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  1. I remember them as well from my volunteer days at the museum in 2006. I hope to make it back there and look around and perhaps find the RF-101A nose section I was working on before I PCS'd to Florida.
  2. Bud Day was born on February 24, 1925, in Sioux City, Iowa. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on December 10, 1942, and spent 30 months in the South Pacific during World War II before receiving an honorable discharge on November 24, 1945. After the war, Day joined the U.S. Army Reserve on December 11, 1946, and served until December 10, 1949. He was appointed a 2d Lt in the Iowa Air National Guard on May 17, 1950, and went on active duty in the U.S. Air Force on March 15, 1951. Lt Day completed pilot training and was awarded his pilot wings at Webb AFB, Texas, in September 1952, and complet
  3. http://www.aviano.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123334566 Gruenther family releases statement Posted 1/31/2013 Updated 1/31/2013 special Courtesy of the Gruenther family 1/31/2013 - MANIAGO, ITALY -- The following statement is released on behalf of the Gruenther family with their permission: "It is with great sadness that we announce that the body Captain Lucas Gruenther was found in the Adriatic Sea this afternoon. A compassionate husband, a loving son, and a devoted brother; Luc leaves behind a family who loves him dearly and a legacy of achievement. We will never fully recover from our
  4. Victims of a plane crash The video in that link appears to possibly be the crash site of the B-24 and the funeral afterward. Note: the video does not have sound.
  5. When I had to do my AF qualify with the M9 Beretta before a deployment I was constantly reminded by the CATM team to have the red dot visible even in the holster. When I eventually had to do my Army qual for the same deployment safety was on until I was ready to fire. But back the OP I too find it funny that the USMC is going to this when the USAF has pretty much stopped doing so across the board (except perhaps at the Pentagon).
  6. A friend posted this on another forum. Here is the Phantom status briefing I received the day of QF-16 arrival: 1. Tyndall Phantoms are here for TWO more years and then GONE. 2. Holloman will continue with QF-4's for another TWO years beyond that and then they are GONE. 3. I specifically asked if the "pretty" F-4's," the painted ones, would be kept for Heritage flight support. I got a reluctant, "...no, not in the plans at this time." 4. I'll do the math for you: 4 more years of F-4's and then they are ALL GONE.
  7. The arrival of the new QF-16 drones arrived Monday, ultimately replacing the QF-4 Phantom. When you ask an experienced pilot to describe the QF-4 in three words, you might get this response. "I would say its the last of the iron jets," said Retired Lieutenant Colonel Matt Lacourse. "And that's four but, that's what I would call it." Lacourse hit a milestone in October, flying 2,000 hours in the F-4. But, the experienced pilot has also flown the F-16 Falcon. "The last time I fly one of these is going to be on the sad side," said Lacourse. "But, I'm looking forward to flying the F-16 again to
  8. That would certainly add a new twist and dimension to Combat Archer.
  9. While reading an article at Tyndall AFB's website about the new 53d WEG Commander Col. James Vogel, saw this written: Not sure what this means for the Heritage Flight QF-4s I think they might fly for one more season but not sure and due to my current location I'm a bit out of the loop about the goings on there.
  10. Google Earth will let you go back in time and in that location last Nov not much there in Dec of last year is when they added the black blob.
  11. Great builds and sounds like you all will have fun. I'll just continue to play over here in the sandbox 7600+ miles away.
  12. Nice picture Gary it would be interesting to read what the issue was.
  13. Pilot has been identified by KTVB.COM Posted on March 29, 2012 at 3:43 PM Updated yesterday at 11:24 PM MOUNTAIN HOME -- The Department of Defense has released the identity of the Mountain Home A.F.B. pilot killed Wednesday while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Military officials say Capt. Francis D. Imlay, 31, of Vacaville, CA., died March 28 at 9:06 a.m. in an accident involving an F-15 aircraft near a base in Southwest Asia. The cause of the incident is still under investigation. Imlay was assigned to the 391st Fighter Squadron, "Bold Tigers" from Mountain Home Air Force Bas
  14. The Associated Press Posted : Thursday Mar 29, 2012 8:38:14 EDT BOISE, Idaho Mountain Home Air Force Base officials say a fighter pilot flying an F-15 jet was killed in a crash near a base in southwest Asia. Officials say another crew member was injured in Wednesday's crash and treated for minor injuries. Names of both have not yet been released. More than 300 airmen from the 366th Fighter Wing in Mountain Home are deployed to support F-15E missions helping deliver combat air support for joint fighting operations. The region includes operations in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and
  15. I had heard rumors about the shut down for weeks...seems they are going to focus more on The Horsemen project now. There is always Fencecheck
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