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  1. Just a dark brown wash should do fine. If you are so inclined, hit it with pastels (my new go-to weathering tool). Keep in mind, at 48th scale, with the canopy on, you aren't going to have that much really visible.
  2. You throw a hand grenade in the room and then walk away? You just accused someone of theft. Put up proof or take down your post.
  3. I've used their decals a few times and find them to be very well-researched. Personally, I think Fundekals is at the top of the aftermarket decal sector. Their instructions alone are worth the money. For their last F4U-1D decal sheet, it was over 40 pages of well researched info on each of their subjects. Compare that to other companies where your "instructions" consist of a grainy 4 view drawing. For the other folks who might be interested in these - I have no idea about FB but I've ordered all my decals through their website. http://www.fundekals.com/
  4. Thanks Bruce, wasn't really sure what the Aeroproducts blades looked like. Was thinking I could maybe take the kit Aeroproducts blades and use them to represent the uncuffed HS ones but from your pics, there is a pretty big difference between the two. I'll end up going with the Quickboost resin ones.
  5. How different is the Aeroproducts prop from the uncuffed HS? I’m building an F-51D and my subject has the uncuffed HS blades.
  6. Not sure about the F but I know the Gustav version had a completely different seat. Given the wide variety of flight clothing used, I doubt there will be any issues w the figure itself.
  7. I'm building the Tamiya Mustang currently. It's an amazing kit, by far the best Mustang model (in any scale). That being said, it's also complex and (in my opinion) maybe a bit too "fancy". No need for all the extra parts for movable control surfaces, landing gear, etc. Just adds to the cost and time to build it. I find it telling that with their latest 32nd scale kit (the F4U-1D), those "features" have been eliminated. Regardless, the Tamiya Mustang is an awesome kit. In this case, you get what you pay for.
  8. 11bee

    Bf-109G-6 to G-14

    Cool link. Surprised to see that in Feb of 45, the top ace of the Luftwaffe was still flying a G-6.
  9. 11bee

    P-51D block info

    I think the only diff was the tail fillet. It was standard on the -10 but as mentioned, it was also pretty widely retrofitted on surviving -5's. May have been some minor cockpit changes but NAA made so many tweaks to radios, IFF sets, etc it's doubtful you'll really need to worry about this aspect.
  10. Makes me proud to be an 'Murican!! USA!, USA!, USA!
  11. 11bee

    Bf-109G-6 to G-14

    All sorts of exceptions to the rule when it comes to later war -109's but if I recall correctly, you would just need to retain the fuselage MW50 filler cover (pretty sure this is already on the fuselage but marked to be filled in for the regular G-6). You will also want to go with the tall tail and Erla-Haube canopy. As mentioned, those bits are in the kit. Only other item would be the aft cockpit panel behind the pilot's head. The G-6 panel was flat, while the G-14's panel had a raised section to accommodate (I think) the battery which had to be moved forward when the MW50 tank was installed. I don't recall whether or not this part was in the Revel kit or not but if you have to scratch build that fairing, it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm not a true -109 experten, so if anyone sees mistakes in this info, please jump in to help!
  12. On this subject, I thought I read somewhere that Navy SH's are now flying training sorties with no external tanks and no, or at most 2, pylons. Supposedly a SH gets better range stripped down than it does with 2 external tanks. Given how draggy the external pylons and stores are on a SH (partially due to the horrible design that has them canted outwards a few degrees) I wonder if this is true?
  13. WRT external tanks, I thought I read somewhere that when you factor in drag, the range of an F-4 with only centerline was close to or maybe even a bit superior to one with the two wing tanks mounted.
  14. 11bee


    Lol.... I like my helos in grungy CARC!
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