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  2. The issue, like everything else in Afghanistan, is complicated. A good amount of the poppy crop does indeed help fund the bad guys. But you need to remember that poppy has been a major cash crop over there for ages (actually, when they were in power, the Talliban was somewhat effective in stamping it out). So when we go in an destroy some fields, there is also a good chance that the crop was owned by a "friendly" farmer. After watching a year's work wilt away (and wondering how he will now provide for his family), there is a good chance that Ahmed will now walk down to the nearest Taliban recruiting station and sign up. Anyway, that's OT. Regarding those DOS Hueys, there are some other really good pictures of them buried in this forum. Once we get the large scale Huey released, I plan on building one of them. Truly an Uber-Huey!
  3. Drug eradication work I believe. As far as the Huey 2 being competitive with the -60, keep in mind, the primary mission of the Hawk was to fly a full squad of grunts into combat. A Huey (any type) doesn't even have seats for that many, let alone the lift capacity. In DOS or Marine service, they are doing a completely different mission. Nothing against our beloved Huey, it's just in a different class.
  4. How much does all that stuff weigh? In Vietnam a Huey often struggled to lift 5 grunts at a time. How would it have faired in the mountains of Afghanistan or on a 125 degree day in Iraq? I love the old girl but for the Army's mission, her time has long gone. Heck, even the Blackhawk struggled a bit with those conditions. Only helo that didn't seem to have any issues was the Chinook.
  5. Really? Seems pretty appropriate to me. Is there a reason why they shouldn't?
  6. Interestingly, a total of 3 RC-135W/U's were orbiting close to Russian airspace when these jets were airborne. Apparently interested in any Russian response to the flights.
  7. I get that, just a random observation on KH's attention to the little things. I know the history of this kit, given who was behind it, I have high expectations. It bears remembering however that both guys have stated that all they could do was make suggestions. It was on KH to implement them. All the more reason why I really want to see pics of the plastic and not just months old CAD shots.
  8. Wire strike kits on Vietnam era Huey's? Hmmmm... I know it's no reflection on the model itself, just poor attention to detail on behalf of KH. Thought the original release was Vietnam birds, followed by "International" ones? Looks like the combined them both.
  9. CAD's are posted. Didn't even know these guys had this in the works. Nice subject..
  10. Saw these over on FB. Not sure what the rules are for re-posting social media stuff. If it's an issue, I'll take em down. Anyhoo... thought these were pretty cool. Don't see too many pics of Nightstalker Hawks doing AAR.
  11. Wasn't able to get a picture of it but while passing through Charlotte, I saw a very grubby American Eagle CR7 taxi by. What made it noteworthy was it being in full US Air markings. Haven't seen anything painted up in those markings for ages..
  12. Looks like the new color is lighter. Anyone got additional pics of this aircraft?
  13. Thanks for the info TT. Still can't figure out if the F-35 is a good looking jet but I do like the new finish. Assume that earlier jets will be repainted at some point when they go in for heavy Maint?
  14. Heck no. I don't do any international travel for work at this time but I'm sure others will find this info useful.