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  1. Always chuckle when I see that Hasegawa A-7D boxart with the fictional F-19 flying in the background.
  2. Pray tell, how did you achieve that ghostly US Air Force on the side of the fuselage?
  3. 1/48 B-47???? My hat is off to you, my man. Well done.
  4. Love the subtle repaint of old markings and the Shamu scheme.
  5. Check out this in-action Hasegawa Marlin using our favorite decals! Not mine. Stumbled on it on Modellversium.de.
  6. That's a well done Mohawk. Very believable in an alt-universe way.
  7. My research indicated P-8As are painted Gloss Canadian Voodoo Grey FS16515. Can anyone confirm that?
  8. Aren't the roos going the wrong way because you guys are on the bottom the planet? The Coriolis effect or something?
  9. I'd bet money my dad was a passenger in that SAC bird from his time at Offutt in '65 - '69.
  10. Got my B-1B sheets this week.
  11. A 1/72 B-1B for the Ages!!!!!!!! Amazing.
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