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  1. Inbound Baby!! https://www.facebook.com/354803674728188/photos/a.423157824559439/1902455009963039
  2. A tube of glue black paint white paint red paint blue paint green paint, specifically RLM81 (brown version)
  3. As far as accidents go, this one doesn't look bad. Certainly not in the category of "major damage" unless somehow a wing spar was heavily impacted. I'd wager that she'll be flying within a year.
  4. Never been on that site but no website will last forever. If you find pics or info that you feel is valuable, copy > paste.
  5. Thanks guys. Been spending time in the WSO's cockpit. Added the upper IP (front side is from Quinta, replaced all of the backside instrument housings with correctly shaped ones, added a bunch of Airscale placards, wiring, fittings, etc. On the aft bulkhead, added the canopy locking hook and it's spring, the canopy air line connector for and a bunch of electrical lines. Slowly getting this area to look as "busy" as the real thing. Also did some weathering on the intake / foward fuselage upper surfaces to replicate the scuffs from crew and pilot's combat boots.
  6. Yes (at least for the early AH-1's).
  7. What happened to Grey Ghost? Looks like he hasn't been around for over a month. I was really enjoying his updates on this thread. Hope all is well with him...
  8. I second (third?) this. If you follow those steps, the AK finish is actually extremely durable. These are now my main go-to metallic paints.
  9. LOL, you snuck in right as I was updating my post above with that info. Thanks Dave!
  10. Didn't someone have a nice set of aftermarket rocket pods for this kit? Any leads on decals? Edit - I found the Metalic Details set. The rocket pods are awesome and a good value but the turret set comes in with shipping at close to $30! That's a bit steep for me.
  11. For the last year, I've been plugging away on this kit. It's by far the biggest, most involved build I've ever done. Between fixing issues with the basic Tamiya kit (removed and re-scribing / riveting the dozen or so raised patches on the fuselage that don't belong there, rebuilding the air intake trunks and a hundred other items) to adding details (probably have close to a thousand tiny bits added to the wheel wells, cockpits, TER / MER), adding aftermarket items (M117 bombs, Mk 5 ejection seats, Quinta instrument panels, Brassin AIM-7/9's), GT Resin exhausts), I'm quite shocked that I'm
  12. What an outstanding build. I've got the EKA version in the stash, along with the awesome Hypersonic engine and canopy correction sets. Still hoping that Hypersonic does that main landing gear well correction set, at that point, I'll finally start.
  13. You beat me to it, I was just coming over to post the same thing. Very much interested in seeing your review. Nice touch providing the Quinta-style 3D instrument panel.
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