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  1. I have just received email from HobbyEasy about postage costs for F-14D, but they clarify that they still don't have kit, but will reach it soon. 🙂
  2. The same old story begins...
  3. There was 2019-09-19 few days ago.
  4. Great idea, but where to buy it from?
  5. I have even not received shipping fee request from hobby Easy, so...
  6. So we have September now, there was an information that boxes with kit had to be sent to distributors at the end of August. When may I expect to get this kit finally? Please AMK, I want it. Really. 🙂
  7. Decals for Grim Reapers I have got from DXM decals, but I don’t like that camo. I will take this Model Kasten set, it looks really good.
  8. Thank you guys. I wish to have Microscale decals, but I think this is quite not available now.
  9. I am looking for any decals for my F-14D GWH. I am thinking about Bounty Hunters camouflage, but kit's decals looks a little bit poor for me. Are there any aftermarket decals for this kit available? It is hard to find something for 72.
  10. I have just received it and - surprise - all decals for missiles have got golden, instead brown, stripes. Very funny.
  11. Anybody knows when this kit should be availabe? Haneto?
  12. You are not using all available aftermarket: there is still set od Eduard's ejection seats 648471 SJU-17. 🙂 Ok, this set is for F-14D, but you can always use it for Hornet.
  13. And so at the end you will all buy this kit...
  14. This picture is a little misleading. Look at the top/right hip. It is not as pronounced as left one, which seems to be more rounded due to this big space between the hull and vhorizontal stabilizer.
  15. The real pancake looks like this, we call it "naleśnik".
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