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  1. I need to get in touch with Airtime as I had a call from my bank to say a direct debit transaction from them had failed. I'm in the UK but the tollfree number - 001 800 7573 7573 I got from the inside cover of the last edition I had doesn't work. Does anyone have a number I can call or a valid E-mail address? Kind Regards Tony
  2. Hi, I just wanted to put on record the excellent customer service you get from Luckymodel. My Kinetic F-16s arrived yesterday, one of each. When checking the sprues however, I found that the sprue for the sniper pod, (II) was missing from the D/G version. The box had two sprues of HH instead. I told them about this and today I get the message that they've shipped the replacement parts. How is that for service!. Regards Tony
  3. Reliable. Great prices. Helpful. Excellent service. Unreservedly recommended. Can't say fairer than that. Regards Tony
  4. That looks really good. Which Aeroclub seat did you use? Best regards Tony
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