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  1. In addition to those mods, they had a wide range of radios behind the pilot, many also had been retrofitted with cooling vents on the fuselage sides, above the radiator intake.
  2. Argh.... I thought I posted an update, having problems posting stuff into this thread without getting an error message. Didn't think my "test" post made it.
  3. Of course it is. I’m midway through building an F-51, so why wouldn’t they release one?
  4. Really comes down to which aircraft floats your boat. Quality wise, they are equals. I’m building the Mustang right now. Magnificent kit but compared to their later Corsairs, it’s a bit more gimmicky with movable control surfaces, retractable landing gear etc. if it helps, there is a boatload of aftermarket stuff (hundreds of decals, lots of resin, etc) for the Mustang, less for the Spit. If if you can’t decide, flip a coin. You’ll be happy either way.
  5. Will be offering one with the JHMCS helmet? Great stuff Norbert!
  6. Very comprehensive review of this kit here: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/11/dry-fit-review-48th-scale-douglas-b-26b.html#more Looks to be a winner but still has a few issues (turrets, missing panel lines in some areas and the window on the gunner's door) that will result in extra work. It's amusing that in some areas, the ancient Monogram kit comes up ahead.
  7. Aside from a boat, a new car is about the worst investment one can make. I feel your pain, I took my enlistment bonus and sunk it into a brand new Mustang 5.0, to replace a perfectly serviceable (and paid off) Honda Civic.
  8. Few other observations - I wonder if originally, the EH-6B had the round satcom antenna similar to what N1111U had? Didn't think the batwing SATCOM was around at the time of Honey Badger... Also, does the passenger door window look strange? Looks like it has some sort of external plate over part of it.
  9. I just got back from Munich. It was pretty darned cold on a few days and it seemed like half the city was commuting on bikes. I'm guessing even if it snows, those efficient Germans will have the bike lanes opened in short order.
  10. Uh-oh.... I knew ISIS had a big push on to reduce greenhouse gasses but I still find this worrisome.
  11. 11bee

    F-16DJ SEAD

    Are D’s even used operationally anymore?
  12. You guys see Ford’s new electric Mustang Mach-E? One version does 0-60 in 3 seconds! I’ll wager that 10 years from now, the majority of vehicles being sold will be hybrid or all electric.
  13. Thanks for the details, you are absolutely correct. On a related note, I thought I read that the AF experimented with adding lights inside jet intakes to minimize their darkness, for the same reasons as above.
  14. Great pictures LD!! You certainly have a knack for finding these. Now the last things on my bucket list (aside from the "Stealth Hawk) would be the EH-6E and better shots of "civilian" Littlebirds as glimpsed in El Salvador and Somalia. With regard to the time frame of the EH-6B, it was obviously retained for a bit after Honey Badger was shelved. The picture above shows one guy wearing BDU's. They weren't introduced until around 82-83 if I recall.... One observation on the pic above, is that square bolted-on panel on the doghouse standard? Also, it looks like for some reason, they removed the aft greenhouse window and replaced with unpainted sheet metal?
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