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  1. Hog vrs Road Sign

    Looked to me like they just left it with the skin peeled away. Hard to tell looking at the pics on my phone. Either way, can't accuse the MD ANG of wasting taxpayers money. I'm curious what part of the plane hit those barriers in the middle of the highway. One was knocked a hundred yards down the road. Tough old jet!
  2. Hog vrs Road Sign

    A-10 came in a bit low while practicing highway landings during a recent exercise in Estonia. Hit a traffic barricade and road sign. Didn't even have to Brrrtt the obstructions, just blew right through them and continued on. Back in the air a short time later. A lesser aircraft would have been taken away on a truck for repairs. Nice picture gallery on the link below, check out the underwing damage. http://news.postimees.ee/4207761/us-aircraft-damaged-as-it-practices-landing-on-highway
  3. Something is radically wrong here. 2nd loss of life collision in a couple of months, hard to see any other outcome besides failure of the US bridge crew. 7th fleet has some major, major issues. A few months before this, a cruiser hit a S. Korean fishing boat and before that, a skipper sailed another cruiser onto the rocks off of Japan. Meanwhile, China is gloating. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/21/uss-john-s-mccain-accident-created-applause-chinese-state-media.html
  4. And apparently it's happened again. How the hell can this happen twice in two months?? Looks like some sailors have been lost.
  5. The Book Thread

    Have no idea if this is the current book thread, ARC's search function sucks. Anyway, just wrapped up "Valiant Ambition" by Nathaniel Philbrick (one of my favorite authors), the story of Benedict Arnold. A nice read, much more to the guy than I realized. Only downside to the book is that it just suddenly ends after (SPOILER ALERT) Arnold's scheme to hand over West Point to the Brits is foiled. Nothing else about how things played out for Arnold afterwards. Other than that, a pretty good book. I'm been reading a great deal on the revolutionary war lately, quite the fascinating subject. Also, just started "Hue 1968" by Mark Bowden (the "Blackhawk Down" author). So far a really interesting read. Got the urge to read up on this battle after watching Full Metal Jacket for the first time in many years.
  6. F-35 news roundup

    A bit OT - The F-35's helmet mounted vision system is apparently migrating to armored vehicles. Not sure how I feel about this being used on tanks / tracks. Israels originally were strong proponents of having their tank commanders fight with their heads out of the hatches. Said you needed to hear and see what was going on around you to fight effectively (and they suffered a high number of TC causalities as a result). Plus, armored vehicles in the heat of combat tend to get covered with stuff called "mud" and "dust", not to mention shrapnel and small arms fire. Not sure how they plan on protecting all those cameras. Be interesting to see the details on this system. https://www.defensenews.com/industry/techwatch/2017/07/06/israel-to-enter-era-of-closed-hatch-combat-see-through-tanks/
  7. LOL... He's my daughter's boyfriend. Great kid.
  8. From a friend serving on the Bush. Once the inevitable decals are released, gotta make sure you add the lighter color used when the changed the pilot's name. My guess is that you'll see a lot of these shirts around town once the Bush makes it back to VA in a few days.
  9. USS Indianapolis found

    Wow, she's apparently in incredible shape. Can't wait to see more pictures.
  10. F-35 news roundup

    Should be pretty straightforward. Most people can find concensus on modern jets. Example, by most accounts, the SH is a bit limited on top end speed, has mediocre acceleration but maneuvers well slow and at high AOA. I'm condensing things but the details are out there. Most folks would be able to find similar concensus on the rest of today's tactical jets. However, the F-35 seems to be the exception. Even with the pilots themselves. Is this a jet that will kick Flanker *ss low and slow in Beast Mode or is it a heavy, somewhat sluggish attack aircraft? Or (I'm guessing), somewhere in between? To Janman's comments, Id love to see an independent, unaligned air force evaluate this jet in detail and post the results.
  11. F-35 news roundup

    Sure can get a good feel feel for it's power by watching that video. Interestingly enough, Combat Aircraft, which typically just runs fluff pieces on the F-35, did an article about it's routine at the Paris Airshow and it's maneuverability in general. Multiple viewpoints expressed (which is also a bit unique for this magazine). They quoted someone who stated that in it's early stages, where it was restricted to 3G, the F-35 was the equivalent to an F-15C in maneuverability. I find that to be just a bit hard to believe. Another pilot stated that presently, while still restricted to 7G, the jet can typically outmaneuver an F-16 (I'm paraphrasing a bit since I tossed the mag after reading it a few weeks back). Obviously pilot skill is a huge variable. From a different standpoint, the author seemed a bit cynical about the "Hollywood hype" surrounding the Paris demo, "Beast Mode" and all (nice name btw, kudos to LM's PR dept). Said it wasn't anything that a decent 4th (and in some cases, 3rd) gen fighter couldn't replicate. I found that surprising since AWS&T, which typically isn't in the JSF fan boy camp, ran a feature article about the Paris demo, gushing praise on the jet for it's stellar performance. No real point to this post, just interesting that at this stage of the program, there is still such divided opinion on the jet's ability to maneuver. Seems like by now, the issue should be settled. Instead, you ask 4 "experts", you will probably get 4 very different answers.
  12. Gustav G-14

    I thought the one difference between the -14 and -6 was that the later version had the protruding battery cover in the cockpit aft bulkhead. So many weird mix and match Gustavs out there. If you are interested, check out this site for some really unique profiles. http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.se/search/label/Bf109G-6 I built the Revel kit up into "Yellow 5". The cost of all the different paints (late war colors with one wing in the 74/75 scheme) was probably more than what I paid for the kit! I love 109's.
  13. Model kit variances

    Given the shrinking demographics of our hobby, there should be plenty of room in the tent for both factions. From a rivet counter's standpoint (which is the side of the spectrum I usually gravitate towards), I find it to be somewhat annoying that when folks note issues with a kit, they get slammed by others who accuse them of nitpicking or being a "hater" of a particular manufacturer. . Doesn't matter if it's a major dimensional flaw or just a single missing panel line that only a true expert would catch. I've seen threads where these folks are insulted or simply told to stay out them because they are being overly negative. Personally, I appreciate being informed of every single issue associated with a kit and am grateful that a modeler took the time to find a picture, mark it up with the dreaded red lines and post it. At that point, it's on the builder to decide whether the flaw is worth addressing (or if it's even worth purchasing the kit at all). If you build a model because it looks close enough to Bf-109 or a Huey or whatever, good for you. If that is your outlook though, why are you even involving yourself in discussions about accuracy issues? Just ignore those posts since they don't have any value to you and continue building.
  14. Giving up beer for a month

    Give us beer for a month? What kind of crazy talk is that? Can a grown man even go more than a few days without beer? Theoretically it's probably possible but I wouldn't want to take that chance.
  15. MV-22 Down

    Agreed that military aviation is dangerous. Always has been, always will be. However, given the last few years, not sure how you can call the Marine's safety record "pretty good". Here is one article but there are lots out there, including many by active duty Marines who say the force is in crisis. http://taskandpurpose.com/marine-plane-crash-data/ With regard to Japan, are we still flying Osprey's over there or did we ground them as requested?