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  1. I'd love some early 1/72 RF-4C in light gull gray and white.
  2. I'm down for the 1/72 version, for sure.
  3. For the first time since 2019, the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4C will be re-issued in January, 2024. We need some early Skyhawk love from Caracal.
  4. Looks fantastic, but man we need a quality 1/48 Tiger.
  5. Thanks everyone for their input. I might experiment on a tail fin by spraying in black and then using micro brushes with small amounts of white to build it up. Like what was done, sort of, on the 1:1 bird.
  6. Yeah, I saw that snarky comment over at Britmodeller. You must have not released the decals for the 1/48 Suggs Wonderplane Mk. VII (Tropical) fast enough for him.
  7. You are correct, sir. The Monogram F-4D, on in this case NF-4D, is a satisfying build.
  8. With the advent of the Caracal decal sheet covering early A-10s, I am asking the mottling experts on how to recreate the finish on early A-10s before Euro One. And because I don't build Nazi Messerschmitts, saying "Paint it like a Bf 109 is not helpful." At least not to me. I know the full size airframes where painted black or dark gray and then white or very light gray were painted in a mottling pattern over different parts of the airframe. I suppose I should use the techniques I have seen on later USN F-14 and F-18 builds? Has anyone built one of the early mottled A-10s?
  9. I prefer line jets. But that is just me.
  10. Early Years Aardvark! Early Years Aardvark! Early Years Aardvark!
  11. You are very kind. I used Testors Aircraft Grey (ADC Grey) FS16473, lightened with a touch of white befitting 1/144 scale. It's the same gray I used on my Roden C-141B.
  12. Just when you thought the Hog couldn't get any uglier.
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