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  1. Posted on social media. Picture was labeled TF159+1 Sea Bat... USS Simpson. Interesting shot of an early FLIR setup on the Littlebird. According to comments on the picture, there may be an "extra special MD530" just visible in the left side of this picture.
  2. Almost done. Lots of details added to the canopies and inner wing fold areas.
  3. Lol. ALIS can tell you that you’ll need the parts but if the AF didn’t want to buy them, it is what it is. Didn’t ALIS get phased out a while back? Great shots Gary, thanks for taking the time to post. Merry Christmas guys.
  4. As compared to the folks at Sikorsky, with their on-time, on-budget CH-53 Kilo? I'll put my money on Bell for this program. Plus, does anyone realize how frickin' big the Sikorsky helo is? The thing is a whale.
  5. Short list actually: 35th UH-1D/H 35th OH-58A/C (including the option for that grotesque flat plate windscreen for later versions C's).
  6. Good stuff Gregg. My son-in-law is with VAQ-141 out on the Reagan. If you come across any recent pics of that unit, feel free to rack 'em up!
  7. Fantastic paintwork, very impressive Gustav.
  8. LOL, I saw that and was going to post about it. Hard to believe that's from the sheer electrical power that the AESA radar puts out.
  9. Nice pics Gregg, as always, thanks for racking them up!
  10. Somewhat recent picture of an F-35 with live AIM-9X's. Is it me or do these missiles have some sort of new fairing on the bottom? Edit - I may be wrong, I just googled some other pictures. I just never noticed how pronounced that fairing was. That and the color difference led me astray....
  11. I'm always happy when I see that you have a new post up. As always, thanks for taking the time to post all these great pictures. Still can't decide if the F-35 is one of the prettiest jets ever built or the absolute ugliest. From some angles, it definitely looks like a bad-a**'d killing machine. From others...... not so much.
  12. Didn't know that Big Army was getting this installed on their helos. Thanks for the info.
  13. Good info, thanks very much. That’s a pretty small package for such a system, fascinating how quickly these devices are being miniaturized. Wonder if the rest of the Regiment’s fleet of helos are also getting these added?
  14. Thanks very much guys. Finally got a chance to do some work on the Phantom recently. Added as many details as I could to the area between the cockpits and the aft bulkhead of the WSO's pit. Here's the real thing: I've already started to tone down some of the scuff marks on the upper intakes and cockpit edges. Getting there...
  15. Hey LD, Any thoughts on that brown-ish vent panel on the aft fuselage directly under the circular access cover? Just noticed this feature. Seems to be nearly in the same spot as that large intake scoop that seemed to be part of the little seen IR suppression system.
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