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  1. would like to find a 1/32 Trumpeter SU-27A and a 1/32 Trumpeter F-117 with some accessories for sale Thanks!
  2. KEB

    GWH 1/48 SU-35 Question...

    thanks guys! I ordered a range of Mr. Color paints!
  3. KEB

    GWH 1/48 SU-35 Question...

    I've seen the first part of his build but haven't seen much past the seat construction...is there a link for the build? Thanks!
  4. KEB

    GWH 1/48 SU-35 Question...

    NEVER MIND...found the part in the bottom of the box!!! DOH!! thanks guys! but another question....what color would be the correct color for the interior of the wheel bay? the color is C35 gray, is there a MM color that is close to this? If not guess I have to invest in some Mr. Color paints....
  5. I'm building my GWH SU-35 and I noticed that one of the parts on my "i" sprue did not get molded, I was wondering if there there is a link to a website for GWH where I could get a replacement sprue? thanks!
  6. KEB

    Needs some Diorama help please....

    I guess I did use the right phrase, I'll go back and try again....thanks
  7. I just finished my 1/32 F-16 Green Splinter aggressor and I want to display it on a base that looks like a typical Air Base tarmac, I've search the web and have not been able to find a DYI solution, so I'm looking for some Help Please.... Thanks!
  8. KEB

    GWH SU-35 build

    Thanks for the response ya-gabor! I stand corrected on the seat size.... I'm following your build as well...it's amazing
  9. KEB

    GWH SU-35 build

    I'm building the 1/48 GWH SU-35...very pleased with the detail of the kit, but I do have a question...not sure if this has came up so please forgive me for asking again if it has, the Ejection seat looks a bit small for the scale, has there been any discussion regarding this? Maybe because I've been working on 1/32 for awhile it just looks to small for 1/48...granted I could be dead wrong.
  10. I'll pick up some MM airbrush thinner and give it a try....thanks guys!!!
  11. I wonder if someone out there can help me with a problem I'm having when I airbrush MM enamel paints, I'm getting an inconsistent finish, some of it is nice and smooth but other area will have a heavy "dust" like appearance to the finish, I shooting at around 12-15 psi and thinning with lacquer thinner...thanks for taking time to look.
  12. KEB

    F-16 Aggressor

  13. KEB

    F-16 Aggressor

    would you please tell me what modifications I need to make to my Block 50 F-16?
  14. KEB

    F-16 Aggressor

    Great photos thanks!!! I'm headed to Fallon next week to take photos...may I have your permission to copy these photos onto my computer?