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  1. 11bee

    F-35 news roundup

    Just out of random curiosity, why would two operators of land-based Hornets have different LG configurations?
  2. 11bee

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    What would the point be of just limiting your purchase to 8? That would be less than a squadron's worth and would be a maintenance nightmare to have two very different aircraft in a single unit. Plus, it pretty much makes it pointless to integrate such a small number in any major engagement. I was surprised by that number as well but gotta believe that if they actually do purchase those initial 8, they will eventually have significantly more. Anyone know if the plan (assuming it's even be finalized) is to replace active F-15's with these new ones or just send them to Guard units?
  3. I've got the weathering 95% done. As mentioned, these aircraft stayed in relatively good shape compared to their land based brothers but that being said, a close look at a couple of the color pics in Dana Bell's book shows that they still managed to get pretty grungy during sustained operations. Aside from the wing roots which seemed to always show pretty heavy chipping due to the high foot traffic, most other chipping was pretty limited. However, they did get pretty filthy from engine / gun soot and scuffing from maintenance crews. Here are a couple of good reference pics I posted earlier, both from Dana's book. As a coincidence, both aircraft are on the USS Block Island at the same time as My Nell III so I think they are very representative of my model. Note the worn off the rivets on the wing leading edge. This pic does a good job of illustrating how dirty these aircraft got. Note that this Corsair has an aluminum sheet metal panel double riveted to the fuselage directly above the wing root. This was a late modification to reinforce the fuselage in this area. During heavy landings, this area often was distorted. Tamiya didn't include this on their model and I missed it on mine. Sorry guys!! Note the greyish exhaust and the scuffing on the wing root and bottom of the aircraft number from boots. Also note the general filth on the upper fuselage in the fuel tank area. Here are some pics of my progress. I used a black wash on the wheel hubs to pop out some of the awesome detail Barracuda included. Used a mix of black, dark brown and grey pastels for the grunge and used my trusty silver artist's pencil to pick out some rivets and scratches. Need to go easy in this area. I limited them to the front cowling, wing leading edges (a few on the vertical / horizontal stabs), around the canopy / cockpit and the wing root. Here are some shots of my progress. I also added the fuselage navigation light and the pitot tube. Still messing with the decal on the fuselage fuel tank filler. I'll get it squared away before I'm done. That's it for now. At this point, I just have some paint / weathering touch-ups and I need to figure out how to add the antenna wires (including the lower fuselage IFF antenna) and this baby will finally be done after 10 months of mostly enjoyable work. Thanks for looking.
  4. 11bee

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Looking wonderful. Can’t wait to see her weathered.
  5. Wow.... great looking interior. I wish I didn't suck so much at rigging, I'd love to build a Camel.
  6. 11bee

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    Getting closer? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-19/air-force-wants-eight-upgraded-boeing-fighters-along-with-f-35s
  7. 11bee

    Returning Member

    Glad to hear things have been going well, welcome back!
  8. Hey, thanks very much Dutch, greatly appreciate the compliment! I'm calling the canopy complete. I added some hardware behind the red "push to release" button and at the base of the canopy to replicate locking hardware. As noted, I couldn't get it 100% accurate but to me at least, it looks better than the just the bare canopy bow that Tamiya left for me. Maybe some kind soul would be interested in casting a bow interior in resin? I never noticed all this hardware before but now that I saw those pics, it'd be pretty hard to just use the kit parts. Final parts count (not including the canopy and kit mirrors) is 23. Add another 5-6 for parts I built and then launched into a different time zone with my tweezers. Wow... such fun! Here are some pictures of the finished canopy. Better to take them with the canopy off the aircraft, with the wings folded, they block the view. I also added some paint scratches to the interior of the bow. Thanks for looking! Next up is will be my feeble attempt at the wire antennas. I'll be honest, I've never done these before and am not sure how it's going to work out. In retrospect, I should have done this before I installed the wings because my access to the forward antenna post is now somewhat limited. Any tips are much appreciated, especially since the Corsair's antenna configuration is somewhat involved.
  9. 11bee

    Memento of a Lost Pilot

    Like most KH kits, it’s got “issues”. There is a pretty in-depth thread in the jet forum if you want all the details. That being said, it’s not like other manufacturers are tripping over each other to release Voodoo kits, so this one will have to suffice.
  10. 11bee

    F-35 news roundup

    On the subject of the F-35's EW capability, I just stumbled upon an article about their recent performance at Red Flag. This part of the article was especially interesting (emphasis added). This is an aspect of the JSF which really doesn't get a lot of mention. NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. – Today, Airmen from the 388th Fighter Wing’s 4th Fighter Squadron wrapped up flying operations with the F-35A Lightning II in an “exponentially more challenging” Red Flag. The 4th FS integrated the F-35A into a large, capable “Blue Force” in diverse missions against an equally capable “Red Force.” Nearly 3,000 personnel from 39 separate units participated in the exercise, including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force.The Red Force was made up of hybrid threats, combinations of the “most advanced weapons systems out there,” meant to replicate “near-peer” enemies in a large scale conflict. The shift closely aligns with the National Defense Strategy. “The first time I came to Red Flag in 2004, our tactics were the same as they had been since the early 1980s. Now, the threat and complexity are at a whole different level,” said Col. Joshua Wood, 388th Operations Group commander. “It’s no longer assumed that we will gain and maintain air superiority. That’s a big shift.” Red Flag aggressors encompass the whole spectrum of an adversary force – advanced integrated air-defense systems, an adversary air force, cyber-warfare and information operations. Because of these diverse capabilities, many Red Flag missions are flown in “contested or denied” environments with active electronic attack, communications jamming, and GPS denial. “Those situations highlight the fifth-generation capabilities of the F-35. We’re still able to operate and be successful. In a lot of cases we have a large role as an integrated quarterback,” said Lt. Col. Yosef Morris, 4th Fighter Squadron commander. “Our ability to continue to fuse and pass information to the entire package makes every aircraft more survivable.” During the first week of Red Flag, the F-35 pilots flew in a larger force of Blue Air in a counter-air mission. More than 60 aggressor aircraft were flying against them, blinding many of the fourth-generation aircraft with “robust” electronic attack capabilities.
  11. Touching story, tied into a nearby base that I've spent a good amount of time on. Almost makes me want to take a shot at the "rough" Kitty Hawk F-101B now..... https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/02/09/memento-returned-family-navigator-killed-50-years-ago.html RIP "Wyatt".
  12. Cool subject but I'd really like to see it in 35th, just for compatibility with most other large scale helos.
  13. 11bee

    1/48 Revell B1 bomber new kit

    That model is amazing!
  14. 11bee

    A380 end of production

    Lol sorry but if it helps you’ll find plenty of other sites that are well stocked with AB fans. For the record - It’s not all bad news for these guys, despite the pride of Europe being scrapped. They are going to make up the loss of A380’s with a very substantial A330/350 order from Emirates. The A330 order is especially welcome since that’s another program that was seriously underperforming. Also - given the generous terms of the subsidies from their home countries, AB now doesn’t have to pay back any of the billions of Euros given them to fund development of this beast.
  15. 11bee

    First female Viper demo commander out

    And now the pendulum swings the opposite way. Rogway apparently can't figure whether he loves or hates "Maestro". http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26494/we-talk-mistakes-redemption-and-leadership-with-commander-who-fired-first-female-demo-team-leader Personally, I think they'd be better served avoiding articles on AF drama entirely and just stick to reporting on military hardware topics.