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  1. Finally an injection molded Savage. Roden’s plastic parts are usually good, let down by their decals. Hopefully, in the due course of time we’ll see some Caracal love for the Savage (even if all AJ-1s were gloss sea blue.)
  2. Those of you who get the Kitlinx newsletter will find a photo of a superb 1/72 Monogram AD5 with Caracal decals (not my model). Kitlinx asks modelers to submit photos of their efforts and this week has the Skyraider with our favorite decals. Really good.
  3. If you need a review of the current Revell of Germany boxing of the CH-53, here is one: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235087840-sikorsky-ch-53-gsg-03856-148 revell/
  4. You are the master of weathering. I'd love to know your magic.
  5. My goodness, some fine modelling skills there. Fantastic.
  6. I read somewhere, Jennings maybe, the Entex/Doyusha 1/100 707 is the most accurate of any injection 707 kit.
  7. Well, that is good news. I look forward to your pics. What about the under inflated proboscis?
  8. Wow, given all these issues, I might just bite the bullet and get the Welsh Models version. And I really enjoyed my previous Roden kits, OV-1 and C-141B. The team that designed these molds need to go down to the break room, have a few Cokes and talk about what went wrong.
  9. Man, as much as I want this kit, that nose is so wrong. And the horizontal stabilizer mounting area is a giant plateau. How did Roden get the C-141B so right and this so wrong?
  10. Pass. I've seen sides of battleships with more subtle detail than the RAM tape on this F-35.
  11. For those of you unlucky, like me, to find a Hasegawa Apache in 1/48 with sugar scoop exhaust, Bam-models.com has released a set. Thirty Euros or so from France to Salt Lake City. I have no financial interest in Bam-models.com nor do I know if they’re accurate. Just passing on the intel.
  12. Here’s my patented Caracal Decal Rule on buying his sheets. If I have the mildest interest in the subject, I buy it. Even if I don’t have the kit. I figure, sooner or later, I can get the kit. Whether it’s the newest Clear Prop 1/72 Suggs XF-120B Wonderjet or the Revell 1961 Convair 990, eventually 94.7% of injection molded kits get re-issued. Decals? Not so much. I’ve been burned in the past by thinking, “That’s an interesting subject, I should order a sheet.” And then kicking myself.
  13. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
  14. I like the look of the prototype C-17 in the two greens and gray scheme. Any one given thought to how to fabricate the pointed radome and candy stripe probe?
  15. I have them both, (well at least the gray/white C-5 sheet) . . . . they're great. If Caracal re-prints you will love 'em.
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