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  1. Good shots of the discolored / scorched radomes on the AESA equipped Super Hornets. Thanks for taking the time to keep posting all these great pictures.
  2. Do the Germans have the ability to inflight refuel these helos? I thought the A400 was unable to do this.
  3. Nice work Alf, I like the eggshell trick, need to remember that one for future use.
  4. Good luck finding paint that matches those SWA colors but I hope you’ll post some pics of your build, I’d be very interested in seeing them.
  5. I've been flying back and forth between Providence, RI and Baltimore Washington for a month or so now. It's always on Southwest because they have multiple non-stops to choose from. To date, it's always been on -700 jets, which honestly, are getting somewhat beat on the inside. A few days ago, to my surprise, I see a shiny, new 737MAX-8 at the gate. Although the flight was only an hour, it was enough time to really impress me with the jet. The cabin is completely done over. New LED "mood" lighting, larger, redesigned overhead bins and passenger utility housings make the
  6. As always, great pictures. Interesting about the radar reflectors being removed....
  7. Hmm.... If you're a guy, you're just a hard charging stud who holds people accountable. If you're a female, you're a witch / bad girl. Flynn has an amazing background as a pilot, just need to know going into that he's in sales, so by default need to take everything he's saying with at least a small grain of salt.
  8. Nice looking work. I did the Tamiya 32nd Corsair a year or so, it was a fun build. I'm very impressed by all the details you are adding to this one, especially since it's in 48th!
  9. FWIW, I'd say if the conditions are favorable to the S-400, it probably can track the F-35 but it is heavily dependent on so many different factors including range, target aspect, altitude, weather conditions, etc. The F-35 has an extremely low radar cross section but that's not to say the thing is invisible. All that being said, I'd like to think that a good pilot would use his EW gear to identify all enemy radars within a certain range and take measure to minimize any chance of detection, by changing course, putting some terrain features in the way, changing it's aspect to the radar or ma
  10. Don’t bother. That being said, the way you phrased your question seemed to imply that you felt the S400 could track the F-35. I was just hoping you could provide some details to the class.
  11. I'll PM you the credit app and once completed, please return, along with 50,000 bitcoin down payment to 11Bee Aviation Procurement Enterprises. Our friendly 11B-APE sales team will then get you set up on a payment plan and work out delivery details for your brand new F-35! Please select on the credit app which model you prefer. You can also select any color for your new F-35, just as long as it's "LM Shiny Dark Grey"*. * Please note - LM Shiny Dark Grey is considered a Premium Coating and is available only at an additional 10,000 bitcoin upcharge. L
  12. Interesting, and yet not unexpected, statement from our sole in-house Russia supporter. I'll bite on this one - aside from Russian inspired information pulled off the internet, that (based on events currently taking place in another Eastern European country) have pretty much been proven to complete propaganda, how did you determine that the S-400 can track the F-35? You must be employed in a very technical role with either a western or the Russian military I presume. Please provide your background and the raw data so we can peer review your claim. Tha
  13. I believe this guy also did a detailed interview on the Fighter Pilot Podcast. Very much a cheerleader, we’ll never know if the info is accurate or just marketing propaganda.
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