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  1. Does the FRIES rig on the MH look a little skimpy?
  2. Still went with the inverted dimples instead of correct raised rivets. Ugh... Waiting for the comments about how it actually looks quite nice, is appropriate for the scale, not noticeable, etc. etc. Don't see this with any other manufacturer, everyone else these days seems able to replicate minute surface detail accurately, especially in the larger scales. Just a sneak preview of what their 35th Huey will have to offer if / whenever it arrives, I suppose. I'd love to hear from KH about their rational for this. Was it just a design error due to lack of attention, did it save them some money on the tooling (I'd think just the opposite), or do they think it actually looks better?
  3. F-35 news roundup

    India is growing tired of the Russian T-50 wonderjet, and is looking to finally terminate the program. This could lead to a possible purchase of the F-35? http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/15327/india-might-finally-terminate-their-stealth-fighter-program-with-russia I know this source will enrage at least one of our members but I still find it useful on occasion. It also goes without saying that anything involving Indian defense procurement needs to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Even if it turns out be true, it could still end up changing a day later. Regardless, if this were to actually happen, it would be a massive win not just for the program but for the US in general.
  4. Here's my vote for the snazziest uniform. Understated and yet professional. And these guys are only E-1's.
  5. F-35 news roundup

    Err.... where did I mention the 737? I agree 100%, it’s a design that is on its last legs. BA should have waited until Airbus was fully committed to the Neo and then went with a clean sheet design. My point about the C Series was that it won’t have anything to offer from a design standpoint. It was sized for the RJ mission. It can be stretched a bit but the sweet spot in the single aisle market is moving up, it’s now the -8max and the 321neo. You could conceivably stretch the C-series to get close to those aircraft but it will lose a great deal of its efficiency. It’s technology is impressive but when BA and Airbus finally develop new designs, sometime around 2025, they will be using state of the art technology, not technology that originated in 2005.
  6. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Wow, that must have really cool. Don’t hold back on us Gino, I’d love to know what it was like sitting in the back of a Huey all those decades ago. Share some stories man!
  7. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Really Gino? Tell us all about your extensive time in actual Hueys. I’ve never set foot in one. Ever. Sure does sound like a lot of fun though. Given that Huey’s were on the way out when I was coming in, sorry if I didn’t have the door alignment committed to memory as you apparently did. At the time, I really wasn’t that concerned with the issue. You then posting a pic of a damaged example to further your case doesn’t really help either.
  8. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Hard to tell Gino. Correct that it isn’t 6”, I was mistaken, but in your last pic, it’s definitely not flush. Regardless, the concern about the KH door still stands.
  9. F-35 news roundup

    That's pretty much it. Another loser will be the Canadian military, since with this trade issue apparently settled, there is no reason not to purchase those SH's. Correct? We'll see how things work out with the believed C-Series. If they keep peddling them at the same cost as what Delta paid for these jets, it undoubtedly will be very "popular". However, Airbus might start to feel just a bit of financial discomfort. If they sell this jet at it's real price, they will have a tough run competing against Embraier which already has a much superior order book for it's jet. As far as the C-Series being the basis for an eventual replacement for the A320, this is highly unlikely. Airbus is just in the beginning of the A320/21 Neo program. That program will run for at least a decade. By then, the C-Series will be a 20 year old design and will have nothing to offer.
  10. F-35 news roundup

    What “new technology” did airbus gain? How to build a plane with composite structures, fly by wire controls and new tech engines? Lol, pretty sure they’ve already been there and done that. Doubt that Bombardier has much of value to offer, despite the PR pieces. Also, did you really just use “popular” and C-series in the same sentence?
  11. Can always fall back on Prodigy, right?
  12. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    A bit hard to tell from pics but it does appears UH-1Mad is correct. On the real thing, the aft edge of the door is significantly closer to the tailboom joint than the KH kit and if you force the door aft, it's not properly aligned with the aft cabin bulkhead. On the real thing, with the door fully back and pinned, you still have approx 6"' of it accessible forward of the cabin bulkhead. It appears that the door is physically too short. Hopefully this will be addressed on the 35th Huey, along with some other issues those pics highlight, such as the way overscale horizontal hinge on the engine cowling and those raised access plates that cover the fuselage. In RL, they would be made of 1" armor plate if you use the KH kit as a reference.
  13. Given the archaic forum over there, you might need to use a dial up modem and your AOL account to log in.
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Sorry, my bad. Thought you spoke the only true helo language, 35th!
  15. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Jabow, If you are jonesing to build an OH-6A, keep in mind that the Dragon kit is actually pretty decent. Unlike their Huey which really sucks, the Dragon kit offers good details, realistic raised rivets and with the Eduard PE set and a few other details added (Werner Wings used to over a really nice resin minigun), the kit can be a winner. Also got some nice aftermarket decal options as well.