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  1. Always thought the birds only deployed with a single two seater. When did this change?
  2. In the context of the SH/F-35 issue, yes. It will all work out and at some point, I think Canada will end up with F-35's. Stakes are a bit higher for Bombardier in the trade dispute. If the ruling goes against them, it will be a big hit to further sales in the world's largest regional jet market. As far as Delta goes, I think Boeing pretty much decided they weren't going to get a ton of business from them anyway. Agreed that by filing this suit, they pretty much wrote off any future orders from them. Out of curiosity, anyone know what the approx time frame is for a ruling on this complaint? Will be interesting to see what is found during the discovery process. I'd love to know what Delta really paid for those jets.
  3. Unless you are writing something to a specialized audience, all of the descriptions above seem to be accurate and appropriate. I wouldn't expect those terms in the AF's official report but in the general press, what is the issue? If a car flips on the highway, maybe the press should refer to it as an "motor vehicle incident"?
  4. LOL... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/21/world/asia/afghanistan-army-uniform-camouflage.html Millions spent on camo uniforms for the Afghans. Instead of using one of the free US patterns, we paid for a trademarked Canadian design that isn't even suitable to the conditions over there.
  5. Thanks Ray and yes, I was referring to the wiper deflectors. Looks like we are in good shape. Even if Floyd opts not to cast the missing lower cutter, that is a relatively easier fix than having to scratch build those deflectors. Those two parts are impressive works of plastic molding. I was worried they would be "clunky".
  6. I honestly think these theatrics are more about Canada being terrified of Boeing winning the Bombardier case than it is about Canada all of a sudden falling in love with the F-35. If Boeing prevails, it will have a devastating effect on the C-Series jet, a program which isn't exactly setting any sales records. From Boeing's perspective, it seems like the sale of a small number of SH's is secondary to the potential of driving a nail in the coffin of the C-Series, which has the potential to be a direct competitor to it's smaller capacity 737 models. And given that the USN looks to be ordering a significant number of SH's in the future, the loss of the (relatively) minor Canadian order, if it actually happens, isn't going to be driving anyone in Chicago to tears.
  7. Ohh... That is excellent. I didn't know the kit included everything except the missing lower cutter. That's great news. Maybe they were already posted but if not, could you or Ray post a pic of the windshield deflectors? I'd love to see how they look in plastic.
  8. That was my point, why make the other bits if there is no WSPS available? Won't see a Huey with those parts without the wire strike kit as well.
  9. What about the Wire Strike kit? This was present on every updated UH-1H flown by the US.
  10. Very cool. Thanks for posting.
  11. I know lately this forum is very Huey-centric but is there any word on this long delayed kit? Anything? Bueller??? Bueller???
  12. I might be wrong but wasn't the SH in the runnning for an Indian carrier based jet bid? Totally OT - would the SH be able to cross-deck on the French carrier?
  13. You gotta think about putting out a book or two.
  14. Oh no... A corporation that is greedy, deceitful and lies to further it's business interests? It can't be. Thankfully Lockheed has never done anything so sleazy, just to sell some fighters. All our Canadian friends can rest easy. You are in good hands.
  15. Glad to see an Otis AFB subject getting some love!