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  1. Werner's Wings 35-15 AH-6J FLIR and Mount NOW AVAILABLE

    I'm an end-user, wouldn't be much help on the above. At one point Cobra offered these up but I'm not sure how accurate they were. Not many references out there for those older displays, I was searching for a build I had started a while back, found very little. Was hoping you might have some contacts who could help out.
  2. Does that include all the ASE bits Rod mentioned above?
  3. Things to know about college

    I blame the preponderance of texting / emails where you have autocorrect and other crutches. You no longer have to really sweat the details, just bang out the message quickly and hit send. There is a time and place for this mode but unfortunately, it carriers over into more formal writing. I've found that my own writing skills have declined over the last few years as well. Need to spend more time QC'ing my work before submitting it and while doing so, I find so pretty basic errors. Sad...
  4. Things to know about college

    Good info Fish. On a related note, as a guy who does some hiring of new grads - learn how to write. If available, take a technical writing class (or two). At least in the US, the vast majority of recent grads seem to have the writing skills of a 7th grader. I'll make a point to engage them via email and ask some detailed questions that require a lengthy response. It at least gives me a chance to get a rough idea of whether they can string together a few sentences. It's amazing how many can't....
  5. To burnish or not to burnish

    I’m not an Eagle expert but would suggest you simply look at pics of the real thing. If the metal shows signs of discoloration, you have your answer.
  6. Werner's Wings 35-15 AH-6J FLIR and Mount NOW AVAILABLE

    Any interest in offering up the early style monitors? The bulkier "TV" type, as apposed to the newer style folding flat-screens? Honestly, I'm not sure if the early J's even had the new style monitors, I thought those only came out in the early 2000's. Might be a nice addition for those building a Somalia or Desert Storm era J-model.
  7. Just saw that Caracal Decals is releasing an EKA-3B sheet. Don't even care what the subjects are, anything will be better than the single bland subject that comes with the Trumpy kit. Based on this, I'll be starting my EKA build as soon as I wrap up my current WNW kit. Only need a couple of other bits of aftermarket. I decided to go with the Hypersonics resin canopy. Aside from the corrected shape, I really like the separate escape hatch that allows you to see into the cockpit. Only issue is that now I find out that Hypersonics is closed until August while the owner relocates to Japan. Thankfully, there are a few suppliers that stock these parts. Ended up purchasing it from The 48er's. https://the48ers.com/a-3-canopy-late-type.html This was an expensive purchase. I really hope the resin is clear! Last bit I'll be adding will be the Eduard PE set for the interior. I figured since I've got the open escape hatch, might as well dress up the interior a bit. This might end up being the most expensive model I've ever built. Given that I've spread the purchases over 6 months, I think I can keep these costs hidden from "the boss". Once I get everything in and am ready to go, I'll start a build log.
  8. Werner's Wings 35-15 AH-6J FLIR and Mount NOW AVAILABLE

    Looks good but question - Do they come with the displays as well? Didn't see any pics of them on your FB page. If not, won't be of much use for the earlier Dragon kit (no idea if the KH kit includes them).
  9. For the smaller stains, a diluted wash of brownish black would work, applied with a fine brush. So many different ways to go with a dirty bird like a Chinook.
  10. F-35 news roundup

    In a way they are. To help address the Marines critical legacy Hornet issues, they are obtaining large numbers of used legacy Hornets from the Navy. Only difference is that those Aussie jets are probably in better shape.
  11. F-35 news roundup

    Given the article I linked and all the other stories out there, sounds like nobody wants to go to any marine aircraft/ helo as a groundpounder.
  12. New Member

    Welcome Tato!!
  13. F-35 news roundup

    51% of Marine F-35's can fly? Sounds great compared to their other aircraft. Whilst on the subject of maintenance issue - Interesting perspective of what life in the trenches is like for a Marine Hornet maintainer. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20019/life-on-the-flight-line-confessions-of-a-u-s-marine-f-a-18-hornet-maintainer Two of his comments are noteworthy: I know it's easy to Monday morning quarterback the poor decision making of the Marine brass but the fact of the matter is that they failed the Marine Corps and should've procured Super Hornets to provide a bridge of transition to the F-35. How can Marine aviators do their job with a clear focus and sound mind if they have something like worrying about the quality of their aircraft in the back of their mind? Their job has enough risks and hazards without it compounded by the poor state of the platform they are flying.
  14. CD48137 - 1/48 EKA-3B Skywarrior

    Fantastic news. My EKA is up next and I was just lamenting the lack of any aftermarket decals. Can’t wait to see artwork for your subjects. Hopefully you’ll have guidance on whether your subjects had / didn’t have the fuselage antenna housings.
  15. Feel free to speculate. Tamiya works in mysterious ways and certainly would never release info on sales, etc.