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  1. Details are not so bad, regarding the time that kit has been developed. Shape issues - I do not have sufficient knowledge about Hornets, so I know only something about details, like wrong shape antennas or something like that. For me it looks just like Hornet.
  2. The fuselage is ready for primer. I have also cut off rudders and made them a little bit leaned, as in real vertical fins. Both exhaust nozzles plus engine tubes are painted and ready to asseblem. Hope there will be painting process soon.
  3. Have just installed cockpit and nose wheel bay into fuselage halves. I added also GPS antenna on the spine and some metal details just at the far end of cockpit. I think I can now close the fuselage.
  4. If I could choice now, I would choose Kinetic's kit, for sure. Regarding details, I used copper and lead wire for plumbing plus fat tin wire for imitation of big tubes.
  5. Next step is wheel bays. Hobby Boss delivered nicely detailed ones, but I always try to improve it a little bit. Nose bay I have just painted, because I mus glue it before assembing into fuselage. The main wheel bays will be painted at the end, just after camouflage painting.
  6. There will be no problem with seats height, because canopy will be opened, and I also sanded down 1-2 mm od seats base. So I think it will be fair enought. Regarding ejection seats: I know those SJU-17 are for later F/A-18Ds, not B. But I have got kit of D, so I am making D, not B. I also know that this particulr aggressor was B, but... I can live with that. I don't want to complicate it too much, and just finish that model as soon as possible.
  7. Have just started new model, after a long, long time. This time it will be legacy Hornet, with camouflage as below: This is a commisional build, so I didn't choice the kit - Hobby Boss one, so I am not so happy about it. Obviously I have no choice and must use that HB. I am going to add some Eduard's PEs, ejection seats and Aires nozzles. There will be also resin ordnance. I have bought set of proper Two Bobs decals. First are the ejection seats. I know those are for F-14D Tomcat, but also those seats are very similar to newer Hornets seats, so I hope
  8. Did Trumpeter or Hobby Boss repacked any model in their history? It looks like brand new tool.
  9. Let it be brand new F-16...
  10. Solo


    That kit is perfect for painting mule.
  11. So I see I can use that resins for C. That differences you stated are barely not visible on that aftermarket. Switches or some panels different? There is no way to see it on that little things in 1/72. I was affraid that there is some serious problem that there is different ejection seat, or main IP, but those... Ok, thanks for explanation.
  12. Guys, I have got resin CMK cockpit for F-16MLU for Revell 1:72. I look at it and think it is really F-16C cokpit alike. But I am not sure - may I use it for Revell F-16C? I suppose there are a lot of small details differences, but that looks like very similiar to C variant cockpit. How do you think, may I use irt for F-16C, or it will be faux-pas?
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