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  1. If you don't want to go with a stained finish, how about this one? Saw this United ER-145 passing through Little Rock, AR today.
  2. Great pics as usual Moose. I'm passing through CLT today, good to see there is some variation out there. Typically, you only see a billion AA Airbuses / CRJ's.
  3. Don't think you need any mods to the kit. Just appropriate decals. Maybe a different ECM pod?
  4. Suprised they would have fitted these with the toilet bowl. Nice looking helo.
  5. Over on LSP, they quoted KH as saying they opted for 48th scale as a result of modelers comments that they monitored in "chat rooms". What a load of BS.
  6. Totally OT but are there any 1/35 conversions out there to model a TOW equipped M model that was used in 1972? That would make for a cool looking Huey.
  7. Yeah, that's what I figured. Pretty area, but not a lot besides those options.
  8. Heading back for another week or so. First time I was down there, the place seemed extremely dead. Any suggestions greatfully appreciated.
  9. One thing to keep in mind, most bombs were absolutely filthy. Maybe the fins were a bit cleaner since they were typically kept in boxes until assembled but the bodies of the bombs were rolled into ships, dumped into muddy ammo storage areas and by the time they got mounted on aircraft were scraped, scratched and dirty. Always find it humorous when I see a nicely weathered aircraft with immaculate, shiny bombs hanging underneath.
  10. Sounds great Glen, thanks for the update. If I could ask, what's your guesstimate on "not too distant future"? Thanks very much for your interest in helos (of all scales). Hope if the Littlebird sells, you'll consider a Vietnam era 35th scale OH-6A (in addition to the Huey and Cobra mentioned above).
  11. 5" rockets were OD warheads with silver motors and fins.
  12. Not feeling the love for KH. Between this, the way they have responded to folks over criticism over some of their aircraft kits (criticism which by all accounts is well deserved) and the cute little meme they put up on their FB page slagging people (their customers) who dared to disagree with what they offer for kits. In the end, there are plenty of other models to build so life goes on. Floyd, despite your comment above, I assume the MH-6J is also cancelled, "for now", since they took down all the CADS showing that variant?
  13. Floyd made it clear from the getgo that all he is providing is research data. It's up to KH on what they do with it. Hope you are right on this but given what they posted on their website, I'm skeptical.
  14. Anyone know what the current status of this program is? Was it just a test / evaluation program that has run it's course or are these aircraft going to be returning to the theater? Still unclear on what benefits the OV-10 brought to the party. Sounds like the real advantage was with the sensors and weapons. If so, why not utilize something that is readily available in numbers, like a Cessna Caravan?
  15. I thought I heard something a while back about possibly also releasing the Huey in 48th. Seems logical, if you have the CAD's all set, it's pretty straightforward to scale them down (or up). Sounds good to me, just hope they still are focused on getting the 35th version out first. EDIT - I just went to their website, they took down the blurb on the 35th Huey, now only have this listed. That's disappointing, I've got zero interest in 48th helos. I guess we are back to using the good ole Dragon kit if we want a 35th Huey. Not feeling any love for KH these days....