release their Tomcat: people are a little bitr dissapointed with AMK's F-14, and still looking for good quality kit with all option possible (including moving wing surfaces). If GWH could make Tomcat with such top quality as they did Su-35... it could be market bullseye.
  10. Sure, such panel liness looks much more conspicuous.
  11. Few centimeters gaps between panels don't look so realistically on the aircraft.
  12. Regarding the hips: the differencies between Tamiya and AMK are so small and insignificant, so I can say AMK's kit has got only one problem, with too wide panel lines.
  13. No, those panel lines are not sharp and nice. Definitely.Those lines on the right inlet are such nice and sharp, but mostly panel lines on AMK F-14D are very wide and shallow, what looks really, really bad for me. I do believe such soapy panel lines are one of the major issues of this kit.
  14. But where are the exhaust nozzles for B/D?
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