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  1. Wow... That's some highly impressive work.
  2. Where did you find that picture? On the web or in a book? Since this was a completely unrestored B-17, I’d love to see more pics of her.
  3. "Fantastic customer service" and yet you light them up on your initial post and haven't bothered to change / delete it? Nice...
  4. Dayum! That looks amazing.
  5. Got those interested in Eldo Canyon, one of the pilots on the mission, “Jim” Jimenez is on the awesome “10 Percent True” podcast. Well worth checking out.
  6. Just stumbled on this build. Love the work so far, I’ll be following closely. Thanks for your service over there Devil Dog!
  7. Great picture Floyd, thanks for sharing it! Would love to know how you came across that shot. Definitely looks like they fielded a different version (note that this device is labeled as model 1B) but doesn't look like it would be too difficult to mod your part to replicate the one in the OGS pic above.
  8. Love the the underside weathering. Very realistic.
  9. Would this be fitted in conjunction with that large air intake mounted on the upper left of the aft fuselage?
  10. That's the first picture I've seen that really shows the profile of that device. Hate to say it but it looks like Werner's Wings got it wrong.
  11. Apparently ICM just announced 48th scale MH-60L & UH-60A's. Great news, given the quality that ICM typically provides. Now if they will only upscale them to 35th, I would be quite pleased.
  12. 10 Percent True is a wonderful Mil-Av podcast. Highly recommended. This particular series is one of the best "deep dives" into a modern combat jet I've come across. Awesome info.
  13. I've listed to multiple stories on podcasts about vets returning to Vietnam. What I find the most poignant is the friendship and hospitality offered by their former adversaries. The latest one (if anyone's interested) is - Episode 42: COL (ret) Hugh Mills - The Low Level Hell Podcast | Podcast on Spotify Col Mills returned to Vietnam and met with former members of an NVA AA unit that shot down a few helos from his unit during a particularly nasty engagement in 1972.
  14. I was up in Presque Isle a while ago. The facility is still pretty intact. The big missile assembly / storage buildings were all intact, as were the launch pads. Pretty cool place to wander.
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