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  1. Thank you CA! Appreciate the compliments. I was dreading that portion of the build but it actually was rather enjoyable. Nice distraction from all the madness that 2020 is throwing at us. Still just doing some small sub-builds. I completed the cannon bay doors. Went heavy on the weathering, from the few pics I've seen of the interior of these on the real thing, they got pretty grungy. Tamiya never ceases to amaze, they included the the tools used to disassemble the cannons as PE parts! Next up is the canopy's interior framework. Here's a picture of thi
  2. Just a mini update, I'm at the stage where I'm just building random sub assemblies. I'm also getting a bit apprehensive because I'm getting close to the painting stage and this is one of two steps that I figure have a good chance of blowing this project. On the surface, the painting should be straightforward, this aircraft was originally painted in the standard "nightfighter" scheme of Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green. At some point before it was assigned to 333 Squadron, it was over-painted in a "modified" Special Duties Scheme. This was a scheme standardized by Coastal Command, designed to
  3. Hi Nate, I just saw your post. Thank you so much for providing some insight on your family story. A long while ago, I posted a link to this build on an FB site dedicated to the S-2 Tracker. Was quite impressed by how many folks posted / pm'd me on your father. It seems he left a very good impression on everyone who met him. He truly sounds like a very special person. With regard to a memorial, I reached out a while back and got nowhere. I kind of took my foot off the gas at that point. After reading your post, I made additional inquires. Got a response from
  4. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/09/16/marines-make-excellent-soldiers-over-half-marine-tank-company-just-joined-army-national-guard.html Come on in guys, the water's great. Good to see them finally leaving the dark side!
  5. Sadness.... I'm pretty sure I would have used my newfound power for good, not evil purposes.
  6. That scheme was a result of the Iran Hostage Crisis and the US military's pivot to the mideast theater. I believe it came out in the very early 80's and involved a small portion of the Herc fleet (maybe a few dozen aircraft?). Lasted for maybe a decade and then was phased out.
  7. Just noticed that I have become a moderator. Don't get me wrong, 11Bee is flattered but isn't this kinda like having the inmate(s) running the asylum?
  8. How's everyone else doing now that the NFL season is upon us? I've been a hard core football fan for ages but this year, I hate to admit it but I'm just not into it. Nothing to do with the sorry state of the Patriots or the politics going on right now, I just don't have much interest. I watched 10 min of the KC game and then went off and surfed the net. Not sure why but I think I'm all set with football. On the plus side, I'll actually be spending time outside with my family on Sundays instead of knocking back beers and snacks watching football from 1PM on.
  9. Thanks guys, greatly appreciate it. Finally done with the bomb bay! Completed the port sidewall, which was primarily control cables running the length. I might add a few last bits if the mood strikes me but at this point, I'm moving on to the bomb bay doors and then the engine cowlings. I need to be careful, this is typically the stage of a long build where I get into trouble, once I see that I'm getting close to the finish and start rushing. Must..... resist...... . Anyway, a couple of last pics of my work in this area.
  10. No idea, I found it buried in Netflix.
  11. Great pictures as always, thanks for taking the time to post them Gary. I found it curious that the F-16's are flying with old AIM-9M captive training rounds. Figured those would have been long discarded.
  12. Whilst wandering around Netflix, I stumbled upon a nice documentary about the Apache deep strike mission that the US Army's 6-6 Cav performed in the early days of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. For those who aren't familiar with it, this mission went horribly off track and the strike force was heavily shot up. They ended up aborting the mission. The documentary is called Apache Warrior and features the cockpit tapes from three of the Apaches on this mission. What's truly remarkable is to hear how calm these pilots were while taking hits from very heavy AAA fire. Also what is rema
  13. Thanks Gino, good to know the sand filters will hopefully be included when / if a UH-60 is released. With regard to those Werner Wings decals, I knew about them. Great looking set but listed as out of stock on his website.
  14. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Hopefully we'll see a kit of the Lima and hopefully, KH might include those inlet filters. While I'm rattling off my wish list, it would be nice to see some aftermarket decals for OIF/OEF Army UH-60's.
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