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  1. Yeah, but he was talking about a NON CAG bird.
  2. Cut Then Add has also recently done this one (No. 34).
  3. Microscale re-did the VF-84 flamey sheet in 1/72 scale, this time adding the "flaming eyeball" but the flame area is about ½" too long in the front. https://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=bf20041d86abacac8c946bd9d65f84fb&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=AC72-0055&Store_Code=MD&search=F-8+Crusader&offset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high= But it can be made to look OK (my Academy model).
  4. Modedecal from England did it in 1/72 back in 1971 or thereabouts. Unobtanium now:
  5. The very first editing I did at FineScale Modeler was Bo Bosanski's article on his 1/72 scale B-50 conversion. He took the engine nacelles and fin from a RAREplanes vac KC-97 and grafted them onto an Airfix B-29. That was in December of 1982, coming up on 40 years ago! Man, I'm getting old!
  6. Hobbycraft Canada packaged the original Korean-made 1/144 kits of the B-58, B-47, and a B-36. Academy eventually obtained the molds, but I don't think they were the originators. Minicraft used to be in a partnership with Academy, but that ended back in the 90s, IIRC. But old molds never die. Minicraft sold to new owners back in the oughts (again IIRC), and continued with some of the Academy kits and made their own line, principally 1/144 airliners and related military aircraft. I don't think they ever made it to a B-50, although some of the parts from the Boeing Stratocruiser kit could have be
  7. Is there a 1/144 scale B-50?🧐
  8. I think if I am reading it right, the added parts will work but the direction and location of the parts is unclear. I'm finding that more and more in kits these days - errors in the instructions. Things like numbers switched around or the part is turned around in the illustration. I'm looking forward to the Osprey COD. I'm going to do some surgery to it to show it all folded and tucked so it can join my other folded CODs in the collection.
  9. Seems that it would be a likely subject for Black Dog to do. I just used their 1/72 scale S2F wing fold set and it worked well. They've done opened electronics and bomb bay detail sets, so this might be up their alley.
  10. Patience doesn't get it done quicker. I'm a fairly impatient person. I think it is more about problem solving and repeated experience. For instance on this model, I skipped over doing the detailed bomb bay and conventional weapons as there is no provision in the kit to open the bomb bay. Except for the props and white bands, the entire model is dark sea blue, so painting was easy. Decaling was OK and is my speciality, so only an hour or so there. I've been building plastic models for nearly seven decades, so making models comes naturally. Musicians call it "chops" - I know the tune
  11. I bought mine from Scotts Model Workshop (rebelalpha eBay store, and Dauntless Hobbies) a few weeks ago for about ten bucks cheaper than other sources like Squadron or Sprue Bros. I built it for FineScale Modeler Workbench Reviews. Got it done in a week. Certainly better than alternate kits. Details in the review when published.
  12. Perhaps I'm used to building limited-run kits like Sword, Special Hobby, Valom, and Roden, but I didn't have much trouble with the Twogar kits that I built. I think the nose wheel is too small, and I replaced it on one of the two models. I made the trainer using Caracal decals, and I made the Marine FastFAC out of the box:
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