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  1. Oh nice. Thanks for the info, it looks great with the extra shelves. I'm running out of floor space, so this would be easier than buying a whole new cabinet! Happy new year!
  2. Great hornets! Nice Job! Question, how did you add the extra shelves to the Detolf cabinet? I have a few cabinets but was looking for more space and like what you did. Looks like clamps on the metal rods? Where did you get the extra glass shelves? Picture frames? Thanks in advance! Dave
  3. Wow that's a really cool set though! Yea, I was talking about 1:48 scale Kitty Hawk kit. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Too bad, that was nice. I'm thinking of giving Milliput a shot, since they are the plug type that I want to do, adn not the over type that I could make out of tissue. Thanks!
  4. Hey All, I was going to scratch some intake covers for my Kittyhawk AH-1Z. Does anyone have any recommendations how? I was thinking either the tissue and white glue (ive done that with F-14 combing covers) or maybe some Milliput? How can I use the kit as a "mold" without Milliput sticking? Other ideas? Thanks in advance! Dave
  5. Hey Dave, I got your turret and FMV parts. They all look great! I had sent you a pm last night, but what do you recommend for making the clear windows for the other two turret 'holes'? There is a cool reflective piece for the flir. This thing looks great! The kit part is junk! Thanks. Dave Y
  6. Uggg! They look awesome! Thanks Dave. My ah-1z is so close to being done (just finished putting your decals on). I've never been too happy how my turret turned out and I scratched some fmv mods, but they are not as good as yours! Just placed an order for a turret and fmv. I'll throw more money into it! Thank you! Dave Y
  7. đź‘Ť My 5 year old daughter saw the sheet on my workbench last night and said 'ooh I like the pirate flag and little person flag'. It may have to be one of those! Thanks! Dave
  8. Sure thing! It's coming along pretty well. Any particular scheme you would vote the best? I'm having a hard time choosing, they are all great. Though I'm partial to a Pendleton cobra since my good buddy was stationed there in the early 2000s.
  9. Dave, I just wanted to let you know that I got your decals last night (I had pre-ordered) and they look great! I'm right at the gloss coat of my AH-1Z so perfect timing! I highly recommend! Just have to figure out which one to do! đź‘Ť Thanks, Dave Y.
  10. Thanks for the info. I didn't think it mattered, but didn't realize they came two ways (or always brass but oxidized). I have at least two sets. One Eduard EA-6B (actually the exterior, wheel bays and wing folds, so three) and another Eduard for the Harrier. All in 1/48. They all are an oxidized grayish color. I have never seen brass colored except for on ARC. I usually use Mr. Metal Primer, but every now and then some Tamiya tape will pull up a chunk of paint. Sometimes I sand them too, and that's how I noticed the brass (in addition to online photos).
  11. I figured it doesn't matter once the paint was on either. I didn't realize they came both ways. I have seen pictures of some with with the same set I have, mine is gray and theirs was yellow brass. Very strange. Thanks for the info!
  12. Hi All, I tried searching for this and couldn’t really find anything (I’m not the best “Googler” however), but maybe you all can help me out. When I’m using Eduard photo-etch, mine has a grayish-silver coating. I notice often in the In Progress Builds that a lot of people applying the photo-etch have a nice brass (yellow gold) color. How do people get this color? When I sand my etch I can get the brassy color, but it’s not uniform. I tried soaking my etch in vinegar to help with paint bite, but that doesn’t take away the coating. How do you guys do it? I see a ton of pictures of people usin
  13. Great, thanks for all of your help! I have plenty of options to try and I just PM'd Raymond. Thanks again! Dave
  14. Great, thanks phantomdriver. I'll wait until the weekend to see. I assume the info@kineticmodel.com email works since I didn't get an error. I will try Mr. Chung next week. Is there a Kinetic sub forum or do I post in Jet Modeling or send him a PM? Just trying to do the right thing. Thanks again, Dave
  15. Hi All, I have started working on a Kinetic EA-6B Prowler (the updated kit with the single piece wings that I cut into folded) and have been working on the wing sections. The other day I cut the two fuselage halves off the sprue to begin to match up the wing sections. To my horror, I noticed some severe mold/plastic shrinkage issues. One half there is a large semi-circle of plastic missing on the football and both halves seem to have missing/shrunken plastic behind the second canopy and the other half has a broken frame near the canopy. These are definitely not shipping/packaging breaks, as
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