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  1. 11bee

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    Interesting stuff. So, since it does appear that A-7's were in the PGM business during the war, what platform was doing the laser designation for them?
  2. 11bee

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    Not sure that pic is from Vietnam era, note the thermally protected bombs. Aside from a few A-6’s and a smaller number of TA-4J’s, I didn’t think the navy had much to go with LGB’s during Nam.
  3. I'm using the very nice Fundekals sheet to model My Nel III, a VMF-511 Corsair flying off the USS Block Island. The decals are fantastic, went on great, no bleed through of the dark blue through the white, which often happens with other aftermarket decals. Here are some pics of where I am currently at: Sorry that I smudged some of the pastels aft of the cowl flaps. That's the great thing about pastels, easy to fix. Once they are under a coat of flat, they'll be much more durable.
  4. 11bee

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Pretty cool. Wish they had the same thing for the aft cabin, NAV/RNAV hellhole and the gunners compartment. Especially the gunner’s area. I’ve yet to find any decent pics that show this entire area in detail.
  5. 11bee

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Totally OT but I believe this B-52 is pretty much the only one on display with a fully accurate cockpit interior. Looks like they did an amazing job on the SIOP paintwork. Wish I could get out there to take a closer look at her!
  6. 11bee

    Is it necessary to seal decals?

    Didn't consider that point. I'll probably go this route after all. Thanks Habu!
  7. 11bee

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Hi Mstor. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure. I'm definitely not a BUFF expert and you raise a good point. Would have to see some pics of this area from above to know for sure. Hope you don't think I'm being overly critical, I'm really impressed with the quality of this kit! John
  8. 11bee

    A-4E IFF antennas?

    The "pointy" antennas were early jamming systems to provide some protection against SAM-2's. Maybe the ALQ-51 system? I don't recall for sure... The Skyhawk also had radar warning antennas but I think they were in separate housings. I think by 1968, every navy/marine tactical jet flying in SEA would have had these systems fitted but as always, check your references.
  9. Thanks Gregg, I'm aware of that fact. Would hope the Navy has some supersonic missiles or RPV's available to provide their air-defense crews with at least a somewhat challenging training scenario.
  10. 11bee

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Did they capture the upwards "kink" in the top of the aft fuselage, as show below? Originally, the top of their fuselage was completely straight all the way to the very end. Hard to tell from those CAD shots but it doesn't look like they tried. To me, it's a pretty significant feature of the real thing.
  11. Title says it all. I've got a model with a nice gloss finish and the decals are on it. The final finish is gloss, so I don't need to apply dullcoate, etc. Question is - does it serve any purpose to apply another gloss coat over the decals? Since I'm very happy with the current finish, I'd prefer not to. Some folks seem to always "seal in" their decals but I'm not really sure what benefit this provides. Been modeling for a long time, never had a single decal come off a finished model. Thoughts?
  12. That's all well and good if the USN is still trying to figure out how to defend against large, non-stealthy, non-agile, subsonic cruise missiles like the ones back in the 60's. How fast is a Hawker Hunter at sea level? Given that most our potential adversaries are using supersonic (some are even claimed to be hypersonic), agile anti-ship missiles, I just wonder how beneficial the training is using an aircraft like this as a cruise missile surrogate.
  13. 11bee

    T-39 Sabreliner

    Always thought this was a cool looking jet with plenty of neat marking options and figured it would be popular in 48th (or larger) scale. Same for that 4 engined light transport jet (can’t recall its designation). What do I know, I thought a new tool 35th scale D/H model Huey would set sales records as well and yet no company has taken my sage advice...,
  14. LOL.... aft cargo compartment seems a bit desolate as well. No side armor plates for the pilots?