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  1. I know most who have the Black box cockpit kit don't want to part with them, but I'd be willing to pay a resonable price for one, or work out a trade, I have Several 1/48 scale kits I'm willing to part with if we can work out a combo deal. Most have lots of after market. thanks.
  2. I'm wanting to do some resin casting of 1/32 F-5E front fuselage jet intakes, so I'm looking for a good tutorial on how to do this. Thanks to you all!
  3. I've been working on KH 1/32 F-5E got to the point I needed the forward intakes and they are missing from the open box I bought here on ARC, so I need to see if there is a source for Kitty Hawk replacement sprues. Any help would be most appreciated! the spure is the "B" sprue. Thanks Guys!
  4. I actually dipped it in future last night and it came out pretty good so I think I'll repaint the frame and call it good....the AMMO liquid mask seemed to leave a film that I could not polish off, but the dip looks like it cleared it up.
  5. Do you know their FB page I couldn't find anything under "Academy Models"
  6. haven't tried Goo Gone...i'm afraid it's deep in the plastic, but I'll try it
  7. Hi all! I hope someone knows a way to contact Academy about replacement sprues. I have been building the 1/32 F-18C kit and was in the process of masking and painting the canopy and following the instruction for the masks, using liquid mask to fill in the areas not covered by the masks, painting and then removing the liquid mask I found that it had fogged my canopy totally trashing it, I've tried everything to remove the fogged areas but it's hopeless...to the point, does Academy offer replacement sprues and if so what is the process? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! thinking this is a long shot but....I'm looking for the twobobs 1/32 F-5e sheet 32-006 "Blue/Grey Saints" to buy or trade. Thanks!!!
  9. Looking for either the Twobobs #48-238 or Afterburner #48-081....F-15C Aggressor. Thanks
  10. Hey all, I've been using the Model Master flat clear forever on my Aircraft models but I can no longer get any, what's a good alternative ? Thanks! my color coats are acrylic, Tamiya and Mr. color mainly
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