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  1. Hello, I've got a number of the 1/48 Hobby Craft F7U Cutlass kits. I've also got a couple of resin 1/48 F7U photo noses. I've also got a few sets of Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gear.  I'd like to build them with wings folded...however I've been unable to locate any decent images of the inner and outer wing folds. Scratch building them is not a problem (I plan to make a master and cast a couple in resin). I've got enough of the Hobby Craft kits to sacrifice two of them to build a two-seater version (I found an image of a Vought advertising page showing a two seat version...pure smoke dreams, but I wanna build it, along with the bulb nose version and two of the later -3 Ms with a missile tray mounted on the ventral fuselage.) You can find images of Ricardo Ruiz' 1/72 F7U-3M at:


    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Nick.

    1. 82Whitey51




      Sounds like a few ambitious projects you have going on! My Cutlass build came to a stop after it fell from my bench and was significantly damaged 😕. I shelved it for now and may try and repair it if I get motivated to take it on.


      As far as wingfold area, I'll attache a couple of photos I have showing the wing butts of the F7U-3 at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum. I used to work in NAS Pensacola Air Ops, right next door to the museum, I took these photos back around 2001/2002.





      It is not the best example of the wingfold area. You'll notice the lack of wingfold actuator and associated hydraulic lines. In place is a solid red bar holding the wings up. This is all the info/photos I have on the Cutlass.


      Have you posted any photos of your Cutlass builds? I'd like to see them.





  2. Fine, since you don't wanna share...why don't you send him a copy? Talk about selfish!

    1. Paul Boyer

      Paul Boyer

      I can't because I am not the copyright holder. There are laws about this kind of stuff. Talk about uninformed.:cop:

  3. Hi, I recently picked up a 1/72 A-5 Vigilante conversion kit on EBAY. I can't assess the quality yet, as it hasn't come in. N. A. A5A (A3J-1) VIGILANTE Scale 1:72, brand AESCALA; MODIFICATION Kit. Seller's ID is 54hpe54. As of today he has no other Vigilante Kits. If I run across any other, I'll E-MAIL you.The January 1993 issue of Fine Scale Modeler has an article on converting the 1/72 Hasegawa RA5-C Vigilante to a 1/72 A5A Vigilante. I could copy the article and E-MAIL it to you.I also have 2 Trumpeter 1/48 Vigilante kits and the Cutting Edge 1/48 A-5 (A3J-1) conversion kit. I'll
  4. Hi, I have both the the 1:72 Chinese Awacs [I think that this one is a knock off]and the 1:48 Cutting Edge N A3J-1/A5A sets. If you're interested in either one, I'll be selling them on eBay. 'Way too much stuff in my stash.


    1. 82Whitey51


      How much are you selling the A-5A set for?

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