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  1. Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint Gum!
  2. Here's the new 1/72 scale Sword T-39 Sabreliner done up in Caracal's brand new Navy T-39B sheet (option 2). Am I first on the block?
  3. I have the 1/72 scale Model Aire International resin kit and it looks great in the box. I also have the 1/72 scale RVHP kit and it has decals for one in light gray with the white/dark gray cheat line and national insignia!
  4. Landing gear doors closed? Not a problem!😁
  5. No one has seen anything on the kit because the kit hasn't been released yet. Or maybe even produced yet.
  6. I made my prototype (first flight) from the 1/72 scale Airfix kit with the top deck cut off an even older Monogram kit. I scratchbuilt the fairings on the fins and the instrumentation boom.
  7. Harder to believe the Eagle is 51 years old now. And that the Tomcats are all museum pieces - first flew in 1970! Getting old sucks!
  8. Phantoms on Essex-class carriers might have caused fits with the deck crews since they didn't have regular operations on them. Not impossible, of course. They did carry heavier aircraft (Skywarriors), but the Essex-class CVAs were usually equipped with F-8s, A-1s and A-4s. I think only one or two of the old ships got A-7s before decommissioning.
  9. And I have a request re: Orions. I have obtained a built Hase kit which is going to need a refinish. I hope to use an aftermarket sheet, but the main stumbling block is the stenciling with the curved wing walks. The built kit's wingwalks have yellowed badly and will need to be replaced. Will you be providing stencils and wing-walks with the new sheet?
  10. That one wasn't me; I think it may have been Jodie Peeler who did the Dash 80 model?
  11. An additional note on the otherwise excellent variant brief from Quixote74. The military designation "C-137" spanned both "707" variants. The three original VC-137A models were 707-123 airliners with the early wing that was also common to the KC-135 family. These three were set up as transports for VIPs and were the first jet transports for presidential use. Eisenhower and Kennedy flew in them. When they were modified with new fan engines, the designation changed to VC-137B. They served as backups for the presidential aircraft when the new jets came on board. The VC-137C were 707-320 liners w
  12. Not an expert, but my guess is that it was a factory applied standard, and that it was gradually overpainted with routine maintenance.
  13. I mentioned this same problem last year and there never seemed to be a solution.🤔
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