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  1. Oh I see... what a bummer... I agree that most Messiah shots were from the front... But my special edition DVD of the film here do feature some drawings of the lander as well as the studio model with the top view exposed, but that was too small to pick out any details... But I can clearly remember there was that sequence in the film, the one where the whole ship was shown at a semi top view, during the departure of Messiah from earth orbit, just right before the crew ignite the nuclear rocket... also, thre were scenes from the film where the back side was very much exposed to the audience...
  2. Guys, does any of you considered building a model of this for yourself? :P I, and many of the members at cardmodels.net forums are planning to design a card model of this one, since many of the big pieces of this fictional spacecraft are already made by our folks at cardmodels.net forums when they designed their real space rockets... like the shuttle, and its ET, the 2 Ariane V SRBs, and the Energia strap-on boosters besides modifying these parts to fit the ship, I also need some 3 view illustrations if there's one available to construct the Orion nuclear rocket... and also some drawings
  3. Oh yeah, now I got the point... sorry for that... hehe! 'guess I'm not paying much attention to the posts... my apologies...
  4. to skull leader... Ryan's attempting to build a fictional gunship version of the J, there's yet to appear a C-130J gunship version... to sir Ryan all gunships used standard length C-130 fuselages, and yes, the engine cowlings for the J are different to the other C-130s, so its necessary to change the cowlings, as well as the props
  5. Nice progress there sir!!! Also thanks for posting your 3D renderings of the engines! Um, one thing though, can I ask you to post a photo documentation of your build for the engine later? the T-76 is the part of the OV-10 that drives me nuts... Thanks!!!
  6. Hmmm... The J as a gunship... From what I've heard from here, they say that the J is not really that stable enough to be a gun platform... but who knows... sir Ryan, about your build, maybe you can just use an AC-130U kit and swap its props and cowlings from a J kit.. that would save you some time... but then again, the tall order here is the BMC booths, gun breeches etc... maybe I'll just watch here for the moment, I cant risk my kit yet... hehe
  7. yes sir, building the U-boat's gut will be a very tall order... but I think the main challenge for me here is to replicate the plumbing and wiring inside... so for the meantime, I think I may do some skill building first... and considering the rarity of C-130 models here, I can't afford to waste this one...
  8. Hans

    Big(ger) scale OV-10

    IMHO, I believe its not the lack of demand, since bronco fans are everywhere... it maybe due to the OV-10's looks... maybe it doesn't look cool enough for them... (arrrg!!! ) But guys, I'll try to talk to our members at IPMS Phils. We already have close affiliations to Tamiya and Trumpeter, and I can suggest to request these two model manufacturers for a kit of the OV-10 (at least in 1/48 scale)... OV-10s here in the Philippines are usually available for model subject research, especially for our club, since many of our folks either have family members in the Air Force (myself included, my
  9. Hans

    Big(ger) scale OV-10

    Here it is... http://www.papermodels.co.il/ the site is owned by the model designer's close friend
  10. I like that sir... hehe!!! :D But yeah, a gunship without a gatling gun just looks plain wrong... speaking of the u-boat, I'm still not done with mine... its really taking a long time to build, specially the insides...
  11. .50 cal and 20 mm weapons won't fit on the holes of the sponsons, it is only intended for the M60s however, they can mount the 50 cals on the sponsons, but in a different config, and only one gun at a time for each sponson, as for the 20 mm, I believe they carry it in pods...
  12. Now we're talking!!! :D Keep up the great work sir!!! Merry Christmas!
  13. Great Job on the stores sir!!! hey that reminds me... Phil. AF OV-10s will be having wing fuel tanks soon... Great Job on the LAUs!!! I also need to make a couple of sets, since my pop's OV-10 usually slung these underneath, most of the time empty Another thing, are you planning to add the ripple selection switches on the rocket pods?
  14. Can I add some? hehe! :) My dad, getting ready to kick some terrorist butt in Mindanao formation flight during the anniversary of Armed Forces of the Philippines (my dad's in the slot position) sorry for some crumples, these scanned pics are a little old... I have some more here, I'll scan them when I get some free time
  15. Dang... I want to start my 1/32 OV-10...
  16. No need to rush sir, haste makes waste, and all of us wouldn't like this one go to waste!!! I, myself have too much to take care here first before I continue onto mine... so no need to hurry!!!
  17. Amazing with every update sir!!! Um, when can we see the engines?
  18. Absolutely fabulous!!! nice work sir!!!
  19. This drawing provided some very useful details for my build!!!
  20. I'll be watching this!!! I'm still in the drawing board for my 1/48 U-Boat, and my 1/72 ESCI AC-130H!!!
  21. Getting great so far!!! I'm still sketching my parts for the 1/72 kit (too much college work, so little time), but this will ba another good reference for the landing gears that I'll replace in the kit...
  22. Nice wheels sir!!! Yes, the nose wheel tire has a concave shape caused by the threads...
  23. Right on the money!!! :) BTW, for the landing gear, um, sir, can you show us where the pieces should fall into place when you finally install this on the aircraft? I'm also going to scratchbuild the landing gears for the academy kit... thanks!!! keep it up!!!
  24. I'd say go with this!!! BTW, about sir Alfonso's site... His files are constantly updating whenever new information is added... plus, with his card model line depicting every single shuttle mission since STS-1 (orbiter, stack config, cargo bay layout, payload, everything) and is gonna grow until the last shuttle mission, it would be a valuable reference... Plus, he's currently on the drawing board for the Mobile Launch Platform plus the Crawler... and at the end of this year, he's going to release his 1/144 scale card model of the ISS, with the modules constantly added until the final asse
  25. Oh, these will do me just fine!!! Thanks sir!!!
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