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  1. Thanks for the amazing decals, they worked great. It was my first Amodel kit and "shake and bake" it was not. And although I have bought tons of your decals, it was the first time I used them. I think my next subject will use your decals on a less demanding project.
  2. If anyone wants to see the Caracal decals on the Amodel 1/72 P.180 of the Italian Coast Guard, I posted my completion over at Hyperscale.com on their Plastic Pix forum. I posted it on Dec 30, so you will have to dig back a few pages. "Two for 2017." I am not the greatest modeler on the planet, but the decals performed flawlessly. It is posed with my 1/72 Sword T2V-1 SeaStar.
  3. I find that it is great at self-leveling. However, I do find a random odd spot where tape will lift the Badger primer when masking. Maybe I had some oil or something on the plastic. Or something. Not coming off in sheets mind you, just here and there. And I waited days and days before masking so I know it was fully cured.
  4. Thanks so much. I looked and looked over the internet, but I had not seen the top b&w photo. What I am shooting for is just like the color picture. This is why sites like this are so useful. I also think this was the original intent of the internet, rather than the more common use . . . . finding pictures of Kim Kardashian’s caboose. 😝
  5. Got my sheets today. They look fantastic. Really looking forward to using them. One small item, the caracalmodels.com/references to this sheet is not up. Nor for the C-5A.
  6. Thanks for your answer. I will remove the PDI.
  7. Building a C-135A from the 1/144 Minicraft KC-135A. Between the nose wheel bay and the wings, on the model are molded two “strakes” on the bottom of the fuselage. What are they? Are they only on tankers? I cannot find photos of Stratolifters, early ones at least, with these strakes. I am building a C-135A with the early Arctic orange/red nose, wing and tail band. Thanks so much.
  8. I know you did the decals for the Fisher 1/32 AD-5/A-1E resin conversion. Are you going to do any USN decals in 1/32? Thanks.
  9. This sailor is doing a good job of applying the burnt umber. Looks very realistic.
  10. Unfortunely the chance of that happening is equal to the chance Tamiya will release a 1/32 Douglas A2D Skyshark.
  11. Please consider issuing these decals in 1/144. Thanks.
  12. Oh man, don’t be a tease. 😁 Years ago I read Bill Koster was planning a 1/48 vac Neptune, but nothing came of it. Sad. I would have jumped on it. The only folks I remotely think would tackle a 1/48 Neptune would be the Trumpeter/HB family. Problem is I fear serious shape issues ala the Seafire, Albatross, DH Hornet, and Vigilante.
  13. But Paul's model took my breath away. Absolutely stunning weathering. Just perfect. Amazing. No exaggerated panel lines. Just a worn out Bird of Prey. Great job.
  14. Post-war 1/72 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
  15. You had me at 1/144 C-5 Galaxy. Got an Otaki and Revell kit that needs some love.
  16. What a shame. I really wanted this kit to be good. But to me, the shape errors are too much. Just the way I see it.
  17. I bet the -135 and -141 sheets are flying off the shelves.
  18. Thanks so much for checking. Gotta keep looking for one.
  19. Thanks for letting me know. The one on eBay is the civilian version, so no wheels. I will have to keep looking. Thanks, again.
  20. Can someone please look inside their kit and see if the floatplane version also contains wheels? I need a 1/48 wheeled Beaver, but all I can find on eBay is the floatplane version. Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. Any in the original camouflage or are they all overall gray?
  22. Same here. Your wife and mine can start the Anti-Caracal Decal Club.
  23. These sheets will sell so well it will almost be a license to print money.
  24. Yes, yes, yes. A million times yes!!!!! I would buy multiple sheets for this alone!
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