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  1. Actually got a bit of extra modeling time today. Got the starboard engine mounted in it's support frame. Once installed, I added the large oil tank to the backside of the firewall, some additional coolant lines and a few other bits of hardware. I'm amazed that all these winding hoses and pipes mate exactly in the right spot. Tamiya magic at work! I'll be doing the final painting and will then add a few final details to the engine. At that point, I'll finish up the nacelles. Doing my best to replicate the grunge found on operational engines. Supposedly those Merlins leaked oil heavily. Don't use modern pictures of "warbirds" as guides for weathering, those birds are meticulously maintained and often times, completely cleaned after each flight. Operational Strike Wing Mosquitoes were flown hard and all maintenance was done outdoors in the harsh Scottish weather. I highly doubt those hardworking crew chiefs spent much time worrying about accumulated grime on those engines. Still more weathering to do.
  2. Interesting.. never noticed that before. My uneducated guess is some sort of data link antenna.
  3. So I'm pretty much done with the engines. I'll be leaving one Merlin partially exposed, the other will be sealed up in it's cowling. In retrospect, I could have saved some time and effort by only assembling the basic engine parts and skipping the painting stage entirely. Oh well.. I've added some bits to the Merlin that will be partially exposed. Tamiya did a fantastic job recreating the motor but they left off all the wiring and the various oil and coolant lines, of which there are quite a few. I just don't have the time (or skills) to replicate every single hose and fitting on these motors. I added the ignition harness (on each side and the top), as well as a selection of lines and pipes. I simply want to make this engine look "busy" when it's installed. After all this, I added additional weathering with pastels, a few oil washes and picked out various nuts and bolts with a silver artists pencil. Here are some pics of the modified engine with the stock one so you can see the additions. Note - excuse the horrible spark plugs sticking out. They will be completely covered by the exhausts and at best, you will only be able to see the ignition wires. I'll probably still do some additional weathering but for the most part, I'm finally done with this step! That's it for now, thanks for looking and for my American friends, Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday America!
  4. Still plugging away on the motors. The Barracuda valve covers are a nice upgrade. Very reasonably priced, perfect fit and very well cast. Typical Barracuda! So both motors are now complete. Next up is a coating of semi-gloss black. To that, I added a dark brown wash, some pastels and started highlighting some of the nuts and bolts with a silver artist's pencil. Have a lot more detail painting and weathering to do here. I've added the ignition housing on the motor above. At this point, I think I'm only going to add details to one motor. I highly doubt I'd ever have both cowlings off the finished model.
  5. I'm pretty sure they only mounted singles.
  6. F-35's hit Iran? https://www.timesofisrael.com/report-israeli-cyberattack-caused-iran-nuclear-site-fire-f35s-hit-missile-base/ It's the perfect aircraft for the "secret" war being waged between Israel and the Islamic Republic (and it's proxies).
  7. That's a broad subject. Not sure if you will find much. Most US helos don't have scabbed on armor like the Hip does. Armor typically consists of plates around the pilots seats and add-on floor and interior sidewall panels for troop carrying ships. Maybe also a few armor panels inside the engine cowling around vulnerable areas.
  8. LOL, Rubbing salt into the wound, eh??? Just past the point of no return on the kit. In the big picture, it wasn’t a big deal aside from spending a small bit of money for the new prop blades. I was going with aftermarket decals anyway and all my other bits came from the spares box or were scratchbuilt. Good luck on your F-51D, post some pics along the way!
  9. Just in time for the worst business climate in airline history. Maybe just call it quits on the Max and go with a clean sheet design? Or take all those engineers and finally fix the KC-46?
  10. Alway figured someone would have released a resin conversion kit for a Mossie night fighter. If not the later ones with the larger cowlings, at least an earlier version with the original cowls. I guess not....
  11. Interesting, I didn’t know that the IRST had hit the fleet yet.
  12. The era is cool and I’ve built my share of WW1 kits, just that the ARC forum is very quiet.
  13. So my build is still motoring on. As much as I dislike engines, I need to get this phase over with so I've started building them. The Tamiya Merlins are absolutely fantastic. I'm not a fan of displaying engines on models but these are so nice, I feel like I need to. As another plus, the cowling panels are held on with magnets so if I don't like the look, I can always button up the nacelles. Each engine is around 30 parts, including 4 PE. Great detail, especially the supercharger. Another fun fact - later in the war, Rolls Royce introduced a two-stage supercharger that provided greater power at higher altitudes. The extra hardware required the later version Mosquito's cowlings to be lengthened. However, since the fighter bomber variants pretty much conducted their business at lower altitudes, they were never upgraded the newer motors and longer cowlings. Here is the first engine. Completely stock so far. I'll add some wiring / piping once it's installed in the nacelle. Dry fitted in the engine supports. When it comes time to permanently install it, you are provided with a couple of screws to keep it secured. And dry fitted into the nacelle. There are many more cooling lines to be added. One note - the cylinder heads are only tacked on. The real ones had prominent Rolls Royce markings stamped on them. I'm guessing Tamiya couldn't include these due to copyright issues. So I i opted to go with Barracuda's very nice update set.
  14. A 19' just suddenly opened in the runway? I'm not an aviation facilities engineer but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. Great pics as always, thanks for taking the time to post!
  15. Yeah, the Classic Forum (like many except for anything related to jets) is pretty dead these days.
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