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  1. I forgot all about that one. Good pick. Lots of good blasts from the past. EAW was a good WW2 sim; probably my favorite was Tornado. Very old school but was a wonderful sim. Mission planning was a blast, lofting a full load of dumb bombs on some godless commie airbase while dodging SAMs and AAA was great fun. Not as much fun was having to use an MS-DOS boot disk to get max performance from my ancient 386 PC.
  2. 11bee

    F-35 news roundup

    Losing?? The new guy said he’d pretty much have things wrapped up by now. Shocking to hear talk like this. Our grandkids will be deploying there. Can’t believe we are going off on another A-10 mini-thread. The first 20 of them were enjoyable. Not so much any more. Is there any argument pro or con that hasn’t been stated 50 times already?
  3. 11bee

    AN/ALQ-184 ECM Pod

    Do we export these pods to other countries? I don't recall seeing any pics of them on foreign jets.
  4. 11bee

    1/35 MH-6H

    Tank, Cool subject (both due to the color scheme and the fact that I don't think anyone's built a model of this version before). Good luck with the Archer rivets, they'll be worth it compared to what's on the kit parts. I wouldn't sweat the rear doors. I know the one pic of the grey LB shows doors on it but it appears that these helos were photographed in transport mode. Doubt they flew much with the doors in place. I've got a spare set of skids from the Dragon MD500/520 kit. No idea if the are the same type used on the MH-6H but PM me if you want them.
  5. 11bee

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    You guys got it! Never seen a buff tracking it’s escorts before. Thought it was pretty cool.
  6. 11bee

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    Good point but in this case, my comment was directed at the B-52. Anyone see anything unusual?
  7. 11bee

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    Nice pic of a couple of Voodoos. Classic cold war shot. Who out there can notice one thing that is a bit unusually about this picture? Picture was on posted on another thread in ARC, courtesy of "Drifterdon".
  8. 11bee

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Awesome pic, classic Cold War. Is it me or does that BUFF have its rear guns locked into those voodoos?
  9. 11bee

