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  1. Can someone please look inside their kit and see if the floatplane version also contains wheels? I need a 1/48 wheeled Beaver, but all I can find on eBay is the floatplane version. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Any in the original camouflage or are they all overall gray?
  3. Same here. Your wife and mine can start the Anti-Caracal Decal Club.
  4. These sheets will sell so well it will almost be a license to print money.
  5. Yes, yes, yes. A million times yes!!!!! I would buy multiple sheets for this alone!
  6. As far as "new options" are concerned, please consider the initial "Strategic Scheme" (the wraparound camouflage of Gunship Gray FS36118, Euro I Gray FS36081 and Green Drab FS34086.) That allows us to use the early turkey feather exhausts in the Monogram kit without searching and paying for the zillion dollar resin exhausts. Plus the scheme is much more interesting than the boring "all-over gray." Thanks for considering this.
  7. You have my complete attention.
  8. My second armor model, so be gentle. Out of the box except I used Apoxy-Sculpt to form the canvas mantlet and some stowage.
  9. The title says it all. I don't think any Marlin decals have ever been done. Lots of schemes: engine grey/white, grey/white USN, USCG, day-glo, Aeronavale. PBM has many schemes too: foreign, USN WW II, post war overall gloss sea blue. Just my humble suggestion.
  10. Sorry, I missed that thread. But you've made my day.
  11. Yeah, I know the wings of the Revell/Matchbox kit are off. But it IS being released again for the first time since the early 1980s, that is almost 30 years ago. And besides, President Sasha Obama-Kennedy will appoint me Ambassador to Proxima Centuri before Hasegawa or Tamiya get around to releasing a 1/48 AD-5/A-1E. Think of all the schemes: USN/USMC overall GSB, gray/white USN/USMC/USAF/VNAF, Bernie Fisher MOH machine, SEA USAF/VNAF, Engine gray USN, some with international orange. Few aircraft have had as many schemes, all worthy of the superior Caracal treatment.
  12. When I was a Chap platoon leader with 1-67 ADA, 9th ID, Ft. Lewis from '79 - '81, Alpha and Bravo Batterys had Goats to tow thier M167 Vulcans. Very hard to maintain. We were glad to have our SP Chaps.
  13. Boy, ain't that a fact. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I am just happy this kit is en route.
  14. Not Daco, not Trumpetboss, Tamigawa, or Revfix? Has to be Kendall Model Company's follow up to thier 1/72 727-200.
  15. I am wondering if it is not DACO behind this kit? I have no proof. No inside info. I am just guessing since Danny did such a bang up job on the 737-300/400/500 perhaps he is the mastermind behind the kit. Oh well, time will tell, correct?
  16. The last U.S. operation in Libya was "Operation El Dorado Canyon" in April '86. Few of these operation titles make sense. They're just names.
  17. Z-M has the Skyraider on their website. Seems like all the negative folks were wrong.
  18. Uuuuh, they're showing a starship being constructed on land? And that is what makes no sense to you? Come on friend, its just escapist sci-fi fun. Little of it makes sense. Traveling many times faster than light? Beams of light that take apart organic matter, send it thousands of kilometers, and rebuild it perfectly at the other end? Other races of beings living light years from Earth yet look just like humans but have different ears? I love/like Star Trek in all its forms to varying degrees. I'm an OK fan of TOS. Love TNG. Never got into DS9 or Voyager but pretty much loved Enterprise. Many of the movies were ok, some were boring, others were great. I am hoping this movie rocks since we've not had a good movie since late '96. But if your criteria is that these movies/TV programs make sense, then you will be disappointed for years and years.
  19. The problem is the Internet Modeler article has the rear blades wrong. Look at this pix. See how the rear blades fold forward, angle down and sideways? He just made the fold forward and flat. He or she did a lot of work and then fixed them at the wrong angle. http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Marin...-46E/1260136/M/
  20. Thanks for the feed back. Well that at least means I don't have to paint the inside of the canopy green or blue. I am building the 1:48 version. Guess I'll keep looking for the correct font. Many thanks again.
  21. Building the Italeri HC.1 RAF Chinook. The bottom parts fit where they touch. Oh well. Anyway, two questions. a. The upper most cockpit windows that flank the forward doghouse. Are they tinted blue or green like other Chinooks. I've looked at hundreds of photos on Airliners.net and to be honest, I cannot tell if they are blue or green or not even tinted. Any help would be great. b. Some folks have stated the font is wrong for the Royal Air Force fuselage titles in the kit decals. Anyone found a better source in the correct size. Many thanks.
  22. Ok, so the REAL scheme on the 1:1 birds is Dark Sea Grey on top and Dark Camo Grey on the bottom. Correct? Many thanks.
  23. AD-4N

    French Air Force

    Based on this photo I would shoot the plane overall a mix of 50% Xtracolor Medium Sea Grey and 50% Xtracolor Dark Sea Grey. And then for the darker areas that have been repainted, I would shoot 100% Dark Sea Grey. Pretty certain that would get you in the ball park regardless of the ref number for the paint. Looks like these Transalls fade pretty fast in their grey scheme. http://www.airliners.net/photo/France---Ai...160R/1317503/M/
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