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  1. Nice pictures Steve. Question - the ones you posted from your 2013 deployment show the jets with training missiles and ACMI pods. Was that very common for deployed jets?
  2. Their markings were extremely bland. With a few exceptions, nothing more than a 2-3 digit number. If you are interested in the subject, Osprey has a very well done book on USMC PBD/J's. I'd love to do a late war PBJ with the radar mounted above the bombardier's greenhouse and HVAR rockets fitted, just not sure I could pull off the radar installation though. Ideally, I'd like to do a PBD but that just isn't an option in 32nd.
  3. So, the weathering process continues. From the previous page, this picture shows a good example of how grubby the underside got on these birds. Between muddy fields, engine / cannon soot and the oil leaks that Merlins were known for, the bottom of these aircraft got dirty! Note also the patches of what looks to be red dope on the port horizontal stab. After airbrushing the basic exhaust staining as described in my previous post, I did a bit of oil wash and then tried out Flory Washes for the first time. Very nice stuff, I'm a big fan. Essentially nothing more than
  4. Great work, I'm usually not a fan of metal foil as it looks way too shiny for a typical combat aircraft but you nailed it. Very impressed.
  5. Nice work, looking forward to more updates. Any chance you could post a picture of your 1:1 gunner’s seat? I’ve never been able to find decent pictures of the hunter’s station.
  6. Makes sense but I always assumed if those screens iced up, they would restrict airflow to the engines. You are correct about those Merlins putting out a lot of heat. Due to the close proximity of the radiators to the cockpit, it was common for flight crews to fly with just light jackets (or no jackets at all), even in the winter.
  7. Don’t believe all those negative naysayers TT. I, for one, have always been a staunch supporter of The Program and find talk like that disturbing. Haters gonna hate, right?
  8. Just looking at your build for the second time and noted what an awesome job you did on the NMF. What did you use?
  9. I believe the OP was asking about D-model jets in the new scheme. Does the AF use D’s in a combat role anymore?
  10. As Steve said, it was a piece of leather. The ones I saw were pretty beat up and had weathered to a greasy dark brown color. As a side note, those belts were the same ones used on UH-1 Hueys for the troop seats.
  11. Hi Jeffrey - just wondering if you have an update on this?
  12. Are you sure? You sound a bit out of sorts. I’m shocked that you didn’t include a few links to your builds in the reply above.
  13. Not sure, it would make sense to have a heating element. Your guess is as good as mine on them.
  14. Lastly, I decided to take the masks off the canopy. This is always a high stress moment. Kinda like a kid opening up his big present on X-mas day. You just never know what you are going to get. I've had more than a few over the years come out with horrible paint stains. In this case, things worked out "ok". I've got some touch up to do, but nothing a sharp wooden toothpick shouldn't be able to handle and a bit of touch up on the paint. After all that, I'll hit it with some plastic polish and I think it will look pretty decent. Note that in these pics, the canopy is just press-fitte
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