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  1. F-35 news roundup

    We will review the future fighter capability project requirements for 88 jets and make a decision at the appropriate time,” company spokesman Scott Day said. “If there’s an impact on Canadian jobs you will be at a distinct disadvantage,” he said of firms who want to bid on military equipment projects.... I like it, it's innovative. Wonder if the US should enact something similar? How many US aerospace jobs have been "impacted" by EADS / Airbus? Should probably make sure they are banned from any future US bids. Also out of idle curiosity - how many Canadian jobs currently support the JSF program? If Canada ultimately goes with another jet, is LM under any legal requirement to keep that work up north or can they pull those jobs back to the US (or other partners)?
  2. F-35 news roundup

    Guess Germany is looking at other options besides the F-35. Probably not a big surprise given the way that Merkel (and most other Europeans) view the US administration. By the time they purchase them (assuming it happens), how old will the Typhoon be? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-defence/germany-favors-eurofighter-as-it-seeks-to-replace-tornado-idUSKBN1E52EK If it doesn't work, maybe they can see if Australia has any additional F/A-18A's they can spare?
  3. LD posted the pic in the non-160th Little Bird thread. I can't link from the device I am currently one but feel free to check out it out. Doesn't look like a standard H-6J tail to me. If anyone's ever seen an Army H-6 with this type of tail, please post some pics.
  4. Very interesting find LD. I know little about the 530F, assume it's pretty much identical to the MH-6J, with exception of those tail fins? Will have to check out all those other sites that have Gothic Serpent pics to see if there are better shots available of those two birds. Looks like Delta might have had their own rides...
  5. Memorial Build for a Lost Tracker

    I had the pleasure of meeting CDR Albert (Skip) Bailey's two sons (Nathan and Scott) and his wife Phyllis this weekend. They are wonderful people, it was fascinating (and poignant) to hear their stories. They had just transferred to NAS South Weymouth two weeks prior to accident and hadn't even fully unpacked when it occurred. It sounds like CDR Bailey was a special person, he was active in the church and with youth groups. It also sounds like his family made through this terrible experience ok and have all done well in life. If I had to guess after only knowing them for such a short time, I'd say a big part of the reason for this was their faith in God. It was an honor to give them the model of 176. It seemed to make them happy. Hard to believe I started this project close to 6 years ago, even harder to believe that it ended up being so much more than just gluing and painting some bits of plastic. At some point, I'll try to replace the remaining pictures lost when Photobucket shut me down. Thanks again to everyone who provided the support needed to finish this.
  6. Good eyes LD... That tail fin struck me as being odd but I didn't pay any other attention to it.
  7. Not sure if you guys have seen this site - I just stumbled upon it. Pretty good source of OGS pictures. Mostly geared towards the operators / rangers and their gear but also has some decent shots of some of the helos. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/270465-operation-gothic-serpent-black-hawk-down/
  8. Sure it would. Given that the average modeler these days is Asian, I'm certain there is a huge, pent-up demand for this semi-obscure jet. You know why we get another (yawn) Bf-109, P(yawn)-51, and more Flankers? Because they sell, which means profits for the companies that release those kits.
  9. F-35 news roundup

    Soooo... Our friends to the north have scrapped the Super Hornet purchase and are instead opting for a fleet of "gently used" Aussie A models. Nice! I'm sure every fast jet pilot they have is now thinking about reenlisting so they can get a chance to fly these bad boys.
  10. MiG-21SMT color questions

    Last question - For an SMT in early 80's, right before the advent of the camouflage, would the jet have been NMF or a silver lacquer? Thank you.
  11. Vector FM-2/Wildcat VI correction set

    I don't have those particular kits but in theory the QB engine should fit. I did something similar on a different project. Worst case you will have to do some careful sanding of the vector cowl if it's too thick and/or maybe have to sand down the tops of the cylinder heads (which shouldn't be noticeable on the completed kit). I have to say, the Vector engines are a crap-load of work but they really look nice once you are done.
  12. Duly noted.. Thank you sir!
  13. Looks like a winner. Miniart is doing some of the best 35th armor kits out there, so I'd expect this to be of very high quality. Wonder if this is a one-off or if they might be inclined to release additional 35th helos? http://miniart-models.com/products/41001-fl-282-v-6-kolibri/
  14. Wish you could share those pics with the class Floyd. Lucky you! Curious if those pics are color? The one semi-decent thumbnail on the LB thread appears to show the entire diffuser in a green-ish color. Wondering if your pics confirm that or not... Also, since you appear to have a source, any way you could confirm when this rig was first introduced and whether or not it's still in use?