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  1. Hasegawa 1/72 EA6b Prowler

    Yes, the A-6 dates from around 1966-67 so raised panel lines. Back then, it was the only Intruder kit available.
  2. Hasegawa 1/72 EA6b Prowler

    No, Don is correct. The Prowler was always recessed panel lines. The kits from the late '70s were right at the transition period. The F11F Tiger and F-8 Crusader had fine raised lines, while the Prowler, Panther, and Cougar had recessed lines. They all came out within a year or two of each other.
  3. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

  4. Best 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle kit?

    I would say the new Academy press-fit kit. However, it does not have an openable canopy, and the treatment of the afterburner detail and landing-gear oleos is rather basic. Hasegawa FINALLY upgraded their kit with the proper pylons and other details, but you have to be careful which box to buy that has the latest upgrades.
  5. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    Profiles yet?
  6. hi paul.

    in the e-mail i got this post, i can't find on arc and which i can't undertsand if it is addressed to don's "f-102 paint help" or to my " grainy aluminum on f-102: how to mend?"

    you say: " On the "silver" Deuces, my suggestion is Testor Metalizer Dark Anodonic Gray (which they may not even make anymore). Don't buff it, but apply a sealer coat over it. "

    it may regard my deuce with grainy alu: could you sen more infos about the product?

    thank you so much.

    best ciaos, and happpy modeling!



  7. F-102 Paint Help

    I wonder if it is available in the Testor spray can?
  8. CD72076- 1/72 FJ-2 Fury

    Yeeehaw! But you'll have much more fun doing FJ-3 sheets, right?
  9. Possible new topics?

    Nope. Didn't know that.
  10. To all F-14A experts, 1970's colors

    Understand that gloss white and FS 17875 are the same thing. With the FS (Federal Standard) system, the first digit of the number is the sheen: 1 for gloss, 2 for semigloss, 3 for flat (or non-specular). The early F-14As were gloss gull gray over gloss white. Here's my Hasegawa 1/72 F-14A with an old Microscale decal:
  11. Possible new topics?

    The thing about the Microscale (Superscale?) P-3 sheets is that they were printed decades ago and are no longer available. So there is plenty of room for new (and probably more accurate) sheets!
  12. 1/72 B-36 size kit ..displaying?

    While the 1/72 B-36 (or the B-52 for that matter) won't fit inside most display cases, it will fit on top of most cases, as long as the footprint of the landing gear doesn't exceed the measurements of the top of the case. That's what I do with my biggies. Of course, you'd have to be vigilant about dusting and cleaning.
  13. Sabre Trio

    I don't recall if I did, but a coat of Future (or whatever they are calling it this month) is a good idea.
  14. Sword 1/72 Furies, FJ-2, FJ-3 and FJ-3M

    Umm, uhh . . . that would be me: RVHP resin kit (not too good) finished a year or so ago.
  15. Possible new topics?

    Kursad, you've probably heard by now that Sword is doing the 1/72 scale FJ-2, FJ-3, and FJ-3M Furies. From what I can gather, the markings in the kits will be fairly simple, so there are a TON of other units that will make great decal sheets. And of course, Kittyhawk is doing the -3 in 1/48 scale. I hope you will be able to provide Caracal choices soon!