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  1. Well actually it was yesterday but I was outside and heard that sweet sound of multiple radials and looked up to see the Collings Foundation's B-24 flying a few hundred feet up. It went right down Main Ave. in Ocean Grove (where I was standing) and then banked north towards Asbury Park. I looked it up and found that the B-24, B-17, and TP-51C will be at Monmouth Executive Airport (formerly Allaire Airport) until Thursday.
  2. This is my buddy Jack. He's a rescue that I adopted about two years ago. I have no idea what he is. I tell people he was made from spare parts. Edit: That plate under his foot actually used to be a frisbee. He straightened the edge.
  3. Lin.k- Truly exceptional work. I have seen these models on Ebay and I love the design but your model has truly inspired me to build one. I will be honest I know nothing of the history or story behind the vehicle though but I like the look of it. Of all the Falkes I've seen online I haven't seen two that look alike. Is it pretty much "anything goes" as far as paint schemes? Welcome to ARC. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Chris
  4. 3Dguy


    I was thinking that too but it looks like (at least to me) that the inboard-most stripe is actually a raised bit of detail and not a red stripe.
  5. Saw this little fella flying low and slow on approach to McGuire AFB.
  6. 3Dguy


    It's not Luke's X-Wing. Luke's was Red 5 and since this one has only two red stripes on the wing's trailing edges, that would make this one Red 2 which was Wedge Antilles' ship in A New Hope. Since Wedge was promoted to Red Leader (Red 1) by Jedi obviously someone else would be flying Red 2 in the film, in fact Wedge specifically mentions this when he compliments Red 2 on a nice shot.
  7. Academy 1/72 Corsair. My first model in about 10 years so be gentle. I'm proud of it though and I'm really happy to be back in the hobby and to finally have something to show you guys.
  8. 3Dguy


    Another little nugget of info- The studio models used (I assume) for closeup shots had no canopy glass, only the frame. They did this to eliminate glare and reflections.
  9. Thanks for the help Les. I looked up the 32nd BS insignia and it sure looks like the one.
  10. That's a great start Les thank you. It's more than I knew before so I really appreciate it.
  11. Hi everyone, I have some questions about prewar USAAC bombers that hopefully some of the more knowledgeable people can help with: Did bombers use the same markings as fighters as in fuselage and/or wing stripes and cowling colors? I found a picture of a B-17B that I was hoping someone could fill in the blanks as to what I'm getting at. Also can someone tell me what the emblem is on the nose and is it available in a 1/72 scale decal? Would the yellow fuselage band just wrap around or does it go to a specific spot like the sides or base of the radio operator's window, and would the "BS34" be on the opposite top of the wing too? If these questions are too specific are there any good reference sources for markings of prewar bombers? I have the Academy 1/72 scale B-17B and I'm looking for markings options. Thank you for any help you can give. Chris
  12. Hi everyone! If it's ok I'd like to participate and finally contribute something to this fine group. For the longest time I thought I had conjured a gem of a "what if": A Japanese J7W "Shinden" in German markings as sort of a 'trade' for the Germans giving the Japanese the Me-262. I thought that I had finally thought of something that no one had thought of before until just yesterday when I found a 1/48 J7W2 "Shinden-Kai" jet powered variant and the picture of the box interior showed along with the big red meatballs....german crosses. So after accepting that my little bubble had been popped, I decided that I would like to build this model for the GB.
  13. A Navy T-45 just departed McGuire AFB.
  14. In the "old days" of sci fi when models were filmed in front of either a blue or green screen, a natural metal finish would reflect the color of the screen and when the color was removed and the model matted against a starfield any reflection in the model would also disappear. That's why in the original Star Wars movie blue squadron in the book was changed to red squadron in the movie because blue stripes on the wings and fuselage would disappear. With CGI now the main way special effects are done there are no limits on what color ships can be.
  15. Fort Miles is being actively restored at the moment. While most of the "above ground" buildings are long gone, the two main batteries are still there as well as several underground bunkers. Most of the bunkers remain buried. After the war the entrances were sealed and then bulldozed with sand. The only evidence of their existence are vents and chimneys sticking out of huge mounds of sand. My WW2 re-enactment unit has been heavily involved with helping the restoration and I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to go into one of the buried bunkers. We dug out the entrance and once inside found that the place was completely intact with radios and plotting tables for the big guns. The towers in your pictured were the spotting towers for the guns. They would triangulate the position of a target then give that information to the fire control, which would relay the information to the guns. There are also railway tracks in the woods that lead to sandbagged revetments for railway guns. The sandbags are still there, having pretty much turned to concrete. For now one of the gun batteries, Battery 519 is being restored with one 12" gun back in place.
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