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  1. Feh..... That’s nothing. Who would have imagined that TWO different companies would have been inclined to release 32nd scale Lancaster’s???
  2. Way too many forums on ARC (half of these haven’t had a post in weeks/months) but the mods have the final call. Nice job on your O-1 btw!
  3. Can't help on the dimensions but I believe those are SATCOM antennas, not SIGNIT receivers. Would love to see some nice EC/RC-135 conversions, good luck on your project!
  4. Interesting... I'd be very surprised if these weapons were moved to Romania. I think the US still has operational storage facilities in the UK, Germany and possibly the Netherlands. Not sure what Romania would offer unless the other nations above balked at having these nukes brought in. In that case, why not just bring them back to the US? If these weapon's can't be removed (and I assume that Turkey would be watching them closely and would act if they saw them being transported out of country), hopefully as a last resort if things really go south, the US has the ability to at least remove / disable the weapon's arming mechanism and somehow render them inert. Doesn't take a Masters Degree in International Relations to see where the US / Turkey relationship has been going for the last few years. Gotta believe that the US has taken some actions to protect these weapons.
  5. Falcon & Strike Eagle- thanks very much guys, greatly appreciated. Those Barracuda cockpit decals are awesome. They really add a great deal to a cockpit, especially in 32nd scale. Just got a set for my next project, an F-51D. Can’t wait to use em.
  6. Did you see anything concrete on this? If so, got a link? I know the US typically doesn’t discuss nuclear weapons deployment but with relations with an unstable, anti-western regime apparently going further downhill, I really hope this is accurate.
  7. It did. I’ll try to pull Dana Bell’s awesome book and get you some details.
  8. Surprisingly, the US seems to be playing hardball with Turkey over their decision to keep moving forward with purchasing the Russian S400 SAM system. The USAF has just grounded all Turkish pilots who were currently training on the F-35 at Luke, have ceased accepting any new Turkish maintenance / flight trainees into the program and have developed a roadmap to completely wind down Turkey's participation in the JSF program. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/11/politics/us-air-force-turkish-f-35-pilots/index.html I have a feeling Turkey will end up reacting to all this in a most negative fashion. Hope we finally decided to move all those nuclear weapons of ours out of Incirlik AFB... May not be a bad idea to remove all our personnel from Turkey while we are at it. Going to be real interesting to see how this all plays out.
  9. Great paintwork on the interior, I like the way you toned down the black. Very realistic. I’m not an expert on Marine November’s, are the pilot’s seats not armored like the Army variants?
  10. Don't generalize. Some kit makers do get it right (try building one of Tamiya's 32nd scale kits for example). On the other hand, KH has a history of issues with their kits. Pretty much comes down to sloppy execution and not sweating the details. Reading this thread just reinforces my opinion on these guys. Dave - with regard to the formation slime lights, I'd argue that neither PE, nor molding on is the way to go (can't understand why KH opted to go both routes, typical...). I'd prefer just applying decals for these lights. The other two options seem too thick, especially in 48th scale. Appreciate you taking the time to detail all these issues, your build is coming along great!
  11. My fear is that against a peer threat, today’s CVN will be the equivalent of the USS Arizona. Too vulnerable to be risked in combat (can you imagine the political fallout if one of these was lost with heavy casualties?) and it’s mostly non-stealthy air wing unable to penetrate the bad guy’s integrated air defense systems, it will remain on the sidelines while most of the shooting is done by stealth assets and bombers / subs firing long range missiles.
  12. Nothing wrong with that but when you just put out a bunch of posts with no/very little content and just a bunch of links, it becomes a bit much. Seems like the only purpose of being on ARC is to generate traffic for his blog. Might be better to post some in-depth info and then add the link for those who want to read further.
  13. In this case, my money is on a rather boring looking King Air. Check out the other pinned Non-SOAR thread for a pic of what an EH-6 may have (generally) looked like.
  14. Now it comes out that the Ford won't be able to launch / recover the F-35 for many years to come. In addition to this and all its other problems, the Navy seems unable to get something as basic as the ship's munitions elevators to work properly. It's at the point where they are now spending millions building a land-based elevator testing site to work the bugs out (for future ships, it's too late for the Ford). https://news.usni.org/2019/05/31/navy-building-a-land-based-test-site-for-ford-class-weapons-elevators-but-timing-wont-help-cvn-78 Were the weapons elevators used on all the Nimitz-class boats really so inefficient that they needed to be replaced? Maybe the Navy needs to create a "Useless Fleet"? Assign the Ford, the Zumwalt-class destroyers and all the Littoral Combat Ships. Since these vessels are pretty much worthless in combat, the Navy could sail this fleet to ports around the country and generate badly needed revenue by renting the ships out for kid's birthday parties, holding concerts on the Ford's flight deck, hosting Boy Scout sleep-overs, etc. At a time when most of the Navy's tactical jet squadrons are suffering major readiness problems due to worn out jets and lack of spare parts, the billions being wasted by the Navy due issues like the above is tough to watch. Remember when America used to be able to design and build functional combat ships?
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