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  1. Ok, I am doing the camouflage depicted in set of decals from TwoBobs 48-210:
  2. Yes, but I am building model with that particular camouflage, so I need only that one.
  3. Yest, I know that, also I know that one. And that is all I have.
  4. Looking for the pictures of aircraft with such camouflage as below. There is plenty of pictures of that aircraft, but not in that particular camouflage. Anyone can help?
  5. Any news about release date? I hope May or June at least.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I have just designed and ordered that stuff for print.
  7. I am looking for good and detailed pictures of above mentioned stabilisers. Anyone can help? The best I have got is something like that, but I need something better.
  8. Great! That first one shows some things I do not have. Especially that big cylinder. Thanks!
  9. Thanks a lot. I tried to use Jake Melampy's "The Modern Hornet Guide", but there are still some things unknown for me. The most challenged was to find good pictures of that place just under the end of canopy, right after second pilot ejection seat. In the mentioned book there is one or two pictures of that place, I hope it be enought. Second thing hard to find is good pictures of all that stuff attached to canopy frame. Some things, especialy that stuff at the very end, I just made from my imagination. I know there are some boxes and wiring, but what exactly? I wish to know that.
  10. I have designed and cut out set of masks for canopy and few other things. Hobby Boss kit has not chaff annd flare dispensers. There is not a shape on the fuselage bottoms nor PE's, or even decals. So I have no choice and designed and printed my own decals. Think it looks not so bad. Next there is canopy frame. Very poor and simplified. I added some wires and other stuff. It was very difficult to find good pictures of that places, so I hope I did it well. There was also needed to add some small adds-on, like vertical stabil
  11. You can find it in Poland: Zvezda 4807 - 1:48 Su-25 Frogfoot Soviet Attack Aircraft - Sklep Modelarski Exito
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