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  1. 1/48 UH-1E, HML-771, USMC(R)

    Just an awesome job. Glad to see some love for SoWey subjects.
  2. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    http://www.newsweek.com/total-f-russian-mercenaries-syria-lament-us-strike-killed-dozens-818073 Spare the personal insults guys. I simply tabled a scenario. To date, the Russians done everything possible to put a positive spin on their deployment (actually, didn't they declare victory in December?) and minimize any reporting of casualties (including not commenting on the damage done to their aircraft during recent attacks on their airbase). I'm just suggesting that it seems to be somewhat coincidental that after a major loss of Russian life, (the extent of which has yet to be fully acknowledged by their government), not to mention the loss of prestige over this, they decide that this is now the perfect time to deploy those jets. It wouldn't be the first time a government did something like this as a means to push bad news a bit further off the public's radar. You need to look no further than the good ole USA for examples of how to manage a news cycle. Or - maybe this was planned months ago. Either way, no need to get your panties twisted up over this.
  3. Memorial Build for a Lost Tracker

    Dave, Thanks so very much for your comments. It means a great deal. I wanted to quit this build for multiple reasons but couldn't because otherwise, the loss of those two pilots would have been mostly forgotten. I'm glad a few folks have benefited by this. The last part of this project is to reach out to some local boy scouts and see if they might be interested in placing a memorial to the crew of 176 at that ball field. Figured it might be a nice Eagle Scout project. We'll see how it works out. Regards, John
  4. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Except for the front page stories about the deployment. Funny how a guy that is a master of manipulating the media was unable to keep this a secret. If Russia really wanted to deploy a couple of jets to Syria in secret, do you not think they could have easily done so?. What better way to deflect the press from focusing on the loss of a hundred or so "patriots"? As far as the benefits of operational testing over there, I doubt ISIL offers any beneficial testing. Not much to stop them from raining down iron bombs on Syrian villages. However, if they decided to probe one of Syria's neighbors, that might be a different story.
  5. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Undoubtedly to distract the Russian masses from the horrendous casualties suffered by those "volunteers" a week back.
  6. OT--Anti-Virus Programs

    I’m running Avast! Freeware version. Got good reviews and it’s not the performance hog / bloatware that Norton is. Have been using it for 4 years, zero issues.
  7. Thanks very much Crackerjazz! Got the engine nearly completed. I added the wires coming off the starboard magneto and the spark plug leads on the same side. Didn't bother with the port side details since they will be hidden once the fuselage is completed. Laziness is one of my traits and if no one is going to see my hard work, it's not worth it. I also skimped on the magneto wires since they will only be visible from above. Anyway, the only other thing needed on the powerplant is some final weathering. I'll add that before I button up the fuselage.
  8. F-35 news roundup

    Looks like Japan is upping their order by at least 20 more jets. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-defence-f35-exclusive/exclusive-japan-to-buy-at-least-20-more-f-35a-stealth-fighters-sources-idUSKCN1G507W
  9. Mach 3 Phantom

    Linked article mentioned polycarbonate crew enclosures. I’m thinking that they addressed this issue. Still might have been the limiting factor with regard to airframe heating though.
  10. Cockpit is done. Wingnut provides decals for all the gauges and placards. They also do a nice job of replicating all the plumbing behind the instrument panel. Prior to applying the decals, I coated everything with a nice layer of future. Also added the ammo can for the forward firing Spandau MG.
  11. B-2 Retirement

    Not sure I agree with you Neu. There were 102 B-52H's built, vrs 100 B-1's so I'm not sure what you mean about a "massive production run" and "parts are plentiful". The H had significant differences compared to earlier model 52's. I have a friend who used to work on the H model BUFF's back in the late 90's and he always said it was a b*tch getting spares for the jet. Replacing the engines will help things a bit but at the end of the day, you are dealing with a jet that was produced over half a century ago. Many of the parts went out of production before I was born. Unless they plan on gutting the jet and replacing the internals with new built parts, I have to wonder what the readiness rates for this jet will be down the road. Keep in mind that all of this this is all predicated on no political changes over the next couple of election cycles. If there are changes, you might see some of the decisions made by the current administration being reversed by whoever comes into power.
  12. LOL.. yeah, this thing is adding up fast. That being said, I can explain the costs (a bit) to the wife by reminding her that, at best, I build two models per year. Honestly, the stuff from Steel Beach is very reasonably priced. The Hypersonic nacelles are pricey but you can't debate the quality. If you want to cut one thing out of your build to save money, I'd say pass on the nacelles. Only a hard core A-3 fanatic would ever note the issues with the kit's parts. Still hoping that we get some aftermarket EKA decals. The kit decal subject sucks bad.
  13. AH-6J Walkaround Photos

    If Ray is so inclined, maybe re-post on the pinned LB thread? Otherwise, the thread will be pushed down and eventually forgotten (I completely forgot about this thread).
  14. Thanks guys. I’ve got his nacelle set and it’s awesome, think I’ll pull the trigger on the canopy. What’s the ETA on the wheel wells?
  15. KH 1/35 MH-60R Seahawk

    I’m not up on my Seahawks, anyone know which version that is? Like the folding rotors, makes it easy to find shelf space for it.