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  1. F111A Air Force prototype color?

    Yep. Just trying to correct the misconception that the color was exclusive to interceptors.
  2. F111A Air Force prototype color?

    Well, not so fast. FS 16473, commonly called ADC gray and aircraft gray, was used on several types other than interceptors. It is also the basis for FS 36473, sometimes called "COIN gray" and used on O-1, O-2, and OV-10 aircraft. Glossy 16473 was used for years as the overall color on KC-135, all but the white tops on C-5 and C-141, and many other aircraft. This is the trouble you get into when you have a color "name" like "ADC Gray" - it creates misconceptions of what color it is and what it is used on. When you look at the T.O., you see only names such as "FS 16473 gray" or "FS 12197 orange."
  3. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from fündekals!

    Mine worked fine and they give you some patches of solid color to cover slight gaps you may encounter/cause. A few problems was the incorrect shape of the wing-tip stripes (one set covers the ailerons, the other doesn't - weird), and they give you decals for the stripes on the prop tips, but only enough for the front sides, and not the back. Woops. Also, the decals for the scallops on the engine cowls to don't quite fit all the way around. You gotta work some with this set, but it ends up making a striking model!
  4. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Who cares? How about the author! The article is copyrighted. Please don't scan and transmit copyrighted material. I've PM'ed the OP.
  5. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from fündekals!

    I don't think fündekals:) ever proceeded further on the T-Bird Provider. However, Warbird decals did two decal sheets for the 1/72 C-123. I was impressed with the fit of most of the items on the sheet, while a few gave me trouble and the U.S. AIR FORCE on the side of the nose were undersized - I found ones more the correct size in my spares pile. Here's how it looks: Here's a link to the Warbird sheet for this 1960-'61 version: https://warbirddecals-com.myshopify.com/products/usaf-thunderbirds-c-123-provider-1960-61-decals-1-72-035 And to the other sheet for the less-colorful 1958 bird: https://warbirddecals-com.myshopify.com/products/usaf-thunderbirds-c-123-provider-decals-1958-version-1-72-036
  6. USS Intrepid Air Wing 1961

    Probably more to do with the photos. The planes were probably pretty clean at that time, too, not getting as dirty as Phantoms during Vietnam conflict. Most likely color photos of the day were taken on Kodachrome which was certainly the best color slide film ever, but variations in exposure could wash out or muddy colors.
  7. F111A Air Force prototype color?

    I believe the prototypes were light gull gray (flat) over gloss white, the same as the Navy F-111B.
  8. USS Intrepid Air Wing 1961

    Most of this air wing ended up going over to the USS Enterprise in 1962, while VF-74 went into Phantoms on Forrestal at the same time. Some equipment changed, as VF-33 went to F-8E Crusaders on Enterprise. I did a reference piece on the initial Enterprise air wing in FSM back in the 1990s. Don't know if there were any squadron numbers that changed, but the equipment on Enterprise was: F-4B VF-102, F-8E VF-33, A-5A VAH-7, A-1H VA-65, A-4C VA-76, A-4C VA-66, A-4C VA-64, RF-8A VFP-62 Det.65, E-1B VAW-12 Det.65, EA-1F VAW-33 Det.65, and UH-25B HU-2 Det.65. If you have it, check out FSM February 1993.
  9. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    I wouldn't want to be left out of the suck fest, so here's my 1/72 Hasegawa F-111F out of the box:
  10. Silver dope on natural metal aircraft

    My favorite for aluminum-lacquer-painted aircraft has been Testor non-buffing aluminum with a clear gloss coat over that. I've been experimenting with several of the Alclad lacquers, and I'll likely find one of them which will be good for this as well.
  11. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    And the F-100s that went early to VN were painted aluminum, not unpainted natural metal. In fact, it is hard to find examples of F-100D in NM. Thunderbirds were NM, but most service birds were painted aluminum, aircraft gray, or camouflage.
  12. HASEGAWA F-35B 1/72

    At least in the "west" it's hard to find the Fujimi F-35B. I built the original issue for FSM review years ago, and haven't seen any new ones from U.S. suppliers. It also can be done better. The Fujimi kit had the positional exhaust and the barn-door hatch for the lift fan, but molded shut the two doors aft of the lift fan. Their representation of the cockpit and seat were pretty basic, too. I'm looking forward to Hasegawa's take on it.
  13. F-22 colors

    Some kit manufacturer's suggest painting the F-22 in the "Mod Eagle" colors, but they are way off. Witness this: I tried fudging the colors mixing a couple of Testor Metalizer colors, but I haven't found a satisfactory formula.
  14. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Thanks, Drifterdon! "Stellar" - I like that considering the subject! Here's the entire family (all 1/72, of course). Airfix P-80A Shooting Star, Sword F-80C Shooting Star, Platz T-33A Shooting Star, Sword F-94B Starfire, and Emhar F-94C Starfire.
  15. CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Have never seen any interesting markings for the initial A version. Go with the B.