    CD48145 - 1/48 F-86 in Korea - Part 1

    Here are a few lesser known options (including air to ground dedicated Sabers). These guys didn't get nearly the press attention as the two air superiority Saber wings (4th and 51st FW). Not a pic of a real jet but a pretty subject nonetheless.
  10. So, as mentioned, I've started work on the cockpit interior. I should have taken some earlier pics but I'm a bit lazy on this build. Best I can tell from the pics, it's pretty much the same color scheme as the AH-6C above, ie overall black for NVG compatibility and light grey stretched nylon seats. Starting with the kit cockpit, I've made the following changes / upgrades: Hollowed out the external power receptical under the pilot's seat and added two electrical prongs. EDIT - in looking at the prongs in the pic below, not happy with them. I'll replace them with something smaller. Carved away the sides of the crappy kit seats to better replicate the steel tube / stretched nylon pilot's seats. Added mouting tubes out of streched sprue. Only have the co-pilot's seat mounted so far. Will be adding another coating of grey paint to it. Added PE rudder pedal adjustment brackets from Eduard's OH-6A PE set. This is a really nice set, getting a bit tough to find these days. Added Cobra's rotor brake behind the co-pilot's position Added Cobra's avionics rack behind the pilot's head. In the cargo compartment, I added some supports for the rack and some additional wiring. The supports were noted in some pics I had of an early model Littlebird. Given that many of the interior details of N1111U are unknown, I added this avionics rack since it was present on Littlebirds flying in the same time frame as N1111U and it stands to reason that to some extent, this helo would have had similar layout to AH/MH-6's flying at the same time. To this rack, I added a couple of red "zeroize" switches. These were also present on the AH-6C, but in a different spot. Their purpose was to wipe out all radio frequencies and secure communication codes in the event that the helo was forced down and about to be captured. EDIT - in looking at the pics I just posted, noted that both of these switches have apparently fallen off. I'll get them back on at some point..... I added slots in the housings of the collectives. The kit part is just a solid box with the collective sticking out of it. I've only added the co-pilot's collective (still not fully painted), the pilot's collective housing is much different. Dragon provides two identical units, so I'm working on scratchbuilding the pilot's housing. Added the cables for the pilot's inertial reel shoulder harness locks. These run down to levers on each side of the center bulkead, close to the inner side of each seat. They connect to tiny PE harness locking levers that come with the Eduard set. Added the Cobra center console. Again, I assume that 1111Uniform would have similar bits and pieces to what the Littlebirds had. Added the wider floor mounted instrument panel that came with the Dragon kit. I figured with the SATCOM and all those extra antennas, this helo would need larger instrument panels to house all the special gear. This panel also comes with a small display screen, maybe used for it's long range navigation system or to operate the SATCOM? Who knows.... I added the Cobra AH-6 ammo box to the rear compartment. I know it's not appropriate for the unarmed 1111U but I'm trying to "busy up" the rear compartment which undoubtedly had a good amount of gear in the back, either avionics or maybe a fuel cell. It really doesn't matter that much, the real thing had heavily smoked glass on the aft doors, which I intend to replicate. Just want to be able to see some rough shapes through the glass. I shot everything with Testors acrylic Aircraft Interior Black. I really like this stuff, don't know how it's possible but it's a different shade of black than normal flat or gloss black. After that, I picked out all the instruments and switches/knobs with gloss black with a few items in red or silver to add some variety. Also added some very fine squiggles in white to replicate some labeling. Not sure I'm thrilled with the bare metal weathering on the cockpit floor. I'll probably touch this up a bit. I painted the pilot's inertial reel housings silver to brighten things up a bit. Don't mind the gouges in them, those slots will be filled with the PE harnesses and will look fine when I'm done - trust me! Anyway, that's it for now. Here are a few pics, note that everything looks pretty rough. I'm still in the early stages, I think it will look better down the road. Thanks for looking.
  11. So, after a couple of years of incessant questions, I've actually made a bit of progress. Just be forewarned that I build slow and am easily distracted so this project is going to take a very long time. Despite the new KH Littlebird kit being out, I've opted to go with the Dragon MD500 TOW Defender kit. Couple of reasons, A - I already have one in the stash and B - with it's raised rivets, it's simply more accurate than the KH kit (although I'll readily acknowledge that the KH kit has better details on the small parts). I could have gone with Archer decals as did another modeler but it's too much work for this particular project. Maybe on the next build. I'm using the old Cobra Company Littlebird resin set for many pieces. It's pretty ancient but it's still a quality set. Using a bunch of cockpit bits (FLIR monitors, rotor brake, larger center console, additional avionics behind the pilot's head and some gear in back. Externally, Cobra provides a FLIR that appears identical to N1111's, plank brackets, radar warning receivers and some other small stuff. As noted above, I'll be using the kit IP (the older T-shaped panel), with a single CRT type monitor for the left side co-pilot / observer. The cockpit interior will somewhat be similar to what I did for my AH-6C build, with a few detail differences. The back cabin will be completely different. As a reference, here's how the AH-6C interior came out: I'll post some shots of my current progress shortly.... stay tuned.
  12. 11bee

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Just lost 5 minutes of my life to read this latest page. I'll never get that time back... I concur with the "where's the beef" comment.
  13. Gawd... my PC ain't even close. I'll be getting a new rig once my current machine dies (if it ever does, this thing has been rockin' for over 5 years with no issues) that will be able to run this sim easily. I've heard good things about the latest line of Intel CPU's, hopefully they will have dropped in price by the time I'm ready to purchase. I remember when an overclocked Celeron CPU, 4 gig of RAM and a 3DFX graphics card was all it took to have flight sim bliss. Jane's F-15E ran great on that rig, their SH sim was always looked a bit "wonky" though... I do hope that DCS eventually gets their avionics up to the level of Janes or the later Falcon 4 upgraded versions. Incredibly steep learning curve but some much fun the first time you get a kill or hit a target.
  14. LOL, that's the Kitty Hawk way... On a semi-related note, somewhere I recall seeing a video of a Littlebird that appeared to fly under the swords. Think it was a Blackwater helo, not 160th.
  15. 11bee

    Rant - Food for thought?

    Interesting thread. My preference is pics only. Won’t look at WIP videos. Pics give me the ability to study the subject in detail. Also get to move through at my own pace. Again, just my preference.