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  1. Interesting weathering on this one... Courtesy of The Drive
  2. On the pic above, from way back in this thread, I thought it was decided that this was probably a civilian contractor-operated helo that was used for stateside training of various law enforcement and military units? There's another pic that was posted on Page 3 of what appears to be the same helo, perched on top of a 747.
  3. If you can find it, Model Master Radome Tan with a touch of white always looked pretty good by me.
  4. I’m finding more and more very useful modeling and aviation / military history sites on FB. It’s not a place to foster long running conversations or deep dives into topics but it does have its place. Especially on private pages that are heavy with veterans. I’ve found some awesome pics and stories on these pages. Keep in mind, you can set up an account under a bogus name and lock down all the privacy settings if you are concerned about people seeing your posts.
  5. The Skipper laser-guided, rocket powered smart bomb (missile?) always got my vote as the coolest weapon carried by A-6's
  6. Holy cow! Looks like it's delaminating. If all of that is from the power of that radar, can only hope those pilots are wearing lead underwear.
  7. I have to admit, I'm not sure if I am seeing this particular effect. If you come across any pics that highlight this, feel free to post away.
  8. On the subject of weathering on Super Hornets - over on LSP, a former EA-6B crewmember mentioned that the discoloration you see on some later block SH's radome isn't dirt, it's actually scorch marks from the extremely high power that the new AESA radars put out. I found that to be pretty interesting.
  9. Good luck weathering that nasty looking jet. Maybe just take some gold paint, mix with a touch of brown, dilute it and then spray it randomly all over the jet? Interesting that the lighter gray RAM panels (or whatever they are) aren't impacted by patina.
  10. Wow, that’s a great find. Can’t believe there was another picture of one of these helos sitting out in the public domain for all those years. Wonder how USN&WR was able to get their hands on that pic? It’s pretty interesting to see all the differences between this helo and N1111U.
  11. Out of curiosity, which one are you using and how do you like it? My preliminary thoughts are that I’m going to heavily use VR for VFR flying in MSFS, as well as flying lower tech DCS aircraft. For aircraft that require a great deal of button pushing, I’m thinking I’ll still be using my monitor.
  12. They are still coming in ok at my local B&N.
  13. Coming later this year is an offering of a virtual scent pack for the UH-1H Huey. An ultra-realistic mix of jet fuel, hydraulic fluid, misfired Skoal (your choice of flavors) and other pleasing scents. $150 plus S&H from 11Bee Enterprises.
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