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  1. Nothing at all to do with modeling but I found this to be a very informative and interesting article about flying the OH-58D in combat. Hope some of you guys enjoy it. Flying & Fighting in the OH-58D: Interview with OH-58D Kiowa combat veteran | Hush-Kit (hushkit.net)
  2. ICM has dropped some hints that a UH-1 is somewhere in the queue but if they really are going with the CH-54, I'd guess that the Huey is further down than i had hoped. One day lads....
  3. Honestly, If they are going that big, I’d have much rather seen them go with an HH-3 or CH-53A/D. Still a cool subject, just not my cup of tea.
  4. Why do I think you are probably 70+? And no, the hobby is not dying.
  5. Thanks very much guys. Have made a bit of progress - removed the masking from the windscreen (always a stressful event, more than once I've seen some pretty horrible overspray), got a bit of touchup to do on the frames but nothing two severe. Also continued weathering, still a working in progress but getting closer. After shooting on some dullcoat, next up were the Brassin 1,000 lb bombs. Most bombs during WW2 were stored in open air "bomb dumps" exposed to the elements, mud, dust, etc. I did my best to replicate that look. After that, I mounted them on the pylons.
  6. Your raise a good point Arnobiz. The US has 60 years of experience with submarine reactor systems and it's totally integrated into the Navy's safety culture. Nothing at all against the Aussies but it will be very interesting to see how quickly they can get up to speed. You can't just grow this capability and culture overnight.
  7. Those "extra special" Virginia-based helos make another appearance (in some lucky farmer's field). Note in the YT video, the civilian attair of the pilot (jeans, tee shirt and Dave Clarks) and the rather sporty departure. Helicopter landing at the farm - YouTube The reason for the parts delivery. Note again, the less than regulation clothing and grooming standards.
  8. Just a few pics of my ongoing P-47D build. Kit is the Hasegawa 32nd scale Jug with Eagle Cal decals. Little Bunny was an ex-Brazilian P-47D that was transferred back to the USAAC. Despite some profiles showing the aircraft with a non-standard dark green camouflage color added, it's actually nothing more than fresh OD paint used to overpaint the Brazilian markings. The rest of the a/c is just heavily weathered OD / Gray. This aircraft was pretty beaten up in it's extended service, flying out of muddy / dusty Italian bases. I did my best to replicate all the wear and tear. Th
  9. Are there any pics out there of the full LNRS mod?
  10. Some sensibilities are apparently offended by this deal. Interesting enough, Paris feels that the UK was not culpable, just the US and Australia. The Brits were simply being "opportunistic". France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pact | France | The Guardian Guess we need to start requesting Freedom Fries at Micky-D's from now on.
  11. If they opt to purchase a carbon copy of a US sub that’s already in production, things should go ok (assuming they can squeeze these subs into the production schedule, I have no idea how much extra production capacity is available). If they opt to add a lot new features or opt for a brand new design, all bets are off, given the Navy’s horrible track record in this area.
  12. That’s how the FOIA process works Habu. It’s the law, they are required to review each request and if deemed valid, provide requested information to the submitter. I’ve submitted 4 FOIA’s and received comprehensive data dumps on 3 of them. In one case, when I asked the Navy for additional pictures, they dug deeper into their archives and sent me a CD with a bunch of new pictures. And yes, it was to satisfy the curiosity of a scale hobbyist Habu. I made it clear in each request that I was building a model to honor the crews that flew the aircraft that I was building (2 crews were
  13. 35th UH-1H and in 32nd, an FM-2, F-86F and F6F. That'll do me nicely.
  14. Love it. Amazing display, your weathering looks spot-on.
  15. Depends on the environment the planes are being flown in. I’ve seen pics of Corsairs flying off of coral strips with most of the “back” blade worn to bare metal. For carrier based planes, you won’t see any of this.
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