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  1. 11bee

    Fixing divots

    On the same page as you are Tank. Who knows, if someone ever gets around to putting out a large scale Huey, and they opt for the pin cushion look, I'll still probably break down and go the Archer route. I have to applaud this guy for taking the time to address this issue and offer some fixes to ensure the decals work properly, it's a great help to folks using his product.
  2. 11bee

    I sniff glue

    Natures way of removing the unfit from the gene pool. It's all good.
  3. Didn't realize UAV operators were a protected class. I'd suggest not going to the movie then... FWIW, I've met a few operators as well. The ones I've met wouldn't get their panties in a knot over a post like that, made on a model site.
  4. 11bee

    Fixing divots

    Thanks for the tip Tank. If I read that correct, it’s a simple 10 step process to fill all the divots and then you get to spend more money and another 20 - 40 hrs of your life applying rivets on top of all the divots you just painstakingly filled in. This isn’t a slag on Archer, I’ve used their stuff, it is first rate and this approach is probably doable for the KH Littlebirds, which currently resemble little pincushions but I can’t see very many modelers having the time (or funds for that matter) to go after the thousands of rivets that cover a larger helo such as an H-60. Thst being said, undoubtedly someone will do this and I can’t wait to see their build logs.
  5. 11bee

    I sniff glue

    I’d say there is a good chance this lad sniffs glue.
  6. A US drone just bagged it's first air to air kill. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/09/19/mq-9-gets-first-air-air-kill-training-exercise-air-force-official-says.html Maybe revise the upcoming Top Gun to reflect this new reality? A bitter, overweight Maverick; pasty white after being locked in shipping containers for the last 15 years flying UAV's, finally shoots down his arch nemesis, the Rooski MiG, with a few clicks of the mouse. He emerges from his shipping container, squinting due to the bright sunlight, to the cheers of dozens of other overweight, pasty white UAV controllers. They promptly take a week off to celebrate. Instead of playing volleyball, they hunker down for a marathon session of Fortnite, with nothing but Rock Star and Doritos for nutrition. I think this idea has some real merit. Like the original Top Gun, it will appeal today's generation of kids. A generation who abstains from sports (and any physical activity that takes them outdoors) and instead, spends their days in their basements, engaged in simulated combat. What a great recruiting tool!
  7. My understanding was that there was no difference between white and the “light grey” undersurface on the SEA schemes. Both colors are white. Is this not correct?
  8. No wrap around scheme for the F-4 during the war. Only Navy-style and SEA with grey (and a few) black bottoms. Wrap-around SEA didn’t appear until early 80’s.
  9. Cockpit is 95% done. Time to move aft. Here I find another example of how awesome Tamiya is. Most outfits (who I've mentioned before) would pretty much just provide an empty void for the tail wheel bay, maybe at best add some ribs to the interior and call it a day. Not these guys. 16 parts in total. They even take the time to replicate the inside faces of all the access panels and provide covers so you don't see the tabs from the horizontal stabs sticking out. Impressive.... All I did was shoot the entire assembly with Model Master Yellow Zinc Chromate and then used a dilute wash to replicate the grime that is typically present in these spaces. Still looks too clean, I'll go back and add some more gunk. I'm really enjoying this build!
  10. Great start... pretty soon she'll be ready to stand alert at Burpleson AFB!
  11. While looking through Dana Bell's book, I came across this picture. It's shows the rocket control panel that was fitted to -1D's. For some reason I overlooked this shot when I was doing the cockpit. I figured I'd have to scratchbuild this but while looking at the Tamiya parts, I realized that they actually included it. It just wasn't referenced in the instructions. It's on sprue R, I think it was part 44. So anyway, I added this to the cockpit sidewall. I also added the instrument panel glareshield. Only modifications was some sprue electrical lines for the two armament control panels mounted on top. I'll probably add the gunsight later in the build to avoid it getting broken. Once done with my mods, I painted it a very dark grey. I typically avoid using straight black for any parts. It just doesn't look appropriate. Lastly I dryfitted the cockpit into the fuselage side to see how everything looks / fits. So far, so good.
  12. Thanks very much! I know these kits are expensive but I can't stress enough - they are worth every penny! IMO, they are the best scale model kits out there, no exceptions.
  13. One thing I mentioned was trying to recreate the clutter of the Corsair's cockpit. By the time the -1D was introduced, the Navy was focused on one thing only. How to produce these as fast as humanly possible. New equipment was simply bolted into whatever space was available. There was absolutely no consideration for ergonomics or aesthetics. Compare this cockpit to an FW-190 and you'll see what I mean. The only focus was on building these by the thousands and getting them to the "sharp edge" so they could kill the enemy. This pic from Dana Bell's book illustrates what I'm talking about: Note all the electrical wiring, some of which is simply run over the cockpit side console and is blocking access to some of the controls. Also note that the side consoles didn't even butt up against the cockpit walls. Again, aesthetics and ergonomics were not exactly a priority here! Here's my initial work for the fuselage side wall. Note that I didn't run the electrical cables very far, once under the side console, they are completely out of sight. I still need to add some more but I'm pretty content with the way things came out. Just realized that the side wall is a bit out of focus in these pics. My bad... I'll try to get some better pics up but trust me, it looks "ok". As always, thanks for looking.
  14. You are correct. By the time the F4U-1A came along, salmon primer was on the way out. By the time the -1D was introduced it was gone completely in lieu of YZC. Too bad, it's a pretty cool color. I might end up doing an earlier version so I can get to use it.
  15. 11bee

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Thanks for taking the time to re-post all these wonderful pictures in one thread. You've got some really great shots here. Hope you find the time to get some new material for all of us in the future. John