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  1. Well played. Little known fact: the son of that F-104 pilot, Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, was the commander of the first successful mission to Saturn in the early 21st Century.
  2. Fisher Models had great, great, great upgrades for the EC-121. Unfortunately, they went out of business when a wild fire ravaged their home/workshop in Northern California a few years back. All of those great resin models and upgrades are now rare.
  3. My goodness, that is gorgeous. Any WIP article?? If my Fury looks 1/10 as good I’d be ecstatic.
  4. Remarkable decal job considering you used no gloss coat. Amazing.
  5. I just scored an early Monogram kit (molded in white). Now I can used this super sheet. It's funny when you buy a kit off eBay and discover the project the original owner was contemplating. Included in the kit were some old yellowed Fujimi 1/48 (or 1/50 . . . . I've heard both) A-6A Intruder decals. I suspect at some point he or she was going to do the F-18 in some WHIF "in-service" scheme but didn't get a around to it. Now, 41 years later I get to use state of the art decals on it.
  6. 1/144 1/144 1/144 1/144 1/144 1/144 1/144 1/144
  7. Airfix announced a 1/72 two stage Mosquito, so hopefully these will sell well enough to warrant a 1/72 sheet.
  8. I'd love to know your technique in detail.
  9. Oh hell, I am going to need all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Great job on the Monogram AV-8A!!!!! Hard to believe it’s been the best early Harrier lo these many years until the 2020 Kinetic kit. Well done, great craftsmanship and paint.
  11. Fantastic job. Love it. Is that the Academy kit?
  12. Fantastic job. Love the retracting gear. Hard enough to do a kit with all wheels on the ground, let alone retracting.
  13. Superb weathering!! Love it. Closing those avionics access panels on the port side is no easy feat either. 😉
  14. Not certain about 1/72, but Steel Beach made the superb 48173 F-14 Preproduction Backdate conversion for the Tamiya Tomcat. Sadly out of production but well worth searching for.
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