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  1. Would anyone happen to know where a feasible position would have been for the pilots to store their MP5s?
  2. I'm sorry, but I think you've very clearly misread what I wrote, as I did in fact state the "fantastic research team". My point was that someone within KH themselves, whoever is in charge of actually choosing what goes on the spruces did make a mistake, at least far as that antenna goes. Any issue I have with the model has nothing to do with the research or accuracy. Again, I stated that it was a very good kit in terms of the actual model. What I said let it down was some of the engineering involved, which is not a new thing with KH. And I don't believe you had anything to do with the manufacture of the kit. None of my criticisms were leveled at the accuracy or research involved. I apologize if I have offended but I do believe you have misconstrued completely what I said.
  3. Yes, they're the same thing. Just get the Archer decals and you're set. The box art is actually a stock image which has been slightly altered (the door gunner has been changed to firing position) and not done in-house. The problem is that the OOB decals are for OGS, which means KH planned for that era of MH-60L but have made mistakes in not including what was clearly recommended by their (fantastic) research team. It isn't massively surprising, though. I've just finished assembling the engine/rotor housing and there have been some really questionable fittings that required considerable surgery. Then adding in the really poor instructions and amount of flash... It's a nice kit in terms of the actual model, and still far better than Academy, but certain typical Kitty Hawk features really let it down.
  4. Thanks! It's more the specific placement of the ammo on that mission which I'm wondering about right now. I had read on a post from way, way back (I think intruder_bass's 2005 build) something about about ammo cans being suspended from the ceiling... which just sounds strange and very difficult to model! And how best to distribute 12 canisters through the cabin, whether they were allowed to be stacked on top of each other, etc, etc.
  5. Just following up on the ammo cans - do we have any idea how they were fed into the gun? Ie: where were they exactly when in use? To the right of the gunner or positioned between the seats? Or just depends on the individual helicopter? Also, I guess there is a 'feed attachment' for whichever canister is in use. Anyone have an image of that? The aftermarket cans don't come with any, unfortunately. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I think the Legend set LF3D050 is far preferable to the Live Resin one. Comes with many more pieces, but still no decals for the side.
  7. No, they did have them, as there are photos as you say. It's just a kit mistake unfortunately.
  8. @Curt B I'm in a similar situation, but I've found a lot of what I'm looking for through various threads here and on other forums, as well as image searches and some furious Googling. There are some things I can't quite nail down, such as the floor armour, which I may have to sacrifice. For the things that have been listed here... the survival kits and water canisters, you can find good photos of them (and many other things) in this very useful thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/301695-operation-gothic-serpent-aircraft-references/&page=8 The Scepter water cans can be sourced pretty easily, but the survival kits would need to be scratchbuilt. For the H bar, I've made my own based on photos in that thread, but as Floyd Werner has said they are making a new part for that, if you can wait. But it wasn't very difficult to make a basic one, and my scratchbuilding skills are minimal! The hoist control stick is pictured in that thread too. For OGS accuracy the wall panel on the kit would have to be removed and rivets re-added... personally, I decided that was beyond my capability and so ended up crafting my own very basic hoist stick from Milliput, as you can see here - I think if you were to wait for Werner's Wings to make these new pieces, such as the correct instrument panel, then you'd be fine. Sadly, I'm an impatient modeller, haha, and have rushed along a bit! @Dave Williams I'm still a little unclear on that too. But I figure it can't be the large 3000 round magazine which comes with the base kit or the Live Resin one (they're the same size by the way, just the LR one is more detailed), as they are huge and 12 of them would take up the entire cabin! I have to assume that it's this type? But if it is then the only aftermarket version I can find is Live Resin LRE-35082, which is the same basic box, but the kit and decals are designated for the Mk-19 grenade launcher.
  9. Yeah.. a pretty fiddly scratchbuild too, but a prominent enough feature to merit it! Seems strange they missed it.
  10. I think people also call it the 'towel bar' antenna, the long one running along the tail. I thought maybe it was intentional, but I've seen a photo of Super 64 with it, so maybe an oversight?
  11. @Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Just another thing I've noticed may be missing from the kit and you may want to also work on. It seems like the antenna (I assume that's what it is!) on the port side of the tail boom has not been included. There is no reference to it in the instructions, no holes for it or indeed no part on any sprues that bears a resemblance.
  12. Very interesting, thanks! I guess with Super 61 I'll have a little more cabin space to play with, not having the aux fuel tank. Although I have placed the two main minigun magazines between the crew chief seats, where the console is on 63, and hoping that's not too much of an anomaly...
  13. For the 12 7.62 ammo cans - are these the right type of boxes? Would they be placed under the seats? For anyone looking for similar things, Accurate Armour provide these as well as Live Resin's water canisters.
  14. Not strictly OGS-related questions, but... in this image of Live Resin's M-134, is the smaller box the gun's power unit? And where would it usually be placed? I was thinking directly behind the pilot seats. Also, are there any clear images of the harnesses on the cabin seats? Most images have them tucked into the pocket or are difficult to see. The Kitty Hawk instructions are a bit weird and blurry about the 2 lower belts, they don't seem to attach to anything in particular. Thanks!
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