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  1. Paul Boyer

    CD72076- 1/72 FJ-3 Fury - Part 1

    Love it, Kursad. That's one of my favorite schemes! But if I may be picky for a second, most (if not all) of the "blue" FJ-3 Furies had the early wing with the narrow chord and automatic leading-edge slats. The Sword FJ-3 (and FJ-3M) kit comes with the later "6-3" extended "hard" leading edge wing with no slats and a horse-shoe-shaped fence. Most (if not all) gray-over-white Furies had this later wing. The crafty modeler can "fix" the wing or even use (if budget allows) the early wing from the FJ-2 kit to get the right wing configuration. This is picky, and most modelers won't give a hoot. But I look forward to whatever you make!
  2. Paul Boyer

    Opinions on 1/72 T-38A kits?

    Pretty much all I did with the Esci F-5B to make it a T-38. Didn't have to worry about the landing gear:
  3. Paul Boyer

    question on FH Phantom

    I don't have answers on those details, but do you know that Special Hobby is bringing out a new FH-1 in 1/72? From the sprue shots that have been posted, it looks much better than the original kit. However, it has been "coming out soon" for more than a year (or is it two now?), so I can't tell you how long you'd have to wait.
  4. Paul Boyer

    Opinions on 1/72 T-38A kits?

    The Sword kit borrowed heavily from the earlier Esci F-5B. Sword converted the intakes and shaved off the drag-chute housing, and eliminated the leading edge flaps and fillet. But they missed the enlarged belly for the beefier landing gear wheels of the F-5B, and I don't think they changed the nose-gear doors. And like the Esci kit, they forgot that there is a bow frame between the hinged canopies. In short, there is no kit of the T-38 Talon in 1/72 scale. They are all either repackaged F-5B or incomplete attempts to convert the F-5B to a T-38. I've been hoping that Wolfpack would scale down its 1/48 Talon to one seventy tooth, but they haven't yet.😕
  5. Paul Boyer

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    OK, Rex, can you tell us (briefly, please) what constitutes an RF-4 vertical tail? What's different about it from a non RF-4 tail?
  6. Paul Boyer

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    Fujimi's Hawkeye started life as an E-2A kit around 1970. For its day, it was fine and really the only Hawkeye kit in any scale. During the '80s, they revamped the kit to make it a C model. I think it may have been the late '80s or early '90s, Fujimi modified the kit with better landing gear and maybe some other improvements. Shortly before the Hasegawa kit came out, Fujimi once again updated their kit and tried to make it an E-2C Hawkeye 2000 with the new props and spinners. The spinners were badly misshapen. I built that kit for FSM review, and then built the Hasegawa kit shortly thereafter. No contest. The Hasegawa is more detailed, more accurate, fits better, etc. They are hard to find and expensive, but really the only kit worth considering in 1/72 scale.
  7. Paul Boyer

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    You talkin' E-2 Hawkeye? Uhhh . . . .
  8. Paul Boyer

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    I think GW8345 either forgot or didn't know of the vastly superior Hasegawa Hummer.
  9. Paul Boyer

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    Some thoughts: F-35 - I've built the Italeri F-35A and it was OK. I understand that the Hasegawa doesn't have open missile/bomb bays. Don't know about the Academy. Hasegawa is due out with a new F-35B (VTOL type) soon, and the only other choice was the disappointing Fujimi kit. Orange Hobby has made the only F-35C model in our scale so far. It is nice, but the decals sucked and we may have to wait a while for the aftermarket markings as the jet is not in the fleet yet. Also, look at the new Academy Super Hornets. They are press-fit kits and really great quality. Their F-4J Phantom isn't bad but needs aftermarket seats and weapons. Paul
  10. Paul Boyer

    Wheel well color F-5F VMFT-401??

    Don't know for sure, but most modern U.S. jets have white wells and gear.
  11. Paul Boyer

    B-52D Vietnam camo

    Understand that the B-52 camouflage at that time was NOT the same as the "SEA" (South East Asia) scheme. Even "SEA" is a misnomer: Tactical Air Command called this camouflage the "tactical" scheme. SAC, however, had its own set of colors. You may have trouble finding these colors, but the correct topside colors on B-52s used over VN were green FS 34159, tan 34201, and green 34079. This last green color is also used in the TAC tactical schemes. Check my article in the Feb. 2018 FineScale Modeler.
  12. Paul Boyer

    1/24 jet engines

    The only 1/24 scale jet kit that I can think of is the old Airfix Harrier. It had a rudimentary version of the Pegasus engine, IIRC. But other than that, can't think of any.
  13. Paul Boyer

    CD72059 - 1/72 F9F8-T /TF-9J "Twogar"

    YES! Now I can redo that VT-23 bird!
  14. Paul Boyer

    CD72059 - 1/72 F9F8-T /TF-9J "Twogar"

    Oooh, I am so there! Hope the VT-23 is the one with the blue trim. I'd like to do a better job than this:
  15. Paul Boyer

    CD72055 - P2V Neptune