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  1. Anyone have a lead on some of Fireball's upgrade sets for the old Revell AH-1G? He had some really nice rocket pods and some other stuff. On his website, looks like he's only got automotive subjects.
  2. ICM has released some pictures. Looks pretty decent, appears to offer a choice of underwing weapons, open canopies, etc. Just hoping they also provide the later twin minigun / 40 mm turret. Only a very few early Cobras had the single weapon turret shown below. If not, I'll have to wait for the "late" version I guess.
  3. Just saw the picture below over on FB. Pretty unique paint job. It's a relatively recent picture since the helo has DIRCM pods mounted, anyone seen other pics of this ship? BTW, If anyone thinks I should take down this picture, please advise and I'll do so, not sure if it's a party foul to re-post this from FB.
  4. Speaking of.... where is my $$? Got my heart set on a really nice looking Chinese flat screen TV! Waiting patiently for my handout. #socialismrocks
  5. Texans exercised their personal freedom by opting for a power grid free from all those burdensome, anti-business federal regulations. Maybe they can burn their guns to stay warm? Or ask a developed country (Mexico) for a big extension cord?
  6. I’m guessing you spend a good portion of your day on social media, managing to use “sheeple” in the majority of your posts. Prove me wrong....
  7. It's the military-industrial complex's circle of life.
  8. And yet some folks still keep comparing it to the flu.
  9. Here’s that custom rig in action. Still can’t figure out how they fired the thing using their pinkie but these guys swear it works fine.
  10. Just stumbled up on this article. Recently departed SECDEF Chris Miller referred to the F-35 as a "Piece of Sh*t" and the AF is looking at capping F-35A numbers at ~ 1,000, down 700 from the previous plan. https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/aircraft-propulsion/us-air-force-talks-new-f-16-orders-latest-acquisition-shake Things were going so well, what went wrong?
  11. I'm on a couple of Vietnam vet FB pages. On one, the subject came up on "free" M60's (weapons hand held by the gunner / observer vrs being fixed to a pintle mount). It appears that some of these guys cut off the barrel in line with the gas cylinder and removed the buttstock, replacing it with the shorten rear receiver (the shorter buffer spring allowed for a higher rate of fire). This resulted in a rather unusual M60 but according to these guys, this allowed them easier movement of the weapon. It get's more interesting. A couple of vets chimed in that they then affixed a trigger /
  12. You left out Bill Gates, George Soros, the Lincoln Project and pedophile, devil-worshiping politicians.
  13. Hey Ziggy - with the ICM 1/32nd AH-1G's inbound, wondering if you have any plans for some decals for this kits?   Your OH-6 decals were fantastic.

  14. Ray, you are The Man! Thanks for posting. If you have any of the area behind the pilot’s seat or the aft cockpit bulkhead, I’d love to see ‘em. Starting to do some preliminary research for when that ICM kit gets released. Might take a crack at one of GT’s helos if I can figure out the markings. BTW, that’s a beautifully preserved G-model. Not too many of them around apparently. On a related note - ever thought about publishing a book (or two) on Hueys and Snakes?
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