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  1. Snake, What was the point of the cutdown butt stock on the 60? The pig had a kick, those gunners must have been feeling a bit sore after a few hundred rounds.
  2. Marine F-35 squadron will be doing a full cruise with the Brits. Wonder if the Jarheads will be able to hit the pub? https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/uk-us-enter-new-era-unprecedented-carrier-sharing-plan/ This will be a good thing, especially since the USN will pretty much be down to a single functional East Coast based CVN pretty soon.
  3. I posted a question over on LSP on that. Doesn't sound like there were any of these aircraft in NMF. OD / Grey was the only scheme....
  4. Are you guys getting these or is it an AF specific mod? Any idea what the advantage is? Better protection or better visibility to the side when they are deployed?
  5. Interesting.... Assume they are ballistic glass. Wonder if this is an AF thing or if the Army is doing the same thing?
  6. Also, Fundekals is releasing a pretty nice looking sheet for this kit as well. Now if only T would put out this Lightning in 32nd scale....
  7. Very wrong. Wish that was the easiest problem to correct.
  8. Nice pictures Jeffrey, thanks very much for posting!! I have to admit that I'm surprised at the crudeness of the mouldings on that cowling, especially after seeing that amazing surface detail that HK put into their 48th scale B-17.
  9. This forum is pretty "quiet". I'd suggest moving to the In-progress forum. For my last 32nd build, I found I got much more feedback and interest over on LSP so I did duplicate updates both here on ARC and over there. YMMV....
  10. Strange that the regular army would have decided this equipment no longer was worth using and removed from the fleet years ago....
  11. My understanding was that the ALQ-144 went away a long time ago cause it wasn’t effective against newer threats. The UES just recently became the standard exhaust suppressor, replacing the HIRSS on combat deployed Hawks Wasn’t aware of new paint on the blades. From a modeling perspective, is it any different from the original color?
  12. Just need to keep in mind that the good guys are outranged by many of the bad guy’s systems and are outnumbered by a wide margin (wasn’t it something like 8-1 or even higher?). Plus it’s pretty hard to hit a dug in target on a reverse slope, especially when that target is only exposed for a short time. The North Koreans also have counter-battery radar and targeting UAV’s, so you can’t assume our units wouldn’t be targeted. I’d think that air power would be a much more effective solution (again assuming the airbases stay intact). Hope Dear Leader stays on his meds and things never boil over.
  13. 11bee

    1/48 B-17 series from Hk

    And at the end of the day you still have a kit with decades old surface detailing, complete with raised panel lines. The surface details on the HK kit look amazing.
  14. Also read on that FB page that the UES is now mandatory for all combat-deployed Army Blackhawks.
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