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  1. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    And the F-100s that went early to VN were painted aluminum, not unpainted natural metal. In fact, it is hard to find examples of F-100D in NM. Thunderbirds were NM, but most service birds were painted aluminum, aircraft gray, or camouflage.
  2. HASEGAWA F-35B 1/72

    At least in the "west" it's hard to find the Fujimi F-35B. I built the original issue for FSM review years ago, and haven't seen any new ones from U.S. suppliers. It also can be done better. The Fujimi kit had the positional exhaust and the barn-door hatch for the lift fan, but molded shut the two doors aft of the lift fan. Their representation of the cockpit and seat were pretty basic, too. I'm looking forward to Hasegawa's take on it.
  3. F-22 colors

    Some kit manufacturer's suggest painting the F-22 in the "Mod Eagle" colors, but they are way off. Witness this: I tried fudging the colors mixing a couple of Testor Metalizer colors, but I haven't found a satisfactory formula.
  4. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Thanks, Drifterdon! "Stellar" - I like that considering the subject! Here's the entire family (all 1/72, of course). Airfix P-80A Shooting Star, Sword F-80C Shooting Star, Platz T-33A Shooting Star, Sword F-94B Starfire, and Emhar F-94C Starfire.
  5. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Have never seen any interesting markings for the initial A version. Go with the B.
  6. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Here's my 1/72 Sword F-94B with the yellow decals from the old Heller kit. The national insignia and lettering are from aftermarket sheets. I put the USAF lettering onto silver trim film decal sheet, then carefully cut each letter out with a silver border around it, then applied that to the model. Lots of fun!
  7. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Gotta do the 59th FIS (and in 1/72 scale - the Heller kit decals are tragic):
  8. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Thanks, Mike. Darren has been in touch. I've got the sheet and he's welcome to those letters, but they may be too small for 1/32. Should be OK for 1/48 I think, but he's going to do some measurements.
  9. Paging Darren Roberts

    Please get in touch. Check your PMs.
  10. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Darren? You still out there?
  11. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Well, you can be sure I won't need 1/32 scale, but I still need to hear from you, Darren, as to which style and a measurement. I've got four different decal sheets with NASA lettering of various sizes and styles. Something is bound to come close to what you need. So, get in touch!
  12. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Like Mike, I too have several NASA lettering sheets. I PMed you Darren. Mike or I will fix you up.
  13. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    Looking forward to 'em!
  14. CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

  15. Kenetic C-17 - Any word?

    Thanks Raymond! Hope to see the C-17 someday soon! And while I have your attention, please consider a 1/72 C-141 Starlifter for the future!