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  1. @Najk Great info as always! We appreciate your knowledge. Thank you! Dave
  2. Wow! Impressive Swedish military resume and very detailed information! Thank you so much Najk! I had a feeling the cannon wasn't removable but this really clears it up! I think the 4 Maverick (RB75) load is the way to go for my build. A picture I have seen with the drop tank and 4x RB75 on the inner and wing pylons helps confirm a real load. I try to be as accurate as I can. I really appreciate this. I assume the RB75 have the yellow band for the warhead and brown for the rocket motor? Do the missiles have other writing in Swedish or in English? On a side note, I have
  3. Thanks so much Aigore! I was following your 1/32nd Viggen and that got me really inspired! It even helped so much with paint colors and details. I appreciate it! I also found a few of your 1/48 scale Viggen builds. Thanks for the link to this one. Somehow I missed this particular build. Funny, the scheme I was thinking for the AJS was the #45 with the white boxes on top of the wings. I'll really study it! I was thinking of Maverick's and good to know they were white. While searching, I found a photo of an AJS with 4 white Maverick's on the wings, and I agree. It does look wicked!
  4. I did see the Maestro gun pack while doing my searches, but also saw that was for 1/72 scale and I'm doing 1/48. Bummer. Thanks for the info though! I think I settled on an AJS. I thought about buying a cheap ESCI kit, but then was like nah! It was going to be 20 something dollars and then a bunch of work to (maybe) get it to fit on the Special Hobby.
  5. Great info! Thank you! Either way I think it's going to be an AJ, but very cool info about the JA gun pack. I appreciate the loadout chart as well.
  6. Oh that's great, thank you for the information! I had a feeling the gun was not removable, and never could find a picture of an JA without it. It seems to hard to scratch-build, so it looks like it's an AJ for me! Though I do like the "crink" in the JA vertical tail. Ah so probably not four Sidewinders. Since the AJ is attack, what's a good air to ground load? I saw Mavericks (Swedish equivalent) could be loaded. In the mid-90s where the Mavericks white or some other color (I have seen a green-ish, but that might be inert)? Did they use GP bombs? Thanks for your help. I
  7. Hi all, So, I normally build US Navy and Marines aircraft, but after reading about, and going down a rabbit hole for the Ukraine war, I started to get into the SAAB planes from Sweeden that were built to fight Russia (it doesn’t hurt I have had multiple Volvos over the years and a POC helmet/goggles for skiing, anyway). It’s cool that Volvo license built the engine too! I have a question on the SAAB Viggen AJ versus JA 37 planes. I think I have a good handle on the differences between the AJ (early) and JA (late) such as the 3-4 actuators on the wing, the different tail, tw
  8. Oh nice. Thanks for the info, it looks great with the extra shelves. I'm running out of floor space, so this would be easier than buying a whole new cabinet! Happy new year!
  9. Great hornets! Nice Job! Question, how did you add the extra shelves to the Detolf cabinet? I have a few cabinets but was looking for more space and like what you did. Looks like clamps on the metal rods? Where did you get the extra glass shelves? Picture frames? Thanks in advance! Dave
  10. Wow that's a really cool set though! Yea, I was talking about 1:48 scale Kitty Hawk kit. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Too bad, that was nice. I'm thinking of giving Milliput a shot, since they are the plug type that I want to do, adn not the over type that I could make out of tissue. Thanks!
  11. Hey All, I was going to scratch some intake covers for my Kittyhawk AH-1Z. Does anyone have any recommendations how? I was thinking either the tissue and white glue (ive done that with F-14 combing covers) or maybe some Milliput? How can I use the kit as a "mold" without Milliput sticking? Other ideas? Thanks in advance! Dave
  12. Hey Dave, I got your turret and FMV parts. They all look great! I had sent you a pm last night, but what do you recommend for making the clear windows for the other two turret 'holes'? There is a cool reflective piece for the flir. This thing looks great! The kit part is junk! Thanks. Dave Y
  13. Uggg! They look awesome! Thanks Dave. My ah-1z is so close to being done (just finished putting your decals on). I've never been too happy how my turret turned out and I scratched some fmv mods, but they are not as good as yours! Just placed an order for a turret and fmv. I'll throw more money into it! Thank you! Dave Y
  14. 👍 My 5 year old daughter saw the sheet on my workbench last night and said 'ooh I like the pirate flag and little person flag'. It may have to be one of those! Thanks! Dave
  15. Sure thing! It's coming along pretty well. Any particular scheme you would vote the best? I'm having a hard time choosing, they are all great. Though I'm partial to a Pendleton cobra since my good buddy was stationed there in the early 2000s.
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